‘Bad reaction to a bad decision’: French FM upset with Iran’s uranium enrichment, fears war with US

‘Bad reaction to a bad decision’: French FM upset with Iran’s uranium enrichment, fears war with US
The US was wrong to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal, but Tehran’s response, to enrich uranium beyond the limits set in the accord, is a path to war, French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has said.

"The situation is serious. The rise of tensions could lead to accidents” between the US and Iran, Le Drian warned.

Tensions have only been mounting between the two countries since May, after Washington beefed up its military presence in the region. The fears of a war were in the air a number of times, including when US blamed Tehran for attacks on oil tankers and Iran shot down a US surveillance drone. Donald Trump said he’d even ordered airstrikes in retaliation, but had called them off at the last moment. The US’ closest ally, the UK, is also holding an Iranian super tanker now, over claims that it was delivering oil to Syria.

“The fact Iran has decided to pull back from some of its engagements on nuclear proliferation is an additional worry. It is a bad decision, a bad reaction to another bad decision, that of the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal,” Foreign Minister Le Drian lamented.


The French FM said that in either Washington or Tehran “no one wants war” but added that “there are elements of escalation that are worrisome.”

“Iran gains nothing from withdrawing from its engagement (with JCPOA). The US also gains nothing if Iran gets nuclear weapons, so it is important that de-escalation measures are taken to ease the tensions,” he suggested.

Le Drian’s words echoed the joint statement by the leaders of the UK, France and Germany, released on Sunday and also calling for dialogue.

London, Paris and Berlin said they were “extremely concerned” at the “risk that the JCPOA further unravels” due to US sanctions, Iran’s decision to enrich extra uranium and the continuing deterioration of the security situation in the Persian Gulf.

The European nations underlined their “continuing commitment” to the Iranian nuclear deal, saying that “the time has come to act responsibly and seek a path to stop the escalation of tensions and resume dialogue.”

Tehran previously accused EU countries of ditching their obligations under JCPOA in the face of US sanctions.
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または CMANで検索して このサイトの「JavaScriptで位置情報(GPS)取得」というページを出します。

ページの下のほうにある 「あなたの位置を取得」から始めます。













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‘Worse Than Chernobyl’ Security Scare at UK Nuclear Waste Plant

‘Worse Than Chernobyl’ Security Scare at UK Nuclear Waste Plant
The UK’s sprawling nuclear processing Sellafield plant in Cumbria has a powerful claim to fame, dubbed the “most hazardous industrial building in western Europe".

There have been 25 safety breaches reportedly logged at the huge Sellafield nuclear waste plant in the UK over the past two years, according to The Sun on Sunday.

The cited incidents include radiation ominously leaking from a water pipe, a nuclear waste container for some reason not welded completely shut, spilt uranium powder and a bust pipe found to be leaking acid, to name just a few.

Logs show a bomb squad was summoned in October 2017 after potentially unstable chemicals sparked a scare, while just a month later it was revealed that a worker had been exposed to a low level of radiation.

Earlier this year, when a high-voltage cable was sliced, causing a power loss, the Office for Nuclear Regulation was swift to hit Sellafield with an improvement notice.

The Cumbria compound has a 140 tonne plutonium stockpile and takes in radioactive waste from the UK’s working reactors.

As bosses insist nuclear safety is an “overriding priority”, the 6km long, razor-wired site has, nonetheless, been dubbed the most hazardous place in Europe.

Locals live in constant fear of a serious incident happening there, said Janine Smith, from the campaign group Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment.

“One safety breach is one too many. There just shouldn’t be any. Just one error could be catastrophic. The buildings at Sellafield are all so close together that if something was to happen at that site it would be a disaster. It could be worse than Chernobyl”, said Smith.

In response to the nuclear security scares, Sellafield Ltd said it is “never complacent about safety."

"None of the events recorded in the past two years have been above the lowest level of classification. In line with our commitment to openness and transparency, we investigate all incidents and report details on our website,” said a spokesman.

The Chernobyl disaster occurred on 26 April 1986 at the No. 4 nuclear reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian SSR. The meltdown generated a blast equivalent to the detonation of 500 nuclear bombs when a reactor exploded and burned.

It is one of just two nuclear energy disasters rated at the maximum severity level of 7, with the other being the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan.
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Trump Ditched Iran Deal to Irk Obama in ‘Act of Diplomatic Vandalism’ Claims UK Envoy in Leaked Memo

Trump Ditched Iran Deal to Irk Obama in ‘Act of Diplomatic Vandalism’ Claims UK Envoy in Leaked Memo
On 12 July UK Metropolitan Police opened a probe into the leak of excerpts from confidential cables that UK Ambassador Kim Darroch had sent to London in which he described the White House as "uniquely dysfunctional" and described US President Donald Trump as “inept, insecure and incompetent.”

Britain's ambassador to Washington Sir Kim Durroch believed US President Donald Trump pulled out of the landmark Iran nuclear deal for "personality reasons", because it was associated with his predecessor in the Oval Office, newly-leaked memos seen Saturday night by the Mail On Sunday claim.

"The administration is set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism, seemingly for ideological and personality reasons - it was Obama's deal," ambassador Darroch wrote in a diplomatic cable in May 2018.

According to the top secret "diptel" - or diplomatic telegram, the UK envoy had suggested to Downing Street that the US President wanted to ditch the deal because it had been brokered by his predecessor Barrack Obama.

The newly-leaked Iran memo was sent by the envoy in May 2018, after Boris Johnson (who was then Foreign Secretary) had been sent to meet up with President Donald Trump in a bid to dissuade him against pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, writes MailOnline.

In a cable sent afterwards, UK Ambassador Darroch claimed the US President’s team was split over its decision on the deal, blasted the White House for lacking a long-term strategy.

According to the leaked cable, Sir Kim told Boris Johnson:

"The outcome illustrated the paradox of this White House”. "You got exceptional access, seeing everyone short of the president; but on the substance, the administration is set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism, seemingly for ideological and personality reasons - it was Obama's deal.”

The envoy also suggested the White House lacked a “day-after” strategy on what the next steps should be after withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as the deal was called.

The cable was part of a second batch of leaked memos published by the Mail on Sunday, the first of which led to the resignation of Darroch on 10 July.

A first batch of bombshell leaked memos by the UK envoy last weekend caused major turmoil between the UK and US.

