Mercedes caught ‘spying on drivers with secret tracking devices’


Mercedes caught ‘spying on drivers with secret tracking devices’
Mercedes-Benz has found itself at the center of an apparently illegal spying operation, following reports that it installed tracking devices on thousands of vehicles and shared customer location data with third parties.

According to the Sun, Mercedes-Benz fitted secret sensors to all new and used vehicles sold through its official dealers from as far back as 2018.

These sensors can pinpoint a vehicle’s location and the data is then transmitted to a central location. Both the driver and car information can then be passed to bailiffs who can then seize and repossess the vehicle from indebted drivers at will.

The company sold more than 170,000 new cars in Britain this year, roughly 80 percent of which are reportedly sold on finance plans.

The sensors are separate and operate independently from both the anti-theft tracking devices and the optional extra ‘Mercedes Me’ service.

Mercedes has yet to officially confirm how long it has been engaged in the practice, but reportedly claims the trackers are only activated in “extreme circumstances” in which drivers have defaulted on payments and failed to contact the company in a timely fashion.

Tracking a vehicle without its driver's knowledge or consent is illegal under EU data protection laws. However, many customers apparently unwittingly give their permission by not thoroughly reading the lengthy terms and conditions. Mercedes claims that the clause about “location sensors” can be found right above where a customer signs their finance contract.

Liberty (originally the National Council for Civil Liberties), an organization which fights mass surveillance and abuse of power, described the “creeping growth of surveillance in the private sector” as “particularly disturbing.”

RT has contacted Mercedes for comment.
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近所の家に影響は? 近所の家からはWifi電波が飛んできているからお互い様。




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United States to Postpone Huawei Ban by 90 Days
On Saturday, Reuters reported that the US Commerce Department was looking to extend its waiver for Huawei for another 90 days, allowing the Chinese tech giant to purchase technology from American enterprises.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Monday that the US is giving the Chinese tech giant Huawei another ninety days to purchase components from American suppliers.

In an interview with Fox business, the official also revealed that Washington placed more than 40 Huawei subsidiaries on the US Entity List containing companies deemed to pose a national threat to the United States.

In May, the US Commerce Department blacklisted Huawei and nearly 70 of its affiliates from buying US technology and dealing with US companies. The move came amid a boiling trade spat between Washington and Beijing.

Washington has been accusing the tech titan of spying for the Chinese government and intelligence services, urging other countries to bar Huawei equipment for use in cutting-edge 5G networks.

Both the company and Beijing dismissed the allegations as false, adding that the ban on Huawei could affect customers in nearly 200 nations.
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Russian Army Troops Deploy in Syria Near Border with Iraq for First Time

Russian Army Troops Deploy in Syria Near Border with Iraq for First Time
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian Army has dispatched fresh troops and deployed them to the East of Deir Ezzur along the border with Iraq for the first time to build military centers, media reports said.

The Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper reported that the Russian infantry units have been deployed in Bukamal region in Eastern Deir Ezzur and near Iraqi border for the first time.

The newspaper quoted opposition sources as saying that the Russian troops have been stationed in the town of al-Jala along the Western bank of Euphrates River and adjacent to the city of Hajin which is under control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The opposition sources reiterated that the Russian troops are planning to construct several military centers along al-Mayadeen-Bukamal Road and will soon send military equipment to the town.

In a relevant development in mid-July, the Russian Army has sent heavy military equipment to the Syrian Army’s military positions in Northern Hama as Damascus government forces launched ground and air raids on the terrorists’ military positions and movements in Northern Hama and Western Aleppo, media reports said Tuesday.

The pro-militants Smart News website quoted special sources as saying that the Russian Army has sent large amount of weapons and military equipment comprising artillery units and missile launchers as well as many military tanks for the Syrian Army in contact lines with terrorists in Northern Hama.

It noted that the Russian military equipment had arrived in Syria’s Tartus port on two ships.
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Damascus Claims Turkish Army Convoy Moving Towards Key Syrian Town - Reports
A Turkish convoy has already crossed into the Syrian town of Saraqib, located in the country's northwestern province of Idlib, according to state media. There has been no immediate comment from Ankara.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said on Monday that Turkish armoured vehicles were heading for the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun in the province of Idlib, where government forces were fighting terrorists, according to the state channel Syria TV.

"Turkish armoured vehicles with munitions have violated the Syrian border and have entered the city of Saraqib, they are moving in the direction of Khan Sheikhoun...", Syria TV quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying.

Ankara has yet to comment on the reports.

Syrian armed forces entered the town of Khan Sheikhoun on Sunday, amid heavy fighting with al-Nusra Front* terrorists and their allies, targeting their positions and inflicting heavy losses on militants, the SANA news agency reported.

After two days of negotiations on Syria in the Kazakh captal of Nur-Sultan, a conditional ceasefire came into force on 2 August in Idlib. The Syrian Armed Forces said they would stop fighting provided Turkey fulfills its obligations under the Russian-Turkish agreement reached in September 2018 in Sochi, namely the withdrawal of militants' heavy and medium weapons 20 kilometres away from the lines of Idlib's de-escalation zone.

Three days later, the army resumed the military operation against terrorist groups in Idlib due to their failure to respect the ceasefire and the Sochi memorandum of 2018.
Erdogan Promised Op

In early August, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara would launch an operation east of the Euphrates River, currently controlled by self-defence forces consisting mainly of Kurdish-led militia, in Syria "very soon".

