Troubled nuclear fuel plant in S. Carolina kept radioactive trash in LEAKY & RUSTY container

Troubled nuclear fuel plant in S. Carolina kept radioactive trash in LEAKY & RUSTY container

A rusty shipping container full of uranium-tainted trash was found to be seeping contaminated sludge into the soil at Westinghouse fuel rod factory in S. Carolina, adding another radiation spike to the facility’s list of troubles.

Uranium levels in the ground at one spot underneath the container are nearly double the 11ppm safety standard, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) reported on Friday, blaming the facility’s egregious waste storage protocol for the contamination. Rain entered through a hole in the 40-foot container’s roof, dousing the barrels full of radioactive trash stashed within, and the uranium-tainted water eventually trickled into the soil.

Irresponsibly-stored nuclear waste is only the most recent misfortune to plague the plant, located just outside the city of Columbia. Last year, the massive facility was found to be leaking uranium through a hole in its floor, and earlier this month a drum full of radioactive waste exploded and caught on fire. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been investigating the plant since 2016, when it was discovered uranium had been allowed to accumulate inside an air pollution control device at three times the federal safety standard. And Westinghouse had not even bothered to report earlier leaks in 2008 and 2011 to regulators. Groundwater beneath the factory is contaminated, and locals fear it will spread off the grounds – or that it already has.

Plant manager Mike Annacone blamed “a number of issues” for allowing dozens of shipping containers full of uranium-tainted garbage similar to the leaky one to build up on the grounds of the Westinghouse facility. The waste – mop heads and rags used to clean up radioactive material – is meant to be processed to recover usable uranium, but that processing has fallen impossibly far behind schedule, and the cursory once-overs given the aging, rusting boxes by plant workers have allowed appalling conditions to develop.

“We should not allow that condition to exist on our site,” Annacone said in a joint presentation with the DHEC at a community meeting on Thursday, promising to process the remaining material and test the soil underneath each container for contamination as it is emptied.
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Two dozen US Marines arrested & questioned in human smuggling, drugs probe at California border base

Two dozen US Marines arrested & questioned in human smuggling, drugs probe at California border base
Sixteen US Marines have been arrested on charges including human smuggling at a California base near the Mexican border, while eight more have been questioned regarding drug crimes, military authorities have revealed.

The Marines were arrested on suspicion of “various illegal activities ranging from human smuggling to drug-related offenses” at Camp Pendleton, the Marines’ largest West Coast base located just 55 miles from the border with Mexico, on Thursday. Eight others were questioned concerning their involvement in “alleged drug offenses related to today’s arrests,” according to a Marine press release. All were members of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines.

Thousands of US troops have been sent to the Mexican border in recent months to provide “logistical and surveillance support” to Border Patrol, though they are not permitted to apprehend illegal border-crossers themselves. However, none of those arrested are involved with the ongoing military “border support” operations, the Corps took pains to clarify, promising to “fully cooperate” with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the military police agency.

The arrests stemmed from information “gained from a previous human smuggling investigation,” believed to be the arrest earlier this month of two more Marines on human smuggling charges. The pair, members of the same unit as those arrested in the latest roundup, were pulled over with three men who claimed to be undocumented Mexicans planning to pay $8,000 to be smuggled into the US. They reportedly confessed they had “done this work before,” and have been charged with “transportation of certain aliens for financial gain.”
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Cuba Mystery Deepens as Study Claims US Diplomats’ Brains Had Changed

Cuba Mystery Deepens as Study Claims US Diplomats’ Brains Had Changed
TEHRAN (FNA)- The curious case of US embassy staff who fell ill in mysterious circumstances in Cuba has taken another twist as researchers who studied their brains say they have found potential abnormalities which may explain their symptoms.

Scans taken from 40 US government workers who complained of suffering from concussion-like symptoms while deployed in Havana have revealed that the diplomats’ brains had lower volumes of white matter and lower functional connectivity between different brain regions than healthy volunteers, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The University of Pennsylvania researchers say the pattern of differences they found in the brain scans are unlike any other pathology, such as concussion or traumatic brain injury.

“These findings may represent something not seen before,” study co-author Douglas H. Smith stated.

The research was quickly dismissed by the Cuban government, which has repeatedly denied all responsibility for the bizarre affair. Interestingly it was also panned by several prominent experts, who pointed out that the differences found in the brains weren’t shown to be significant.

“This paper would not meet usual standards for publication, particularly in a high-profile journal, were it not for the topicality of the findings,” Prof Paul Matthews, head of brain sciences at Imperial College London, noted.

The strange phenomenon started in 2016, when dozens of government personnel and their family members began to report a range of neurological symptoms, including difficulty with concentration and memory, dizziness, visual issues and balance problems.

The symptoms were supposedly linked to sudden, intensely loud noises which US State Department officials later described as a “sonic attack” or “directional phenomena”. Officials failed to provide any specific evidence for the alleged “attack” and the specifics of the event remain a mystery.

In response to the latest study Johana Tablada, of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced that there was no evidence that it was a deliberate attack, two years after the investigation was opened.

“Cuba asks the US government to put an end to the manipulation of this issue as a pretext to impose more measures of aggression against the integrity of our country, this economy and the Cuban people,” she said.

So it appears as if we’re still no closer to understanding exactly what was going on at the US embassy in Havana.

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Senior Official: Iran Welcomes Resolving Differences with S. Arabia, UAE
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President's Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi underlined that his country is in favor of resolving problems with Saudi Arabia and the UAE through talks.

"Iran welcomes resolving issues with Emirates and Saudi Arabia peacefully because that will be in favor of all regional countries," Vaezi said on Wednesday.

"Saudi Arabia’s policies have left them alone in the Muslim world and the region,” he added.

"The Saudis started a war that they thought would be ended in a few weeks,” Vaezi said, adding that “Yemen war was harmful to Saudi’s economy and distorted the country's face”.

