Not an accident: US scientist Suzanne Eaton was asphyxiated & dumped into old Nazi bunker in Crete

Not an accident: US scientist Suzanne Eaton was asphyxiated & dumped into old Nazi bunker in Crete
The mysterious death of American microbiologist Suzanne Eaton turned out not to be an accident – the scientist working for the Max Planck Institute was asphyxiated and her body was dumped into a Nazi occupation-era cave bunker.

The biologist disappeared on the island of Crete on July 2 while jogging. Eaton had been attending a conference at the Orthodox Academy in the northwest part of the island.

Her body was discovered several days later by two locals some 60 meters into a man-made cave that was used as a bunker by Nazi troops during World War II. Her relatives initially believed that her death was an accident due to a bad fall or heat exhaustion, according to a statement posted on a Facebook page set up by her family.

The ongoing investigation, however, suggests otherwise. The scientist definitely died as a result of a “criminal act,” state coroner Antonis Papadomanolakis told the AP on Wednesday. Eaton was actually asphyxiated by unknown assailants and sustained minor stab wounds, according to Greek police.

The body of the scientist was found face down - and under a ventilation shaft, reportedly covered by a large wooden pallet – in an apparent attempt to conceal the murder. The position of the body also suggests she was dumped into the bunker.

“There is an ongoing homicide investigation being led by the police in Crete which has taken comprehensive measures to ensure that the responsible party(ies) will be brought to justice,” Eaton’s employer, the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, based in Dresden, Germany, said in a statement.

Apart from being a prominent scientist, Eaton was also physically fit –she ran daily and even had a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Given that fact – and the tone of the institute’s statement – one cannot rule out that the police should be looking for several suspects. Still, there’s no word on any leads on the case from local police.

Eaton earned her PhD in microbiology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1988. She is survived by her husband, British microbiologist Tony Hyman, and their two children.

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イランが英国タンカーを拿捕しようとして失敗した? IRGCは否定 また米英の嘘


Iran Calls on UK to Immediately Release its Seized Supertanker – Reports
Earlier, the government of Britain’s overseas territory Gibraltar detained an Iranian tanker purportedly carrying oil to Syria and claimed that Tehran had violated international sanctions.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said that Iran is calling on Britain to release its oil tanker immediately.

"This is a dangerous game and has consequences ... the legal pretexts for the capture are not valid ... the release of the tanker is in all countries' interest ... Foreign powers should leave the region because Iran and other regional countries are capable of securing the regional security," Mousavi said.

The conflict between the two erupted after Gibraltar's government detained an Iranian tanker allegedly carrying oil to Syria.

London claims that it had been tipped off by the US that the oil was on its way to Syria, in violation of EU sanctions that have been imposed on the Arab state's government. Tehran denies the claims that the oil was destined for Syria and slammed the seizure of the ship.

このタンカーはどこに向かっていた? マグレブ諸国?

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards deny trying to stop UK tanker in Persian Gulf
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have denied reports that their patrol boats tried to stop a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf.

There were “no encounters” between the Iranian warships and foreign vessels at the time when the incident is alleged to have taken place, the IRGC’s naval unit said in a statement on Thursday, cited by Fars News.

The IRGC also reiterated that they are prepared to “act swiftly and decisively” should they receive an order to capture any foreign ship.

London said three Iranian patrol boats attempted to stop its oil tanker, ‘British Heritage,’ as it was sailing through the Strait of Hormuz to the Persian Gulf. According to the British government statement, the Iranian vessels were forced to back away after receiving a warning from the Royal Navy frigate, HMS ‘Monrose,’ which was escorting another tanker in the area.

Tensions between Tehran and London escalated last week when the Royal Marines and Gibraltar’s police seized a Panama-flagged and Singapore-owned supertanker near the Strait of Gibraltar. The ship was suspected of transporting oil to Syria in violation of the EU sanctions on Damascus.

According to the US, the captured tanker was carrying Iranian oil. Tehran had acknowledged its ties to the ship but denied that it was traveling to Syria. Iranian officials blasted the seizure of the tanker as “piracy” and demanded that it be released.

Major General Mohsen Rezaee of the IRGC, who leads the influential Expediency Discernment Council, had suggested that Tehran should seize a British oil tanker if London refuses to return the ship captured off Gibraltar.

On Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned London that its actions against the tanker would have “consequences in the future.”

Iran accused of botched UK tanker raid… just DAY after US call to arms against Tehran

Five armed Iranian military boats have allegedly approached a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf requesting the vessel to change course , but were scared off by a UK warship, US defense officials claimed.

The incident reportedly happened on Wednesday when the tanker British Heritage was sailing through the narrow Strait of Hormuz, anonymous government officials told CNN and Reuters. The boats, apparently belonging to Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, allegedly requested the British vessel to change course and enter Iranian territorial waters.

