Iranian Parliament Presents Bill to Collect Toll from Vessels Passing Strait of Hormuz

Iranian Parliament Presents Bill to Collect Toll from Vessels Passing Strait of Hormuz
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian parliament has devised a bill to be approved later which requires the government to collect toll from the cargo and military vessels which pass through the Strait of Hormuz, for protecting their security.

"A bill has been provided by the lawmakers which requires the government to receive expenses for providing security to vessels, either military or non-military, in the Strait of Hormuz from them," Hossein Ali Haji Deligani, a senior legislator, told FNA on Tuesday.

He added that the Iranian MPs have also devised other bills, including receiving compensation from the US for attacking an Iranian passenger plane in 1988 with 290 people on board, adopting necessary measures against the countries which host the US military men and facilities, adopting necessary measures against the companies which have accompanied the US sanctions against Iran, supporting the Iranian people and institutes which have been harmed by the US sanctions and forming a club of countries which have been sanctioned by the US.

While the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) has for years been the guarantor of security for the cargo ships and oil tankers in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, Washington claims that its naval forces have been deployed in the region to establish security.

US President Donald Trump said on Monday that other countries, including China and Japan, should protect their own oil tankers in the Middle East, suggesting that the American military may withdraw from securing the Strait of Hormuz for international commerce.

In a series of tweets, Trump questioned why the United States has provided such protection for years “for zero compensation.”

“China gets 91% of its Oil from the Straight (sic), Japan 62%, and many other countries likewise. So why are we protecting the shipping lanes for other countries (many years) for zero compensation,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

“All of these countries should be protecting their own ships on what has always been … a dangerous journey,” Trump continued. “We don’t even need to be there in that the U.S. has just become (by far) the largest producer of Energy anywhere in the world!”

Trump had earlier praised Iran for not shooting down a manned plane with 38 people on board when it decided to shoot down an unmanned American surveillance drone last Thursday.

Iran on Friday announced that its forces refrained from shooting down the manned plane that was accompanying the American spy drone which was shot down in the Persian Gulf after intruding into the Iranian airspace.

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It’s in your blood: New Alzheimer’s test lets doctors detect dementia in ‘under 1 hour’

It’s in your blood: New Alzheimer’s test lets doctors detect dementia in ‘under 1 hour’
A team of scientists claim to have developed the world’s first blood test that can detect Alzheimer’s disease. The pioneering method may prove vital in dealing with the impending dementia crisis the world could face this century.

The Amplified Plasmonic Exosome (Apex) system was developed by researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and analyzes specific proteins in blood samples, catching the disease earlier than ever before.

The current preferred methods to diagnose dementia (of which Alzheimer’s makes up some 50-70 percent of cases) are a neuropsychological test, spinal fluid sampling and brain Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging, all of which are more expensive, invasive or time-consuming than the Apex system.

The current design of the Apex system can test 60 samples simultaneously, with results “available in less than one hour.” It is expected to come online in general medicine within the next five years and currently costs SGD$60 (USD$44) to administer.

At present there are roughly 50 million dementia patients worldwide but that is estimated to balloon up to 152 million by 2050, marking one of the most significant impending health crises humans face as a species. This new technology could drastically improve early detection and treatment which is critical to disease management and mitigation of symptoms.

It could also be “easily scaled up” for large-scale clinical tests and helping find the right treatment, according to research leader Shao Huilin of the NUS Institute for Health Innovation & Technology.
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Beijing could blacklist FedEx as ‘unreliable entity’ after another Huawei delivery screw-up
American courier FedEx has apologized for failing to deliver a package to the US which contained a Huawei smartphone. The incident, which is not the first of its kind to affect Huawei, was explained as an “operational mistake.”

The parcel belonged to PC Magazine which reportedly tried to send a Huawei P30 smartphone from Britain to the United States. Tracking services revealed the shipment was returned to London after it spent several hours in Indianapolis.

“The package in question was mistakenly returned to the shipper, and we apologize for this operational error,” a FedEx spokeswoman told Reuters.

The company also said it “can accept and transport all Huawei products except for any shipments to listed Huawei entities on the US Entity List.”

Following the incident, China’s technology giant Huawei tweeted it was not within FedEx’s right to prevent the delivery. It added that the courier had a “vendetta.”

China’s foreign ministry said on Monday that FedEx should offer a proper explanation.

