US General Supports ‘First Nuclear Strike’ Policy

US General Supports ‘First Nuclear Strike’ Policy
Washington’s new nuclear doctrine, which was announced on 2 February, outlines that President Trump, just like predecessor Barack Obama, would consider using nuclear weapons only in “extreme circumstances”. The Nuclear Posture Review also allows the US to strike first in a preemptive move.

General Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has warned against changing the current US military policy which allows the country to be the first to use nuclear weapons during a possible conflict with an adversary.

Speaking at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Dunford said that he “absolutely” believes that “the current policy is the right policy”.

“I wouldn’t make any decisions to simplify an adversary’s decision-making calculus. I can also imagine a few situations where we wouldn’t want to remove that option from the president”, he pointed out.

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In addition, Dunford noted that cyber weapons will unlikely replace the so-called nuclear triad which includes intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), nuclear-missile-armed submarines and strategic aircraft with nuclear bombs and missiles.

He described the triad as “the most effective way to prevent a nuclear war”.

The statement comes more than a month after the Trump administration announced the US’ new nuclear doctrine which specifically stipulates short-term plans to modify existing submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) warheads to provide a low-yield option and pursue a modern nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise missile (SLCM) in the long run.

Washington said that the Nuclear Posture Review aims to raise the US nuclear threshold to ensure that the country's potential adversaries perceive no possible advantage in a nuclear escalation.

In late January, several Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation that forbids US President Donald Trump from launching a nuclear strike without first having Congress declare war.

The lawmakers underscored in a statement at the time that “the crucial issue of nuclear ‘first use’ is more urgent than ever now that President Donald Trump has the power to launch a nuclear war at a moment's notice”.

“It is a frightening reality that the US now has a Commander-in-Chief who has demonstrated ignorance of the nuclear triad, stated his desire to be ‘unpredictable’ with nuclear weapons, and as President-elect was making sweeping statements about US nuclear policy over Twitter”, the statement noted.

A preemptive nuclear strike would come in the form of a surprise attack to repel or defeat a perceived imminent offensive by a possible enemy possessing nuclear weapons.

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Russian Security Services: Daesh Picked N Afghanistan as New Centre of Caliphate

Russian Security Services: Daesh Picked N Afghanistan as New Centre of Caliphate
The fight against the Daesh* terrorist group continues in Syria; on 15 March, the Syrian Army liquidated several Daesh fighters in Idlib Province and destroyed their headquarters, according to the local Ikhbariya broadcaster.

The Daesh terror group has picked Northern Afghanistan as the new centre of its so-called caliphate, first deputy director of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), General Sergey Smirnov, told reporters on Friday following a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure (SCO RATS) council.

"Given the losses incurred in Syria and Iraq, ISIS [Daesh in Arabic] is forced to look for ways to create new support centers for the 'caliphate'. Strengthening ISIS in northern Afghanistan may pose a major threat to regional security in the near future," he said.

The general also stated that Daesh terrorists have significantly strengthened their positions in Northern Afghanistan and incidents on the country's border have intensified, according to Russia's FSB.

"Terrorist groups have significantly stepped up sabotage and terrorist activities and strengthened their positions in the northern areas of Afghanistan. Armed incidents on the border have become more frequent," Gen. Smirnov said.

The remarks come after in February, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) began its final assault to clear out the village of Baghuz, which, according to them, is the last Daesh stronghold in Syria.