“Saudi ambassador to UN admitted what Iran has repeated many times i.e. regional issues must be resolved through negotiations and by regional countries,” he underlined.

His remarks came after Saudi Arabia released an Iranian oil tanker which was “illegally” held for two months.

Reports said last Saturday that the Iranian oil tanker, named Happiness I, had been released and was heading towards Iran’s waters. The vessel was denied a leave permission by the Saudi port of Jeddah, in a move described by Iran as illegal.

On May 2, Saudi Arabia announced its coast guard had rescued a distressed Iranian oil tanker with 26 on board off the Red Sea port of Jeddah, after it faced "engine failure and the loss of control."

According to Iranian officials, the incident occurred on April 30 while Happiness I was on its way to the Suez Canal and that water had leaked into the tanker’s engine room.

Despite being fixed, the Saudis were refusing to let the vessel leave, and at the same time were demanding that Iran should pay $200,000 a day for maintaining the vessel in Jeddah.

Iranian officials slammed the Saudi demand, describing it as “illegal”.

Earlier this month, an Iranian lawmaker said Saudi Arabia's persistence in the continued seizure of the Iranian oil tanker was stirring tensions in the region.

"Saudi Arabia should not be after tensions in the Persian Gulf and among the neighbors through the continued holding of the Iranian oil tanker in Jeddah port. Tensions among the Persian Gulf littoral states do not benefit any country and only favor the West," Ali Bakhtiar, a senior member of the Iranian Parliament’s Energy Commission, said on July 06.

Leader's Aide: Seizure of British Tanker, Downing US Drone Turning Point in Muslim History
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Supreme Leader's top adviser for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati underlined that the IRGC's downing of the US spy drone and seizure of a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf was a milestone in the history of the Muslims.

"The activities and measures taken by the resistance front, including Hezbollah of Lebanon, Ansarullah of Yemen, Hashd al-Shaabi in Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Palestinian Hamas movement to restore the Islamic values make the Islamic countries and the resistance front stronger today than the past," Velayati said in a meeting with Palestinian Hamas Politburo Deputy Chief Saleh al-Arouri in Tehran on Tuesday.

He added that seizure of a British tanker and downing of an intruding US drone in Iran's territorial waters are considered as "a turning point in the history of the Muslims' struggles".

Velayati also added that the eye-catching and valuable efforts of the Palestinian fighters, specially in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, have given hope to the Muslims about the future of Palestine, noting, "Victory of the Palestinian nation and taking back the occupied territories will be materialized in the near future."

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force shot down an American spy drone over the territorial waters of Iran near the Strait of Hormuz at dawn on June 20.

Also, US President Donald Trump said the US air force was “cocked and loaded” to attack three Iranian targets a day later, but he called off the strike with 10 minutes to spare after being told that the airstrike might kill as many as 150 people.

Trump said in a series of tweets that he decided that the death toll was not a proportionate response to the Iranian shooting down of a US spy drone off the Iranian coast.

After Trump's remarks, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said that his forces could have shot down a US P8 aircraft with 35 on board which was violating Iran’s airspace, but decided to shoot down the drone to only send a message to Washington.

“We intended to send a message to American terrorists in the region,” Brigadier General Hajizadeh said, adding that his forces had also traced a military P8 aircraft violating the airspace of Iran.

“Along with the American drone was an American P8 aircraft with 35 on board, and it was also violating our airspace and we could have downed it too,” he said, adding, “But we did not do (shoot down) it, because our aim was to warn the terrorist forces of the US.”

General Hajizadeh also stressed that Iran was not after war but was fully ready to defend itself, adding that the fate of the downed US spy drone was waiting for any intruding flying object.

“Our response to anything trespassing Iranian territory is like this, and if such acts of aggression are repeated, our response will also be the same," General Hajizadeh said.

“We don’t embrace war but we are ready to fully defend the country,” he said.

"We possess a collection of US drones which is a proof that US has violated Iran’s airspace and shows that they don’t want to respect the international law,” General Hajizadeh said.

“If such an aggression is repeated, we will add other US (military) products to complete this collection,” he noted.

Iranian Official Threatens American Bases in Region in Case US Decides on War, Qatari Media Claims
Tensions between Iran and the US in the Strait of Hormuz have escalated since the downing of American drone by Iranian forces over it purportedly violating the latter's borders. Washington later claimed to have downed one or two Iranian drones that allegedly came too close to an American ship, although Tehran denies losing any aircraft.

Qatar-based channel Al Jazeera has quoted advisor to the Iranian Supreme Leader and former Minister of Defence Hossein Dehghan as saying that all American military bases in the region will be targeted by Tehran, if the US decides to go to war with Iran. Dehghan further reportedly noted that Iran is not going to negotiate its missile programme with anyone, including US President Donald Trump.

The adviser also reportedly blasted the UAE for allegedly becoming a "US centre to strike Iran's national security", but added that the country has already sent a delegation to Iran to discuss "peace".

Al Jazeera also quoted the adviser as cautioning other countries against changing the status of the Strait of Hormuz, saying that it would open up the path to dangerous confrontations. He namely brought up the UK's initiative to form a European "maritime protection mission" as an example of a move that could lead to "unpredictable consequences".

HMS Duncan, a Type 45 Destroyer, which will relieve HMS Montrose in the region as Iran threatens to disrupt shipping. Iran on Friday, July 12, 2019 demanded the British navy release an Iranian oil tanker seized last week off Gibraltar, accusing London of playing a “dangerous game” and threatening retribution

Dehghan reportedly argued that all countries must have the ability to safely sail and export oil through the Strait of Hormuz, which of late has become a flashpoint of tensions between Iran on the one side and the UK and US on the other.

The negative trend in US-Iranian relations started last year, but they aggravated further after Iranian air defences shot down an American drone after, as Tehran says, it violated the country’s border. The US planned a retaliatory strike in response but stopped short of launching it.