In the cables, which were first published by the Mail on Sunday newspaper on 7 June, Sir Kim Darroch had described the US President as "inept", "insecure", and "incompetent" in messages sent to London, adding that Trump was "uniquely dysfunctional and his career could end in disgrace".

This prompted Donald Trump to burst out in a spate of tweets, branding the ambassador a "pompous fool" whom he would no longer deal with. He also put all the blame for the mess caused by the leak on outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May.

​"The good news for the wonderful United Kingdom is that they will soon have a new Prime Minister", he tweeted on Monday.

The UK ambassador resigned on Wednesday, saying it was "impossible" to do his job.

As the UK government launched an investigation into the leaks, police are also looking into a potential breach of the Official Secrets Act; local media reported Sunday that the suspect has been identified, yet not named by UK police.

Back in 2015, the US, China, Britain, France, Russia and Germany signed a deal with Iran to limit its nuclear programme in exchange for a partial removal of international economic sanctions, with then-US president Barrack Obama helping broker the arrangement between Tehran and the West.

Donald Trump had long been critical of the deal, claiming it had stopped short of curbing Iran's ballistic missile programme, and pulled the US out of it on 8 May 2018.

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「山形三区」の数値についてですが、これは多分新潟の原発が中越地震の時にかなり損壊したことが関係しているのではないでしょうか? 隠蔽しまくった結果それほど重大事案にもなりませんでしたが、当時の新潟県知事が福一事故後に東電に対してずいぶん強硬な立場をとっていましたよね。(潰されましたけど・・・)




中越地震は 2004年10月23日

中越沖地震が 2007年7月16日 月曜日 10時13分23秒







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フランスの農村で子供の先天的奇形が出ているようだ 次は日本だろう


Parents of French babies born with deformities angry after official probe yields no answers
A much-delayed government report failed to identify the cause in a spate of arm malformations across France, and despite calls for a more in-depth study, scientists say a definitive explanation may never be found.

Commissioned last year, the 265-page report examined 18 cases of congenital deformities since 2007 in four different regions across the country, studying whether they were linked by a common cause, such as environmental pollution, toxic drug exposure, or genetic damage.

“Scientific studies screening, questionnaires and local environment testing have been conducted by Sante Publique France which has not identified an obvious cause,” the public health body, which had been asked repeatedly about the case by RT, said in its summary.

The commission did admit that there is a “cluster” of cases in the commune of Guidel in the north-western department of Morbihan, where three babies missing arms were born in 22 months. But for the region of Ain in the east of the country, where eight such babies were born between 2009 and 2014, researchers said there was no statistical anomaly or telling pattern.
Pesticides blamed

But parents and activists who were present during the unveiling of the report were not satisfied, with some saying that only a superficial study was conducted, that some cases were excluded due to arbitrary cut-off points, and that the criteria for why some cases were dismissed as statistical noise were never explained.

“Exactly the same deformity, it never happened in the history of deformities,” she said following the report presentation. “The probability that it is linked to chance is more than infinitesimal. We are facing a possible health scandal.”

It is notable that the investigation said all the pregnancies occurred in the vicinity of growing cereal crops.

“We need to bring together specialists to define what kind of studies we need for this type of reporting, but the answer so far is to say: ‘We do not want to know what kind of studies because we do not want to study,’” Amar said. “And that is irresponsible.”
Needle in a haystack

Field tests are poised to continue, with another report expected at the end of the year.
But there are reasons for believing that even with the best of intentions and sufficient resources, answers may be hard to come by.

One of the problems is the sheer rarity of such malformations. They occur on average in 1.7 cases each 10,000 births, and while several more cases look drastic, they could still just be a relatively random blip. Additionally, with so few cases, it gives doctors fewer children to examine among whom shared explanations could be located.

With many of the children now several years old, the evidence for whatever may have affected their mothers during pregnancy may also be long gone, particularly as the researchers don’t actually know what exactly they are looking for.

In addition to that, only 20 percent of France’s population is covered by registries that record deformities, meaning that even the true scale of the problem, or if it even exists, is impossible to ascertain without overhauling the medical records system, and collecting new data from millions.

Isabelle Taymans-Grassin, mother of another child born in Morbihan without a hand, says that while they are not giving up their fight, they despair at the chances of ever proving a certain link or punishing a culprit.

“Accountability will be impossible to find,” she said.

Phantom investigation? France delays report on mystery cases of babies born without arms
France's public health agency has postponed the release of a report on an investigation into the abnormal numbers of babies being born without arms in rural regions − a medical mystery which has baffled experts.

Three infants were born with no arms between June and November 2016 within a 30km radius of Vitrolles in the Bouches-du-Rhône region. That followed another cluster of cases near the area of Ain, where eight babies were born with the defect within a 17km radius. Similar cases have also been observed in other regions of rural France.

A nationwide investigation into the phenomenon began last October and the government had promised an update by January 31, but that date was suddenly pushed back − and the parents of affected children are becoming impatient and suspicious.

In an open letter to public health officials, a group of parents expressed doubts about the ongoing investigation and said their questions have “never had clear answers.” They accused the government of focusing on explanations which have already been dismissed by another public health body which researches cases of malformation.

Santé Publique France, the national health agency, previously conducted an investigation before the latest spate of cases − but that investigation concluded that there had not been an excessive level of incidents in Ain and that no further investigation was needed. Other experts, however, said the number of cases in Ain was 58 times the normal statistical amount.

Remera, the health body which looks into instances of malformation, carried out its own investigation in 2018. As part of it, mothers were interviewed with a “very extensive questionnaire” about their lifestyles to see if there were any similarities between their pregnancies. This led doctors to dismiss genetics, drugs, and alcohol as potential causes for the missing limbs.

Emmanuelle Amar, the director of Remera in the south east of France concluded that the “only thing they have in common is that they all live in a very rural area.” Remera therefore dismissed the likelihood of the malformations as being down to chance − as the government agency previously suggested − as “more than infinitesimal.”

Remera believes that harmful pesticides in wide use in rural areas of France are the most likely culprit. The mystery remains unsolved, but the possible link to agriculture is given weight by the fact that around the same time the cases were observed in Ain, several calves and chickens were born with missing limbs in the area. Amar told RT that authorities didn't want to listen to Remera's concerns, however.