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昨日まで元気だった同僚が友人が、明日も元気な姿を見せてくれるかはまったくわかりません。毎日別れる際は、「課長さようなら! 皆さんさようなら!」と幼稚園児並みに挨拶しあうのが良いかもしれません。
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1 発達障害は、放射性物質により汚染した食料の摂取によるところが大きい。(近年、出生数が急減している。生まれない、発育が悪い、障害がある、は関連している)

2 初期吸気被ばくも発達障害の原因の一つとなっていると見られるが、管理人が当初想定したほどには主たる要因にはなっていないらしい。

3 「食べて応援」を学校給食に導入した地域で発達障害が強く出ているように見受けられる。

4 輸入品よりも「国産品」、「少し高め」を選好する相対的に経済的な余裕のある家庭で影響がより強く出ているように見受けられる。

5 発達障害の原因となっていると見られる放射性物質の種類では、セシウムよりも他の放射性物質の影響が大きいらしい。

6 大都市地域での出生死亡比率の低下度合いが大きいこと、関西地方でも関東並みの低下度合いを示しているところがあることは、一定の汚染食品の寄与が大きいことを示唆する。

7 ネオニコチノイド、グリホサートなどの農薬の影響

8 携帯電話などの電磁波の影響



ネオニコチノイド(農薬)&トリチウム(放射性元素) 複合汚染問題 講演会

生活環境病・現代のアレルギー諸症状の原因もここに!?『ネオニコチノイド(農薬)&トリチウム(放射性元素)複合汚染問題』緊急セミナー〜西尾正道氏(北海道がんセンター名誉院長)、木村―黒田純子氏(環境脳神経科学情報センター副代表)による講演〜 2019.2.21

初出 2019-01-10 02:02:44 追記 2019/3/15
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みんなのデータサイト から

みんなのデータサイトから 2011年時点の地図

みんなのデータ サイトは、標本数からは突出しています。ただ、土壌の採取場所の状況などが様々なため、個別事例を比較することは難しいのですが、多数の標本を集積した地図では一定の傾向が見られます。



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英国議会 EU離脱3か月先送り

3 more months of Brexit: British MPs vote for delay
British lawmakers have voted to delay Brexit beyond deadline day – March 29 – and seek a short extension from Brussels, on the condition MPs support Prime Minister Theresa May's twice defeated deal.

MPs in the House of Commons voted in favor of the government motion by 412 votes to 202. Now Tory administration should request from the EU an extension to Article 50 and delay Brexit until June 30 to secure a deal.

The adoption of the government motion, which came after a string of House defeats to the Brexit plan, has apparently reinvigorated Theresa May and her cabinet.

“The cabinet collectively agreed to redouble their resolve in working to deliver on the result of the referendum to leave the European Union by securing support for a deal,” the spokesman said.

However the voting saw another ministerial rebellion, as a number of ministers voted against the government-tabled motion.

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay’s vote has particularly raised many eyebrows, given his position alone. The statements he made just ahead of voting against the government’s motion however left the public even more astounded by the move.

The vote has been met with quite a reserved reaction in the EU, which reminded the UK that any extension of the Brexit process must be approved by all the other nations of the bloc.

“We take note of tonight’s votes. A request for an extension of Article 50 requires the unanimous agreement of all 27 Member States,” a EU Commission spokesperson said, adding that such a request is to be considered by the European Council while “taking into account the reasons for and duration of a possible extension.”

Following the vote, the result of which was quite expected, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urged for a public vote on the matter, calling it the only proper way to untangle the Brexit deadlock.

“Tonight I reiterate our conviction that a deal can be agreed based on our alternative plan that can command support across the House. And I also reiterate our support for a public vote not as political point-scoring but as a realistic option to break the deadlock,” Corbyn said.

Corbyn’s Labour party, however, has largely abstained from voting on an amendment for the motion, which called for the extension of Article 50 to hold a second referendum. The lawmakers rejected both the amendment calling for a second referendum as well as Corbyn’s proposal on an unspecified extension to seek a majority for a “different approach.”

Arguably one of the biggest surprise of the whole vote came from Steve Baker, the former Brexit minister, who voted against the Article 50 extension.

The day of debate saw a relatively low turnout of MPs, particularly on the government benches, on what is commonly seen as one of the most important constitutional issues the UK has faced in its history.

Despite a lack of parliamentarians, tensions came to the boil over the Labour Party refusing to back the amendment calling for a second referendum. The SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford branded Jeremy Corbyn's party a "disgrace."