Later, the White House reported that one of its military ships had downed one or two Iranian drones that came too close to the vessel and vowed to do so in the future. Tehran has, however, denied losing any drone and even released footage of the US ship that allegedly shot down the drone to prove that the UAV safely returned from its reconnaissance mission.

Another source of tensions in the Strait of Hormuz is a conflict between London and Tehran that started after British authorities detained the tanker Grace 1 carrying Iranian oil in Gibraltar over suspicions its cargo was destined for Syria in violation of EU sanctions.

Iran has denied the accusations and demanded the tanker be released, warning it may detain a British tanker otherwise. Iranian officials later detained the tanker Stena Impero on 19 July over violations of maritime regulations, but noted that it was not a "retaliation" for the Grace 1 incident.

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ANYONE can be re-identified from ‘anonymous data’, researchers claim & let you TEST it

ANYONE can be re-identified from ‘anonymous data’, researchers claim & let you TEST it
Online services that claim to anonymize users’ personal data aren’t as secure as we think, according to researchers who found over 99 percent of people can be identified from a handful of supposedly anonymous data points.

Doubters will be quickly silenced with the online tool the researchers developed to accompany their paper, published in Nature Communications on Tuesday. Using just three commonly-requested demographic attributes – birthdate, zip code, and gender – the program is able to successfully identify users about 83 percent of the time. And with 5 and more data points the machine-learning model gets it right over 99 percent of the time.

Still think data anonymization will protect you? Give it a try here (authors promise not to collect your data).

These alarming results “question whether current de-identification practices satisfy the anonymization standards of modern data protection laws,” the researchers, hailing from Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium and Imperial College London, wrote, pointing out that “data that does not contain obvious identifiers but might be re-identifiable” is still protected by privacy laws like the EU’s GDPR and California’s Consumer Privacy Act, which protect sensitive personal information from being shared without users' consent. Popular anonymization techniques like noise and sampling simply do not provide enough protection against potentially malicious actors reverse-engineering their methods – a major problem as more and more personal information, especially health data, moves into the cloud.

“The goal of anonymization is so we can use data to benefit society,” Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, one of the researchers, told CNBC. “This is extremely important but should not and does not have to happen at the expense of people’s privacy.”

Given how many data points many online platforms contain, the risk of deanonymization isn’t just a risk – it’s a certainty. Credit reporting agencies, for example, hoard as many as 248 separate demographic identifiers on their customers. Nearly three quarters of Americans are concerned about sharing personal information online, according to a 2015 Harvard Business Review survey – and rightfully so, given the near-daily frequency of major hacks, breaches, and leaks – but few understand the complexities of what actually happens to their data when they submit it.
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@ 付属の充電器でフル充電する。
A 電源コード、マウスのコードを抜き、GC10Aのみを接続し、本体の背面左上にある電源ボタンを3秒程度押す。
B 電源が入り、GC10Aが動き出す。
C 30秒ほどかかって画面にグラフが表示される。
D このグラフは、2分ごとにSDメモリーに記録される。(あとでマウスをつなぎ、タブレットパソコンの画面で過去画像を確認することができる。)

E 屋外に持ち出すときは、付属のカーペンターバッグに入れて、GC10A測定器をバッグの外側のポケットに入れる。
F 電源オンの間は、スリープせずにグラフを表示し続けるように設定してある。
G 電池使用で3時間は連続稼働する。
H 停止するには、画面左下のウィンドウズマークをタッチし、シャットダウンする。
I 使用後(帰宅後)は電源コードをつないで充電する。測定を続けることもできる。
J インターネットには接続しない。(Wifiは止めてある)


モバイル リアルタイム測定表示システム導入

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韓国の戦闘機がロシア爆撃機と交信せずに警告射撃 韓国パイロットは未熟 日本が追っかけて両国に抗議へ




VIDEO of Russian & Chinese bombers on 'first' joint patrol in Asia-Pacific region
Russian Defense Ministry has released footage of its Tu-95MS bombers accompanied by the Chinese military, saying it is a first-of-its-kind joint patrol of their long-range aircraft in the Asia-Pacific region.

The In the video, the Tu-95MS strategic bombers are seen taking off at an undisclosed airfield inside Russia. They approach a rendezvous point, meeting with two Chinese Xian H-6 bombers.

Earlier, South Korea and Japan claimed the bombers violated their airspace, subsequently scrambling fighter jets. Moscow and Beijing refuted the allegations, saying their mission breached no international rules or borders of other countries.

Rob Lee@RALee85氏の2019/7/23のツイート
South Korea and Japan both accused Russia and China of violating their airspace during a joint air patrol with Russian Tu-95MS and Chinese H-6 bombers (as well as a Russian A-50 AEW&C) over the disputed Dokdo/Takeshima islands claimed by both countries.
(link: https://www.ft.com/content/0c1e8550-acf4-11e9-8030-530adfa879c2) ft.com/content/0c1e85…

Moscow: S. Korean Pilots ‘Acted Unprofessionally’, Russian Bombers Did Not Violate Seoul’s Airspace
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian Defense Ministry accused South Korean pilots of acting “unprofessionally” while dangerously crossing the path of Russian bombers, which were on a routine mission over “international waters”.

Two Russian Air Force Tu-95MS bombers were flying over the Sea of Japan when they encountered a pair of South Korean F-16 fighter jets. The F-16s “performed unprofessional maneuvers while crossing the course of the bombers, thus putting their safety at risk”, the Russian MoD said in a statement, RT reported.

The fighters also did not attempt to communicate with the Russian crews.

Earlier in the day, Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff committee claimed their jets were scrambled to intercept the intruding Russian aircraft which violated South Korean airspace twice. Moscow insists the encounter took place over 25km from the isles of Dokdo (known as Takeshima in Japan), and that they recorded no violation of aerial borders by Russian planes.