"Turkey has the right to eliminate all threats against its national security... God willing, we will carry the process started with (previous offensives into Syria) to the next stage very soon", he said in a televised speech on 6 August.

At the time, Erdogan added that the US and Russia had been notified of Turkey's intentions, but refused to go into further detail.

In July, Ankara and Washington reached an agreement on establishing a safe zone at Syria's border with Turkey and a centre to coordinate joint operations.

The Turkish side said that it wanted a safe zone an average 30-40 km to the south of its border with Syria, east of the Euphrates River that would be controlled by Turkey in coordination with the United States and be completely cleared of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the People's Protection Units (YPG), whom it views as terrorists. At the same time, Ankara warned that if they fail to reach an understanding on the matter, it would create the safe zone unilaterally.

In December 2018, Erdogan announced that Turkey was ready to kick-start a military operation against Kurdish fighters in Manbij if the United States did not remove the militia from there. He, however, later noted that the operation was postponed following a phone conversation with US President Donald Trump, who decided to withdraw all US troops from Syria.

Tahrir Al-Sham Replaces Commanders after Heavy Defeat in Idlib
TEHRAN (FNA)- Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorist group replaced a number of its commanders to maintain regions under its control after the Syrian army's extensive advances in Southern Idlib.

The report came on Thursday after the Syrian army forces continued clashes with Tahrir al-Sham in al-Habit in Southern Idlib, regaining control of the towns of Kafar Tab and Abedin in the Northern parts of Kafar Ain in Western Khan Sheikhoun.

Field sources in Northern Syria reported that Tahrir al-Sham has changed a number of its military commanders in Northern Hama and Southern Idlib and has set up a new military formation in these regions.

They added that after the Syrian army's advances, the terrorists in Northern Syria have engaged in internal differences, noting that Tahrir al-Sham has replaced its commanders to protect the remaining occupied regions against the Syrian army's impending attacks.

Meantime, reports said that the Syrian army has engaged in clashes with Tahrir al-Sham militants in Khan Sheikhoun, leaving at least 45 terrorists dead and tens of others wounded.

Also a number of terrorists were held captive by the Syrian army forces.

Earlier reports today said that the Syrian army continued military operations in Southern Idlib, regaining control of new regions at the entrance of the town of Khan Sheikhoun.

The army forces continued clashes with Tahrir al-Sham terrorists in the Western parts of Khan Sheikhoun in Southern Idlib on Thursday, retaking control of the towns of Horsh al-Abedin and Kharbat al-Abedin in the Northern parts of the town of al-Habit, Zaitouneh farm and the village of Madaya in the North of the town of Kafar Ain.

Meantime, a military source said that the Syrian army's special forces in clashes with Tahrir al-Sham took back control of regions from Zarae'i farms in the West of Khan Sheikhoun to al-Salam checkpoint in the Western gate of the town and deployed in the area.

He added that the Syrian army troops also resumed advance in the Eastern parts of Khan Sheikhoun near the town of al-Tamane'ah in Southern Idlib.

Also, the Arabic-language service of SANA news agency quoted a military source as saying that a fighter jet of the Syrian army crashed in al-Tamane'ah region after the terrorists' attack by anti-aircraft missiles.

Ankara Attempting to Prevent Collapse of Khan Sheikhoun
TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkey has sent 14,000 terrorists from Aleppo to Khan Sheikhoun to prevent collapse of the strategic region, Syrian sources said.

The Arabic-language Syrian Documentation Center quoted special sources as saying on Saturday that Ankara has dispatched thousands of militants from the occupied areas in Aleppo to Khan Sheikhoun in Southern Idlib to block the Syrian army's advance and control over the region.

They added that over half of the terrorists are those who had earlier fought for Turkey under the 'Euphrates Shield' and 'Olive Brach' operations while 6,000 of them are members of Jund al-Aqsa militants, affiliated to the ISIL.

The sources said that Khan Sheikhoun battle is vital and decisive for the terrorist groups, adding that Ankara is making strenuous attempts to prevent its collapse.

They also said that the Syrian army has reached areas 2km away from Khan Sheikoun gates, noting that at present the army and the Syrian and Russian air force are targeting the terrorists' defense lines with heavy fire.

Relevant reports also said on Friday that the Turkey-backed elite terrorists had been dispatched to Hama and Idlib from Northern Aleppo to save their military bases against the Syrian army advances as other government troops continue their march in Southern Idlib.

The Syrian Army troops continued their clashes with Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorists in Southern Idlib, and regained control of Mailis Farms and Kafar Tab, North of the town of Um Zeitouneh and West of Khan Sheikhoun after cleansing those region from terrorists.

The sources affiliated to terrorist groups quoted Abu Hatam Shaqra, commander of Ankara-backed Tajamo Ahrar al-Sharqieh, as saying that the third group of elite militants and military equipment have been sent from occupied territories in Aleppo to battlefronts in Hama and Idlib to confront the Syrian Army and prevent its military advances.

The Syrian Army is very close now to the strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun which is a key stronghold of the terrorists in Idlib province.

Once Khan Sheikhoun comes under control, Ma’aret al-Numan Road will be the next target of the Syrian army.