Backbench Tory Brexiteer Christopher Chope, caused a stir after claiming that he would "consider" a vote of no confidence in the Tory Government if Labour tabled one – becoming the first Conservative MP to explicitly say so in public.

Social media has been dominated by those frustrated at the apparent mess MPs have found themselves in over Brexit.

There's been a mixed reaction from the EU to the prospect of the UK requesting a delay to Brexit.

On Thursday, President of the European Council Donald Tusk took to social media to reveal that he will be appealing to the EU27 members to remain open to the idea of offering the UK a long extension period, if they need time to rethink their Brexit strategy.

According to an official for President Emmanuel Macron, France will not support delaying Brexit if it simply means revisiting May's Withdrawal Agreement, insisting it is "out of the question."

"So it'll either be a no-deal now, or a change of plan from London, of which we see no sign at the moment," the official added.

壮観でしょう 何も恥ずかしいことなんかありません
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US announces more support for ‘heroic’ White Helmets in Syria

US announces more support for ‘heroic’ White Helmets in Syria
The Trump administration is doubling down on backing the White Helmets, the self-proclaimed civil defense group with often controversial activity in militant-held areas of Syria, pledging a $5 million donation at a conference.

The contribution was announced by ambassador James Jeffrey, US special envoy to the anti-Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS) coalition, at the third Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region, held in Brussels.

The $5 million will fund both the “vital, life-saving operations” by the White Helmets and the work of the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism (IIIM), a UN body created in late 2016 to investigate – but not prosecute – alleged atrocities in Syria after 2011.

As justification for the support, State Department spokesman Robert Palladino claimed the “heroic first responders” of the White Helmets have saved “more than 114,000” lives since the Syrian conflict began, including victims of “vicious chemical weapons attacks” the US is blaming on the Syrian government. Palladino’s statement, however, acknowledged that the group operates solely “in areas outside of the control of the regime.”

Though the Trump administration announced it would stop funding the White Helmets back in May 2018, it reversed course just a month later, sending $6.8 million to the group.

The Syrian government has repeatedly accused the White Helmets of being part of various Islamist rebel groups, while Russia has accused the group of staging alleged chemical attacks in order to provide pretexts for US military intervention in Syria.

Evidence of White Helmet involvement with anti-government militants and other abuses, such as organ harvesting and endangering children, was presented to the UN in December.

RT Edited time: 18 Sep, 2018 07:20 Vanessa Beeley
White Helmets stealing children for 'chemical attack' theater in Idlib
“Leave our children in peace. Let our children play, stop ‘playing’ with our children.” These are the words of a mother whose child was stolen and is being imprisoned in Idlib by terrorist groups and the White Helmets.

I met Wafaa at her home with her husband Mohammed Ibrahim and her two sons Hamza, 9, and Lotfe, 14. Both Wafaa and Mohammed are lawyers, they met while studying at the same university. Wafaa is strong, her expression is defiantly hopeful and optimistic despite fears for her kidnapped son, Ahmed, who is now 11.

“Ahmed was born mute, he couldn’t speak,” she told me. “I believe this is why he was taken from us, because he cannot protest or resist.”

Ahmed was kidnapped by terrorist groups only 200 meters from his home one year ago. The location of their home will not be disclosed to protect the security of the family, but they know that Ahmed is now being held with other children in Idlib. The locations change regularly, according to information the family has received from friends and family still trapped inside Idlib.

On August 30, 2018, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem stated that the US Coalition-sponsored White Helmets had kidnapped 44 children in order to use them as ‘props’ in the staging of a chemical weapon attack in Idlib. The White Helmets have a history of providing the scenarios required to precipitate FUKUS aggression against Syria.

