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US orders all non-emergency personnel to leave Iraq as tensions with Iran grow - embassy
Washington ordered to pull out its “non-emergency” staff from Iraq, the US Embassy in Baghdad said on Wednesday. The move comes after an alert on tensions in the country.

Some government employees are set to leave the embassy in Baghdad, as well as the US Consulate in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

On Sunday, the embassy warned of “heightened tensions” in Iraq and called on US citizens there to “remain vigilant.” Normal visa services will be temporarily suspended.

Look harder: US rebukes British general for doubting heightened threat from Iran
A UK military commander was rebuked by the US Central Command for questioning Washington’s claims that Iran poses an increased threat. Gen. Ghika, a senior figure in the anti-ISIS coalition, said none was evident in Iraq or Syria.

The awkward exchange on Tuesday came as the US is trying to rally its allies to confront Tehran over an unspecified threat to American interests in the Middle East.

Despite the beat of the war drum, even the US’ closest allies remain skeptical about the narrative furthered by Iran hawks in Washington like US National Security Advisor John Bolton and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. One of the doubters is British Army Maj. Gen. Christopher Ghika, a deputy head of the US-led coalition created to fight the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).

“There’s been no increased threat from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria,” Gen. Ghika said on Tuesday during a video briefing from Iraq. “We’re aware of that presence, clearly. And we monitor them along with a whole range of others because that’s the environment we’re in.”

There is a large number of Shia militias operating in Iraq and Syria, some with the backing of the Iranian government. They were involved in fighting against radical Sunni groups, including IS, in the past few years, but the degree of control that Tehran has over the fighters is questionable.

Washington cited the existence of those groups as one of the reasons why Iran poses a danger to the US and should be contained. The US has some 5,000 troops deployed in Iraq with the consent of its government as part of the coalition effort, as well as some 2,000 troops stationed in Syria illegally.

Hours after Ghika’s report, the US Central Command, which is responsible for the Middle East operations, rebuked the British general, saying his word ran “counter to the identified credible threats available to intelligence from US and allies regarding Iranian backed forces in the region.” CENTCOM said it has “increased the force posture level for all service members” of the anti-IS coalition.

Ghika disagreed, saying Operation Inherent Resolve, as the coalition effort is officially called, is not operating against Iran, so he was speaking only about the militias. “I’m not going to go into the detail of it, but there are a substantial number of militia groups in Iraq and Syria and we don’t see any increased threat from any of them at this stage,” he said during the video call.

CENTCOM’s current position seems to contradict what they told the Pentagon’s Office of the Inspector General. The latest OIG quarterly report on Operation Inherent Resolve said the command believed Tehran-backed militias to be focused on assisting the Syrian government in the fight against IS and not intent on attacking the coalition forces. The report warned that this may change, should the US ramp up what Tehran could see as “anti-Iranian activities.”

Earlier, the US deployed an aircraft carrier strike group, several B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers, an amphibious transport dock, and a battery of Patriot air defense missiles in response to the unspecified threat from Iran.

The Pentagon may also send as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East, according to a New York Times report. President Trump has rejected the claim, calling it fake news and saying: “If we did that, we would send a hell of a lot more troops than that.”
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放出源はほかにもある? 広く調べました。







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Russia Warns of US Preparing to Use Nuclear Weapons in Europe

Russia Warns of US Preparing to Use Nuclear Weapons in Europe
TEHRAN (FNA)- By deploying nuclear weapons in Europe, the United States is preparing to use them with permission of non-nuclear European states, Vladimir Ermakov, the director of the Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control at the Russian Foreign Ministry, stated.

"Unfortunately, some countries dependent on Washington pretend that nothing is happening, or are simply afraid of even thinking about the provocative nature of the fact that in the 21st century there is a preparation for the use of nuclear weapons with participation non-nuclear states on the territory of Europe," Ermakov told Sputnik.

According to the diplomat, it is impossible to seriously talk about strengthening of nuclear non-proliferation regime, when "civilised" European states "continue to mindlessly put themselves on the brink of a nuclear catastrophe and a total self-destruction".

In March, US Air Force announced it had deployed six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to Europe for "theater integration and flying training" with its NATO allies. The actions were promptly criticized by the Kremlin.

In April, Ermakov noted that the US military exercises involving nuclear component might result in catastrophic events, and Europe has to realize the risks of taking part in such "crazy actions".
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Iran calls recent tanker attacks in UAE nothing but ‘Israeli mischief’
The recent damage sustained to four commercial vessels off the UAE coast is nothing but Israeli meddling, an Iranian parliamentary spokesman said on Tuesday, as US-Iran tensions in the Persian Gulf continue to heat up.

“The events that took place in the emirates were Israeli mischief,” Behrouz Nemati said, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). While Nemati didn’t expand on why he believed there was involvement by Tel Aviv, he said it was the conclusion reached by the Iranian government after much debate on the issue.

On Sunday, two Saudi oil tankers, an Emirati barge and a Norwegian vessel, suffered damage after being targeted in waters near the emirate of Fujairah, in what the UAE’s Foreign Ministry called a series of “sabotage operations.” Both Saudi and UAE authorities have been tight-lipped about who they believe is the culprit behind the acts, however, and little information has been given about the extent of the damage incurred. Iran has called for a full probe into the incident, fearing“ill-wishers” want to disrupt regional security.

Yemeni Houthis Claim Responsibility For Attack on Saudi Oil Pipeline - Reports
The attack on the pumping stations, which are serving a major East-West oil pipeline, comes days after the Saudi authorities reported that the country's ships had been sabotaged near the UAE.

Two oil pumping stations have been attacked by drones in Saudi Arabia, Minister of Energy, Industry, and Mineral Resources Khalid bin Al-Falih said on Tuesday.

According to the minister, the attack, which resulted in a fire at station No. 8, occurred between 6.00 a.m. and 6.30 a.m. local time on Tuesday.