However, after a ‘verbal’ warning from a Royal Navy frigate, the boats backed away and let the tanker pass. The UK Ministry of Defense has yet to comment on the reports that claimed the entire incident was filmed by US aircraft.

The report named the warship as HMS Montrose, a British frigate last seen escorting the tanker Pacific Voyager to the UAE port of Fujairah on Monday.

The BP-operated Heritage was bound for Basra in Iraq, but made an abrupt U-turn in the Persian Gulf on July 6, after Royal Marines had seized a Panamanian-flagged tanker carrying Iranian oil off Gibraltar. The British tanker was last reported sheltering in Saudi waters out of fear of a possible Iranian reprisal.

Just on Tuesday, the US announced it was looking to put together a maritime “coalition” that would “ensure freedom of navigation both in the Straits of Hormuz and Bab al-Mandeb.” The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford said the US is in contact with “a number of countries” to see which ones “have the political will” to support the initiative.

Previously, Washington had accused Iran of being behind mysterious attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, as well as two other vessels in the Persian Gulf. Tehran denied the accusations, and even the countries whose ships were damaged were likewise not convinced.

But with the Pentagon’s announcement it will “build a global consensus” against Tehran and the calls for a maritime coalition, a pretext for eventual war with Iran could be just a matter of time.
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R. Kelly Arrested in Chicago on Federal Sex Trafficking Charges – Reports

R. Kelly Arrested in Chicago on Federal Sex Trafficking Charges – Reports
Singer R. Kelly has been arrested on federal sex-related charges in Chicago, according to US officials, and is expected to be brought to New York.

The 52-year-old Kelly (real name: Robert Sylvester Kelly) was arrested on Thursday night, said US attorney spokesman Joseph Fitzpatrick.

His indictment includes 13 counts revolving around child pornography, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice.

R. Kelly was already arrested in February on charges state sex-related charges in Illinois involving four women, three of whom were minors when the alleged abuse occurred. He pleaded not guilty to those charges and was released on bail.