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アフガンのISISテロリストは、どうやって生計を立てていますか? 山で獣や蛇を捕まえて食っている? 沢の水を飲んで。





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神奈川の中高年男性に甲状腺疾患が多い 米国でも小児甲状腺がんが増えているらしい

※ itou kino @ItouKino氏の2019/3/27のツイート

昭和大学2019.03.25 11:00
昭和大学横浜市北部病院に「甲状腺センター」を開設 -- 2019年4月からオープン決定 --
 同センターには、福成信博 センター長を含め外科医5名、内科医、耳鼻咽喉科医、病理診断医、超音波検査士が所属する予定です。福成信博 センター長は、甲状腺治療に長年携わり、これまでに5,000件以上の甲状腺手術経験を有し、2018年10月に開催された第51回日本甲状腺外科学会学術集会で会長を務めるなど、甲状腺分野において高い評価を受けています。






※ Masato Ida & リケニャ@miakiza20100906氏の2019/8/13のツイート
論文(有料): 米国の小児甲状腺がん罹患率 1998-2013年 (link: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/cncr.32125) onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.100…  2019年、Bernier(米NCI)ら。腫瘍の小さい、初期の症例だけではなく、腫瘍の大きい、より進行した症例も増加しているため、診断技術の向上等だけでは説明できず、罹患率の真の増加が起こっていると見られる。

※ 日刊ゲンダイ公開日:2019/08/17 06:00 


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※ 共同2019/8/19 08:37 (JST)

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Trump mulls stopping ‘all business’ with #Huawei citing ‘national security threat’ https://on.rt.com/a062





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Pakistani PM: World Must Seriously Consider Safety, Security of India's Nuclear Arsenal
TEHRAN (FNA)- Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan stated on Sunday that the world must seriously consider the safety and the security of India's arsenal amid New Delhi's latest pledge to review its nuclear doctrine.

"The World must also seriously consider the safety & security of India's nuclear arsenal in the control of the [...] [Narendra] Modi Govt. This is an issue that impacts not just the region but the world," Khan wrote on Twitter, RIA Novosti reported.

​Tensions between India and Pakistan escalated earlier in the month after India announced a decision to amend Article 370 and 35A of the Constitution, repealing the special status of the Jammu and Kashmir region, and splitting the territory into two federally administered enclaves - Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

Pakistan has strongly condemned India's decision, with Khan even comparing India to Nazi Germany and saying that his troops and people are ready to fight India until the end.

India vowed not to use nukes first, but that may change one day – defense minister
New Delhi has been carefully following its ‘no first use’ policy on nuclear weapons, but it “depends on the circumstances” if that will continue, India’s defense minister warned amid escalating hostilities with Pakistan.

“It is true that till now, India has strictly adhered to the ‘No First Use’ policy. What happens in future depends on the circumstances,” Rajnath Singh was quoted as saying by NDTV.

Symbolically, he was speaking at Pokhran, a military site where India held its nuclear tests back in 1974 and 1998.

Nevertheless, India remains “a responsible nuclear nation,” which eventually became “a matter of national pride for every citizen of this country.”

The timing of the veiled threat comes particularly on the heels of spiraling tensions between the two nuclear-armed neighbors. Their decades-long animosity took a new turn in August after New Delhi stripped the Jammu and Kashmir state of its special autonomy status. The move sparked outrage in Pakistan, and has led to sporadic clashes along the Line of Control in recent days.

Kashmir is ‘definitely a nuclear flashpoint,’ Pakistan Armed Forces spokesman warns
Tensions between Pakistan and India over the disputed territory of Kashmir could spark a nuclear conflict, Pakistan’s military spokesman said. The warning comes amid reports of more fighting along the Line of Control between them.

“Kashmir is definitely a nuclear flashpoint,” Major General Asif Ghafoor, chief spokesperson of the Pakistan Armed Forces, said on Saturday. He added that Pakistani armed troops are ready to repel any time, describing the dispute as a long-term struggle.

Ghafoor’s remark comes just hours after reports of another fatal exchange of fire along Kashmir’s Line of Control (LoC). An Indian soldier is said to have been killed in the skirmish, in what Indian media have called an unprovoked ceasefire violation from the Pakistani side.

Earlier in the week, Islamabad announced that three Pakistani and five Indian soldiers had died in cross-border fighting. New Delhi denied that any of its soldiers had been killed in the altercation.

The flare-up in violence along the LoC follows India’s decision to revoke Kashmir’s special status, sparking concerns that the decades-old dispute over the territory could escalate. India and Pakistan each have nuclear arsenals.

Earlier in the week, Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh said that his country remains committed to its ‘no first use’ policy on nuclear weapons, but cautioned that “circumstances” could potentially change this position.
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US military forced to comply with orders to halt flights over Iraq
The US military has been forced to comply with Iraqi demands to halt flying planes, helicopters and drones over the country after its prime minister warned that violating aircraft would be targeted by Iraq’s air defense systems.

Senior US military commanders in Iraq met the nation’s defense minister this week to discuss a recent demand from Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to cease all military flights over the country’s airspace following an unexplained explosion at Camp al-Saqr just outside the capital of Baghdad, Military.com reported Friday.

"The US-led coalition immediately complied with all directions received from our Iraqi partners as they implemented the Prime Minister's order," said a statement issued by American military’s Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve that continues to operate in Iraq with the purported objective of conducting aerial strikes against already defeated Daesh (ISIL) terrorists in the war-torn country.