He slammed the attack as a "cowardly act of terrorism" targeted against Saudi Arabia and the global economy, stressing the need to counter terror groups, including "Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen."

"Crude oil production and export of Saudi oil and oil products continue, they have not been interrupted," Falih added.

The official further noted that despite the incident, the production and export of Saudi oil would continue "without interruption".

Commenting on the event, the kingdom's national oil company, Saudi Aramco, said that no injuries had been registered.

Following the attack, the Associated Press reported that the Houthis had claimed responsibility for the attack, which was meant to send a message to the kingdom to stop what the militants described as "aggression".

The stations are serving a major East-West oil pipeline that transports crude from the oilfields in the Eastern Province to the port of Yanbu on the west coast.

The incident comes days after the minister said that two country's vessels were targeted in a "sabotage attack" near the UAE. According to Reuters, one of the targeted vessels was en route to being loaded with Saudi crude from Ras Tanura port to be delivered to Aramco customers in the US before the attack.

Iran warns of ‘conspiracy by ill-wishers,’ urges probe into ‘sabotage attack’ off UAE coast
Iran’s Foreign Ministry said it wants clarification of what happened at the UAE port of Fujairah, where four ships were reportedly targeted in a “sabotage operation.”

Sunday’s incident at Fujairah port was “alarming and regrettable,” a spokesman for Iranian Foreign Ministry, Abbas Mousavi, said in a statement on Monday. He cautioned against “adventurism by foreigners,” which could undermine the region’s stability and security, saying shipping and maritime safety is of paramount importance to Tehran.

Detailed footage shows extent of damage to tanker ships in Persian Gulf (VIDEO)
Video footage captured by an RT Arabic correspondent details the damage done to a Norwegian tanker ship at a port in UAE waters. Saudi and Emirati officials allege three other ships nearby were targeted with ‘sabotage.’

The footage reveals a sizable hole in the stern of the Andrea Victory, a Norwegian tanker ship docked at the port of Fujairah in the UAE. The damage was inflicted on Sunday by an “unknown object,” Thome Ship Management, a Norwegian shipping company that manages the vessel, said in a statement to the media.

No crew members were harmed in the incident and that the Andrea Victory was not at risk of sinking, the company said.

Three other commercial vessels, including two Saudi oil tankers and an Emirati barge, were also damaged Sunday in what Saudi and UAE officials say were “sabotage attacks.” One of the Saudi ships was in the process of delivering Saudi crude oil to American customers, according to Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih.

Though the UAE maintained that the four ships were damaged by sabotage, local authorities at Fujairah denied media reports of explosions at the harbor.

The incident comes on the heels of a number of American military deployments to the region, meant to quell an unspecified threat from Iran, according to the White House. Perhaps anticipating that Iran would be blamed for the so-called sabotage, the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Monday called for an investigation, requesting to know “the exact dimensions” of what happened.

When asked whether Iran was involved in the sabotage, US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook declined to comment but said the US would assist the UAE in its investigation. The Saudis and Emiratis also refrained from explicitly blaming Iran.

US President Donald Trump did not speculate whether Tehran was behind the Fujairah incident but said the US would retaliate if Iran attacked any tankers in the Mediterranean.

“It's going to be a bad problem for Iran if something happens, I can tell you that,” the president told reporters Monday “They're not going to be happy.”

Iran says navy prepared to protect oil tankers from ‘any threats’ as US sanctions kick in
Following US warnings dissuading port operators from allowing Iranian tankers to dock, Iran’s top brass pushed back by reiterating that its navy is ready to protect ships against any threats.

Iran’s military is “prepared today as in the past” to protect against “any threats,” and to ensure the safe passage of Iranian oil tankers, Rear-Admiral Mahmoud Mousavi, a deputy commander of the regular armed forces, said on Monday, Iranian news agency ISNA reports.

He stressed that any “hindrances” to Iran’s right to use international waterways “would be clearly unacceptable.”

The comments come a week after the United States unilaterally re-imposed sanctions on Tehran’s oil, shipping and banking industries. Although it’s unclear whether other nations will abide by Washington’s diktats, US officials have hinted that Iranian ships will no longer be welcome in international waters.

“From the Suez Canal to the Strait of Malacca and all choke-points in between, Iranian tankers are a floating liability,” Brian Hook, US special representative for Iran and senior policy adviser to the secretary of state, said on Wednesday. “Self-insured Iranian tankers are a risk to the ports that permit them to dock [and] the canals that allow them to transit.”

Hook went on to warn that nations that ignore the US-imposed restrictions on Iran’s commercial fleet could face sanctions of their own.

Tehran has repeatedly threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz and halt Persian Gulf oil exports if its own oil exports are blocked. In recent months, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has held naval exercises in the Persian Gulf designed to increase preparedness for “confronting possible threats.”

National Security Advisor John Bolton said in August that shutting down the Strait of Hormuz would be a serious “mistake,” suggesting that Tehran was merely “bluffing.”

On November 5, the US put back in force all sanctions previously lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal, which Washington unilaterally withdrew from in May. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the sanctions will remain until Tehran complies with a list of 12 demands. The ultimatum calls on Tehran to halt all nuclear and ballistic missile development, as well as ending the country’s alleged “support for terrorism.” Washington also says that Iran must completely withdraw from Syria before sanctions can be lifted.
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もともと悪人だったのに どうして交番に届けたんだろう

朝日新聞デジタル2019年5月3日 19時31分
知人男性の遺体を遺棄の疑い、男2人逮捕 千葉県警



JNN/TBS 2019年5月4日(土)16時31分





産経2019.5.6 16:54社会事件・疑惑
千葉・東金市の死体遺棄 死因は不明






産経2019.5.10 17:36社会事件・疑惑
千葉・東金の男性遺棄 逃走中の70歳女を指名手配 

時事2019年5/11(土) 12:54配信





産経2019.5.12 07:00地方千葉
東金遺体遺棄 気性荒く日頃から暴力 知人ら目撃の松本容疑者の素顔


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Line out って 何? WhatsApp(ワッツアップ)とは?