Their most recent chemical attack hoax attempt in Douma in April 2018 was proven unreliable by the OPCW interim report. Sensationalist suggestions of sarin use by the Syrian government during the last moments of the liberation of Douma from the murderous Jaysh al-Islam fanatics was dismissed by the findings in the report. The chlorinated elements detected in the samples taken by the OPCW could come from any manner of household items and no conclusions of chlorine use by the Syrian government have been drawn. Western media and their governments have ignored the findings of the OPCW and are once more preparing the ground for a “chemical attack” in Idlib to enable further unlawful aggression against Syria during the Arab Army’s campaign to cleanse Idlib of the terrorist infestation.

Wafaa’s greatest fear is that Ahmed will be used alongside other children as actors in such a staged chemical attack.

“I stopped working when Ahmed was taken from us. About six months ago, a friend came from Turkey to Idlib. As they were crossing the border between Syria and Turkey, they stopped to rest. Their son knows Ahmed very well. Ahmed has a particular way of communicating by making a sound that is very recognizable by those who know him. Their son heard Ahmed making this sound. He told his parents that Ahmed was close by,” she said.

Wafaa’s voice trembled as she described this identification of her son. At least he was alive. Shortly after the family were given this information, an alleged chlorine gas attack was carried out in Saraqib to the east of Idlib city. A recent OPCW report on this alleged incident concludes that:

“Chlorine, released from cylinders through mechanical impact, was likely used as a chemical weapon on 4 February 2018 in the Al Talil neighborhood of Saraqib.”

However, the FFM (Fact-Finding Mission) was unable to enter Saraqib due to the risk of being executed or kidnapped by the “moderate” fanatics occupying the area. They instead relied entirely on “open-source” testimonies and evidence provided by compromised sources such as the White Helmets.

“Shortly after the Saraqib reports of a chemical attack, we received a phone call from the groups who were holding Ahmed. The man told me that the reason for kidnapping Ahmed was gone and that he would probably be returned soon,” Wafaa informed me.

I asked her if they knew who was holding Ahmed captive.

“Shortly after Saraqib happened, some women who managed to leave Idlib came to me. They told me that Al-Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda in Syria) were in charge of the children and the White Helmets were helping them with this. When I reported it, the White Helmets accused me of being ‘Shabiha.’ This is a death sentence if you are caught by the armed groups.”

Wafaa still has a sister in Idlib who is able to pass some information on to her directly or to people leaving Idlib via the Russian/Syrian established humanitarian corridors, which evacuate civilians to safety ahead of the ground campaign to liberate Idlib commences.

“Abu al-Duhur corridor is going to reopen, but we know that the terrorist groups are charging civilians 300,000 Syrian Pounds ($600) to leave by these corridors. People are leaving with nothing except the clothes on their back and yet we are told these monsters bring us ‘freedom and democracy.’”

Wafaa described the foreign fighters occupying Idlib: “Most people in Idlib avoid the foreign fighters, they are very extreme and dangerous. My sister told me that a few days ago she walked past some Uyghur children in her district. They started taunting her because the hem of her skirt was too high. People see the White Helmets in the same way. They are foreign, and they are well paid. They are wealthy like the foreign extremists. Most people in Idlib don’t allow their children to go to school because they fear that the White Helmets will kidnap them.”

Wafaa explained that the White Helmets don’t ask for money for the safe return of the children, which was the practice of the armed groups earlier in the conflict, according to her family.

“Why don’t they ask for money? This means they want to use the children for something else. They call anyone who questions them “shabiha” because they need to keep their image clean in the West. They are not ‘humanitarians,’ they are terrorists in a uniform, that’s all.”

Wafaa is terrified that these US coalition proxies, which include the White Helmets, have already used Ahmed for one of the reportedly staged events that have been prepared in advance, in order to criminalize the Syrian government and its allies as soon as the SAA liberation campaign begins in earnest.

“Ten days ago, a woman came to see me. She had just arrived from Idlib. She showed me a photo of Ahmed and confirmed he is still alive but imprisoned with many other children. She told me that the White Helmets move the children from place to place depending upon where the attacks might be staged. They are kept in prisons all the time. I worry so much that he is sick or scared and he can’t speak. I am convinced I will see Ahmed’s face in one of these chemical attack videos or reports,” said Wafaa.