The decision by US military officials to abide by Abdul-Mahdi’s directive -- as "guests within Iraq's sovereign borders" -- came after he reportedly urged “Iraqi and non-Iraqi parties” to comply with the demand or risk being considered “an enemy flight.”

According to the report, the Iraqi premier further cautioned that unauthorized flight activity would be "dealt with from our air defenses immediately."

However, US commanders did not indicate for how long they had agreed to keep American aircraft out of the Iraqi skies.

This is while the investigation surrounding the blast at Camp Al-Saqr remains ongoing but expected to be completed within a week. It comes amid press reports that the Israeli regime is the main suspect for launching an air strike against the base, which hosted a weapons depot for Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) – credited with playing a key role in defeating the Daesh (ISIL) terrorists across the country.

Moreover, a PMF commander identified as Abu Alaa al-Walae described Abdul-Mahdi’s “decision to ban American drones in Iraqi airspace” as brave in a Twitter message cited in an AP report.

The report further cited an unnamed PMF official as saying that there is evidence of a drone attack causing the recent blast.

The Israeli regime forces have also been blamed for striking compounds of Syrian military forces battling foreign-backed terrorists still occupying parts of the terror-ravaged nation.

The recent explosion shook the Iraqi capital and sent explosives and mortar shells shooting into the sky, damaging nearby homes and terrifying residents who ran into the streets with their cellphones, added the AP report.
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今日の放射能備忘録 191

※ AP2019/8/18
High bacteria level cancels water portion of Tokyo triathlon

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日本の電力会社も関心 ベンチャーが挑む「小型原子炉」の可能性

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CIAの悪事が追及され1983年NEDが創設された。NEDの悪事がバレバレになってしまったので、さらに新たな名前へ? ディンコープ? ISIS? 米国が米国である限り、麻薬・武器・人身売買、そしてクーデター請負犯罪ネットワークを手放すことは絶対できない。

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※ 毎日新聞2019年8月15日 08時40分(最終更新 8月15日 08時40分) 障害のある次男殺害未遂 容疑の大学職員逮捕 「介護から解放されたかった」

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※ (株)シーディークリエーション秋田放射能測定室『べくれでねが』と東京大学助教小豆川勝見氏による誹謗中傷について 2019年07月09日


秋田放射能測定室「べぐれでねが」2019/6/28【悪質なので要拡散】シーディークリエーション社製浄水器 CDSW-01の能力を検証しました

※ きづのぶお@jucnag氏の2019/8/13のツイート
元北海道警 警視長 原田氏「最近、警察の組織の中に、治安維持のためなら多少の違法行為も許されるんじゃないかという風潮があって、演説が総理だったということも相まって、多少のことはいいんじゃないのという感じでやったのだろうと思う」←政権批判の市民だけを狙い撃ち。特高警察が復活したのか。

 「最近、警察の組織の中に、治安維持のためなら多少の違法行為も許されるんじゃないかという風潮があって、演説が総理だったということも相まって、多少のことはいいんじゃないのという感じでやったのだろうと思う」(元北海道警 警視長 原田宏二氏)

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※ 共同[ 2019年8月12日 05:30 ]
ボート五輪テスト大会で熱中症続出 34度超の過酷環境

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この一言だけでも、十分_| ̄|○
こんな、戦争に前のめりな輩に、いつまでも首相なんてやらせておいちゃいけない!兵器を大量購入できる権限なんか、持たせておいちゃいけない!( ̄^ ̄)

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スカイプレッスンの生徒さんで また1人海外移住が決まりすごく嬉しい!未来を見据えて大学に入り直し、日本語教師の免許も取得、経験を積み着々と準備されてきた30代の方。数年+かけての努力が実を結んだ形。素晴らしい

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(link: http://www.endocrine-abstracts.org/ea/0029/ea0029p1567.htm) endocrine-abstracts.org/ea/0029/ea0029…

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※ 時事通信社2019年8月8日(木)21時37分

※ JNN/TBS2019年8月8日(木)22時39分
 調査・点検チームの編成など準備が整い次第、強化措置を実施するとしています。(08日20:43) JNN/TBS

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誰が書いた有料記事? 米国防長官エスパーが依頼したからと、なぜまともに検討する必要がある? 海賊行為を働いているのは米英イスラエル! 哨戒機ならイランを刺激しない? スパイした情報を米軍とイスラエルに渡すのに? 何を寝ぼけたことを!

※ はっしー@海外プログラマ元社畜@hassy_nz氏の2019/8/6のツイート
日本のIT企業で月100時間超えの残業を経験、過労死しかけた元社畜の34歳。理想のワークライフバランスを求めてニュージーランドの大学へ留学、プログラマとして現地就職。今では毎日定時帰宅です。NZ永住権ホルダー。海外就活の全記録はこちら→ (link: http://bit.ly/2JOJayQ) bit.ly/2JOJayQ 質問箱→ (link: http://bit.ly/2LFvxXl) bit.ly/2LFvxXl

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※ Ian56@Ian56789氏の2019/8/6のツイート・
ACTUAL Foreign Election Meddling:
MI5/MI6 Psyops, Serial Fraudster, War Criminal & al-Qaeda Supporting Traitor Bellingcat (Eliot Higgins), who is funded by the Perpetual War Industry, writes hit piece on Tulsi Gabbard who is criticising the Neocon Wars

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立憲民主党 川内博史衆院議員

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鳩山政権を失脚させた人物を #WikiLeaks が暴露。


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(福島第2原発廃炉受け入れ 知事、貯蔵施設は「県外搬出が大前提)←よく言えたもんだね。内堀知事参加した津波対策まともなことしないから水没したんだろうがば〜か!しかも屁出なし除染されても意見も言えないで帰還促進、くたばれ内の堀にでも沈んでろ!