※ エリック ・C @x__ok氏の2019/5/12のツイート
Line out。これでやっと、電話代がまともになった。

※ エリック ・C @x__ok氏の2019/5/12のツイート
驚いてしまったのです。全く音質が変わらないのに、Line out を使うと、多くの固定電話には1/40の値段です。場合によっては無料。海外も国によっては、日本国内よりも安くかけられます。もちろん普通の Line-Lineは、どこでも無料です。これはみなさんがすでに知っていることと思います。

※ エリック ・C @x__ok氏の2019/5/12のツイート

※ エリック ・C @x__ok氏の2019/5/12のツイート

※ エリック ・C @x__ok氏の2019/5/12のツイート
しかし、問題があるとすると、私はだいぶ前から、この日本の電話が不当に高い問題を twitterに書いて来たのだけれども、なぜ日本の誰もLine out のことを教えてくれなかったのだ。。。

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LINEの無料通話とLINE Outの違いを徹底解説!注意点は?

LINE (アプリケーション)



WhatsApp vulnerability exploited by Israeli spyware targets human rights campaigners
Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger has been weaponized to bug the phones of human rights campaigners, lawyers, and other dissidents with an Israeli spyware, sparking a backlash against the program’s manufacturer.

“NSO Group sells its products to governments who are known for outrageous human rights abuses, giving them the tools to track activists and critics. The attack on Amnesty International was the final straw,” Danna Ingelton, deputy director of Amnesty Tech, said in a statement on Monday. “It’s time to stop the use of NSO Group’s tools to infiltrate, intimidate and silence civil society.”

Amnesty, which was targeted along with several human rights lawyers by the WhatsApp exploit, is working with a group of Israeli citizens and a civil rights group on a legal action to force the Israeli Ministry of Defense to revoke NSO Group’s export license, claiming the company’s flagship product, called Pegasus, is dangerous and prone to abuse – and that NSO deliberately sells it to repressive governments.

After discovering the vulnerability last week, WhatsApp claims it worked “around the clock” to develop a patch to protect users from the exploit, finally releasing the fix on Monday. WhatsApp has also reported the issue to the US Department of Justice, which declined to comment to the Financial Times. The company is not yet aware of how many of its 1.5 billion users were affected by the exploit.

Attackers installed Pegasus on target users’ phones through WhatsApp’s call function, according to the company; users did not even have to answer the call to become infected. Pegasus can turn on a target’s microphone and camera at will, peruse emails and texts, and track location – all without the target’s knowledge.

While NSO claims Pegasus is intended for government usage – its website insists its mission is “developing technology to prevent and investigate terror and crime,” and the company claims it carefully vets customers – a number of activists and human rights campaigners in the Middle East have found themselves on the wrong end of Pegasus attacks. Amnesty International claims “at least 24 human rights defenders, journalists and parliamentarians in Mexico,” an employee, several Saudi activists, an Emirati human rights campaigner, and even (allegedly) Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi, whose killers reportedly used the software to track him, have been targeted using Pegasus.
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中国外相がラブロフと会談 ポンペオは頻繁に予定変更

北朝鮮問題がメインテーマとの見方がありますが、中国にとっては米中貿易問題が直面する最大の問題。イラン、ベネズエラ問題も含めて経済問題が広く話し合われたのでは? ポンペオ訪ロの直前に割り込んでいます。テロリスト問題もあるかもしれません。

ソチ国際空港 Google MapとSPUTNIKのライブ映像から


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, are holding a meeting in Sochi amid preparations for President Xi Jinping's visit to Russia to take part in the St Petersburg International Economic Forum in June.

The Chinese top diplomat has arrived to Sochi for a two-day visit; Wang and Lavrov are anticipated to discuss the strengthening of bilateral ties, as well as pressing issues on the international arena. In the meantime, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is also expected to visit Russia this week to meet with Lavrov and President Vladimir Putin.

Pompeo cancels Moscow visit to talk about Iran in Brussels – official
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is not coming to Moscow on Monday as previously planned, according to a report citing a State Department official. He will still meet the Russian president and foreign minister on Tuesday.

Instead of heading straight for the Russian capital, on Monday Pompeo will hold talks with European officials about "Iran and other issues," an anonymous State Department official told Reuters.

The cancellation of the Moscow leg of Pompeo's visit will reportedly not affect his planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, which is scheduled to take place in Sochi on Tuesday. Pompeo is expected to talk to them about what Washington calls Russia's "aggressive and destabilizing actions." The US has repeatedly accused Russia of meddling all around the world, including most recently in Venezuela, where, according to Pompeo, only the US is allowed to meddle.

Pompeo has spent the past week escalating pressure on Iran, threatening it with "swift and decisive" US action in response to nebulously defined "attack on American interests or citizens" by "[Iran] or their proxies." On Tuesday, he canceled a visit to Germany and instead went to Iraq, where he hinted that Baghdad should stay away from doing business with Tehran – for the sake of its own independence.

On Friday, the Pentagon said it was sending additional Patriot anti-air missiles to the Middle East in addition to the carrier strike group and bombers it had dispatched to near the Iranian coast as a "warning" a week earlier. Pompeo, meanwhile, has been insisting the US does not want war with Iran.