The so-called ‘operational error’ comes less than a month after FedEx apologized for rerouting packages sent between offices of Huawei. Two packages containing “urgent documents” which were sent from Japan ended up being sent to the US. Huawei’s shipping agent blocked two more from Vietnam, which FedEx had also attempted to reroute. Huawei’s spokesman then said the incident had “undermined their confidence” in the US-based shipping company.

The latest incident has sparked renewed criticism of FedEx on Chinese social media. The topic ‘FedEx apologizes again’ was trending on China’s microblog platform Weibo.

China’s state-run newspaper the Global Times tweeted on Sunday that FedEx is likely to be added to the Chinese government’s upcoming ‘unreliable entities’ list of foreign firms, groups and individuals that harm the interests of Chinese companies.

Huawei has become an important point of conflict between the US and China as a part of the ongoing trade war. In May, the Trump administration added Huawei to the entity list effectively barring it from doing business with American companies which supply Huawei with necessary parts and technology. Google and Microsoft have suspended business with Huawei in order to conform to the US trade ban.

The US alleges that Huawei could be spying for the Chinese government, a claim which the company, along with the Chinese government, has repeatedly denied.
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2019/6/12〜13 日本の総理がイラン訪問

2019/6/12 日本の総理がハッサン・ローハニ・イラン大統領との会談

2019/6/13 日本の総理がセイエド・アリー・ハメネイ最高指導者と会談

2019/6/13 ハメネイ最高指導者との会談1時間前にタンカー攻撃
This attack takes place at a time when the Japanese prime minister arrives in Tehran after 41 years, it’s literally an hour before his meeting with the Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei begins.

2019/6/13 国華産業のタンカーは日本時間の13日正午ごろと午後3時ごろの2回襲撃を受けた。火災は起こしていない。(火災を起こしたのは台湾?のタンカー「フロント・アルタイル」)イランのメディアは、攻撃ではなく技術的な問題が原因となった可能性に言及。
JNN/TBS 2019年6月15日(土)11時06分





※ buu @buu34氏の21:53 - 2019年6月14日 のツイート

JNN/TBS 2019年6月15日(土)15時45分

Saudi Arabia blames Iran for oil tanker attacks, but doesn’t want ‘regional war’
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has accused Iran of masterminding the attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman this week. One of the explosions rocked a Japanese-owned ship just as PM Abe held talks in Tehran.

※ 宋 文洲認証済みアカウント @sohbunshu氏の2019/6/17のツイート
・・・ロシアのソース確認中だが、ロシアがこの空域を監視していたことはありそうだ。MQ-9 リーパーが事件発生地点の上空を飛んでいてイランから攻撃を受けたと米軍が発表。

Top Diplomat: Russia Has No Intelligence Data on Incident in Gulf of Oman
TEHRAN (FNA)- Moscow does not have any intelligence data concerning the tanker incident in the Gulf of Oman, which took place on Thursday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.
"We do not have such intelligence data," the foreign inister said in an interview with TASS on Tuesday, answering the corresponding question.
"We see the very vague alleged evidence provided by the United States, some video footage, some pictures, which raise serious questions even among its closest allies," Lavrov stated.

Egyptian Paper: Mossad Main Suspect behind Attacks on Oil Tankers in Sea of Oman

2019/6/18 日本の防衛大臣がホルムズ海峡に自衛隊を派遣する予定はないと述べる。(FARSNEWS 6/18)

2019/6/18 米国海軍が国華産業のタンカー(?)からリンペット機雷の破片と磁石を見つけたと発表。イランの機雷と酷似しているとも。
The United States Navy has shown limpet mine shards as well as a magnet extracted from one of the oil tankers allegedly attacked last week, claiming that they bore striking resemblance to Iranian mines.


お前の国のタンカーがやられて仕返しに行くんだからお前の軍隊も出せ! というわけだ。

India deploys warships to Persian Gulf amid rising tensions between US and Iran
The Indian Navy is deploying multiple vessels to the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, to provide “security” for Indian-flagged ships traversing the area. The decision follows multiple attacks on merchant ships there.

Designating the move “Operation Sankalp” (resolution), an Indian Navy spokesperson announced on Thursday that two warships would be deployed for “maritime security” in the troubled waters between Iran, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The vessels will be backed up by air cover and surveillance assets.

Japan Expresses Concern over US Sending Additional 1,000 Troops to Middle East
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Japanese government expressed concern on Tuesday over the United States’ plans to deploy additional 1,000 troops to the Middle East following the recent attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

"It is a matter of deep concern that tensions will escalate in the region of the Middle East", Japan's Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasutoshi Nishimura told a briefing, as cited by Kyodo news agency.