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#福島のエートス の理論的支柱だった@buvery
こと松田修二岐阜大学医学部准教授。311原発事故発災直後は疎開と移住を勧めていたのに、2016年には避難者は戻ってくるべきだとご主張。この二つの考えが一つの人格に統合されていると思うといろんな意味で味わい深い。松田修二先生の #核PA の動機は奈辺に

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− 福島原発「凍土壁」の効果を、ロイターが分析したところ、昨年8月に凍土壁が完全凍結して以降も、平均141トン/日の水が流れ込んでいる。これは、それ以前の9カ月の平均値である132トン/日を上回る数値 −
(link: https://reut.rs/2Ibwti9) reut.rs/2Ibwti9

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One trick Al-Qaeda in #Syria has used extensively to get the US to intervene militarily is having children plead their case. Another trick, as seen in this CNN video, is to have people with American accents do it. Both have been effective with the naive.

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※ 2019/7/27、さくらのレンタルサーバーに障害が出ているようです。画像が表示されない場合があります。

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#US troops to return to #SaudiArabia air base after 16 years, at a time when tensions between the US & #Iran are worsening

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福島第一原発 送電線から発煙

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尚武会所属 現役ランカーである DAIJU 選手(高平大需)が急性心筋梗塞の為永眠されました

※ 千葉県警最新事件・事故ファイル(2019年7月22日)

※ 千葉県警最新事件・事故ファイル(2019年7月23日)

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逆ギレですか !?

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南相馬「妊婦」セシウム検出されず 地元食品を7割超が敬遠
(2019年7月21日 福島民友)

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「メディアの報道を鵜呑みにして、何も考えない男は、いつか、自分の妻や子の未来を見捨てる人」 シリアの人が言っていた事。

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※ おしどりマコの得票は28,750、おしどりマコのツイッターのフォロワーは4.8万。

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3.11の後、早野龍五、菊池誠、両氏の業績をGoogle Scholar で検索した。世界に評価され、引用される論文を書いていない。放射線被曝の研究者でも、医学者でも無い。2人の言う事は何も参考にならないと判断した。正しかった。

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※ これなら踊れる。

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Hong Kong Opposition Says May Seek Foreign Help After US Diplomat Meets with Activists

Hong Kong Opposition Says May Seek Foreign Help After US Diplomat Meets with Activists
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF), which organises the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, has not ruled out that it may seek support from foreign countries in the wake of a controversial opposition leaders' meeting with a US diplomat.

"Of course, we might seek help from the other countries, we might also go the United Nations, the European Union, we might go to other countries," Wong Yik-mo, CHRF vice convener, said, Sputnik reported.

Wong dismissed claims that the meeting with the US diplomat amounted to foreign meddling, stressing that the diplomat was merely keeping up with the situation in the city in accordance with general practice.

"If you know diplomacy, then you should know that all consulates, all embassies, they have contact with the government and with the opposition. Their job is to understand what happened in that country or in that city. And therefore, this is a regular duty of consuls, of diplomats. Having contact is a very noble thing. But then, it is always the Chinese government which will demonise everything and then tell people that the United States is behind all this", the activist pointed out.

Wong believes that the Hong Kong opposition does not expect that Beijing will use military force to suppress protests against the controversial extradition bill in Hong Kong at least in the nearest future.

"At least for now. Mainland’s Communist party is quite scary, you never know what they will do, but at least for now they are still using the tactic to try to scare people … I think all these practices in Shenzhen [are aimed at] deterring Hong Kongers, at scaring us", Wong added.

The activist pointed out that, in accordance with the law, the Chinese armed police could not enter the territory of Hong Kong.

"The Armed police are not allowed to come to Hong Kong. According to our constitution, the army might be sent to Hong Kong under emergency circumstances, but that does not include armed police", Wong underlined.

The next protest against the controversial extradition bill in Hong Kong is planned for Wednesday, according to Wong.

"On the 21st of August, we have planned to have another demonstration. This is a significant, symbolic day for Hong Kong, because on that day, five years ago, mainland China rejected Hong Kong’s proposal to have universal suffrage", the activist stated.

Mass protests erupted in China's semi-autonomous Hong Kong in early June in response to a controversial bill that would allow extraditions to the mainland. Although the local parliament eventually announced that it had suspended the bill, people continue to protest, demanding that it be withdrawn completely. They also want the city authorities to implement universal suffrage and retract criminal charges against protesters.

The demonstrations have often resulted in violent clashes between protesters and police. China's permanent mission to the United Nations even earlier accused the protesters of having displayed a "tendency of resorting to terrorism" by destroying public facilities, paralysing Hong Kong's airport, blocking public transport and using lethal weapons.