On Wednesday, Iran announced that it would stop disposing of excess heavy water and uranium, which was one of the key terms of the landmark 2015 JCPOA nuclear agreement it had struck with the US, the EU, Russia and China. Tehran accused the EU of caving in to American pressure and failing to stick to its end of the deal. European diplomats shot back by saying the EU "rejects any ultimatums," but also urged "countries not party to the JCPOA" – which includes the US after its unilateral withdrawal in 2018 – to "refrain from taking any actions that impede the remaining parties’ ability to fully perform their commitments."
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JNN/TBS 2019年5月13日(月)23時26分
 今月10日、アメリカが中国からの2000億ドル分の輸入品に対して、追加関税を25%に引き上げたことを受けての報復措置です。中国政府は「アメリカ側の保護貿易主義に対する答えだ」「アメリカ側が貿易交渉で共に努力し、ウィンウィンの合意に達するよう努力することを希望する」とコメントしています。(13日22:10) JNN/TBS

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※ vanessa beeley @VanessaBeeley氏の4:02 - 2019年5月12日のツイート
Discovery of UK Intelligence-cultivated and financed #WhiteHelmets Centre under grain siloes in Qaalat Al Madiq (Madiq Citadel) recently liberated from NATO terrorist occupation. #Hama
#WhiteHelmets terrorist auxiliaries serving US Coalition propaganda industry.

Google Mapから


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終身雇用など風前の灯 頑張ってきたお父さんたちご苦労様でした

※ Hiromi1961 @Hiromi19611
「終身雇用守るの難しい」トヨタ社長が“限界”発言(テレビ朝日系(ANN)) - Yahoo!ニュース

テレ朝 news 2019/5/13(月) 18:44配信
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除染土を熊本に搬入? こりゃ大変だ 原子力市民委員会声明発表

※ morikoson @youkainingen氏の22:02 - 2019年5月5日 のツイート

※ ともぞう @mugimama1225氏の2019/5/6のツイート


F県の除染廃棄物を入れたフレコンが熊本城に? ごみの混入した土を災害復旧に使う? 考え難いですが。焼却済の除染廃棄物? そうであれば、特に放射能が強くなっていますから傍で測ればわかります。



情報が寄せられました。積まれたフレコンは減っているそうです。地上1m、0.149μSv/h、フレコン上直置き、0.287μSv/h。 オイオイオイ! もう少し高ければ警報音が鳴る水準。


※ 原子力市民委員会 @ccnejpの2019/5/13のツイート
原子力市民委員会 「声明: 環境省は除染土の再生利用と安易な処分をやめ、国民の熟議と合意にもとづいた最終処分のあり方を提示せよ」を発表しました
ccnejapan.com/?p=9951 【本文(PDF)】 http://www.ccnejapan.com/20190513_CCNE.pdf
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Broccoli Sprout Compound for Schizophrenia
TEHRAN (FNA)- In a series of recently published studies using animals and people, researchers say they have further characterized a set of chemical imbalances in the brains of people with schizophrenia related to the chemical glutamate. And they figured out how to tweak the level using a compound derived from broccoli sprouts.

In a series of recently published studies using animals and people, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers say they have further characterized a set of chemical imbalances in the brains of people with schizophrenia related to the chemical glutamate. And they figured out how to tweak the level using a compound derived from broccoli sprouts.

They say the results advance the hope that supplementing with broccoli sprout extract, which contains high levels of the chemical sulforaphane, may someday provide a way to lower the doses of traditional antipsychotic medicines needed to manage schizophrenia symptoms, thus reducing unwanted side effects of the medicines.

"It's possible that future studies could show sulforaphane to be a safe supplement to give people at risk of developing schizophrenia as a way to prevent, delay or blunt the onset of symptoms," adds Akira Sawa, M.D., Ph.D., professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and director of the Johns Hopkins Schizophrenia Center.

Schizophrenia is marked by hallucinations, delusions and disordered thinking, feeling, behavior, perception and speaking. Drugs used to treat schizophrenia don't work completely for everyone, and they can cause a variety of undesirable side effects, including metabolic problems increasing cardiovascular risk, involuntary movements, restlessness, stiffness and "the shakes."

In a study described in the Jan. 9 edition of the journal JAMA Psychiatry, the researchers looked for differences in brain metabolism between people with schizophrenia and healthy controls. They recruited 81 people from the Johns Hopkins Schizophrenia Center within 24 months of their first psychosis episode, which can be a characteristic symptom of schizophrenia, as well as 91 healthy controls from the community. The participants were an average of 22 years old, and 58% were men.

The researchers used a powerful magnet to measure and compare five regions in the brain between the people with and without psychosis. A computer analysis of 7-Tesla magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) data identified individual chemical metabolites and their quantities.

The researchers found on average 4% significantly lower levels of the brain chemical glutamate in the anterior cingulate cortex region of the brain in people with psychosis compared to healthy people.

Glutamate is known for its role in sending messages between brain cells, and has been linked to depression and schizophrenia, so these findings added to evidence that glutamate levels have a role in schizophrenia.

Additionally, the researchers found a significant reduction of 3% of the chemical glutathione in the brain's anterior cingulate cortex and 8% in the thalamus. Glutathione is made of three smaller molecules, and one of them is glutamate.

Next, the researchers asked how glutamate might be managed in the brain and whether that management is faulty in disease. They first looked at how it's stored. Because glutamate is a building block of glutathione, the researchers wondered if the brain might use glutathione as a way to store extra glutamate. And if so, the researchers questioned if they could use known drugs to shift this balance to either release glutamate from storage when there isn't enough, or send it into storage if there is too much.

In another study, described in the Feb. 12 issue of the journal PNAS, the team used the drug L-Buthionine sulfoximine in rat brain cells to block an enzyme that turns glutamate into glutathione, allowing it to be used up. The researchers found that theses nerves were more excited and fired faster, which means they were sending more messages to other brain cells. The researchers say shifting the balance this way is akin to shifting the brain cells to a pattern similar to one found in the brains of people with schizophrenia. Next, the researchers wanted to see if they could do the opposite and shift the balance to get more glutamate stored in the form of glutathione. They used the chemical sulforaphane found in broccoli sprouts, which is known to turn on a gene that makes more of the enzyme that sticks glutamate with another molecule to make glutathione. When they treated rat brain cells with glutathione, it slowed the speed at which the nerve cells fired, meaning they were sending fewer messages. The researchers say this pushed the brain cells to behave less like the pattern found in brains with schizophrenia.

