Boeing 737 MAX pilots frantically searched manual as craft flew into water – report

Boeing 737 MAX pilots frantically searched manual as craft flew into water – report
The pilots of the Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX were searching in manuals for a solution to an apparent malfunction of a flight assistance system right until the aircraft plunged into water killing 189 people on board, Reuters reports.

The news agency provided additional details about the October 2018 crash based on three sources who are familiar with what was found on the airliner’s flight recorders.

A preliminary report into the incident was released in November, but the recorders were recovered only in January, and their transcripts were not made public.

According to the story, the first officer and later the captain of the jet were going through a handbook for a solution to the abnormal aircraft behavior they were experiencing.

They continued doing it right until the Boeing plane plunged into the Java Sea. The first officer, who was manning the control column right before the crash, seemed to become desperate, as indicated by weaker inputs than those made by the captain.

“It is like a test where there are 100 questions and when the time is up you have only answered 75,” once source said. “So you panic. It is a time-out condition.”

The crew was also oblivious to the fact that the plane’s anti-stall system, which was misled by a faulty sensor into detecting a stall, was using the plane’s trim system to push its nose down. The system is usually used to keep the aircraft level and the system is supposed to prevent the crew from lifting the nose too much.

“They didn’t seem to know the trim was moving down,” the same source said. “They thought only about airspeed and altitude. That was the only thing they talked about.”

The cause of the Lion Air flight crash is yet to be officially confirmed, but the prime suspect is the Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS, which was developed for the 737 MAX. The US-based producer has since pushed a software upgrade which was supposed to change how much authority is given to the system in controlling the aircraft.

The suspected problem came under scrutiny again after yet another 737 MAX crash in Ethiopia, which, according to French air accident investigation agency BEA, showed “clear similarities” to the Lion Air disaster.

In a separate report this week, Bloomberg revealed that the aircraft which crashed in October was saved by an off-duty pilot in a similar emergency on the previous day.

The incident was mentioned in a preliminary report by the Indian flight authority last November. However, this did not reveal the presence of a third pilot or details of how the disaster was averted.

Off-duty pilot reportedly saved Boeing 737 MAX from crashing day before disaster
An extra pilot, who hitched a ride on a Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX a day before its crash in October, saved it during an emergency strikingly similar to the one that proved fatal, Bloomberg reports.

The new airliner plunged into the Java Sea killing all 189 people on board apparently due to a malfunction in an anti-stall system which pushed the nose of the aircraft down.

A day before the crash the same aircraft experienced a similar problem but was saved by an off-duty pilot who realized what was happening and instructed the crew on how to stop the system from affecting the flight, the agency said.

Indonesian air authorities earlier reported the incident itself and said a checklist of procedures were followed to handle the situation. But the presence of a third pilot in the cockpit or how the disaster was averted was not mentioned in the preliminary report into the crash, which was released in November. Bloomberg cites two people familiar with Indonesia’s investigation as sources for its story.

The Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS, is designed to prevent the crew from accidentally lifting the nose of the jet too high which may result in stalling.

Before the crash a faulty sensor apparently indicated this was happening while in reality the plane was safe. The system pushed the nose of the 737 MAX down, plunging it into the sea.
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Lavrov’s deputy to war-hawk Abrams: Venezuela ‘aid’ op unacceptable, Russia to protect its interests

Lavrov’s deputy to war-hawk Abrams: Venezuela ‘aid’ op unacceptable, Russia to protect its interests
Russia is opposed to any efforts by the US to use ‘humanitarian aid’ as a pretext to intervene in Venezuela, Deputy FM Sergey Ryabkov told US special envoy Elliott Abrams, adding that Moscow will protect its interests there.

The diplomats met in Rome on Tuesday to discuss the increasing tensions between Washington and Moscow over the Donald Trump administration’s continued push for regime change in Venezuela.

“We strongly urged the US side… against any temptation to resort to military power. It includes our warning against, so to speak, hardcore massive military intervention, which can’t be excluded given the type of behavior we’ve seen on the US side in recent years,” Ryabkov told RT, where he appeared live after the talks.

The same goes for “low intensity conflicts – the penetration into the sovereign territory of Venezuela from abroad by elements that could be described as paramilitaries to stage provocations and in other ways interfere in the affairs of this state,” he added.