As we were talking about Ahmed, his younger brother Hamza was reacting strongly and becoming increasingly agitated.

“He does this every time we discuss his brother, Ahmed. He is deeply disturbed by the loss of his brother,” Wafaa explained. “I used to take more care of Ahmed because he had special needs but now I try to protect Hamza more also.”

Throughout the interview, Wafaa remained composed and eloquent. She presented facts in a considered and objective way. Her child has been abducted, he is imprisoned by some of the most brutal extremist groups in Syria, but Wafaa displayed a fortitude that defied fear or pity. She remained proud and resilient. Mohammed Ibrahim, Ahmed’s father, was quieter and more withdrawn but the unbreakable bond between the couple and Ahmed’s brothers was evident. They were united in hope and determination that Ahmed will survive his ordeal and will be returned to them.

“If Idlib is liberated, we know that our army will bring Ahmed home to us. They will rescue him.”

Wafaa’s first display of anger and frustration came when I asked her to describe the reality of the “moderate” occupation of her homeland to people in the West.

“We have no voice. We are the forgotten Syrian people. Nobody listens to us when we tell the world that these monsters are killing us, killing our children, stealing our lives and destroying our homes. These ‘moderates’ don’t bring freedom or democracy, they bring only bloodshed, fear and loss. We want Idlib cleansed of their presence, we want the West to take their terrorists out of our country. What did we do wrong to deserve this? Why should my son suffer, for what? Please bring this to an end, let us live in peace as we did before 2011.”

Just before I left this family, I filmed Wafaa as she gave perhaps the most powerful message of her interview – “Leave our children in peace. Let our children play, stop ‘playing’ with our children.” In Syria, children have been cruelly exploited to promote war to ensure the deaths of more children. Wafaa is demanding that people in the West recognize this fact and do all they can to prevent more children suffering at the hands of the Western client fanatics and affiliated White Helmets. We should hear her plea and act upon it before it’s too late for Ahmed and all the other children who will suffer the same fate if we do nothing.

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Syrian Gov't Pardons over 40,000 Ex-Militants

Syrian Gov't Pardons over 40,000 Ex-Militants
TEHRAN (FNA)- Thousands of ex-militants that had laid down their arms and called for government's amnesty were pardoned by authorities in different provinces of the country.

The Arabic-language website of RT quoted the head of Syria's peace committee Yana Khadour as saying on Thursday that nearly 40,000 ex-militants, who had laid down arms and surrendered to the army forces, have received amnesty.

It added that over 6,000 women who had earlier been stationed in regions controlled by the terrorists have also been pardoned.

According to the report, nearly 600 people outside Syria have also demanded the government's amnesty.

In a relevant development last month, over 3,500 people in the Southern province of Dara'a changed sides and joined the Syrian army.

The Arabic-language service of Sputnik news agency reported that thousands of militants in the town of Ankhal in Dara'a province have surrendered to the Syrian government in the past few days in line with implementation of the peace plan in the country.

A military source recently said that over 3,500 people in the towns of Ankhal and Nowa as well as the nearby villages in Dara'a province had joined the Syrian army.

Thousands of displaced civilians have returned to their homes in Dara'a after the province was liberated from the terrorists by the Syrian army.

Thousands of internally displaced civilians were given the green light by the Syrian military in the past few months to return to their homes and hundreds of militants have surrendered their weapons to the army and were pardoned by the government.
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Corbyn Calls on MPs to Delay Brexit, Take Control After May’s Failure

Corbyn Calls on MPs to Delay Brexit, Take Control After May’s Failure
TEHRAN (FNA)- UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on Members of Parliament (MPs) to delay the country’s exit from the European Union and take control of the process, after Prime Minister Theresa May lost two key votes on her EU withdrawal plan and a possible ‘no-deal’ exit in the House of Commons.