Aurelie Bingler, the mother of one girl born without her hand, also spoke to RT. “I want to know why she was born like that, because mothers blame themselves. We think it may come from us or that we did something wrong,” she said. Bingler believes, too, that there is probably a link to farming.

We are surrounded by agriculture, fields, so we naturally wonder about the use of pesticides. Why doesn't it happen to people who live in the city? There must be a link to agriculture.

Former French environment minister Corinna Lepage told RT there was probably a “fear of discovering that the causes could endanger a number of economic interests.”

Pesticides? Genetics? France launches probe after more birth defects cases revealed

EU approval of glyphosate weed killer was based on ‘plagiarized’ Monsanto studies, report finds
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Paper: Riyadh, Abu Dhabi on Threshold of Confrontation with Turkey in Syria

Paper: Riyadh, Abu Dhabi on Threshold of Confrontation with Turkey in Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syria might soon be the scene of new rivalries between Turkey and a coalition of Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Kurdish separatists after a recent meeting between the Saudi and UAE officials and the anti-Ankara Kurdish militia and accelerated dispatch of military equipment by Turkey to its occupied territories in Syria, a leading Arab newspaper wrote on Saturday.

The Arabic-language al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper reported that a high-ranking delegation of Saudi and UAE officials had recently held a series of crucial meetings with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) commanders who oppose Turkey.

It added that Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have also promised increased financial aid to the Kurdish-majority SDF during the meetings.

Meantime, Turkey has invited a number of leaders and commanders of affiliated militant groups, including the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Syria's National Army to Ankara to hold a meeting.

It has also sent a large amount of weapons and military equipment to the terrorist groups in al-Bab and Jarabulus in Syria's Aleppo province in the Western parts of the Euphrates river to increase their preparedness and has held a series of meetings with the tribal leaders in Syria to organize a front against the Kurdish militias.

Al-Quds al-Arabi said given the recent events and incidents, a confrontation between the Saudi- and UAE-backed Kurdish militias and Turkey-backed militants is now highly possible, an event that marks the start of a completely new proxy war in Syria.

In a relevant development earlier this week, media reports said that Saudi Arabia had offered Hefty Cash to tribal leaders in Eastern Syria to support the US-backed militants in order to threaten Turkey.

The Arabic-language Al-Watan newspaper quoted special sources in Eastern Syria as saying that Saudi Minister for Persian Gulf Affairs Thamer al-Sabhan in his meeting with Syrian tribal leaders asked for helping Kurdish fighters.

Several US officials were accompanying al-Sahban during his meeting with tribal leaders of Eastern Syria, it added.

They have offered to give a hefty sum of $50 million to them indirectly through local councils and also direct financial aid, the paper further said.

Al-Watan newspaper noted that the efforts by Saudi Arabia are in line with support for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the presence of al-Sahban in the region is in line with Riyadh's confrontation with Turkey on the issue of Kurds.

The daily noted that Turkey-Saudi Arabia relations are currently very strained.

Al-Watan also quoted special sources as saying that Saudi Arabia threatens Turkey and tries to include itself in the Syrian power balance through the Kurds, specially the SDF.

Meantime, Secretary General of Popular Party Sheikh Navaf Tarad al-Molhem, who is a tribal leader of al-Hasaneh tribe pointed to al-Sahban's cash offer to tribal leaders of Eastern Syria, and said that Eastern Syria tribal leaders will confront any effort by Saudi Arabia, the US and Turkey to disintegrate Syria.

In a relevant development last week, the tribal leaders in Deir Ezzur voiced strong opposition to the Saudi plots to support the SDF's separatist measures in the Eastern parts of the province.

Al-Watan newspaper reported that al-Jamel tribe in Eastern Deir Ezzur had issued a statement to emphasize its opposition to the appointment of SDF-affiliated Ahmed al-Khabil as the Sheikh of al-Bakir tribes in Eastern Deir Ezzur and the head of Syria's military democratic council.

Al-Jamel tribe has referred in the statement to the terrorist acts by the SDF in Eastern Euphrates region, and said that it does not recognize al-Khabil who has been appointed with the support of al-Sabhan and the terrorist militias as the Emir of al-Bakir Sheikhs.

Other Syrian tribes had also earlier stressed their opposition to al-Khabil's appointment.

Meantime, the Arabic-language al-Baladi news website affiliated to the militants reported that one of the leaders of Syria's Arab tribes namely Obaid Khalaf al-Hissan was assassinated in the town of al-Ali Bajeliyeh in Tal Abyadh region in Northern Raqqa after stopping cooperation with the Kurdish forces in Eastern Euphrates.

It added that the SDF commanders had earlier attempted to return him.

Relevant reports also said in June that the Syrian tribes in Deir Ezzur province had stood against a Saudi-US plot to support the Kurds to decompose Eastern Euphrates from Syria.

The Arabic-language al-Ahd news website quoted the leader of al-Moshahedah in al-Jazeerah region in Eastern Euphrates Sheikh Heidar al-Hamadi as saying that all Syrian tribes, except a little number of them, had opposed the recent meeting by al-Sahban to Kurdish-occupied regions to study plots to separate Eastern Syria from the country's territory.

He underlined al-Sahban's attempts to coax the tribes in Eastern Syria into implementation of separatist plots, and said most of them want Damascus to retake control of the region.

Meantime, al-Watan newspaper reported that a Swedish delegation, including the country's representative for Syria affairs, the Swedish foreign ministry official for Syria affairs and the official for the agency on international aid, have entered the Kurdish-occupied regions in Eastern Syria and held meetings with a number of commanders in line with the western states' accelerated attempts to interfere in Syria's internal affairs and assist the SDF in their separatist dreams.

Mohammad al-Akam, a senior Syrian legislator, said that a tripartite coalition has been formed among Saudi Arabia, the Kurdish forces and Israel under the US supervision which pursues pressures on Damascus after gaining victory over terrorist groups, by separating the Northeastern parts of the country.

Head of the politburo of Turkey-backed Lawa al-Mo'etasam-Free Syrian Army terrorists Mostafa Sejari wrote on his twitter page on Monday that Riyadh had stopped financial support for the terrorist groups in Northern Syria in line with a fresh scheme to help Kurds cut off Eastern Syria from the mainland after a Saudi-US delegation met in Deir Ezzur.

He added that Saudi Arabia had decided to cut financial support for the regions occupied by the terrorist groups in Northern Syria.