On Monday, acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan announced sending of more US soldiers to the Middle East. Shanahan added that the United States was not seeking a conflict with Iran and the additional forces were being sent to protect US interests and personnel in the region.

On Thursday, two oil tankers, Kokuka Courageous and Front Altair, suffered explosions and fires in the Gulf of Oman near the Strait of Hormuz.

While the causes of the incident remain unknown, the United States claimed that Iran had attacked the vessels. However, Washington had not provided any evidence to support its claims. Iran has denied all the allegations of having a role in the incident.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov warned against attempts to lay the blame on Iran before any thorough investigation into the incident.

Japan's DM: Tokyo Will Not Send Military to Gulf of Oman After Attack on Tankers
TEHRAN (FNA)- Tokyo will not send military forces to the Gulf of Oman after last week's attack on the two tankers there, Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya said on Tuesday.

"It is not clear who is behind the attack, and there were no Japanese citizens onboard [the tankers]. Attacks did not continue, and there is no need to send Japan's Defense Forces there," Iwaya stated, according to Asia News.

He added that Tokyo closely follows the developments in the region after an escalation in the relations between the United States and Iran.

Two tankers caught fire in the Gulf of Oman after an attack on Thursday. The crews were evacuated by the Iranian rescue services and taken to the port of Jask.

The Unitedd States has announced that Iran is responsible for the attacks. Tehran has denied any involvement in the incident.

The Kokuka Courageous tanker, registered in Panama and owned by a Japanese transport company, was carrying methanol from Saudi Arabia to Singapore. The Marshall Islands-flagged Front Altair vessel, owned by Norway's Frontline, was sailing from the United Arab Emirates to Taiwan with petrochemical feedstock.

‘One hour before key Iran-Japan talks’: Professor debunks claims of Tehran role in tanker attacks
As US leaders once again blame Tehran for an attack on a pair of tankers, Iranian Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi joins RT to debunk their arguments and challenge the Western narrative on the Islamic Republic.

The timing of the attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, Professor Marandi notes, was undoubtedly rather odd:

This attack takes place at a time when the Japanese prime minister arrives in Tehran after 41 years, it’s literally an hour before his meeting with the Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei begins.

Considering that one of the tankers hit belonged to the Japanese shipping company, Kokuka Sangyo, the timing makes it “obvious that the Iranians wouldn’t be involved in any such thing,” Marandi argued.

However, with the mainstream Western media eager to portray Iran in the worst light, perhaps it should come as no surprise that so many countries are willing to believe such far-fetched claims.

Watch Marandi’s full interview challenging these perceptions on RT:

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すげーな 8年経ってもF1のこのモクモク








F1 大量の蒸気を噴き出していたのは3号機だけではないようだ


2018/2/7 13時57分

この画像も 2018/2/16、午前5時36分
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ロシアが S-500 防空システムを実戦配備へ 防空範囲の狭いS-350も開発

the Iran-made short-range and mid-altitude 'Third of Khordad' missile defense shield









Russian S-500 Air Defence System Almost Ready – Deputy Air Force Commander
The Russian Armed Forces will soon begin receiving a number of the newest air defence systems, a top Aerospace Forces officer said.

Speaking to the official armed forces newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda, Aerospace Forces Deputy Commander Lieutenant General Yuri Grekhov disclosed that the development of the S-500, the successor to the S-300 and S-400 air defence systems − has reached its final stage, as has the development of a number of radar systems.

He also disclosed that the Armed Forces will soon begin receiving the S-350 systems as well. The S-350 is tasked with "defence of administrative-political centres, most important objects and regions of the country, armed forces groups, from massive air strikes, including tactical and operative-tactical ballistic missiles," Grekhov said, adding that the system has already passed the state's testing.

"Every weapon system I mentioned is unique in its own way and is designed to solve a wide spectrum of tasks to ensure reliable aerospace defence of our country," Grekhov said.

Recharging an S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft weapon system during the combat duty drills of the surface to air-misile regiment in the Moscow Region.

According to Grekhov, all the weapon systems are built from Russian-made components and feature maximum automatization of all processes in conjunction with ease of use and maintenance.

The S-500, the S-350 and the new radars feature high mobility and are able to deploy to and function in unprepared positions, he said.