Russia’s representative told Abrams that Moscow’s interests in Venezuela must be protected and said he assumes that Washington has heard that demand. The deputy FM also pointed out that Moscow is increasingly worried about Washington’s sanctions against Caracas.

“How can one blame the [Venezuelan] government for mismanagement, while at the same time depriving this very government of huge assets?” he said, adding that “the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela shouldn’t be abused for political reasons,” and that sanctions must be lifted to improve the life of the people.

The US has been tightening and increasing sanctions on Caracas in recent months in an effort to squeeze President Nicolas Maduro’s government out of power. Washington has called for regime change in favor of right-wing opposition leader Juan Guaido, who Trump threw his support behind in January.

Ryabkov said that during the talks, the US and Russian sides didn’t manage to find consensus on the Venezuela crisis, but acknowledged that he has a better understanding of the US side after the talks which, he said, were “an example on how things can be done professionally.”

“The differences are huge. They’re fundamental in some aspects, including on the aspect of Russia not recognizing Juan Guaido as interim president. Likewise, the US wasn’t able to understand why Russia insists that the legitimate president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, should be respected as such.”

Meanwhile, the Trump administration has reaffirmed that it is considering “all options” for Venezuela. Trump has said multiple times in recent months that he is not prepared to rule out US military action in the country.

Ryabkov said Moscow was willing to offer its services as an intermediary in Venezuela talks and that Guaido should take the situation and offer seriously.

“I’m sure with a considerable, sufficient degree of political will and reason this situation could be overcome and resolved. What’s needed most is intra-Venezuelan government based on the Venezuelan Constitution,” the deputy FM concluded.
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US jury finds Monsanto’s Roundup was a ‘substantial factor’ in causing man’s cancer

US jury finds Monsanto’s Roundup was a ‘substantial factor’ in causing man’s cancer
Monsanto/Bayer AG’s glyphosate-based Roundup weed killer was found to be a “substantial factor” in causing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in a California man, as the trial proceeds to its next phase to determine liability and damages.

In a landmark verdict that could affect numerous other cases, a federal jury in San Francisco found Roundup herbicide to be a significant contributing factor in causing the cancer of a man from Santa Rosa, California. During the trial, 70-year-old Edwin Hardeman alleged that his decades-long exposure to the Monsanto product had led him to develop a cancer that affects the immune system, called non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL).

The trial will now proceed to the next phase where the jury is set to determine the liability and damages in the case.

Tuesday's ruling follows another pivotal verdict against Monsanto in August, where the jury awarded terminal cancer patient Dewayne Johnson a staggering $289 million in damages after ruling that the biotechnology corporation failed to properly warn users of Roundup’s health hazards.

Across the US alone, the German pharmaceutical company Bayer, which purchased Monsanto last year, is potentially facing thousands of similar lawsuits involving Roundup weed killer.

“Monsanto has placed an unsafe product on the market, has manipulated the science and manipulated public opinion and has consistently misled people into believing Roundup is safe,” Jennifer Moore, one of the plaintiff’s attorneys, said before the verdict, after the defense team claimed at the trial that the company had “bullied” researchers to suppress negative studies about the weed killer.

The Bayer legal team representing Monsanto for its part continues to argue that Roundup and its active ingredient glyphosate does not cause cancer and that it is safe to use. It also notes that regulators around the world have approved the product.

The German firm found the unanimous ruling from the six-member jury disappointing. “We are confident the evidence in phase two will show that Monsanto’s conduct has been appropriate and the company should not be liable for Mr. Hardeman’s cancer,” the company said.

Not everyone agrees with Monsanto/Bayer AG’s assessment. “Today’s verdict reinforces ...what scientists with the state of California and the World Health Organization have concluded: Glyphosate causes cancer in people,” said Environmental Working Group President Ken Cook. “As similar lawsuits mount, the evidence will grow that Roundup is not safe, and that the company has tried to cover it up.”
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Armed gang raids convoy carrying uranium fuel to Brazil nuclear plant

Armed gang raids convoy carrying uranium fuel to Brazil nuclear plant
A truck carrying nuclear fuel to one of Brazil's power plants has come under attack by a group of armed men who engaged in a shootout with police officers guarding the convoy.