He added that the measure was adopted after Riyadh started support for the separatist Kurdish groups in Northeastern Syria following a visit by al-Sahban to Kurdish-occupied regions.

Sejari underlined that Saudi Arabia wants to pressure Turkey, warning, "All of us will be harmed by this measure."

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Obama State Dept. Hid Clinton Emails, Allowed Her to Illegally Delete 33k Messages - Testimony

Obama State Dept. Hid Clinton Emails, Allowed Her to Illegally Delete 33k Messages - Testimony
Hillary Clinton's move to use a private email server during her tenure as President Obama's secretary of state, and then to delete these emails, has led to legal questions about why she chose not to use a traditional 'state.gov' email system, as well as allegations of pay-to-play politics involving political favours in exchange for cash.

John Hackett, the former director of Information Programs & Services, a document management entity handling State Department records, has accused former secretary State Hillary Clinton's staff of "culling out" some 30,000 of her 'personal' emails without following National Archives procedure, Judicial Watch has reported, citing Hackett's recent testimony as part of a Judicial Watch case against the US State Department.

A transcript of Hackett's deposition under oath showed that he had requested information about how the secretary of state's team had removed 30,000 emails from the 50,000-60,000 total emails on record.

"We wanted to know what criteria they used. The standard from the National Archives is very strict. If there...were mixed records, that would be considered a federal record. If it was [a] mixed record and mentioned a discussion, that would be - under the narrow National Archives rules, it would be considered a federal record," Hackett said.

The official said he raised his concerns about the need to follow archive standards with Patrick Kennedy, undersecretary of state for management under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, as well as Richard Visek from the State Department's office of the legal adviser. According to Hackett, Kennedy promised to ask for the guidelines, but never got back to him.

Hackett also said that he felt there may have been "inappropriate" interference by government officials related to the release of 296 emails about the 2012 Benghazi attack which were made available to Congress during her testimony in 2014.

Hackett served at Information Programs and Services between April 2013 and March 2016. Among its other duties, the agency is tasked with handling Freedom of Information Act requests, as well as archiving, retiring and declassifying State Department documents. In 2015, Hillary Clinton confirmed that she and her staff had deleted over 30,000 emails of a "personal and private" nature. The FBI later managed to recover over 17,000 of the emails and found that many were work-related.

The Clinton email saga, also known as 'emailgate', has followed Clinton for many years. In 2017, materials handed over to Judicial Watch by the State Department revealed examples of what appeared to be 'pay-to-play' politicis, in which Clinton would receive generous donations to the Clinton Foundation from private and state donors in exchange for government appointments, policy positions, and government contracts.
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原因不明の疾患の多くは被ばく症状 医師にそこまで言わせるのは無理かも


世の中には、 放射性物質のことなど全く考慮せずに暮らしておられる方もまだまだおられるようです。










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まず海上自衛官の出番、そして・・・ 自民・公明の政権下ではそれが必然

IWJ_AreaCh2 @IWJ_AreaCh2の19:04 - 2019年7月12日のツイート
【再配信】1.米国から有志連合の打診があった!参院選後に対イラン戦争の準備!? 偏愛するイスラエルのためにイランを敵視する米国に、日本はなぜ追随するのか!? キリスト教国家米国がシオニズムに熱狂する謎とは!?『ジェンタイル・シオニズム』著者・役重善洋氏インタビュー第4弾!前編 @iwakamiyasumi



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Expert: Iraq Reserving Right to Receive $25 Trillion in Compensation From US

Expert: Iraq Reserving Right to Receive $25 Trillion in Compensation From US
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraq reserves the right to bring the US to justice and receive a compensation of $25 trillion from Washington due to undermining Iraq’s territorial integrity and the crimes committed by the American forces in the country, an expert said.

“Due to numerous crimes committed by the US troops in Iraq and relevant losses incurred on the Arab nation, Baghdad reserves the right to call for a trial of the American side and to demand $25 trillion in reparation,” Ali al-Tamimi told the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news agency on Thursday.

He underlined that the US forces have lost their immunity in Iraq in 2011 and in the same year it has been agreed that the US troops should pull out of Iraq. The 2008 agreement with the US pertained to economy, culture and other fields, but never gave them any immunity.

Al-Tamimi noted that Iraq can file a lawsuit against the US at the United Nations (UN) for undermining Iraq’s sovereignty and Speicher massacre, and said that Iraq has the authority to ask the US Embassy in Baghdad to ask for handing over the US soldiers who have committed the Speicher crime to Iraq’s judiciary.

On June 12, 2014, ISIL terrorists killed around 1,700 Iraqi air force cadets after kidnapping them from Camp Speicher, a former US base. There were reportedly around 4,000 unarmed cadets in the camp when it came under attack by ISIL militants.

Following the abductions, the attackers took the victims to the complex of presidential palaces and killed them. The terrorists also threw some of the bodies into a river.

Camp Speicher massacre
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Not an accident: US scientist Suzanne Eaton was asphyxiated & dumped into old Nazi bunker in Crete

Not an accident: US scientist Suzanne Eaton was asphyxiated & dumped into old Nazi bunker in Crete
The mysterious death of American microbiologist Suzanne Eaton turned out not to be an accident – the scientist working for the Max Planck Institute was asphyxiated and her body was dumped into a Nazi occupation-era cave bunker.

The biologist disappeared on the island of Crete on July 2 while jogging. Eaton had been attending a conference at the Orthodox Academy in the northwest part of the island.

Her body was discovered several days later by two locals some 60 meters into a man-made cave that was used as a bunker by Nazi troops during World War II. Her relatives initially believed that her death was an accident due to a bad fall or heat exhaustion, according to a statement posted on a Facebook page set up by her family.

The ongoing investigation, however, suggests otherwise. The scientist definitely died as a result of a “criminal act,” state coroner Antonis Papadomanolakis told the AP on Wednesday. Eaton was actually asphyxiated by unknown assailants and sustained minor stab wounds, according to Greek police.

The body of the scientist was found face down - and under a ventilation shaft, reportedly covered by a large wooden pallet – in an apparent attempt to conceal the murder. The position of the body also suggests she was dumped into the bunker.

“There is an ongoing homicide investigation being led by the police in Crete which has taken comprehensive measures to ensure that the responsible party(ies) will be brought to justice,” Eaton’s employer, the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, based in Dresden, Germany, said in a statement.