Soon after protests in Hong Kong broke out, Beijing accused a number of Western countries, in particular the United States, of openly fomenting the anti-China sentiment in its special administrative region. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has announced that it had summoned a senior official from the US Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau to lodge a "stern representation" over its diplomat’s meeting with "Hong Kong independence" activists, which it assessed as an act of meddling in China's internal affairs. The US Department of State, in turn, claimed that its staff were "just doing their jobs, just like diplomats from every other country."

Hong Kong became a part of China in 1997 after being a British colony for some 150 years.

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China prepares its 'nuclear option' in trade war
If there is any further pushback from the US on any of these Chinese projects in Iran, then Beijing will invoke in full force the ‘nuclear option’ of selling all or a significant part of its US$1.4 trillion holding of US Treasury Bills, with a major chunk of the paper due to be sold in September on this basis. This massive holding of these bonds - through which the US finances its economy and is an important factor both in the value of the dollar and therefore in the health of US international companies especially – has been used as a bargaining chip before by China, especially when it feels threatened. Back in 2007, just before the great financial crisis, a number of senior Chinese figures at various state-run think tanks – through which China often signals its big geopolitical threats – stated that the large-scale selling of this massive Treasury Bill holding would trigger a dollar crash, a huge spike in bond yields, the collapse of the housing market and stock market chaos.

Such a tactic would neatly fit into China’s overall strategy to have the renminbi challenge the US dollar’s status as the key global reserve currency and the prime currency for global energy transactions. “The long-planned sequencing for this was inclusion in the SDR {Special Drawing Rights] mix, which happened in 2016, increasing use as a trading currency, which followed that, use as the key currency of an international energy trading exchange, which has occurred with the creation of the renminbi-denominated Shanghai International Energy Exchange in last year, and the calls from big oil producers and other major trading nations to use the renminbi, which has been happening over the past few years,” the head of a New York-based commodities hedge fund told OilPrice.com. Only recently, Leonid Mikhelson, chief executive officer of Russian oil major, Novatek, said that future sales to China denominated in renminbi is under consideration and that US sanctions accelerate the process of Russia trying to switch away from US dollar-centric oil and gas trading and the damage from potential sanctions that go with it. “This has been discussed for a while with Russia’s largest trading partners such as India and China, and even Arab countries are starting to think about it... If they do create difficulties for our Russian banks then all we have to do is replace dollars,” he said. “The trade war between the US and China will only accelerate the process,” he added.

The trade war with the US, though, may be the very reason why this policy is not being pushed right now by China, Rory Green, Asia economist for TS Lombard told OilPrice.com last week. “With the renminbi weakening, and set to reach 7.50 to the [US] dollar level if the US imposes 25 percent tariffs on all Chinese exports, it is more difficult for China to persuade the big oil producers like Russia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, to make the switch away from the dollar,” he said. “For China as well, the timing is not quite right, as its use of Eurodollar financing is currently significant, it has a lot of dollar-denominated bonds rolling over shortly, and its balance of payments needs a relatively healthy US demand profile, but China wants to get away from the dollar system and that is the overall direction of travel,” he concluded.

Till Debt Do Us Part: How and Why Russia is Dumping US Treasury Bonds
Ever since Russia dropped out of the list of the 30 largest holders of US bonds in May 2018, it has been moving towards a gradual reduction of its investment in them.

According to newly released data by the US Department of Treasury, Russia slashed investments in US government debt by $1.2 billion to $10.848 billion in June 2019.

While it remains unclear who is buying its Treasury holdings, Moscow, once a top investor, has been steadily dumping US bonds for months now amid efforts to boost its gold reserves.

US Treasury bonds: risk-free investing?

US Treasury Securities, marketable, fixed-interest government debt issued by the US Treasury Department, are used to finance a country's public debt.

Treasuries, which technically include bills, notes, and bonds, are all backed by "the full faith and credit of the US government", and can all be purchased either directly from the department or via a broker. The major difference among the three varieties is the time investors need to wait to pay the principal: for instance, Treasury bills mature in one year or less; Treasury notes are issued with maturities from two to ten years, while bonds are long-term investments that have maturities of 10 to 30 years from their issue date.

Trading allows the US government to receive additional funds to finance government spending in the event of a large budget deficit - $119.7 billion in July 2019. The total US budget deficit for the 2018 fiscal year amounted to $779 billion - the largest figure in six years, as multiple media outlets noted, and this year it is expected to exceed $1 trillion.

Investors, in turn, ensure the safety of reserve funds. The yield on US securities is relatively low, but since the United States is one of the world's largest economies, this allows it to count on a guaranteed refund under any conditions.

How many bonds did Russia sell?

Russian investments in US bonds peaked in 2010 - at the time they exceeded $170 billion, but have since significantly plummeted as the government moved to diversify its international reserves. At the beginning of 2018, they dropped below $100 billion - to $96.9 billion, while in April investments decreased to $48.7 billion, and in May were cut to $14.9 billion. As of June, Russia's US Treasury holdings amount to $10.85 billion - the lowest figure since the spring of 2007.

Why do countries invest in US public debt?

Public debt, normally in the form of bonds, is often deemed a low-risk investment, whether countries are purchasing government bonds or those issued by a company. One of the biggest pros of bonds is that it's typically a very safe investment, while the biggest downside is a somewhat low yield.

As per usual, the top five major holders of US Treasury bonds in June are led by Japan with investments worth $1.122 trillion and China with $1.112 trillion, even though Beijing dumped bonds earlier this year against the backdrop of a trade war with Washington, having reduced its holdings from $1.171 trillion in June 2018.