"We are thinking of glutathione as glutamate stored in a gas tank," says Thomas Sedlak, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. "If you have a bigger gas tank, you have more leeway on how far you can drive, but as soon as you take the gas out of the tank it's burned up quickly. We can think of those with schizophrenia as having a smaller gas tank."

Because sulforaphane changed the glutamate imbalance in the rat brains and affected how messages were transmitted between the rat brain cells, the researchers wanted to test whether sulforaphane could change glutathione levels in healthy people's brains and see if this could eventually be a strategy for people with mental disorders. For their study, published in April 2018 in Molecular Neuropsychiatry, the researchers recruited nine healthy volunteers (four women, five men) to take two capsules with 100 micromoles daily of sulforaphane in the form of broccoli sprout extract for seven days.

The volunteers reported that a few of them were gassy and some had stomach upset when eating the capsules on an empty stomach, but overall the sulforaphane was relatively well tolerated.

The researchers used MRS again to monitor three brain regions for glutathione levels in the healthy volunteers before and after taking sulforaphane. They found that after seven days, there was about a 30% increase in average glutathione levels in the subjects' brains. For example, in the hippocampus, glutathione levels rose an average of 0.27 millimolar from a baseline of 1.1 millimolar after seven days of taking sulforaphane.

The scientists say further research is needed to learn whether sulforaphane can safely reduce symptoms of psychosis or hallucinations in people with schizophrenia. They would need to determine an optimal dose and see how long people must take it to observe an effect. The researchers caution that their studies don't justify or demonstrate the value of using commercially available sulforaphane supplements to treat or prevent schizophrenia, and patients should consult their physicians before trying any kind of over-the-counter supplement. Versions of sulforaphane supplementsare sold in health food stores and at vitamin counters, and aren't regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

"For people predisposed to heart disease, we know that changes in diet and exercise can help stave off the disease, but there isn't anything like that for severe mental disorders yet," says Sedlak. "We are hoping that we will one day make some mental illness preventable to a certain extent."

Sulforaphane is found in a variety of cruciferous vegetables, and was first identified as a "chemoprotective" substance decades ago by Paul Talalay and Jed Fahey at Johns Hopkins.

According to the World Health Organization, schizophrenia affects about 21 million people worldwide.
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※ とも @tomo_emperor氏の7:22 - 2019年5月10日 のツイート

※ こぶた農園@FELT乗り。 @kobuta_nouen氏の8:13 - 2019年5月10日のツイート

※ こぶた農園@FELT乗り。 @kobuta_nouen氏の2019/5/10のツイート

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※ 絵が采花~ayaka~ @EGA_ayaka氏の2019/5/13のツイート

※ ヒューが @hyugan19

かにちゃんと世界線さんが拾ってくれた 鼻血に関するツイートがずいぶん多いです。



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咬む犬を爺さんが止められず 訪問介護スタッフは繰り返し咬まれた

※ たかのりく@星の街に里帰り @TAKANO_RIKU氏の2019/5/11のツイート









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髭の宮川剛氏 教授内定取り消し 子宮頸がんワクチン問題で一躍時の人に

日本人で立派な髭をつけておられる方は少ないです。ツイッターの画像の中から選抜すれば宮川 剛氏(藤田医科大学総合医科学研究所 システム医科学教授)の髭が立派で印象的です。ツイッターでご活躍中のところが私の目に留まりました。

宮川 剛氏は、東大から内定取り消しを受けた体験を#現代ビジネスに書き、多くの研究者、大学教員員から共感の声が寄せられました。

※ Tsuyoshi Miyakawa @tsuyomiyakawa 氏の10:22 - 2019年3月1日のツイート
東大から「内定取り消し」を受けた大学教授がどうしても伝えたいこと https://gendai.ismedia.jp/articles/-/59985 … #現代ビジネス


日経 2016/11/16 0:25
信州大「不正認められず」 子宮頸がんワクチン研究

※ sivad @sivad氏の2019/3/3のツイート

※ seki_yo @seki_yo氏の20:49 - 2019年3月2日 のツイート
第1回 信州大 本調査委員会資料、26ページに 宮川剛氏が 内部監査室宛に 送付した メールの コピーが 掲載されてました。 A氏の 実名が 記載されており 引用できませんが、村中璃子氏、大江紀洋氏、宮川剛氏の 3名で 通報した 事実が 明らかにされてます。

※ seki_yo @seki_yo氏の2016/11/16のツイート
宮川剛氏、ようやく 口を 開かれたようです、エクスキューズに すぎませんが、ご自分が やったことへの ... pic.twitter.com/DbFl81M7T5

※ flurry @flurry氏の2019/3/3のツイート
返信先: @sivadさん
宮川剛氏が、彼の長年の友人であるA氏に対して、脅しめいた口調を用いて村中璃子の「インタビュー」に参加させた( https://www.mamoreruinochi.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/docs/publication/kou24.pdfhttps://www.mamoreruinochi.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/docs/publication/otu08.pdf … )というのは知っていたのですが、信州大への告発自体に名前を連ねていたのですか。

※ seki_yo @seki_yo氏の2018/8/2のツイート
毎日新聞「子宮頸がんワクチン 信州大、研究内容で調査委設置」(2016年 6月 27日)
宮川剛氏の 通報から 2日後に 信州大 調査委員会が 立ち上げ。

※  Dragon @dragon4969氏の2019/3/6のツイート
mamoreruinochi.com/wordpress/wp-c… pic.twitter.com/k55RS1Alj0





※ 村中璃子氏のウソは「人々がワクチン接種をためらうこと」問題解消には繋がらない。

※ 子宮頸がん予防ワクチン撲滅委員会 @no_hpvv氏の2019/1/9のツイート

※ seki_yo @seki_yo氏の17:03 - 2019年1月7日のツイート
村中璃子氏、そのような 事態は 起きないでしょう →「次の五輪の時は無策のHPV関連がんの流行地ってことで渡航禁止になるかもね」

