イランと米国の関係さらに緊迫化 米国は‘Leader of world terrorism’

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ top commander warns US carrier not to pass near its speed boats – media
A day after Washington added the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps to the terror list, an elite force’s top officer cautioned the US Navy against ordering its warships to sail close to their speed boats.

“Mr. Trump, tell your warships not to pass near the Revolutionary Guards boats,” Mohsen Rezaei, a senior officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), was quoted by the semi-official news agency ISNA.
In a Monday statement, the US President designated the elite Corps as a terrorist organization. The move was to “expand the scope and scale” of pressure on Tehran. Now, the US may impose further sanctions on the IRGC, with Trump himself warning that “if you are doing business with the IRGC, you will be bankrolling terrorism.”

Tehran responded swiftly to the decision, declaring US Central Command (CENTCOM) a terrorist entity as well. On his part, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused the US of shielding terrorist groups, including Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), which members of the Guards are fighting against in the region.

The Pentagon’s command oversees the Middle East, Central Asia and Egypt in North Africa. Notably, some US military leaders, including Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen Joe Dunford, expressed concerns about troop safety in the region. They argued that the designation could spark violence against US forces across the Middle East, according to the Wall Street Journal.

‘Major miscalculation’ in Netanyahu’s support: Where can declaring IRGC terrorists push Middle East?
Seeking to put pressure on Iran, the US might shoot itself in the foot as it sets a dangerous precedent that could imperil the lives of American soldiers in the Middle East and plunge the region into a new big war, analysts warn.

In its overzealous push to force Tehran into compliance with US demands, Washington has found itself one clue short of a potential disaster. However, it appears to disregard the fact that its reckless actions might send the Middle East spiraling out of control at any moment and could lead to disastrous consequences, that would cost the US dearly.

With its latest decision to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) – an elite unit of the Iranian Armed Forces – as a terrorist organization, Washington has crossed a red line and set a “precedent that has been avoided at all costs up until now,” former Pentagon official Michael Maloof told RT.

The US decision has theoretically opened the way for any nation to formally designate other countries’ military forces as terrorists – a development that could lead to global chaos. And the US could well turn out to be the first to suffer as its own strategy backfires.

‘Shoot on sight’

Washington has decided to go after the IRGC because it feels that the corps spreads its “terrorist” influence through various groups in other countries it supports. But that is pretty-much what the US itself is doing when it sends its troops to places likes Syria or Iraq, where they lend assistance to various militant groups that could well turn out to be extremists, Maloof explains.

Now, Washington has opened up an avenue for other nations to call out American policies. "It is a slippery slope. It can backfire," he warned.

What happens if Iran or any other country declares the US troops in Syria a terrorist group? That means to shoot on sight.

A response was not long in coming. Hours after US President Donald Trump announced his decision, Iran's Supreme National Security Council designated America's Central Command (CENTCOM) as a terrorist group and called Washington a "terrorist government" in a mirror response.

Maloof warned that now Iran could also encourage its allies in the region to go after American troops.

It puts the US troops in a very precarious position. They can be subjected even to execution if they are captured and brought to trial.

Big war looming?

Trump's decision drastically lowers the threshold for military confrontation and could lead to a major conflict in the Middle East, political analyst Seyyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm believes.

"As soon as Washington's decision is communicated to the US Army, they would target the IRGC on the ground and the IRGC would definitely defend itself," he told RT. "Security consequences will be grave."

As both sides have forces in Syria and Iraq as well as in the Persian Gulf area, the situation could easily "spiral out of control as a result of the slightest mistake or misfire," the analyst warned. "This decision could be a game changer, but not in the way desired by Trump but in terms of escalating tensions between the two sides putting them on the brink of war."
Backing Netanyahu is a 'major miscalculation'

By designating the IRGC a terrorist group right ahead of the Israeli elections, Trump apparently also planned to boost support for his ally and Iran's fiercest opponent, Benjamin Netanyahu, who faces tough competition at home, the analysts believe. While Trump hopes that his adamant support for the current Israeli prime minister would help him win American Jews' votes next year, he might lose more with this bargain than he could possibly gain.