“Tonight this House has once again definitely ruled out no deal,” Corbyn said, after lawmakers voted 312-308 for an amendment that would stop May from exiting the EU on March 29 without a withdrawal agreement or future relationship framework, presstv reported.

The vote came after May’s plan to exit the European Union was also rejected with only 17 days before the Brexit due date.

“The PM said the choice was between her deal and no deal. In the last 24 hours Parliament has decisively rejected both her deal and no deal,” he added.

“While an extension of Article 50 is now inevitable, responsibility for that extension lies solely and squarely at the Prime Minister's door,” he stated, adding, “But extending Article 50 without a clear objective is not a solution. Parliament must now take control of the situation.”

Earlier in the day, British MPs also rejected another amendment that sought to delay Brexit until May 22 by extending the Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty.

Corbyn said he had ordered his shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer to hold cross-party talks to do what May had “failed to do two years ago” and find a “compromise solution that can command support in the House”.

“Let us, as a House of Commons, work now to find a solution to deal with the crisis facing the country and the deep concerns that many people have for their livelihood, for their lives, their future, their jobs, their communities and their factories,” he noted.

“It's up to us as the House of Commons to look for and find a solution to their concerns. That is what we were elected to do,” Corbyn added.

The MPs were expected to vote on an extension of the Article 50 on Thursday, potentially delaying Brexit until May or later. It should be noted that the votes are not legally binding and a no-deal Brexit on March 29 is still a possibilty unless the two sides reach a deal.

Meanwhile, Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, warned Tuesday that the EU was no longer interested in negotiating a new deal.

A European commission spokesman said the vote was not enough and London had to choose between a deal or a no deal exit.

“We take note of the votes in the House of Commons this evening,” the spokesman said, adding, “There are only two ways to leave the EU: with or without a deal. The EU is prepared for both. To take no deal off the table, it is not enough to vote against no deal – you have to agree to a deal. We have agreed a deal with the prime minister, and the EU is ready to sign it.”

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 こうした流れを受け、国土交通省も同型機などの日本への乗り入れを停止する措置を取りました。日本の航空会社は元々これらの機体を使用していなかったものの、シンガポールなど海外の航空会社4社が14路線で日本に乗り入れていました。(14日17:57) JNN/TBS

‘Don’t sink! Don’t sink!’ Pilot reports reveal at least 2 incidents of Boeing 737 MAX 8 nosediving
Boeing 737 MAX 8 pilots reported their planes nosedived and lost altitude in at least two incidents before the current safety scandal that has seen the aircraft grounded across the world.

As Boeing deals with the fallout of its Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes being banned around the world following two deadly crashes, reports of the aircrafts nosediving have been revealed while other reports cite safety concerns.

Pilots on at least two US flights reported their aircrafts nosedived and lost altitude quickly when using autopilot mode on the 737 MAX 8 in the last few months, according to pilot reports compiled in the Aviation Safety Reporting System database administered by NASA. The data shows there were 11 reports about the Boeing 737 MAX 8 logged between April 2018 and December 2018, USA Today reports.

In one incident, as soon as the captain put the plane on autopilot, the co-pilot said, “Descending,” and a cockpit audio low altitude warning said, “Don’t sink, don’t sink!” The pilots turned off autopilot and the plane stopped descending.

‘Nose-diving’ complaints
According to a CNN report, two American pilots reported that they had experienced issues after engaging the Max 8’s autopilot system, including the plane unexpectedly dipping into a nose-dive. The autopilot had to be disengaged for the rest of the flight.
Both the Ethiopian Airlines and the Lion Air pilots reported similar “flight-control problems” to air traffic control shortly after take-off, adding to suspicions that the problem is intrinsic to the aircraft.

‘Criminally insufficient’ flight manual
Another report complained about the woeful inadequacy of the flight manual, describing it as “inadequate and almost criminally insufficient.” The same report said that it was “unconscionable” that pilots were being expected to fly the plane with insufficient training and limited information.
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