The uranium shipment came under attack on Tuesday in the town of Frade, about 30 km (19 miles) from Angra dos Reis, where the Angra 2 nuclear power plant is located. Following an intense fire exchange with the gunmen, the officers, none of whom were injured, managed to thwart the assault, police said.

Eletronuclear, the Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras SA subsidiary that manages the Angra 2 nuclear plant, emphasized that the incident did not cause any delays to the uranium delivery. The company also cast doubt that the attackers intended to hijack the cargo, claiming that local criminal turf battles could be to blame – and that the convoy was caught in the middle of the shootout.

The attack took place when vehicle traffic was stopped at a train crossing, but whether the raiders indeed had intended to steal the uranium shipment has yet to be determined. Civil Police are now trying to establish the motive behind the incident. The attackers have managed to flee the scene, but police have recovered a 9mm pistol which they are now trying to trace back to the armed group.

Mexico placed its capital and 10 states on alert after thieves stole a vehicle with a container full of radioactive materials. A private company employee left it in the back of his pickup truck.

“If you see the container, don’t open it,” the head of the nation’s civil protection agency Luis Felipe Puente tweeted on Sunday as he announced the alert. The agency, tasked with securing the public’s well-being, reported that the stolen substance presents a “low risk” but can cause cancer and other permanent health damage to any person who might try to open the container or be in contact with it “for a few hours.”

According to local media, the container belonged to a radiography company. It was made of stainless steel and displayed ‘radioactive hazard’ markings. The employee left the container on the back of his Nissan pickup truck in Mexico City’s Alvaro Obregon borough on July 6. When he noticed that the vehicle was missing, he contacted the authorities.

Mexico has already witnessed several cases of theft of radioactive materials in recent times. In February, thieves targeted a vehicle in the city of Leon, taking a nuclear densometer, a device used in geotechnical engineering to measure density. Two similar incidents occurred in 2017.
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中国の国際航空 評価急上昇 EUの航空当局独自性発揮へ









時事通信社 2019年3月18日(月)6時37分

Profit v passenger safety: Why the US was the last to ground troubled Boeing jets
Despite two deadly crashes in five months the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Boeing insisted on the airworthiness of the 737 Max. It wasn't until the rest of the world grounded the plane that the US finally conceded.

Airplane manufacturers and airlines commonly base their decisions on passenger safety versus the companies' economic interests. RT talked to analysts to look deeper into the issue and understand why it took the US so long to make the right decision.

Boeing is America's most important exporter by value, so the company's current problems are set to hit the US really hard, according to Alessandro Bruno, independent international affairs and aerospace industry analyst.

"Moreover, China, which is the second biggest market for Boeing outside the US, may use the current situation as leverage in trade talks with the White House," the expert told RT.

The FAA was practically forced to ground the troubled jet after US President Donald Trump "surprisingly turned out to be the only adult in the room," when he insisted on halting the use of the 737 Max 8 jet, according to Bruno.

"Boeing should have acted responsibly and pulled those planes out. Now they have to pay a lot more to fix the problem. They have to pay for the design and technical changes, which means several billions of dollars," he said.

The decision was made under international pressure, as most of the world's regulators had chosen to ground the jet, according to Pyotr Pushkarev, chief analyst at online broker with TeleTrade Group.

"If a similar crash happened in the US, or to the jets operated by the country's airlines, the US citizens could identify the absence of any actions from the government as criminal connivance," he wrote in an email to RT.

So far, the world's biggest aerospace group has suffered big losses due to the shrunk market cap after its shares plummeted amid the latest crash and series of bans globally.

"Boeing's shares rallied from $300 around Christmas time to nearly $440. The crash of 737 Max 8 has washed nearly 15 percent out of its stock with more losses expected to come," Pushkarev added.

According to Bruno, the company should be ready to face legal costs, as the US is the most litigious society on Earth. The affected airlines reportedly have every right not only to sue Boeing, but to cancel their orders for the troubled airplanes, with the producer not having much power to stop them.

"Apart from legal complaints from affected airlines, Boeing may face lawsuits from families of those killed in the crashes, which could reach up to $2 million per passenger. Moreover, investors, especially in the US, may file suits against the company, as Boeing is seen as the top stock of the market," the expert said.

The series of bans of Boeing's best-selling jet may lead to a further plunge in the company's market value, an unavoidable lag in competition with its European rival Airbus, Vladimir Rojankovski, an expert at the International Financial Center in Moscow, told RT.