"It is a gift to help Netanyahu in his elections," said Foad Izadi, a political communications professor at the University of Tehran. "The timing has a lot to do with the Israeli elections, in which the US is actually interfering."

However, by cozying up to Tel Aviv, Washington alienates other players in the region and weakens its position globally, Seyed Mohammad Marandi, political analyst and professor at the University of Tehran, believes.

It is a major miscalculation.

A string of openly provocative actions that clearly favor Israel has pushed people in the Middle East away from the US and closer to Iran, at the same time uniting Iranians in their pushback against the US, Marandi explained. Trump's other blunders, like his continued row with Turkey, are also likely to make Ankara friendlier towards Tehran, the analyst believes.

"Designating IRGC as terrorists might make Trump think that he is able to attack Iran without any excuse needed. But he is the only one who thinks so," Izadi noted, adding that even Trump's closest allies might not be as supportive as he'd like. And independent nations like Russia and China are bound to see the US as an increasing threat.

Ultimately, Trump's policies would lead only to greater isolation of Washington as "his behavior both in the US and across the globe is recognized by most people as erratic and unreasonable," Marandi said.

"Trump is eventually hurting the US more than anything else."

‘Leader of world terrorism’: Iran president fires back at US after IRGC placed on terror list
The US leads the world in supporting terrorism, including “hiding heads of ISIS,” Iranian president said in a tit-for-tat response to Trump’s decision to designate the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group.

“You want to use terrorist groups as tools against the nations of the region… you are the leader of world terrorism,” Hassan Rouhani proclaimed on Tuesday in a televised address to the nation. Continuing, the Iranian president accused the US of shielding jihadists in the Middle East.

Who is propagating and encouraging terrorism in today’s world? Who wanted to use [Islamic State] as a tool?

“Even now America is hiding the heads of ISIS, even now they are not prepared to tell the regional governments where the heads of ISIS are hiding,” he was quoted as saying by various news agencies.

US President Donald Trump designated Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terrorist organization on Monday. His decision marks, by Washington’s own admission, the first time the US has added another nation’s military force to a terror list.

Who are you to label revolutionary institutions as terrorists?” Rouhani asked in the Tuesday broadcast. He said Trump’s move was a “mistake” that will unite the nation and make the Revolutionary Guards more popular among Iranians.

Public condemnation aside, the Iranian government had earlier declared the US a “terrorist government” while calling the US Central Command a terrorist group as well. CENTCOM, which covers the Middle East, including Egypt, and Central Asia, undermines Iran’s national security and pursues “aggressive policies” in Western Asia, it alleged.

The US and its allies “have always been advocates of extremist groups and terrorists in the Western Asian region,” the government said, adding that Washington has to take responsibility for “the dangerous consequences of its adventures.”

A host of IRGC-affiliated entities were already targeted by US sanctions for alleged support for terrorism and human rights abuses. Those restrictions came as tensions between Washington and Tehran mounted after Trump withdrew from the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear accord.

Iran Designates US Military a Terrorist Organisation - Reports
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Previously, Iran warned that if US President Donald Trump lists Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist organisation, Tehran would respond with a similar measure towards the US CENTCOM. The corresponding bill has already been prepared.

Iran's Supreme Security Council has designated the US CENTCOM and related forces as a terrorist organisation, Press TV reported. In addition, the media outlet noted, the council accused Washington of supporting terrorism.

The move was announced shortly after US President Donald Trump announced a similar decision toward Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, warning about "the risks of conducting business" with the elite forces.

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US will ‘put tariffs on $11 billion of EU products’ – Trump

US will ‘put tariffs on $11 billion of EU products’ – Trump
US President Donald Trump has vowed to impose import tariffs on $11 billion worth of goods from the European Union after the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled EU subsidies to Airbus caused “adverse effects” to the US.

Earlier this week, the US Trade Representative (USTR) said Washington was mulling tariffs on a wide range of European exports to the US, including large commercial aircraft and parts, as well as wine, cheese, and dairy products.