Apart from being a prominent scientist, Eaton was also physically fit –she ran daily and even had a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Given that fact – and the tone of the institute’s statement – one cannot rule out that the police should be looking for several suspects. Still, there’s no word on any leads on the case from local police.

Eaton earned her PhD in microbiology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1988. She is survived by her husband, British microbiologist Tony Hyman, and their two children.

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イランが英国タンカーを拿捕しようとして失敗した? IRGCは否定 また米英の嘘


Iran Calls on UK to Immediately Release its Seized Supertanker – Reports
Earlier, the government of Britain’s overseas territory Gibraltar detained an Iranian tanker purportedly carrying oil to Syria and claimed that Tehran had violated international sanctions.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said that Iran is calling on Britain to release its oil tanker immediately.

"This is a dangerous game and has consequences ... the legal pretexts for the capture are not valid ... the release of the tanker is in all countries' interest ... Foreign powers should leave the region because Iran and other regional countries are capable of securing the regional security," Mousavi said.

The conflict between the two erupted after Gibraltar's government detained an Iranian tanker allegedly carrying oil to Syria.

London claims that it had been tipped off by the US that the oil was on its way to Syria, in violation of EU sanctions that have been imposed on the Arab state's government. Tehran denies the claims that the oil was destined for Syria and slammed the seizure of the ship.

このタンカーはどこに向かっていた? マグレブ諸国?

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards deny trying to stop UK tanker in Persian Gulf
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have denied reports that their patrol boats tried to stop a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf.

There were “no encounters” between the Iranian warships and foreign vessels at the time when the incident is alleged to have taken place, the IRGC’s naval unit said in a statement on Thursday, cited by Fars News.

The IRGC also reiterated that they are prepared to “act swiftly and decisively” should they receive an order to capture any foreign ship.

London said three Iranian patrol boats attempted to stop its oil tanker, ‘British Heritage,’ as it was sailing through the Strait of Hormuz to the Persian Gulf. According to the British government statement, the Iranian vessels were forced to back away after receiving a warning from the Royal Navy frigate, HMS ‘Monrose,’ which was escorting another tanker in the area.

Tensions between Tehran and London escalated last week when the Royal Marines and Gibraltar’s police seized a Panama-flagged and Singapore-owned supertanker near the Strait of Gibraltar. The ship was suspected of transporting oil to Syria in violation of the EU sanctions on Damascus.

According to the US, the captured tanker was carrying Iranian oil. Tehran had acknowledged its ties to the ship but denied that it was traveling to Syria. Iranian officials blasted the seizure of the tanker as “piracy” and demanded that it be released.

Major General Mohsen Rezaee of the IRGC, who leads the influential Expediency Discernment Council, had suggested that Tehran should seize a British oil tanker if London refuses to return the ship captured off Gibraltar.

On Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned London that its actions against the tanker would have “consequences in the future.”

Iran accused of botched UK tanker raid… just DAY after US call to arms against Tehran

Five armed Iranian military boats have allegedly approached a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf requesting the vessel to change course , but were scared off by a UK warship, US defense officials claimed.

The incident reportedly happened on Wednesday when the tanker British Heritage was sailing through the narrow Strait of Hormuz, anonymous government officials told CNN and Reuters. The boats, apparently belonging to Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, allegedly requested the British vessel to change course and enter Iranian territorial waters.

However, after a ‘verbal’ warning from a Royal Navy frigate, the boats backed away and let the tanker pass. The UK Ministry of Defense has yet to comment on the reports that claimed the entire incident was filmed by US aircraft.

The report named the warship as HMS Montrose, a British frigate last seen escorting the tanker Pacific Voyager to the UAE port of Fujairah on Monday.

The BP-operated Heritage was bound for Basra in Iraq, but made an abrupt U-turn in the Persian Gulf on July 6, after Royal Marines had seized a Panamanian-flagged tanker carrying Iranian oil off Gibraltar. The British tanker was last reported sheltering in Saudi waters out of fear of a possible Iranian reprisal.

Just on Tuesday, the US announced it was looking to put together a maritime “coalition” that would “ensure freedom of navigation both in the Straits of Hormuz and Bab al-Mandeb.” The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford said the US is in contact with “a number of countries” to see which ones “have the political will” to support the initiative.

Previously, Washington had accused Iran of being behind mysterious attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, as well as two other vessels in the Persian Gulf. Tehran denied the accusations, and even the countries whose ships were damaged were likewise not convinced.

But with the Pentagon’s announcement it will “build a global consensus” against Tehran and the calls for a maritime coalition, a pretext for eventual war with Iran could be just a matter of time.
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R. Kelly Arrested in Chicago on Federal Sex Trafficking Charges – Reports

R. Kelly Arrested in Chicago on Federal Sex Trafficking Charges – Reports
Singer R. Kelly has been arrested on federal sex-related charges in Chicago, according to US officials, and is expected to be brought to New York.

The 52-year-old Kelly (real name: Robert Sylvester Kelly) was arrested on Thursday night, said US attorney spokesman Joseph Fitzpatrick.

His indictment includes 13 counts revolving around child pornography, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice.

R. Kelly was already arrested in February on charges state sex-related charges in Illinois involving four women, three of whom were minors when the alleged abuse occurred. He pleaded not guilty to those charges and was released on bail.