The UK, which invested $341.1 billion in American securities, holds third place, while Brazil and Ireland close the top-five list with $311.7 billion and $262.1 billion, respectively.

Why is Russia getting rid of its US bond holdings?

Russia has been buying large amounts of gold as it continues to sell off US Treasury bonds in a move that's motivated by a decision to diversify international reserves, Head of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina said. She has, likewise, explained that these actions mitigate external economic and political risks for Moscow, including sanctions or a potential asset freeze by the US authorities.
Any alternatives?

Russia is steadily increasing its gold reserves, from $60.2 billion at the beginning of 2017 to $101.9 billion in July 2019 amid a clear de-dollarisation drive. In light of its efforts, Bloomberg made an assumption last week that Russian gold and foreign exchange reserves could exceed the reserves of Saudi Arabia for the first time in eight years, which would allow Moscow to occupy fourth place in international rankings. Meanwhile, government bonds in euros and the Japanese yen remain an option as well.
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高齢者・年配者の車両運転事故続く 84歳の事故で外房線3時間不通




運転資格はく奪すべきでは? 本人はその踏み間違いが起きた時点で運転免許を返上すべきです。



@ 運転者の爺さんは84歳。遮断機が下りている踏切に進入した?

A 上り電車は、誉田駅を出るか出ないかの時点で、十文字踏切に車両がいることが視認できたはずです。天気は良く日差しは強かった。駅から約300m、運転席からは260mほど。近づけばより大きく見えます。

B 外房線は、この事故で3時間以上も上下線ともに不通となりました。振り替え輸送をやったそうですが、最寄りの鉄道駅は、おゆみの駅。千葉市へのバスの便はありますが少ないです。 


SNSでは、「誉田〜鎌取間の十文字踏切において列車と車が接触した模様。 あたりは救急車と消防車で騒然としています。」とあります。人身被害もない、炎上したわけでもないのに。





※ 香山リカ @rkayama氏の2019/5/9のツイート

JNN/TBS 2019年6月5日(水)11時08分
福岡 高齢者逆走事故、ブレーキ踏まずに交差点突入か
 警察は、小島さんの運転するミニバンがスピードを出したまま交差点に突っ込んだ可能性が高いとみて、事故の原因を詳しく調べています。(05日09:47) JNN/TBS
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US unseals warrant to seize Iranian 'Grace 1' tanker released in Gibraltar

US unseals warrant to seize Iranian 'Grace 1' tanker released in Gibraltar
The US has ordered the seizure of newly freed Iranian oil tanker 'Grace 1,' charging the ship with illegally using the US financial system to sell oil to Syria to support the IRGC after Gibraltar released the vessel.

The Justice Department has unsealed a warrant ordering the seizure and forfeiture of the Iranian tanker, all of the oil it is carrying, as well as $995,000. It claims that the Iranians illegally used the US banking system to finance the shipment of oil to Syria to support the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which the US designated a terrorist group earlier this year as Washington’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Tehran was ramped up.

Accusing the ship of violations of bank fraud and money laundering laws, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, and terrorism statutes, the US complaint alleges “multiple parties affiliated with the IRGC” used voyages like that of 'Grace 1' to support illegal activities. It claims that “a network of front companies” laundered millions of dollars through these shipments.

Gibraltar released the Iranian tanker after claiming to receive a written assurance from her captain that the vessel was not bound for Syria as the UK Royal Marines who seized it last month had alleged, though Iran has denied providing such an assurance. Despite multiple formal US requests and attempts to hold up the departure in court – which Iran’s ambassador to the UK called “desperate, last-minute efforts” – 'Grace 1' was finally permitted to leave the UK territory.

The ship has been renamed 'Adrian Darya' and fitted with an Iranian flag for its onward journey at its owner’s request, according to Iranian state media. Meanwhile, the US has warned of “serious consequences” for its crew – though those consequences appear to be limited to barring them from travel to the US.

Gibraltar lifted the detention order for the vessel on Thursday, affirming in a statement that there are “no longer any reasonable grounds for the continued legal detention of the 'Grace 1' in order to ensure compliance with the EU Sanctions Regulation.”
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※ NATO F-18 ‘spooked away’ from Russian Defense Minister’s plane (VIDEO)






※ Military Advisor@miladvisor氏の2019/8/14のツイート
NATO statement: "NATO's Baltic Air Policing mission scrambled to identify the aircraft which flew close to Allied airspace. Once identification of the aircraft had taken place, the NATO jets returned to base. NATO has no information as to who was on board."

※ Military Advisor@miladvisor
NATO statement is not true. NATO 'scrambled to identify' the aircraft which was on the way from Kaliningrad to Moscow after MoD Shoigu's trip. He arrived to Kaliningrad in morning.NATO &all civilian air traffic control systems seen flight.Tu-214's transponder was on in both cases


Spanish Users Slam NATO Jet Nearing Russian Defence Minister's Plane Over Baltic Sea
A NATO fighter jet attempted to approach Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu's aircraft as it was flying over neutral waters in the Baltic Sea, the Russian military said in a Tuesday statement.

Readers of the Spanish newspaper, El Confidencial, have condemned the actions of a NATO F-18 Hornet multirole fighter that was chased off by a Su-27 jet after the alliance's aircraft approached Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu's plane over neutral waters in the Baltic Sea.