When it comes to responsibilities taken by air carriers, they decided not to take any steps until they were forced to do so, because the losses of the airlines could be immense, according to Katia Frenkel, head of the analytics department at FinIst investment company.

"Air carriers buy airplanes to fly them, to get profit from those purchases. A plane that is kept in a parking shelter does not bring money. Moreover, the company has to pay airports to park its jets. They have to decide which planes to replace the grounded ones with," the expert said.

Both the FAA and Boeing should also be ready for lawsuits from passengers and air carriers, as the agency had been refusing to ground the 737 Max, insisting on its airworthiness until Trump's decision to do so, according to Bruno.

"Many airlines will lose business, as they had lost traffic. Now, companies will have to make alternative decisions on how to compensate financial losses for not using one of the world's most popular jets," Bruno said, stressing that more than 300 planes have been grounded, while a few thousands are currently on order.

However, to demand compensation and to receive compensation are two different issues, according to Frenkel.

"That will lead a great number of litigations that could be simmering for years, if Boeing doesn't declare bankruptcy." The analyst said that in the worst-case scenario, the company may lose tens of billions of dollars if airlines cancel their orders. "Boeing could lose much less if the producer recommended its customers to temporarily stop using the jet."

Global airlines face huge losses due to grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8

Travel agents add aircraft search filter to address tourists’ safety fears of flying Boeing 737 MAX

‘Boeing in big trouble’ for not immediately grounding jets – aviation law expert tells RT

Airlines lining up for Boeing compensation over grounded jets
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ホワイトハウス嘆願署名 第二弾

Save the democracy and coral reef of Okinawa
Created by R.K. on February 27, 2019

※ Rob Kajiwara @robkajiwara氏の1:33 - 2019年2月20日 のツイート
I was detained for 110 minutes while trying to enter Japan. Immigration took me to a separate room and interrogated me, asking me a bunch of questions about Henoko.

※ 想田和弘認証済みアカウント @KazuhiroSoda氏の2019/2/20のツイート
想田和弘さんがRob Kajiwaraをリツイートしました
ホワイトハウス宛の署名を始めたカジワラさんが、日本入国時に110分も拘束されて辺野古のことについてあれこれ尋問され、沖縄選出の国会議員が動いてくれてやっと解放されたとのこと。この国にもはや言論や思想の自由はないらしい。つーかマジやばくね?ホワイトハウス嘆願署名「県民投票がなされるまで #大浦湾 #辺野古 の埋立停止を求めます」

この署名は、メールアドレスで署名者を識別しています。それゆえ、メールアドレスが異なれば受理されます。(同姓同名などいくらでもいます。同じパソコンからでもかまいません。) メールアドレスを持った人がいれば、署名の趣旨を話し、その人の了解を得て、「私が代わりに今から署名の手続きをするから、2、3分経つと
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というところをクリックしてほしい。」 と伝えます。

※ microcarpa @microcarpa1氏の2019/1/7のツイート
ホワイトハウスからカジワラ氏に連絡があり、#辺野古 署名は、ホワイトハウスが対応を発表するまで(それがいつになるかわかりませんけれど)、引き続き署名可能なようです。引き続きお願いいたします。

※ Kana Kubota @affluencekana氏の2019/1/4のツイート

※ asuka @asuka_SGP氏の2018/12/11のツイート

※ Rob Kajiwara️️☃️クリスマスツリーサンタ @robkajiwara氏の19:40 - 2018年12月11日のツイート
返信先: @asuka_SGPさん

※ わからんT.Katsumiギター(エレキ) @tkatsumi06j氏の2018/12/10のツイート
#拡散歓迎 【訳】ホワイトハウス嘆願署名「県民投票がなされるまで #大浦湾 #辺野古 の埋立停止を求めます」
私も先ほど署名しました。Stop the landfill of #Henoko / Oura Bay in #Okinawa until a referendum can be held in Okinawa @WhiteHouse #MCASFutenma https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-landfill-henoko-oura-bay-until-referendum-can-be-held-okinawa


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※ Rob Kajiwara @robkajiwara氏の2019/2/2のツイート
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of the Japanese who have been supporting me, Henoko, and Okinawan issues in general. We could not have achieved everything we have so far without you. Thank you! にふぇーでーびる!
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