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2011/3/20・3/21のSPM濃度最大値 千葉県


2011/3/20 _____ 2011/3/21
測定局名 最大値 _____ 測定局名 最大値
千城台北小学校 115 _____ 市川二俣 89
末広中学校 102 _____ 市川若宮(車) 81
柏永楽台 99 _____ 市原平野 79
袖ケ浦大曽根 90 _____ 松戸上本郷(車) 76
大宮小学校 88 _____ 習志野谷津 76
千草台小学校 87 _____ 都公園 73
富津小久保 82 _____ 野田桐ケ作 71
柏大津ケ丘 81 _____ 銚子唐子 70
真砂公園 77 _____ 富津小久保 70
宮野木 74 _____ 香取羽根川 69
君津人見 74 _____ 寒川小学校 68
宮野木自排 73 _____ 市川大野 68
山王小学校 72 _____ 市原岩崎西 68
銚子唐子 72 _____ 八千代米本 67
富津市富津 70 _____ 市川本八幡 66
寒川小学校 69 _____ 松戸根本 66
匝瑳椿 67 _____ 野田市野田 66
検見川自排 66 _____ 習志野鷺沼 66
成田大清水 66 _____ 鎌ケ谷初富(車) 66
福正寺 65 _____ 習志野東習志野 65
成田奈土 65 _____ 鎌ケ谷軽井沢 65
香取羽根川 65 _____ 市川市市川(車) 64
香取大倉 64 _____ 真砂自排 62
流山平和台 64 _____ 市川行徳駅前 61
袖ケ浦長浦 64 _____ 流山平和台 60
臨海ドライブイン 63 _____ 浦安美浜(車) 60
幕張西自排 63 _____ 習志野秋津(車) 59
富津下飯野 63 _____ 柏西原(車) 59
市川大野 62 _____ 我孫子湖北台 59
栄安食台 62 _____ 市川新田 58
横芝光横芝 62 _____ 松戸二ツ木 58
浦安猫実 61 _____ 流山若葉台(車) 58
泉谷小学校 60 _____ 四街道鹿渡 58
香取府馬 60 _____ 白井七次台 58
船橋豊富 59 _____ 浦安猫実 57
袖ケ浦福王台 59 _____ 印西高花 56
木更津畔戸 58 _____ 袖ケ浦坂戸市場 56
成田花崎(車) 58 _____ 千草自排 55
市原岩崎西 58 _____ 市川行徳(車) 55
野田桐ケ作 58 _____ 柏永楽台 55
袖ケ浦坂戸市場 58 _____ 富津岩坂 55
船橋日の出(車) 57 _____ 柏大津ケ丘 55
市原姉崎 57 _____ 成田奈土 55
袖ケ浦横田 57 _____ 香取府馬 55
桜木小学校 56 _____ 船橋日の出(車) 54
佐倉江原新田 56 _____ 佐倉江原新田 54
市原潤井戸 56 _____ 山王小学校 53
市川若宮(車) 55 _____ 宮野木 53
木更津牛袋(車) 55 _____ 真砂公園 53
習志野秋津(車) 55 _____ 八千代高津 53
柏西原(車) 55 _____ 袖ケ浦大曽根 53
市原平野 54 _____ 明徳学園 52
流山若葉台(車) 54 _____ 香取大倉 52
我孫子湖北台 54 _____ 八千代村上(車) 52
千葉市役所自排 53 _____ 松ヶ丘小学校 51
市川二俣 53 _____ 君津人見 51
市川行徳駅前 53 _____ 栄安食台 51
木更津清見台 53 _____ 木更津牛袋(車) 50
習志野谷津 53 _____ 木更津畔戸 49
市原五井(車) 53 _____ 成田花崎(車) 49
八千代米本 53 _____ 大宮小学校 48
鎌ケ谷軽井沢 53 _____ 匝瑳椿 47
富津鶴岡 53 _____ 市原姉崎 47
四街道鹿渡 53 _____ 検見川自排 46
木更津真里谷 52 _____ 船橋高根台 46
松戸二ツ木 52 _____ 柏大室 46
野田市野田 52 _____ 佐倉山王(車) 45
習志野鷺沼 52 _____ 千草台小学校 44
鎌ケ谷初富(車) 52 _____ 千城台北小学校 44
印西高花 52 _____ 末広中学校 44
松戸上本郷(車) 51 _____ 八街市八街 44
芝山山田 51 _____ 花見川第一小学校 43
千草自排 50 _____ 千葉市役所自排 43
市原五井 50 _____ 宮野木自排 43
富津岩坂 50 _____ 幕張西自排 43
八街市八街 50 _____ 勝浦小羽戸 43
市原八幡 49 _____ 蘇我中学校 42
習志野東習志野 48 _____ 臨海ドライブイン 42
浦安美浜(車) 48 _____ 富津下飯野 42
白井七次台 48 _____ 蘇我保育所 41
松ヶ丘小学校 47 _____ 成田加良部 39
市川本八幡 47 _____ 富津鶴岡 39
木更津請西(車) 47 _____ 横芝光横芝 39
東金堀上 47 _____ 鋸南下佐久間 39
明徳学園 46 _____ 成田大清水 38
真砂自排 46 _____ 市原有秋 38
市川市市川(車) 46 _____ 富津市富津 38
一宮東浪見 46 _____ 検見川小学校 37
蘇我中学校 45 _____ 福正寺 37
館山亀ケ原 45 _____ 芝山山田 37
土気 44 _____ 袖ケ浦長浦 37
成田加良部 44 _____ 香取新島 36
市川行徳(車) 43 _____ 君津久保 36
勝浦小羽戸 43 _____ 館山亀ケ原 35
市原松崎 43 _____ 成田幡谷 35
八千代村上(車) 43 _____ 葭川自排 34
富津金谷 43 _____ 泉谷小学校 33
鋸南下佐久間 43 _____ 桜木小学校 33
都公園 42 _____ 土気 33
木更津中央 42 _____ 東金堀上 33
香取新島 42 _____ 市原五井 32
成田幡谷 42 _____ 船橋豊富 31
佐倉山王(車) 42 _____ 市原八幡 31
君津坂田 42 _____ 市原五井(車) 31
船橋高根台 41 _____ 富津金谷 31
君津久保 41 _____ 袖ケ浦横田 31
市原廿五里 40 _____ 木更津清見台 30
市原有秋 40 _____ 一宮東浪見 30
市原郡本 40 _____ 木更津畑沢 29
松戸根本 39 _____ 木更津請西(車) 29
花見川第一小学校 38 _____ 市原辰巳台 29
蘇我保育所 38 _____ 袖ケ浦福王台 29
茂原高師 38 _____ 木更津中央 28
市原辰巳台 37 _____ 市原廿五里 28
市原奉免 37 _____ 市原松崎 28
八千代高津 37 _____ 市原郡本 28
葭川自排 36 _____ 市原奉免 28
木更津畑沢 36 _____ 市原潤井戸 27
柏大室 36 _____ 君津坂田 26
検見川小学校 35 _____ 茂原高師 22
市川新田 35 _____ 木更津真里谷 21



3/20は、好天でした。関東の広い地域でこの日の午後、F1 3号機のMOX燃料を起源とする様々な放射性物質を吸入した人が多いと推定されます。









上のグラフでモリブデン99も3/15に検出されています。融点2,623 °C 燃料棒がほぼ溶けていたことを示します。
鉛の沸点は1,744度、銅2,570度、鉄2,750度、アルミニウム 2,470度、カドミウム765度。
テルル129m988度、セシウム 641度(668.4度とも)、ヨウ素184.3度