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2011/3/20・3/21のSPM濃度最大値 千葉県


2011/3/20 _____ 2011/3/21
測定局名 最大値 _____ 測定局名 最大値
千城台北小学校 115 _____ 市川二俣 89
末広中学校 102 _____ 市川若宮(車) 81
柏永楽台 99 _____ 市原平野 79
袖ケ浦大曽根 90 _____ 松戸上本郷(車) 76
大宮小学校 88 _____ 習志野谷津 76
千草台小学校 87 _____ 都公園 73
富津小久保 82 _____ 野田桐ケ作 71
柏大津ケ丘 81 _____ 銚子唐子 70
真砂公園 77 _____ 富津小久保 70
宮野木 74 _____ 香取羽根川 69
君津人見 74 _____ 寒川小学校 68
宮野木自排 73 _____ 市川大野 68
山王小学校 72 _____ 市原岩崎西 68
銚子唐子 72 _____ 八千代米本 67
富津市富津 70 _____ 市川本八幡 66
寒川小学校 69 _____ 松戸根本 66
匝瑳椿 67 _____ 野田市野田 66
検見川自排 66 _____ 習志野鷺沼 66
成田大清水 66 _____ 鎌ケ谷初富(車) 66
福正寺 65 _____ 習志野東習志野 65
成田奈土 65 _____ 鎌ケ谷軽井沢 65
香取羽根川 65 _____ 市川市市川(車) 64
香取大倉 64 _____ 真砂自排 62
流山平和台 64 _____ 市川行徳駅前 61
袖ケ浦長浦 64 _____ 流山平和台 60
臨海ドライブイン 63 _____ 浦安美浜(車) 60
幕張西自排 63 _____ 習志野秋津(車) 59
富津下飯野 63 _____ 柏西原(車) 59
市川大野 62 _____ 我孫子湖北台 59
栄安食台 62 _____ 市川新田 58
横芝光横芝 62 _____ 松戸二ツ木 58
浦安猫実 61 _____ 流山若葉台(車) 58
泉谷小学校 60 _____ 四街道鹿渡 58
香取府馬 60 _____ 白井七次台 58
船橋豊富 59 _____ 浦安猫実 57
袖ケ浦福王台 59 _____ 印西高花 56
木更津畔戸 58 _____ 袖ケ浦坂戸市場 56
成田花崎(車) 58 _____ 千草自排 55
市原岩崎西 58 _____ 市川行徳(車) 55
野田桐ケ作 58 _____ 柏永楽台 55
袖ケ浦坂戸市場 58 _____ 富津岩坂 55
船橋日の出(車) 57 _____ 柏大津ケ丘 55
市原姉崎 57 _____ 成田奈土 55
袖ケ浦横田 57 _____ 香取府馬 55
桜木小学校 56 _____ 船橋日の出(車) 54
佐倉江原新田 56 _____ 佐倉江原新田 54
市原潤井戸 56 _____ 山王小学校 53
市川若宮(車) 55 _____ 宮野木 53
木更津牛袋(車) 55 _____ 真砂公園 53
習志野秋津(車) 55 _____ 八千代高津 53
柏西原(車) 55 _____ 袖ケ浦大曽根 53
市原平野 54 _____ 明徳学園 52
流山若葉台(車) 54 _____ 香取大倉 52
我孫子湖北台 54 _____ 八千代村上(車) 52
千葉市役所自排 53 _____ 松ヶ丘小学校 51
市川二俣 53 _____ 君津人見 51
市川行徳駅前 53 _____ 栄安食台 51
木更津清見台 53 _____ 木更津牛袋(車) 50
習志野谷津 53 _____ 木更津畔戸 49
市原五井(車) 53 _____ 成田花崎(車) 49
八千代米本 53 _____ 大宮小学校 48
鎌ケ谷軽井沢 53 _____ 匝瑳椿 47
富津鶴岡 53 _____ 市原姉崎 47
四街道鹿渡 53 _____ 検見川自排 46
木更津真里谷 52 _____ 船橋高根台 46
松戸二ツ木 52 _____ 柏大室 46
野田市野田 52 _____ 佐倉山王(車) 45
習志野鷺沼 52 _____ 千草台小学校 44
鎌ケ谷初富(車) 52 _____ 千城台北小学校 44
印西高花 52 _____ 末広中学校 44
松戸上本郷(車) 51 _____ 八街市八街 44
芝山山田 51 _____ 花見川第一小学校 43
千草自排 50 _____ 千葉市役所自排 43
市原五井 50 _____ 宮野木自排 43
富津岩坂 50 _____ 幕張西自排 43
八街市八街 50 _____ 勝浦小羽戸 43
市原八幡 49 _____ 蘇我中学校 42
習志野東習志野 48 _____ 臨海ドライブイン 42
浦安美浜(車) 48 _____ 富津下飯野 42
白井七次台 48 _____ 蘇我保育所 41
松ヶ丘小学校 47 _____ 成田加良部 39
市川本八幡 47 _____ 富津鶴岡 39
木更津請西(車) 47 _____ 横芝光横芝 39
東金堀上 47 _____ 鋸南下佐久間 39
明徳学園 46 _____ 成田大清水 38
真砂自排 46 _____ 市原有秋 38
市川市市川(車) 46 _____ 富津市富津 38
一宮東浪見 46 _____ 検見川小学校 37
蘇我中学校 45 _____ 福正寺 37
館山亀ケ原 45 _____ 芝山山田 37
土気 44 _____ 袖ケ浦長浦 37
成田加良部 44 _____ 香取新島 36
市川行徳(車) 43 _____ 君津久保 36
勝浦小羽戸 43 _____ 館山亀ケ原 35
市原松崎 43 _____ 成田幡谷 35
八千代村上(車) 43 _____ 葭川自排 34
富津金谷 43 _____ 泉谷小学校 33
鋸南下佐久間 43 _____ 桜木小学校 33
都公園 42 _____ 土気 33
木更津中央 42 _____ 東金堀上 33
香取新島 42 _____ 市原五井 32
成田幡谷 42 _____ 船橋豊富 31
佐倉山王(車) 42 _____ 市原八幡 31
君津坂田 42 _____ 市原五井(車) 31
船橋高根台 41 _____ 富津金谷 31
君津久保 41 _____ 袖ケ浦横田 31
市原廿五里 40 _____ 木更津清見台 30
市原有秋 40 _____ 一宮東浪見 30
市原郡本 40 _____ 木更津畑沢 29
松戸根本 39 _____ 木更津請西(車) 29
花見川第一小学校 38 _____ 市原辰巳台 29
蘇我保育所 38 _____ 袖ケ浦福王台 29
茂原高師 38 _____ 木更津中央 28
市原辰巳台 37 _____ 市原廿五里 28
市原奉免 37 _____ 市原松崎 28
八千代高津 37 _____ 市原郡本 28
葭川自排 36 _____ 市原奉免 28
木更津畑沢 36 _____ 市原潤井戸 27
柏大室 36 _____ 君津坂田 26
検見川小学校 35 _____ 茂原高師 22
市川新田 35 _____ 木更津真里谷 21



3/20は、好天でした。関東の広い地域でこの日の午後、F1 3号機のMOX燃料を起源とする様々な放射性物質を吸入した人が多いと推定されます。









上のグラフでモリブデン99も3/15に検出されています。融点2,623 °C 燃料棒がほぼ溶けていたことを示します。
鉛の沸点は1,744度、銅2,570度、鉄2,750度、アルミニウム 2,470度、カドミウム765度。
テルル129m988度、セシウム 641度(668.4度とも)、ヨウ素184.3度


2017年07月21日 プルームが最も広く広がったのは 2011/3/20のようだ 

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