When asked about the percentage of cutting-edge systems in the Russian military, Grekhov said he estimates it makes up about 70 percent, adding that several more Russian air defence regiments will switch to the S-400 this year. However, 90 percent of systems used by the Moscow Region and Central Economic Region air defences are modern.

While the S-500's specifications remain classified, the system is reportedly able to destroy targets up to 600 kilometres away; it is also believed to be able to track and simultaneously strike up to 10 ballistic targets moving at speeds up to 7 km/s (approximately Mach 20).

Polish Citizen Sentenced to 14 Years for Trying to Steal Secret Parts of Russia's S-300
A Moscow city court has conducted a closed-door trial into the case of Polish citizen Marian Radzajewski, accused of espionage, the Russian Federal Security Service stated.

The Moscow city court found Polish citizen Marian Radzajewski guilty of Article 276 of the Russian Criminal Code, espionage, the court's press service stated.

"He was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 14 years in a strict regime colony", the press service added.

The trial was conducted in a closed session, since its materials contain information constituting state secrets.

According to the Russian Security Service (FSB), Radzajewski tried to obtain secret parts of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system. When trying to make a deal, he was detained red-handed.

Radzajewski reportedly acted in the interests of a Polish organisation, the leading supplier for Poland's national armed forces and special services.

In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated Russia's special services intercepted almost 600 foreign intelligence officers and agents last year.

The S-300 is a Russian long-range surface-to-air missile system, developed to defend against aircraft and cruise missiles. The system is capable of hitting even the smallest aerial objects as well as cruise missiles. Different variations of the S-300 are possessed by nearly 14 countries, mainly in Eastern Europe, including Slovakia.
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パソコンないからスマホで代用? それならあくまでも代用の範囲で使ったほうが良いです。

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これはすごい 明らかに悪意の人間がパソコンをハックしている









管理人にGmailを送らないでください あなたがこのブログの管理人と関係を有していることが明らかになります

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電化製品が次々に壊れていく件 これ怖いな









@ スティックパソコンと測定器をつなぐインターフェースチップ1個が故障、もう1個が不調になった。これは設置場所のWifiが強かったから。設置していてくれた方が、住まいのWifi電波が強くてスティックパソコンのWifiが通じにくいと言っていた。

A スティックパソコンの画像出力部分だけが故障。突然画面が見えなくなったとのこと。その方のお宅ではモバイルルーターの動作が極めて不安定だった。

B 管理人宅のモニター。不調になったが、外して別の場所で保管。Wifiを止めた後に使用再開で順当に稼働。


C 設置を依頼した測定システムのスティックパソコンが早々におかしくなった。落下したらしいのだが、他にも影響があったのかも。

D 確認できていないが、小型液晶モニターが故障した模様。その設置場所ではやはりシステムが安定して稼働しなかったようだ。

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USB Serial Console
ソフトがすでに起動していたのか、いくつか OKをタップしたら設定なしで即数値が流れ出した。


Windowsタブレットパソコン使用 放射能測定器 グラフ表示
Windowsキーボードパソコン使用 放射能測定器 グラフ表示 2
Windowsキーボードパソコン使用 電磁波測定器 画像キャプチャー
アンドロイドタブレットスマホ 放射能測定器 数値表示記録 2
アンドロイドタブレットスマホ 放射能測定器 数値表示記録の2台は、ベータ線量推定のためのセットとしても使える。









どうしてもスリープで間が空く。スリープ止めるには"Stay Awake”というフリーソフトがあったので入れた。画面の明るさは最低限に落とす。


GC10をつなぎ、USB Serial Consoleを起動、動き出したらStay Awakeを起動して Always Awakeをタップ。稼働を止めるときは右上の3点マークをタップ、保存タップで下欄にファイル名が表示されることを確認。終了はアプリの一覧を出して右上の×マークをタップ。続いてStay Awakeを止める。



1 アンドロイドスマホに、"USB Serial Console"というフリーソフトをインストールする。

2 GC10の本体


3 GC10とパソコンでデータをやり取りするためのインターフェイス、ケーブルを用意する。
管理人はインターフェースに FDI CHIP製のものを使っています。これをWindowsパソコンで使う場合はドライバーが必要ですが、UBUNTSU、LINUXにはあらかじめ入っているらしい。アンドロイドも同じ?








スマホの日時、MAZURの日時 CPM 1分毎。

ボーレート 9600
データビツト 8
パリティチェック none
ストップビット 1
フロー制御 off


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