2017年07月21日 プルームが最も広く広がったのは 2011/3/20のようだ 

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フィナンシャルタイムスのプーチンインタビュー 報道ぶり


 Transcript: ‘All this fuss about spies ... it is not worth serious interstate relations’
 May lambasts Russia’s ‘despicable’ behaviour at Putin meeting
 Vladimir Putin says liberalism has ‘become obsolete’
 Vladimir Putin: liberalism has ‘outlived its purpose'

 No, Mr Putin, western liberalism is not obsolete
   「the editional board」…社説、でしょうか?
   大統領が指摘した、圧倒的多数とエリートが分断されているのが欧米の問題という点には触れず、リベラリズムは時代遅れじゃない! ポピュリズムやナショナリズムとまだ戦わなきゃいけないんだ!と言っているようです。いや、その考え方をプーチンさんは問題だと言ってるんだよ、と誰か教えてあげてください…。

 Putin's heartfelt rejection of 'liberal elites'(音声のみ)
   これは、「the editional board」の反動??

 Vladimir Putin: the Full Interview(動画)

 [FT]プーチン氏単独会見 「自由主義はもう古い」





7/10 Financial Times 電子版記事
Martin Wolf: why Vladimir Putin is wrong to claim liberalism is dead
Western liberal democracies are the most successful societies in history - but many are still a work in progress
〜西側のリベラル・デモクラシー(自由民主主義)は、歴史上最も成功した社会形態である ーただし、多くはまだ発展途上である

マーチン・ウルフ氏は、FT紙のchief economics commentator の方とのことです。

@プーチン大統領がどういう意味のロシア語を使ったのかは分からないが、少なくとも英訳では「obsolete(陳腐な、時代遅れの)」という単語が現在完了形で使われており(「時代遅れになってしまっている」)、「dead(死んでいる)」とは言っていない。別の箇所で、「the so-called liberal idea, which has outlived its purpose(いわゆるリベラルな思想、目的を失って生き長らえているところの)」という表現はあるので、それの意訳かも知れない。いずれにせよ、「dead」ではない。


FT紙のインタビュアーが、「最初の話に戻りますが、現在の世界の『分断』について、総合的にどうお考えですか? 現代社会においては、エリートやエスタブリッシュメント(規制権力)への大衆の反発、ブレグジット、トランプのアメリカ、ドイツ、トルコ、アラブ世界、至る所に分断があります。ロシア自体も(特にソ連邦崩壊以降)、分断の問題に直面していますよね・・・」のようなことを質問します。




更に言えば、6/28の日経新聞記事「プーチン氏単独会見 『自由主義はもう古い』(https://r.nikkei.com/article/DGXMZO46695310Y9A620C1I00000?s=3)」のリード文には、「ロシアのプーチン大統領は、欧米で国家主義的なポピュリズム(大衆迎合主義)が勢力を伸ばしていることを強調し、自由主義はもはやイデオロギーとしての力を失ったと勝ち誇った。」なんて書かれています。




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Mさん(女性:仮名/震災当時49歳)(帰還困難区域):Mさん 集英社新書プラス 2019.5.23 一週間 ――原発避難の記録 第3回
平良克人氏:平良克人氏 集英社新書プラス 2019.2.27 一週間 ――原発避難の記録 第2回
熊川多恵子さん:熊川多恵子さん 集英社新書プラス 2018.11.2 一週間 ――原発避難の記録 第1回
渡辺光明利恵子さん夫妻:角田山妙光寺 掌を合わせ、心安らぐ場所を求めて

佐藤慎司さん(仮名):福島 フクシマ FUKUSHIMAの「原発事故 そのとき病院が直面した現実――ある医療従事者の体験」
双葉病院とドーヴィル双葉:ずばり一言 福島第1原発 苦渋の90人放置 南西4キロの双葉病院
2016年10月02日 福島第一原発事故直後の住民の被爆
2014年07月28日 今日の放射能備忘録 70
2013年07月11日 井出川河口の高線量物質
大間原発止める道 2011年11月12日の双葉町に白い雪が降った
中間貯蔵施設になる私の故郷 さよならをするために。


福島第一原発事故時 近傍市町の避難はこんなふうに進められた





1 至近距離に住んでいても原発から放射性物質が流れてくるなどということは多くの人が意識していなかった。(意識していれば住めませんね)

2 県庁は、住民の避難に関して完全に、徹底して消極的でした。


3 市町村も被爆回避については積極的だったとは見えません。情報の提供と周知に手落ちが見られます。もともとはF1の事業主体が事態のプレイダウンを図り、情報を出さなかった、監督当局も情報開示を怠ったことによるものです。

4 避難先については、市町村の体育館やスポーツ施設が充てられています。寒い時期は凍えるでしょう。しかも、自ら施設を巡って収容してもらえるかを確かめなければなりません。

5 2011/3/11の地震の後、関東でもガソリンスタンドが機械故障やタンクローリーの配送困難でガソリン不足が生じました。災害が起きたら、まずガソリンです。

6 原発災害では、先手必勝。原発に近い人ほどすぐに逃げないと道路が渋滞し、避難先も埋まってしまいます。避難が一番早かったのは双葉町に住むF1事業主体の社員と家族のようです。2011/3/11の1号機炉心溶融開始後2時間で姿が見えなくなったそうです。住民は2011/3/12の5時過ぎにバスで、あるいはそれと前後して自家用車で避難しています。

7 しかし、バスや自家用車で避難できるのはプルームの襲来まで十分な時間的余裕がある場合です。状況がわからないときはむやみに屋外に飛び出してはなりません。2011/3/15の昼前に政府は20〜30km圏に屋内退避要請を行っています。このときF1周辺の線量率は大きく上昇し、関東には強力なプルームが襲来していました。

8 すでに線量率が上昇したら屋内退避しかありません。車両の放射線遮蔽効果は極めて弱く、また気密性がありません。建物の中に入り気密性保持のための対策を講じます。

9 福島第一原発事故の例では、原発周辺でも状況が把握できませんでした。このとき、頼りになるのは自分の放射能測定器ですが、どっちに逃げるかを判断することはできません。せいぜい風向きを調べ、風の流れる方向と直角に逃げるのが鉄則ですが、風の向きが急変することもあります。