Rejecting the JCS accusations that the Tu-95s breached South Korea’s air defense identification zone (KADIZ), Russia said there are no international regulations that stipulate the existence of these areas.

Moscow does not recognize them either, “which was repeatedly communicated to the South Korean side through various channels”.

At the end of the mid-air encounter, the South Korean jets fired flares and went away, the defense ministry stated.

Moscow also denied reports that “warning shots” were fired at the Tu-95s. If that was the case and the Russian pilots considered themselves in danger, there would have been “an answer” to that.

Tokyo Lodges Protest With Moscow, Seoul Over Incident With Russian Plane in Sea of Japan
TOKYO (Sputnik) - Tokyo lodged a diplomatic protest with Moscow and Seoul after an incident involving a Russian warplane flying over the Liancourt Rocks, a territory in the Sea of Japan/East Sea that is contested by Japan and South Korea.

"This territory belongs to our state and such actions are unacceptable," the text of the protest said, as quoted by Kyodo news agency.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said earlier in the day that a Russian A-50 control aircraft had illegally crossed into South Korean airspace twice over the Sea of Japan, and that South Korean F-16 fighters fired warning shots in response.

According to media reports, the incident took place several hours after two Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers and two Chinese aircraft entered the South Korean air defence identification zone.

On Tuesday, the Russian Defense Ministry refuted Seoul's claims that the Tu-95MS had violated South Korean airspace, stressing that the South Korean fighters had performed non-professional manoeuvres and crossed course with the Russian planes, jeopardizing their security. The ministry made no mention of any A-50 aircraft.


The Russian Defense Ministry accused South Korea of repeatedly trying to impede Russia's flights over the Sea of Japan’s neutral waters, referring to an "air defence identification zone" unilaterally imposed by Seoul that is not envisaged in international regulations or recognized by Russia.

The Liancourt Rocks islands, also known as Dokdo by South Korea and Takeshima by Japan, have been administered by Seoul since 1954, a claim Japan disputes. Tokyo has suggested that Seoul should present the issue to the International Court of Justice. However, South Korea believes there is no dispute over the islands and considers them to be its territory historically, geographically and legally.

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Iraqi Official: ISIL Linked to Israeli Mossad

Iraqi Official: ISIL Linked to Israeli Mossad
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iraqi official disclosed Israel's support for the ISIL terrorists in his country, saying the terrorist group has been backed up by the Mossad spying agency.

Head of the Muslim Ulema Union in Iraq's Diyala province Jabbar al-Amouri told the Arabic-language Baghdad al-Youm news website that there is much proof and evidence on Israel's support for the ISIL terrorists in Iraq through the Mossad.

He added that the Iraqi security forces have found Israeli manufactured medicine, bombs and advanced communication systems at a number of bases during cleansing operations against the ISIL in Amerli and Suleiman Beik regions near the town of Tuz Khormatuz in Salahuddin province in the past 3 years.

Yet, Al-Amouri said the vital issue has gone unnoticed in the media due to overwhelming clashes and developments in Iraq.

In relevant remarks on Monday, a senior member of the Iraqi parliament's security and defense committee revealed the presence of a large number of Israeli intelligence agents in the US-occupied bases in Iraq, saying that they collaborated in the recent attack against Hashd al-Shaabi positions in Salahuddin province.

Karim al-Mohammadawi told the Arabic-language al-Ma'aloumeh news website that several Israeli spies are stationed in the US bases in Iraq's Western provinces.

He added that the recent attack by Israeli F-35 fighter jets against Hashd al-Shaabi in Amerli region of Salahuddin province was conducted based on precise intelligence provided by Israeli spies in Iraq.

Lebanese media outlets had reported on Sunday that the positions of Hashd al-Shaabi in Salahuddin province were attacked on Friday by an Israeli fighter jet.

The Arabic-language al-Ahd news website quoted informed security sources as saying that Hashd al-Shaabi positions were targeted by three Israeli Harop missiles, 'Loitering Munition', which weight 23kg, are mounted on a flying object and explode when hitting the target.

It added that these warheads can be controlled remotely and their range is 1,000km.

"Only Israel is in possession of this type of weapons in the Middle-East," al-Ahd reported.

Informed security sources told al-Ahd that the Israeli F-16 fighter jets infiltrated into Southeastern al-Ratbah in al-Anbar province over the Baghdad-Amman and Baghdad-Damascus international road and fired the warheads.

Earlier reports said that an unmanned drone had on Friday bombed a base operating by Hashd al-Shaabi in Iraq with sources saying two people were wounded.

“The Al-Shuhada base of the Hashed al-Shaabi in the Amerli region was hit at dawn… by an unidentified drone, wounding two people,” the Iraqi military said in a statement on Friday.

Meantime, a spokesman for Iraq's Hashd al-Shaabi forces dismissed media claims that the Iranian military advisors had been killed in a recent drone attack against Amerli base, located in the Tuz Khurmatu district of Northern Iraq’s Salahuddin province.

"Opposite to what the biased media said, no advisors or IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) forces have been killed," Ali al-Hosseini was quoted by the Arabic-language Baghdad al-Youm news website as saying on Saturday.

Also, the Arabic-language al-Etejah news channel quoted special sources in Nineveh province as saying that before the Friday attack against the Hashd al-Shaabi base in Amerli, a US spy plane conducted reconnaissance operations against the Hashd al-Shaabi and Iraqi army forces in the region.

The source said that the spy plane carried out reconnaissance operations over Sanjar mountain and the Southern areas of the region.

"The US flew B350 plane that is picked for mission by the US intelligence services for air surveillance and is equipped with advanced vision systems. It can also carry 5 to 7 people," he added.

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Boris Johnson chosen as next British prime minister

Boris Johnson chosen as next British prime minister
In a long-anticipated move, Boris Johnson has been selected as the new leader of the British Conservative Party and thus, the new prime minister of the UK. He will officially succeed outgoing PM Theresa May on Wednesday.