The US threat has been sharply criticized by EU officials, who said the figure of $11 billion was “greatly exaggerated.” The bloc is reportedly weighing retaliatory measures against the US over Boeing subsidies. Airbus said it saw no legal basis for Washington’s move and warned of deepening transatlantic trade tensions.

The US filed its first WTO complaint against illegal subsidies provided by the EU to Airbus 15 years ago. Washington accused the European aircraft manufacturer of benefitting from the state aid. For more than a decade the sides have been involved in litigation over the issue, with Brussels making identical accusations against US subsidies for Boeing.

This is the latest chapter in the escalating trade tensions between Washington and Brussels which started shortly after Donald Trump took office in early 2017.

After ending negotiations on the Transatlantic and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the proposed trade agreement between the US and EU, Trump imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on the EU and a number of other countries. The EU placed retaliatory levies on €2.8 billion worth of US goods, including bourbon whiskey, motorcycles, jeans and orange juice.
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そして温度が上がるとまずヨウ素が気化して隙間を通って外に出てきます。ヨウ素の沸点184.3度、セシウム 641度(668.4度とも)、テルル129m988度。








2011/3/15〜16 神奈川を襲ったプルーム
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2011/3/15〜16 神奈川を襲ったプルーム









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こういう不幸がどんどん続くでしょう 静かに待ちますか?

ORICON NEWS・エンタメ総合 2019年4月8日 11時14分(最終更新 4月8日 12時16分)
ヒトリエ・wowakaさん死去 31歳 メンバー・スタッフ「現実を受け止められない」
 同バンドは6日、全国ツアー『ヒトリエ TOUR 2019 "Coyote Howling" 』の京都・磔磔公演(6日)と岡山・CRAZYMAMA 2nd Room公演(7日)を「メンバーの諸事情により」中止すると発表していた。

※ うさぎさんトレードマーク(TM) @usa_gi氏の12:54 - 2019年4月8日 場所: 福島 大熊町 のツイート
こんなところで寿司食いまくってりゃあ、当然の結末。#無知でお陀仏 #食べて応援被曝
ヒトリエの「グルメトーキョー」【 第12回】 ... 3ツアーで新潟、福島、宮城、群馬に行きますからねお願いしますよ、ホントに。



ヒトリエの「グルメトーキョー」【第12回】 2016年05月号掲載






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1 キセノンXe-133は半減期5.243日でβ崩壊し、427keVのβ線、確率約38%で81.0keVのγ線を出して133Csに変わる。

2 キセノンは希ガスのためにほとんど化学反応をせず、単原子分子のために狭い隙間も通り抜けて大気中に容易に放出・拡散する。

3 原子力安全・保安院の推定データを用いれば、放出した放射性物質の24質量%が133Xeである。(Wikipedia)
137Cs______15______4700 ______70
133Xe______11000 ______1600______24

4 先述の通り133Xeは原子力発電所で大量に生成されるため、この用途のために原子炉から回収されている。(Wikipedia)













2019年01月22日 神奈川県の人口動態悪化が強いのはこれだろうか




2019年04月01日 おやじに爺! よく見ろ! あんたの種は全滅だな






えっ、えっ、えっ! ありがとうございます。





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関東にはウラン232が満遍なく降っている 米国による土壌調査ではウラン238よりウラン232が多い

F1スクラム発生時にウランとストロンチウムではこれだけの量の違い 骨折原因はウランだ


イタリア ENEA による放射性物質放出量の推計


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Abe to visit US, France before Japan hosts G20

Abe to visit US, France before Japan hosts G20
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced on Monday plans to visit the United States, Canada and France this month before Japan hosts the G20 later this year. The tour from April 22 to 29 will also include stops in Italy, Belgium and Slovakia, a Foreign Ministry official said. The trip comes ahead of long-awaited trade talks between Washington and Tokyo, as US President Donald Trump looks to negotiate a bilateral deal and threatens auto tariffs, AFP said. Abe said the trip was intended to “affirm close co-operation for success in the G20 summit in Osaka,” which will be held June 28 and 29. Trump is expected to visit Japan in May to become the first foreign head of state to meet Japan’s new emperor, Naruhito, who will be enthroned on May 1.

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