10 それに、公設のモニタリングポストは、重大事故の場合には表示が止まります。東海第二原発のベントにより放射性物質が大量に放出された際、茨城県はMPの測定値を消し、ついでに(?)SPMのデータまで消してしまいました。

11 平常時に参照しているMPの測定値が事故時にも参照できるかはわからないのです。公的な測定システムが止まった時は、個人で測定したデータを共有して状況を判断しなければなりません。


12 避難時のアイテムとして個人用放射能測定器を忘れることはできませんが、実際上このような機械が使えるのは、このような避難の場合だけです。通常は一般の方が使う意味はほとんどありません。

13 現金の備えを。記録の中にクレジットカードで50万円キャッシングしてその後現金が不足したようなことが書かれています。マネーカードがあればさらに引き出せたのでしょうが、持ち出さなかったのでしょうか。

14 保険証のことをどなたも書いていません。避難の際には必ず保険証を。さもないと現金が不足します。遠くへ行く場合はいざという時のためにかかっておいた病院の保険証は使えない場合が多いかもしれません。お薬手帳も持参を。持病の薬を入手しやすくなります。

15 これらの貴重品は、避難の際には体から離さないようにします。ウエストポーチやボディバッグが便利かも。ちなみに管理人のウエストポーチには、未使用マスク、ゴーグル、アイフォン、財布、小銭入れ、三文判、ボールペン、スイカ、運転免許証、クレジットカードが入っています。避難ならここに薬手帳と保険証、そしてマネーカードを加えないといけません。アイフォンではメールをやっていないので、ショートメールを使うか、メールアドレスだけを打ち込んでおくかしないといけません。

16 上の事例に上がっている福島の人たちは、夫婦ともに働いている方が多い、子供も多いと感じました。夫婦で働いて高校生の娘もコンビニでアルバイトという例。経済的に安定していた人たちも、住み慣れた土地を離れると経済基盤が根底から失われてしまうことがわかります。

17 上の例では、親戚の付き合いが濃密だと感じました。原発災害の場合は、近くの他人も遠くの親戚もともに価値があります。ただ、そういう付き合いの中で支出もそれなりに多くなっているように感じられました。

18 2011/1/1現在の相双郡(広野町、楢葉町、富岡町、川内村、大熊町、双葉町、浪江町、葛尾村)の人口は、77,661人でした。

19 7万7千人でも避難に多くの時間がかかっています。東海第二原発の立地を考えたら、ひたちなか市だけで16万人近い人が住んでいます。日立市、東海村、那珂市、水戸市、大洗町・・・。どんなに立派な避難計画を作っても現実性はありません。
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Rahbar は英語で Guidesに当たるようです。指導者という意味になるでしょう。

Senior Iranian MP: Europe's Defiance of N. Deal Undertakings to Raise Oil Prices to $200 から抜粋

In relevant remarks last month, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei strongly rejected talks with the United States, and told the visiting Japanese premier that he(Khamenei)doesn't see Donald Trump as a party deserving to receive a message from Iran.

"I do not consider Trump, as a person, deserving to exchange messages with. We will not negotiate with the United States," Ayatollah Khamenei stressed in the meeting in Tehran on June 13.

During the meeting, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo told Ayatollah Khamenei that "I would like to give you a message from the President of the United States".

Ayatollah Khamenei responded by pointing to the US ingenuity and untrustworthiness, and argued, "We do not doubt your sincerity and goodwill. However, regarding what you mentioned about the President of the US, I do not consider Trump as a person worth exchanging any message with and I have no answer for him, nor will I respond to him in the future."

"What I am going to say is part of our talks with the Japanese Prime Minister. Because we consider Japan a friend of ours. Although, there are some complaints," he added.

Ayatollah Khamenei referred to Shinzo's remarks that the US intends to prevent Iran's production of nuclear weapons, and said, "We are opposed to the nuclear weapons and my religious Fatwa bans production of nuclear weapons but you should know that if we intended to produce nuclear weapons, the US could do nothing and its non-permission was not an obstacle."

He also described stockpiling of nuclear weapons as an unwise measure, and said, "The US is not qualified at all to say which country should have or have not nuclear weapons because the US has several thousand nuclear warheads in its arsenals."

Referring to the Japanese prime minister that Trump told him that "the United States is not after regime change in Iran", the Supreme Leader insisted, "Our problem with the United States is not about regime change. Because even if they intend to pursue that, they won’t be able to achieve it; just as previous US presidents tried to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran during the past 40 years, and failed. What Trump says, that he is not after regime change, is a lie. For, if he could do so, he would. However, he is not capable of doing it."

Ayatollah Khamenei referred to the Japanese prime minister's remarks regarding the United States’ request to negotiate with Iran about the nuclear issue, and said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran negotiated for 5 to 6 years with the United States and the Europeans − the P 5+1 − which led to an agreement. But the United States disregarded and breached this definite agreement. So, what common sense would once again allow negotiations with a state that has thrown away everything that was agreed upon?"

He pointed to the forty years of hostility that the US has showed to the Iranian nation and its continued hostility, and said, "We believe that our problems will not be solved by negotiating with the US, and no free nation would ever accept negotiations under pressure."

Ayatollah Khamenei then responded to remarks by the Japanese Prime Minister on how the Americans have always wanted to impose their own beliefs and views on other nations, and stated, "It is good that you acknowledge this fact, and you should also know that the Americans will observe no limits in imposing their views."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to the process of negotiations with the US that led to the formation of the 2015 nuclear deal, and said, "After the nuclear agreement, the first person to immediately breach the JCPOA was Mr. Obama himself; the same person who had asked for direct talks with Iran and had also sent a mediator."

"This is our experience, and rest assured Mr. Abe that we will not repeat it," he underlined.

Ayatollah Khamenei referred to the remarks made by the Japanese prime minister quoting Trump as saying that “negotiating with the US will help Iran progress”, and said, "By God’s grace, we will progress without negotiating with the US and despite the sanctions."

The Leader of the Revolution welcomed the Japanese prime minister’s suggestion of expanding relations between Japan and Iran, and reminded, "Japan is an important country in Asia, and if they are willing to expand relations with Iran, they should prove their sincere willingness -- just as some important countries have shown their interest."

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