Johnson won with 66.4 percent of the vote (92,153) to Hunt's 33.6 percent (46,656). Turnout was 87.4 percent.

Delivering his impassioned victory speech, the new prime minister claimed that there will be people who "question the wisdom" of him becoming leader.

Some 160,000 members of the Tory party had been voting by post for the past two and a half weeks. Johnson saw off his challenger Jeremy Hunt and was revealed as the new PM shortly before midday local time in London.

A former mayor of London and former British foreign secretary, Johnson was the clear favourite from the moment Theresa May announced she would be stepping down, following her failure to secure a Brexit deal with the EU.

You’d have to be mad to think Boris Johnson is the answer to Britain’s problems - George Galloway

As Noel Coward sang, “Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon-day sun.” You could say the same about the Conservative Party, which just chose Boris Johnson to lead it.

Getting his sole challenger Jeremy Hunt’s name wrong has become a national obsession. Mind you, he got his own wife’s nationality wrong when he claimed she was Japanese (she’s Chinese) on a mission to...China!

You’d have to have been out in the noonday sun, would certainly have to be English and being mad would help, if you thought Boris Johnson was the answer to Britain’s now rather critical problems.

Britain’s (almost) new prime minister is the perfect encapsulation of all of the vices (and one or two virtues, to be fair) of the upper-class English elite (even though his grasp on Englishness is itself tenuous).
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150 Polish Combat Troops Arrive at US Military Base in Western Iraq
TEHRAN (FNA)- A military convoy comprising tens of polish Army troops have arrived in a US-controlled military base in al-Anbar province in Western Iraq, Iraqi sources disclosed on Tuesday.

“A sum of 150 Polish soldiers have arrived in Ain al-Assad military base in the city of Heet in al-Baghdadi region in Western al-Anbar province,” the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website quoted a security source in Al-Anbar province as saying.

The source noted that the dispatch of Polish soldiers comes in line with the US plan to increase the number of the US-led forces in Western Iraq.

In relevant remarks in mid-May, a battlefield source Iraqi Hashd al-Sha’abi (popular forces) was quoted by the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news agency as saying that “Washington has plans to set up military bases and increasing its troops in Iraq”.

The source added that the US was engaged in expanding Ain al-Assad base.

It noted that the operations to expand Ain al-Assad air base had taken place concurrent with arrival of the US military vehicles and equipment to the base, and said that the expansion of Ain al-Assad will include some major sectors of airport to the South of the base.

Meantime, the Saudi Okaz newspaper quoted some Iraqi parliamentary sources as saying that Washington intends to increase the number of its troops in Iraq.

It said Washington has informed Baghdad that it is going to set a new military base for its new troops, and added that the Iraqi government has not responded to the US request yet.

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Furious Afghan People, Officials Decry Trump's Racist Remarks
TEHRAN (FNA)- US President Donald Trump's insulting and racist remarks about Afghanistan were strongly condemned by the Afghan government, politicians and social media activists.

Trump in a meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in Washington earlier this week said that "we’re like policemen. We’re not fighting a war. If we wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and win it, I could win that war in a week. But I don’t want to kill 10 million people. Afghanistan could be wiped off the face of the Earth. I don’t want to go that route”.

The US leader made several surprising statements Monday alongside Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan at the White House, including that he had plans for a quick end to the Afghan conflict, but which would wipe the country “off the face of the Earth”.

Afghanistan “would be gone. It would be over in literally, in 10 days,” Trump said, adding, “I don’t want to go that route” and that he did not want to kill millions.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said Tuesday the US should clarify remarks Trump made about Afghanistan, including a claim he could easily win the war but did not “want to kill 10 million people”.

“The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan calls for clarification on the US president’s statements expressed at a meeting with the Pakistan prime minister, via diplomatic means and channels,” Ghani’s office said in a statement.

Also, several Afghan lawyers deplored Trump's insulting remarks, describing them as irresponsible.

Meantime, the Afghan politicians and social media activists condemned his comments, calling on the government to adopt a clear policy towards Washington.

They underlined that the Afghan people which enjoy a civilization of thousands of years will not allow the foreigners to insult their country.

They also called on Washington to pull out its forces from Afghanistan.

Earlier, a private US company had also done a major upheaval for the people of Afghanistan. Amazon Website featured a new product of Bathroom Rug and Math for its US customers which were designed with the 3 colors flag of Afghanistan.

In the samples which were shown on the Amazon website, it was stated that these Mats and Rugs were the newcomer products in US markets. According to Amazon website adds, “Analisahome Toilet cushion suit flag of Afghanistan vector accurate dimensions elements proportions and colors Nonslip, Microfiber Shag, Absorbent, Machine Washable”!


Afghanistan Demands US Explain Trump’s Comments About ‘Wiping’ Country off Face of Earth
TEHRAN (FNA)- Kabul requested that Washington clarify remarks made by Donald Trump, in which the US president boldly said he could “win” the war in Afghanistan if he completely annihilated the country.

Not mincing words, the Office of the President said it’s not up to Washington or any other foreign state to decide Afghanistan’s future.

"The Afghan nation has not and will never allow any foreign power to determine its fate," it added.

The statement announced that Kabul supports US efforts “for ensuring peace in Afghanistan, the government underscores that foreign heads of state cannot determine Afghanistan’s fate in absence of the Afghan leadership”.

"Afghanistan will remain dignified and firm in the global political arena," the statement read.

Now the Afghan government seeks “clarification on the US President’s statements” via “diplomatic means and channels”, the statement read.

The US president boasted on Monday that he could “win” the war in Afghanistan “literally” in 10 days, but it would require the deaths of millions and the country “would be wiped off the face of the earth”.

Trump Claims He Could Win Afghan War in A Week But Doesn't 'Want to Kill 10 Million People'
TEHRAN (FNA)- President Donald Trump stated on Monday he could end the war in Afghanistan “in a week”, but that doing so would cause millions of deaths.