※ seki_yo @seki_yo氏の2018/11/20のツイート

※  クリエネ(東京五輪招致疑惑追及しろ)‏ @morecleanenergy氏の2017/12/29のツイート

※ みかりんのささやき 〜子宮頸がんワクチン被害のブログ〜



宮川 剛氏がその仲間だったことに驚き! 宮川氏のツイートは相当数読んでいますが、さかのぼって調べたらツイートの収録はありませんでした。ツイートにピンと来るものがなかったからです。

そして上の記事を書いた2日後、とうとう出ました。次のトゥゲッター  やっぱり!
東大の内定、取り消しに理由あり 宮川剛教授、捏造不正告発を行った過去

● 2016/3/16、池田修一・信州大学脳神経内科教授を班長とする「子宮頸がんワクチン接種後の神経障害に関する治療法の確立と情報提供についての研究」の成果発表会
● WEDGE REPORT 2016年6月17日
利用される日本の科学報道(後篇)村中璃子 (医師・ジャーナリスト)
● WEDGE REPORT 2016年6月23日
子宮頸がんワクチン研究班が捏造 厚労省、信州大は調査委設置を
利用される日本の科学報道(続篇)村中璃子 (医師・ジャーナリスト)
● 2016/6/25 宮川氏が信州大に村中璃子氏、大江紀洋氏、宮川剛氏の 3名で通報
●Tsuyoshi Miyakawa @tsuyomiyakawa氏の2016/6/25のツイート
今週も信州大の教授会で、この件についての厳しい議論が行われたということをお聞きしました。(遅きに失しているとは思いますが)近々ご発表は行われるはずでしょうので、それまでお待ちいただくのがよろしいのではないかと思います。 twitter.com/carolynkidman/…
● 2016/8 信州大学医学部長池田氏は村中璃子氏の作成になる記事が名誉毀損に当たるとして村中璃子氏らを相手取り、約1100万円の損害賠償や謝罪広告の掲載などを求めて提訴した。
村中璃子氏は『Wedge』誌で「子宮頸がんワクチン薬害研究班 崩れる根拠、暴かれる捏造」のタイトルで記事を掲載。


● 2016/6/27 信州大が調査委員会を設置(調査委員会資料26ページに 宮川剛氏が 内部監査室宛に 送付したメールのコピーが掲載)
● 2016/11/15 信州大学が調査委員会の結論を発表
● 2017/1 宮川氏に東大から教授としての採用が決定した旨の通知
● しばらくして人事委員長から「今回の人事選考を白紙にもどす、という判断に至りました」というメール
● 2019/3/1 宮川氏の「東大から「内定取り消し」を受けた大学教授がどうしても伝えたいこと」という記事がgendaiに載る。


ヒトパピローマウイルスワクチン (HPVワクチン、HPV予防ワクチン、子宮頸がんワクチン) は、日本はサーバリクス(グラクソ・スミスクライン)、アメリカはガーダシル(米国メルク)の使用が優勢。






WEDGE REPORT 2016年4月22日
村中璃子 (医師・ジャーナリスト)




トークの後は研究室ツアーを行います (定員20名)。ふだんは入ることができない先端研究の現場を見るチャンスです。

※  Tsuyoshi Miyakawaさんがいいねしました
‏ @H3el7D4TgcezRbT






この陳述書は、リンク先を見てもらえばわかるように、守れる命を守る会 Protecting The Lives We Can に掲載されていたものを転載したものです。今確認したらリンク先が外れていますが。

コメント主は、A氏またはその代理人ですか? 権利者からの転載異議申し出であれば直ちに対処し、削除します。「不正を暴くグループ」さん、権利者かどうか証明してください。

2019/5/12、不正を暴くグループ から次のコメントが寄せられた。引用開始。

であるホームページに記載されている弁護士事務所に電話03-5363-9421して確認しろ。また、A氏らは、男澤聡子裁判長とその生野書記官にも「ブログでのA氏への誹謗・中傷」について、書面と面談にて通達している。東京地方裁判所第26民事 03-3581-5411に電話して聞け。また、このようなA氏の陳述書を加工して笑いものにするのは、言語同断、A氏らと代理人は、さくらのブログの開設・責任者の言動を東京警視庁、東京地方裁判所、法務省に再度報告する。

2019/5/12、善悪を伝えれ会 から次のコメントが寄せられた。引用開始。







2019/5/12、相談したらどうでしょうか から次のコメントが寄せられた。引用開始。

東京地方裁判所第26民事 電話 03-3581-5***


2019/5/13、陳述書の管理責任者は男澤聡子裁判長である から次のコメントが寄せられた。引用開始。

http://www.courts.go.jp/tokyo/about/syozai/ にて公知されている。
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1 東京近辺では東京都内での蜂蜜生産量が最も多い。都内は街路樹に花をつけるものが多く、蜜源が多い。都内でミツバチを飼う人は多い。

2 ミツバチの巣は昼間に動かしてはならない。外出中のミツバチが巣がなくなったとパニックになり凶暴な行動をする。

3 ミツバチの入った巣箱は3万円程度。

4 果樹地帯では、開花受粉シーズンに共同でミツバチの巣箱を借りて設置、授粉の働きをさせる。

5 人工授粉は大変難しく、少し適期を外しただけでいくら授粉をしても一個も果実がならないこともある。梨の例。

6 昆虫は、紫外線で判断しているらしいが、花に蜜の多いタイミングを知っている。そのタイミングは受粉もしやすい。

7 東京近郊でミツバチの巣箱を持つ人は、岩手県の業者に蜜の取り出しを依頼することが多い。

8 東京近郊でミツバチを飼うと蜂が増えることはなく、次第に数が減っていく。そして一匹もいなくなる。

9 ミツバチは、中国から輸入している。

10 ネオニコチノイド農薬は効果が激しく、その散布の影響でミツバチがバタバタと死ぬことがある。ダントツという名前の農薬が使われている。養蜂家はそれを見て知っているからそういう農薬を使ったコメは食べられないと話している。

11 ネオニコチノイド農薬は欧米では多くが使用禁止になっているが、日本ではなお使用が認めらている。

12 ホルモン農薬も大きな影響がある。オトコオンナというか、中性が生まれる。繁殖力が落ちる。人間にも影響があるのではないか。



虫が食った跡のある野菜は、安全性が高い? ネオニコチノイド農薬に関しては、中国のほうが汚染が少ない?