In the comment section under an article, titled "Un caza español de la OTAN, repelido cerca del avión del ministro de Defensa de Rusia", translated into English as "A Spanish NATO fighter jet chased off from Russian defence minister's plane", a host of users questioned the reasons for the aircraft's presence in the Baltic Sea.

"An independent Spain would not have military forces on the borders of the new Russian empire. The western borders of the Russian empire are not areas that affect our strategic interests; Russia is not our competitor, rather it is a good consumer of our goods (that now rot in stores because of the EU boycott)", wrote user under alias ITURBIDE.

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Microsoft Officeプリインストールミニパソコンに悩ませられた日


Microsoft Office 2010/Windows 10 ProがインストールされたミニPCが2万円をわずかに切る価格でセールになっていたのです。
CPUはAMD A6 -1450/メモリ 4GB/SSD 64GB/USB3.0/WIFI/HDMI/静音

管理人は、メモリ 4GB/SSD 64GBのスティックパソコンを使っています。Windows10Homeだけしか入っていなくて2万円でした。今、これを原子力委員会公表のMPデータをEXCELに読み込ませ、グラフにする用途に使っています。「ただ今の空間線量率 変動状況」のサイトに掲載しています。

私が2年前まで使っていたメインのパソコンは、メモリ 4GBに回転式のハードディスクでした。特に重い作業をしないのであれば十分使えます。ゲームは無理でしょうが。

ミニPCと呼ばれるものは、コンパクトでありながらインターフェースが豊富で使いやすいのです。セールのパソコンも無線LAN内蔵、HDMI搭載、USB3.0x2、USB2.0x4、VGAx1 、モジュラージャックもあります。

それに Microsoft Office 2010がプリインストールされてこの値段は驚異的です。EXCELを単品で買っても1万円以上します。

ところが、レビューを見ると、リセットボタンがあって都合でリセットをかけたら Microsoft Office 2010が消えてしまったという記述があり、正規の認証コードがついていないらしいという指摘がありました。Windowsのアプデイトだけでは消えないようですが、こういうWindowsプリインストールのミニPCの良いところは、Windowsがおかしくなったら初期状態に容易に戻せることなのです。

工場出荷状態に戻したらMicrosoft Office 2010が消えてしまうのでは、リセットが使えません。

これはMicrosoft Office 2010を不正規にインストールしているのではないのだと思います。2010版なら十分古い。最初にまずMicrosoft Office 2010に慣れさせておいて、いつかそれが消えた後は、比較的新しいMicrosoft のソフトを別途で購入してもらおうという高等作戦なのだと思いました。



















8/3 1個 1803を1903に
8/5 知人のノートパソコン1803を1903に。夕刻5時ころから始めて午前2時に終わらず。朝には終わっていた。ディスククリーンアップは比較的早かった。セレロンの機械だが遅い。


8/16、1個 1809を1903に
1809の累積更新 KB4511553
悪意のあるソフトの削除ツール KBB890830
Antivirusのセキュリティ更新 KB2267602(

8/18、1個 1903
1903の累積更新 KB4512508
悪意のあるソフトの削除ツール KBB890830

・稼働不安定 4件 うち3件は撤退。1件は有線化

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What happened when she ‘supported’ Libya? Chinese media roasts Hillary Clinton over Hong Kong

What happened when she ‘supported’ Libya? Chinese media roasts Hillary Clinton over Hong Kong
A newspaper operated by China’s Communist Party pulled no punches on Hillary Clinton’s support for Hong Kong protesters, noting her role in past foreign policy debacles ranging from the Iraq War to US intervention in Libya.

“@HillaryClinton has called for support of the rioters in Hong Kong. Let’s see what happened when she ‘supported’ Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq,” the People’s Daily tweeted.

The accompanying video shows clips of Hillary Clinton throughout her tumultuous political career, advocating for wars and foreign policy positions that have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people across the Middle East and North Africa.

The video ends with a photograph of a US Consulate official meeting with Hong Kong activists, and video footage showing demonstrators waving American flags. Washington is now attempting to “intervene” in Hong Kong, the video claims.

Earlier this week, Clinton urged the world to “stand in solidarity” with the Hong Kong protesters as they “speak out for democracy.”

Beijing has repeatedly accused Washington of playing an active role in demonstrations that have rocked Hong Kong since March. On Thursday, China’s Foreign Ministry office in Hong Kong accused the US of “conspiring with radical criminal elements and are insanely involved in anti-Chinese criminal cases” in the semi-autonomous territory.

Hong Kong in US’ crosshairs? No matter where there’s revolution, we’re there, Ron Paul says
The United States has a habit of involving itself in political unrest all over the world, Ron Paul said, noting that Washington lacks the moral authority to lecture China about the unrest in Hong Kong.

The former Texas congressman and presidential candidate said that he wasn’t surprised by reports of US involvement in demonstrations that have rocked Kong Hong since March.

“No matter where there’s a revolution starting or stirring, we’re there, because we have a lot at stake,” he told Politicking host Larry King.

Paul sharply criticized statements made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other US lawmakers warning China of consequences if the crisis in Hong Kong wasn’t settled to Washington’s liking.

He argued that using political unrest in the semi-autonomous territory to “attack” China is “foolish.”

We in the United States don’t have the moral authority to think that we can go in and lecture and change [the situation in Hong Kong].

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