Instead, the US president said during a White House meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan that he wants Pakistan’s help to bring an end to the nearly 18-year-old conflict, The Hill reported.

“I could win that war in a week. I just don’t want to kill 10 million people,” Trump told reporters, alluding to what he said were military plans.

“If I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the earth. ... It would be over in − literally, in 10 days,” he added.

The president, who campaigned on ending lengthy overseas US military engagements, called the war “ridiculous” and stated it helped turned the nation into the world’s “policemen”.

“I don’t want to go that route,” Trump said of his supposed military plan, adding, “So we’re working with Pakistan and others to extricate ourselves. Nor do we want to be policemen, because basically we're policemen right now. And we're not supposed to be policemen.”

The Afghan conflict was one of the top agenda items for Trump’s meeting with Khan. The administration has been engaged in peace talks with the Taliban aimed at ending the war, which was launched after the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

The Oval Office huddle was aimed at cooling tensions with Pakistan in an effort to coax them into putting pressure on the Taliban to agree to a ceasefire with the Afghan government.

Khan agreed with Trump that the war must be brought to an end through peace talks.

“There is no military solution in Afghanistan,” he told reporters, noting, “If you go all-out military, there will be millions and millions of people who will die."

Trump said that Pakistan could help play a role in stabilizing Afghanistan after a possible US pullout and suggested he could restore hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to Pakistan “depending on what we work out”.

“I think we have a better relationship with Pakistan right now than we did when we were paying that money. But all of that can come back, Trump added.

Trump cut off $1.3 billion in annual aid payments to Pakistan in January 2018 after Washington accused the South Asian country of not doing enough to combat terrorist groups.

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「最近、浦安でタコが大量発生しているそうです。 釣り好きの男性同僚がここ数週間、休日にはタコ釣りに出かけていると聞いております。 東京湾のタコなんて怖くて食する事はできないです。」




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出生率が下がっている街 2011/3/20のプルーム通過地域はどうだろう。





政府は放置プレイ。いや未必の故意? 皆さん、よく耐えていますね。

左全都市  右出生死亡比率の差 -0.3以下の都市

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今までこんなことなかった が起きている

※ Lightworker@Lightworker19
【拡散】dadajiji 私の住んでる町は狭い町。人が亡くなれば噂になる。去年20代の男性が心筋梗塞と急性クモ膜下で亡くなり中学生が入浴中に原因不明で亡くなりました。今年に入り0才の子供が亡くなりました。去年からの半年で四人の若者が亡くなりました。今までこんなことなかった。

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ベネズエラ 電磁波攻撃で全土停電

Venezuela blames nationwide blackouts on ‘electromagnetic attack’
Massive power outages all across Venezuela were likely caused by an “electromagnetic attack,” the government of President Nicholas Maduro said, stressing that authorities are working to restore the service as soon as possible.

The blackout affected the entire nation, Minister of Communication and Information Jorge Rodríguez said on Monday evening, claiming that the power was knocked out by outside interference. The government has activated all the necessary protocols to provide safety for Venezuelans and work crews are already working to restore power.

Preliminary probe into the incident has suggested the “existence of an electromagnetic attack that sought to affect the hydroelectric generation system of Guayana, the main provider of this service in the country,” the minister told state channel VTV.

While authorities are struggling to resolve the crisis, the US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido has used the power outage to once again attack his political opponent, accusing President Maduro of “destroying” the country's electrical system.

In March, Venezuela suffered two major blackouts that sent the country into darkness for days. At the time, Caracas blamed it on cyberattacks on the Guri Hydroelectric generation and distribution system and accused the US-backed local opposition of sabotaging the power grid. Maduro also accused Washington of waging an “electricity war” to bring Guaido to power.
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毎日新聞2019年7月23日 08時54分
英、欧州主導で船舶保護へ 米有志連合と一線か

US doesn’t want war with Iran & UK should take care of its own ships – Pompeo
Amid rising tensions, Mike Pompeo has insisted the US doesn’t want war with Iran and the UK is responsible for taking care of its own ships. The secretary of state also dismissed Tehran’s claims it had arrested CIA-linked spies.

Pompeo was speaking to Fox and Friends on Monday morning when he was asked what the US role was in getting back the British oil tanker Stena Impero, seized by Iran last week.

“The responsibility in the first instance falls to the United Kingdom to take care of their ships,” Pompeo said, adding, “This isn’t because of US sanctions, this is because of the theocracy of the leadership in Iran, the revolutionary zeal to conduct terror around the world, for now four decades, continues.”

“We don’t want war with Iran, we want them to behave like a normal nation,” he added. “I think they understand that.”

Iran has said that all 23 crew members on the Stena Impero are “safe and in good health,” and that it seized the tanker in response to the UK’s seizure of one of its own tankers on July 4.

In his interview, Pompeo also dismissed Iran’s announcement that it had captured 17 CIA-linked spies. “The Iranian regime has a long history of lying,” he said.

Moscow Says Tehran’s Arguments on Seized Oil Ship More Convincing Than London’s
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s arguments on the situation around the British Stena Impero tanker look more convincing than those of the Gibraltar authorities and the United Kingdom when they detained a tanker with Iranian oil in the Strait of Gibraltar, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stated.

"Arguments cited by the Iranian side to explain its actions are much more convincing than vague references to the European Union’s sanction law that were used by the Gibraltar authorities with the United Kingdom’s backing at the moment of the arrest of a Panama-flagged tanker carrying Iranian oil," Ryabkov said on Sunday.

"Iran’s arguments are much more right than those of Gibraltar and London who are indulging in piracy. Iran is taking care of the ecology in the Strait of Hormuz," he added.
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共同はこれを流していくらもらった? 毎日ももらった?