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‘No future for dissidents’ on social media: Paul Joseph Watson reflects on Facebook ban

‘No future for dissidents’ on social media: Paul Joseph Watson reflects on Facebook ban
Popular internet pundit Paul Joseph Watson is mulling legal action after being banned from Facebook for spreading “hate,” telling RT that it’s clear social media platforms are cracking down on dissident political speech.

Facebook kicked Watson off its platform on May 2 – along with conservative commentator Laura Loomer, Infowars founder Alex Jones, and black nationalist leader Louis Farrakhan. The group was accused of spreading “hateful” content, although no warnings or concrete reasons were provided for their seemingly arbitrary bans.

Watson, who runs a YouTube channel that boasts more than 1.5 million subscribers, has become a well-known but polarizing commentator on culture and politics. A long-time Infowars contributor, Watson now has his own outlet, Summit News.

Although he’s been labeled as an “alt-right” conspiracy theorist, Watson insists that he’s been smeared – and de-platformed – simply because he holds contrarian views.

“There is clearly no future for dissident personalities on any major social media network. We will have to go back to mailing lists and websites as our primary, and perhaps only platforms for delivering content,” he said.

He told RT that he’s hired the “best media lawyers in London” who "have taken on numerous media giants in the past and won” and will advise him about what legal recourse he has against Facebook.

The first step towards suing Facebook over his ban, according to Watson, is to initiate a written request, called a Subject Access Request, which requires the company to release all information relevant to the individual’s case under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act.

The information would be needed to verify if an individual violated community standards or if the company merely made a politically-motivated decision. Watson also intends to put Facebook on notice about the harm they have caused to his reputation by putting him under the category of “dangerous individuals,” which is one of Facebook’s stated reasons for banning people under the company’s community standards.

The list Facebook has made for what counts as “dangerous individuals” includes: Terrorist activity, organized hate, mass or serial murder, human trafficking, and organized violence or criminal activity. Facebook would have to verifiably prove that the banned person engaged in any of these activities, or the decision could count as defamation of character.

The hate watchdog organization Southern Poverty Law Centre (SLPC) has publicly admitted it was behind the censorship. In its statement, the SPLC writes how the banning of these individuals shows that social media companies are responding to their “pressure,” but adds that they nonetheless haven’t done enough, claiming they “have more work to do against hateful content.”

“The SPLC is not a fact-checker, it’s a hyper-partisan political attack dog which solely exists to demonize its ideological adversaries. There is no way to hold them accountable, they are accountable only to their own agenda and bias,” Watson said.

Twitter has reportedly dropped the SPLC as a reliable source for detecting hate content online and to police its platform, but other social media giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have continued to use the watchdog to decide what content should be kept on their sites.

Facebook has also recently come under fire from its co-founder Chris Hughes, who wrote an exclusive op-ed in The New York Times on Thursday calling for Facebook’s monopoly to be broken up, as its CEO Mark Zuckerberg has “unilateral control over free speech,” adding that his power is “unprecedented and un-American.”

“Personally, if and when I am banned on everything, I will probably just move into the background until the environment is once again fertile and if big enough alternative platforms exist which actually support free speech,” Watson added.

Facebook isn’t the only social media platform to face accusations of shutting down political speech it doesn’t like: In April, the company banned two conservative British candidates running for European Parliament, Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin, less than a month before the election.

The site banned Alex Jones and all Infowars accounts in September 2018.
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‘Done deal’: Erdogan aide debunks claim that Turkey is set to drop S-400 over US sanctions
Turkey will stay on course with a “done deal” to procure the S-400 systems from Russia, a top Turkish official stated in response to a German media report that Ankara was about to scrap the purchase, fearing US sanctions.

Potential US sanctions were too big a threat for Turkey to proceed with the S-400 deal, German tabloid Bild claimed on Friday. The publication quoted a “high-ranking diplomat from Ankara” who said that economic considerations were behind the alleged Turkish decision to stop the purchase.

Later, Fahrettin Altun, head of communications at the Turkish president’s office, took to Twitter to debunk the report.

“Dear Julian, your sources are mistaken,” Altun said in response to Bild editor Julian Roepcke, sharing a link to the article in question.
Take it from me: The S-400 procurement is a done deal.

The source quoted in the Bild piece said that “there won’t be an S-400 delivery in July, as the Turkish president has announced. “With the current crisis with the lira, this would be an economic downfall for Turkey.”

The Turkish military is set to take delivery of their first S-400s in July, with their crews starting training in Russia a month prior. In all, Turkey is expected to receive four S-400 batteries as part of the estimated $2.5-billion deal.


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シリア軍のイドリブ攻撃進む 5/9教会の鐘が鳴る






Google mapから

https://syria.liveuamap.com/en/2019/6-may-syria-proassad-forces-backed-by-russians-probably-pmc から


SyAF aircraft deliberately target civilians fleeing battle zone in Khan Shaykhun. 1 killed, 3 wounded

Khan Shaykhunは、ホワイトヘルメットによる偽旗作戦が行われたテロリストの拠点です。画像の下部に大きな穴が開いています。舗装面は遠くに飛ばされ、吹き上げられた砂が穴の周りにあります。画像を加工するとトラックのガラスは割れ、前面部が損傷しています。こんな画像を誰が撮ったのか。トラックの向こうに散らばっているものは何かの荷物のようです。

※ HalabToday حلب اليوم認証済みアカウント @HalabTodayTVの0:24 - 2019年5月10日のツイート
رئيس هيئة التفاوض "نصر الحريري": أكثر من 6 آلاف غارة جوية للنظام وحلفائه استهدفت شمال سوريا خلال الأيام القليلة الماضية (مؤتمر صحفي في غازي عنتاب)
للاشتراك بتلغرام قناة حلب اليوم
Chairman of the Syrian opposition negotiating body Nasr Hariri: More than 6 thousand air raids of the government and its allies targeted northern Syria during the past few days (press conference in Gaziantep)

Syria: following a well-known scenario (Daraa etc.) evidence showing Russian forces officers quickly emerging after fast government advances (NW. Hama). Ru presence there was regularly reported past months.