毎日新聞2019年7月23日 09時03分
シリア北西部で67人死亡 ロシア軍、反体制派拠点を空爆か






新聞記者が真実を伝える仕事をしているなどというのは、「常識のウソ」。それをやっているのは、独立ジャーナリストのごく一部の人たちだけ。それでは食っていけない。新聞記者と付き合ったことがありますか? ビジネスなどで付き合わざるを得ないなら仕方ないですけど、非常に打算的、功利主義的な人たちで良き友人ではない。



‘No sorties in the area’: Moscow says reports on deadly Idlib airstrike are ‘fake’
No Russian jet has flown a combat sortie over the Idlib district in Syria, Moscow has said. The defense ministry was responding to allegations by “UK- and US-funded White Helmets” that civilians were killed in a Russian airstrike.

The alleged attack targeted the town of Maaret al-Numan, it’s been claimed. Dubbing the information “fake,” the ministry said “the Russian Air Force hadn’t carried out any missions in this part of Syria.”

Previously, an array of media outlets reported that at least 19 people were killed and several dozen injured in an attack on a wholesale vegetable market in the jihadi-held Idlib province. The reports cited the notorious White Helmets and the UK-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

Idlib remains the last pocket of Islamist resistance within Syria, after large swaths of land were liberated either by military force or through negotiations with militants. Various jihadist groups hold ground there, including the Al-Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS, formerly known as Al-Nusra Front).

Russia has teamed up with Turkey to introduce a full ceasefire in all of Idlib province, but so far to no avail. As recently as May, Russian military reported that insurgents hiding out in Idlib had fired more than a dozen missiles at Khmeimim airbase, all of which were intercepted mid-air.

Idlib: Tens of Foreign Terrorists Killed, 5 Militant Centers Destroyed in Russian-Syrian Airstrikes
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian and Syrian air forces destroyed five key centers of the Turkistani Party terrorist group in joint airstrikes in Southwestern Idlib, killing tens of terrorists, the Arabic-language media outlets reported.

The Arabic-language website of the Russian Sputnik news agency quoted a military source as saying that the Russian and Syrian fighter jets in a joint nightly military operation pounded 20 times the military positions and movements of the Turkistani Party terrorist group in the city of Jisr al-Shoghour in Southwestern Idlib.

The source noted that five centers of the terrorists were destroyed during the attack and at least 40 terrorists were killed and wounded.

Meantime, the Syrian Army troops engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorists in al-Sarmanieh region near Jisr al-Shoghour in Southwestern Idlib.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, a sum of 6 command centers and an arms depot as well as military equipment of Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) had been destroyed in joint airstrikes by Russian and Syrian air forces in Hama and Idlib provinces.

The Arabic-language website of the Russian Sputnik News Agency quoted a military source as saying that the Russian and Syrian fighter jets in their continued raids pounded the terrorist groups' military positions in the towns of Khan Sheikhoun, Tarmala, Kafar Ain and the surroundings of Jisr al-Shoghour in Southern and Southwestern Idlib as well as the towns of al-Hawijeh and al-Hawash in Northwestern Hama.

The source noted that during the attacks, six command posts of Tahrir al-Sham and Turkistani Party terrorists as well as an arms depot and military base of Chechen terrorists were destroyed.

In a relevant development on Saturday, the Syrian and Russian air forces conducted several joint military operations against the terrorists’ military positions and command centers in Northern Hama and Southern Idlib, inflicting heavy losses on the militants.

The Arabic-language website of Russian Sputnik news agency quoted a military source as saying that the Russian and Syrian fighter jets attacked the military positions of Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at and Islamic Turkistani Party terrorist groups several times in Khan Sheikhoun, Ariha, Ma’aret al-Numan and Jisr al-Shoghour in Western Idlib and their centers inside the city of Idlib.

The source reiterated that several command centers of Tahrir al-Sham and Turkistani Party terrorists were destroyed during the attack and over 100 foreign terrorists were killed and tens more were wounded.

He also noted that the joint airstrikes on the military positions of Tahrir al-Sham and Jeish al-Izzaeh in Kafar Zita and al-Latamineh in Northern Hama left several command centers, operation room, gatherings and military operations destroyed.

Meantime, the Arabic-language al-Morasseloun News Website quoted battlefield sources as saying that at least 71 terrorists were killed in a recent foiled attack on al-Hamamiat town in Northern Hama and over 115 of them were also wounded.

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イランがCIAのスパイを17人摘発したというのは本当だろう イランの国内引き締め策?



'Zero truth': Trump says Iran's claim it captured CIA spies is 'totally false'

Iran busted 17 spies linked to CIA, some received death sentence – media
Iranian secret services uncovered a 17-member spy ring working against the country, according to state-affiliated media. Some of the agents have been given capital punishment.

All the suspects in question were arrested by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence, the semi-official Fars News Agency reported.

They were working as private contractors “in the economic, nuclear, infrastructural, military and cyber areas... where they collected classified information,” the report said.

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【天野IAEA事務局長死去E】あらためて言いますが、ブルームバーグは18日に、「日本で」死去と報じています。(link: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-22/veil-of-secrecy-follows-iaea-director-general-into-death) bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
なぜ隠す? 不可解です

UN Nuclear Watchdog IAEA Chief Yukiya Amano Dies
Last week, Reuters reported citing sources that Yukiya Amano could leave his post in March 2020 due to health issues.

Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano has died, the organisation said in a statement published on the official website.

The IAEA has also published the latest reflections of the deceased chief as he expressed wish last week to step down in the following year.

国際原子力機関 事務局長 天野之弥(あまの ゆきや)氏 72歳

TEHRAN (FNA)- Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano has died, the organisation announced in a statement published on the official website.

"The Secretariat of the International Atomic Energy Agency regrets to inform with deepest sadness of the passing away of Director General Yukiya Amano," the IAEA secretariat said in the note, but did not state how Amano, who was 72, died.

The IAEA has published the latest reflections of the deceased chief as he expressed wish last week to step down in the following year.

“During the past decade, the Agency delivered concrete results to achieve the objective of 'Atoms for Peace and Development', thanks to the support of Member States and the dedication of Agency staff. I am very proud of our achievements, and grateful to Member States and Agency staff,” he noted.

The IAEA’s responsibilities include policing the restrictions on Tehran’s nuclear activities under the 2015 Iran's deal with world powers, which the United States quit last year. For several times, Amano had confirmed Iran's compliance with its nuclear-related commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). His departure raises the question of what future course the agency will take, though few expect its handling of Iran and other sensitive issues to change significantly.

Days ago, sources claimed that Amano, a longtime Japanese diplomat who was reappointed in 2017 to a third four-year term in charge of the IAEA, would step down in March of next year because of an unspecified illness that has visibly weakened him over the past year.

Amano worked at the Japanese Foreign Ministry from 1972 until 2005, when he joined the IAEA as Japan's Resident Representative to the Agency. He had extensive experience in disarmament and non-proliferation diplomacy, as well as nuclear energy issues.

The IAEA flag will be lowered to half-mast.

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UAEの密輸船 UAEはだんまり パナマは激怒 英国籍のタンカーとどんな関連?

Panama Confirms Ship Seized by Iran Was Smuggling Oil
TEHRAN (FNA)- Panama's maritime authority confirmed that a tanker operating under the country's flag and seized by Iran in the Persian Gulf last week for smuggling fuel, was indeed in violation of international laws.

The Panamanian Maritime Administration (AMP) on Sunday censured the use of ships chartered by Panama for illegal acts, days after the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) detained the oil tanker MT Riah when it was smuggling one million liters of Iranian fuel in the Northern part of the Strait of Hormuz, presstv reported.

“We categorically condemn the use of vessels with a Panamanian flag for illicit acts that threaten the safety of human life,” the AMP said in a statement.

The statement further added that “those who clearly violate the laws, conventions and international agreements will be sanctioned and will run the risk that the ship is canceled from the Registry”.

Panamanian Ship Registry on Friday officially started withdrawing the registration of MT Riah after an investigation determined the tanker had "deliberately violated international regulations," the AMP announced.

According to specialized international sites, the vessel changed its name four times between 2009 and 2019. The vessel's Dubai-based owner Prime Tankers LLC says it has sold the vessel to Mouj Al-Bahar, another Emirati company.

The latest development follows the British seizure of an Iranian oil tanker claiming that it was carrying crude to Syria in violation of the European Union’s unilateral sanctions against the Arab country.

The Grace 1 supertanker, carrying 2.1 million barrels of oil, was seized in early July as it transited through international waters off Gibraltar, which is located on Spain's southern tip.

Later that day, Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned Britain’s ambassador in Tehran, Rob Macaire, to express its strong protest at the move. The envoy was told that the British Royal Marines’ move was tantamount to “maritime piracy”.

Reports say the seizure took place at the request of the United States, which has been bent on driving Iranian oil exports to “zero” as part of its sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei denounced Britain’s illegal seizure of the oil tanker, warning that the act of “piracy” will not go unanswered.

On Friday, the IRGC Navy captured British oil tanker Stena Impero for violating international maritime laws when crossing the high-traffic Strait of Hormuz.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stated on Monday that Iran's arguments for its seizure of the UK-flagged oil tanker were more convincing than those of London.

"Iran’s arguments are much more right than those of Gibraltar and London who are indulging in piracy," Ryabkov stressed.

Iranian officials say the vessel had switched off its GPS locator, in contravention of international regulations, and was sailing into the strategic waterway in a wrong traffic pattern.

The taker was transferred to the port of Iran’s southern city of Bandar Abbas for maritime casualty investigation.

The Britain has sought a diplomatic solution to the incident and UK Prime Minister Theresa May is to hold a meeting of the emergencies committee on Monday to discuss the issue.

Panama cites ‘deliberate violations’ as it disowns UAE-based tanker seized by Iran
The plot has thickened around the disappearance of the oil tanker MT Riah, towed to Iranian shores last week, with Panama saying it is revoking the ship’s registration over violation of international rules.

Panama's Maritime Authority on Saturday announced that it initiated the process of withdrawing its flag from the Emirati-based tanker Riah, which vanished south of Iran’s Larak Island.

In a statement cited by Reuters, the authority said that its own investigation into the tanker’s disappearance had found that it “deliberately violated international regulations” by failing to report an unusual situation, presumably its seizure by the Iranian Navy. The authority also condemned the use of Panama-registered vessels for “illicit activities” without ascribing any such specific activity to the Riah.

The tanker went missing from radar screens shortly before midnight last Saturday, when its tracking signal abruptly blinked out. On Tuesday, the Iranian news agency ISNA reported, citing the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that the Iranian forces came to a foreign tanker’s rescue after it sent a distress signal. While the name of the tanker was not revealed at the time, the vessel was presumed to be the Riah.


However, two days later, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps released footage showing the seizure of the ship with ‘Riah’ and “PANAMA” written on its hull, while accusing the vessel of smuggling fuel.

Semi-official news agency Fars reported at the time that the Iranian Navy had towed the tanker to the shore upon receiving a distress signal and discovered a haul of petroleum products, allegedly smuggled from Iran, after boarding the ship.

Despite airing the footage, Tehran has never acknowledged that the seized vessel was the Emirati-based Riah.

Other murky circumstances in the story have still not been clarified. While it has been widely reported that the Riah made frequent trips between different emirates of the UAE, that country has distanced itself from the ship.

"The tanker in question is neither UAE owned nor operated,” a UAE official told Emirates News Agency earlier this week.

There is also uncertainty over whether the ship asked for help, with the same official saying it “did not emit a distress call.”

At the moment, it’s still unclear who owns and operates the tanker. The Equasis maritime database shows the Riah’s last known owner as UAE-registered RIAH Shipping & Trading Inc., which appears to be based in Singapore.

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