TASS Russian Politics & Diplomacy
May 10, 21:33 updated at: May 10, 22:16 UTC+3
Russia blocks UN SC statement on Idlib due to attempts to misrepresent situation
Russia and the United States continue professional dialogue about the current situation in Syria’s Idlib, Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Vladimir Safronkov told TASS

コピーライトマーク AP Photo/Seth Wenig

THE UNITED NATIONS, May 10. /TASS/. Russia has blocked a United Nations Security Council statement on the humanitarian situation in Syria due to attempts to misrepresent the situation in Idlib, Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Vladimir Safronkov told TASS on Friday.

"We have not passed and blocked the press elements drafted by our humanitarian troika (which oversees corresponding issues at the UN Security Council - TASS) comprising Belgium, Germany and Kuwait, which [press elements] were meant to misrepresent the situation in Idlib," he said answering TASS questions about the closed-door consultations on Syria at the UN Security Council.

Russia and the United States continue professional dialogue about the current situation in Syria’s Idlib, Safronkov told TASS.

"Talks are ongoing with US counterparts via professional channels, both military and political," he assured answering TASS questions about the closed-door session of the UN Security Council on Syria.

"People discuss the situation, so to speak, with facts and maps in hands," the diplomat added. "Therefore, ‘a virtual reality’ should not be created at the Security Council as they claim there is no dialogue. Genuinely, practical work is ongoing out of touch with cameras, newspapers and journalists."

"We emphasize that the political foundation for work on Syria should be the preservation of Syria’s sovereignty not on paper but in real life," he stressed. "The [UN] Security Council will have to do lots to overcome conceptual gaps in the understanding of the situation."

On Friday, the UN Security Council held a closed-door extra session on the humanitarian situation in Syria requested by Germany, Belgium and Kuwait. In recent days, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Foreign Ministry spokesman Christopher Burger and British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt had voiced their concern over the situation in the region.

On May 4, Major-General Viktor Kupchishin, chief of the Russian center for reconciliation of warring sides in Syria, told reporters that groups of militants in the south of the de-escalation zone Idlib led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (former Jabhat al-Nusra outlawed in Russia) were creating a strike force and their attack on Hama was not ruled out.

On May 6, Kupchishin said that Russia’s Hmeymim airbase came under shelling by militants twice during the day. In both cases, shelling was conducted from the settlement of Zawiya in the Idlib de-escalation zone. On the same day, Syria’s news agency SANA reported that the country’s artillery and air forces launched strikes against the bases of militants shelling Hama.

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Tahrir Al-Sham's Ringleader Al-Jolani Admits Losing Bases in Hama After Civilians' Resistance

左Tahrir Al-Sham's Ringleader Al-Jolani 右ISIL ringleader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 狂気は元アルヌスラリーダーのほうが・・・

Tahrir Al-Sham's Ringleader Al-Jolani Admits Losing Bases in Hama After Civilians' Resistance
TEHRAN (FNA)- Ringleader of Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) Abu Mohammed Al-Jolani admitted that his terrorist group has lost its bases in Hama after people refrained from cooperating with them as civilians and tribal leaders in Idlib are trying to hand over their regions to the Syrian Army.

Tahrir Al-Shamは、イドリブ地域のテロリストグループを束ねたとされています。
Al-Jolani held a meeting with 50 representatives of different terrorist groups and some media activists in Idlib on Friday, pro-militant sources said, adding that during the meeting al-Jolani admitted to Syrian Army's control over two key towns of Kafar Naboudeh and Qala al-Maziq and said that the two towns fell due to weak backup and resistance of the residents of the towns against a reinforcement of militants' positions there.

Meantime, the sources underlined that the tribal leaders of the cities of Khan Sheikhoun, Ma'arat al-Numan and several other towns are trying to hand over these regions to the Syrian Army concurrent with the Syrian Army's advances in Northern Syria.

In a relevant development in late April, Al-Jolani threatened other terrorist groups to avoid handing over Syria's occupied territories to the Damascus Army.

Al-Jolani held a meeting with eight senior commanders of other terrorist groups, including Islamic Turkistani Party, Harasuddin and Jeish al-Izza, in Atmaeh town near the border with Turkey, the Arabic-language service of the Russian Sputnik News Agency quoted local sources in Idlib province as saying.

Tahrir al-Sham's ringleader who attended the meeting under tight security measures strongly warned commanders of other terrorist groups that they would be regarded as traitors if they hand over any region under any agreement to the Syrian Army, warning of Tahrir al-Sham's revenge and lethal blow.

Meantime, al-Jolani also asked other terrorist commanders to put their militants on a state of full alert and keep their bomb-laden suicide vehicles prepared for operation.

Al-Jolani, who was attending his first meeting after two months, was accompanied by three Turkish-speaking militants in the meeting with other notorious terrorist commanders.

Al-Jolani was critically wounded in twin explosions in the Center of Idlib city in late February and went into a state of coma.

"One of those injured in Idlib blasts was severely suffering from brain injury and he was transferred to a government hospital in Antakia City in Hatay region," Sputnik quoted a medical source in Turkey as saying.

The medical source said that the injured person is Abu Mohammed al-Jolani who had shrapnel head injury and he is now in a state of coma.

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