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宅ふぁいる便、数百万件の個人情報が流出 緊急会見へ(朝日新聞デジタル) - Yahoo!ニュース
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ISIS ‘caliphate’ in Syria will be defeated within a month – Kurdish forces commander

ISIS ‘caliphate’ in Syria will be defeated within a month – Kurdish forces commander
Military operations against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in Syria are wrapping up and the last pocket of the jihadists’ “caliphate” will be flushed out within a month, Mazloum Kobani, the chief of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, has said. “The operation of our forces against [IS] in its last pocket has reached its end and [IS] fighters are now surrounded in one area,” AFP quoted the top commander as saying. The head of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, Sipan Hemo, said earlier that talks with the government over the future of the northeast region will begin in days after a “positive” reaction from Damascus, Reuters reports. Any deal between the YPG and President Bashar Assad could piece together the two biggest chunks of a nation splintered by eight years of conflict.
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Ecuadorian ex-president Correa to RT: Сannot rule out US-backed ‘military action’ in Venezuela
Washington’s reckless push for regime change in Venezuela, where the US actively supports a person who “ignores all laws,” might set a dangerous precedent, former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa told RT.

A situation, in which a man “declares himself an ‘interim’ president” and immediately gets recognition from 11 Latin American countries and the US, is “unseen,” Correa said, commenting on the latest developments in the crisis-ridden Venezuela and referring to the opposition head Juan Guaido.

Guaido, who is currently the President of the National Assembly, swore an oath and declared himself interim president on Wednesday as thousands took to the streets calling for Maduro to leave office. Minutes later, US President Donald Trump announced his decision to recognize the man as Venezuela’s interim leader.

Elsewhere in the Americas, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru all followed suit within two hours of the US move.

The countries, which supported the development, called for a coup against Venezuela’s elected president, Nicolas Maduro, even before Guaido made his move, Correa said, adding that it was nothing but a push for a regime change. He also said that the opposition head “ignored the constriction, laws, election … procedures” in his self-manifestation as “nothing of this sort is in the constitution.”

However, those pushing for the coup were apparently not very much concerned about the legal formalities but were instead focused on their own interests, according to Correa, who said the development set a dangerous precedent for such an approach to be extended on any other country, whose “government the US does not like,” regardless of whether it is democratic or not.

“One can talk about a new Operation Condor now,” Correa said, referring to the infamous campaign of state terror and purges of alleged Communists conducted by US-backed South American dictatorships beginning in 1975.

“This is an impressive blow,” the ex-president said, referring to the development in Venezuela. “They avoid resorting to the military [action], assassinations or kidnappings for now because they do not need it. One cannot rule out that they could still resort to such methods” in the future, Correa warned.

Venezuela has been hit by a prolonged period of severe economic crisis. Its hardships are further exacerbated by pressure from Washington that seeks to depose the current government led by Maduro.

The Venezuelan president’s opponents blame his socialist government for the economic instability. Maduro says the nation’s woes are a result of US sanctions against the oil-rich state as well as deliberate attempts to sow discord among its people from abroad.

Meanwhile, pressure on Venezuela is still mounting. On Thursday, London and Paris followed Washington’s suit and declared that they do not see Maduro as a legitimate leader.

Venezuela’s elected leader, however, also received some international support. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin called Maduro and expressed his support to Venezuela’s legitimate government while condemning “external interference” of the US and its allies over “gross” violation of international law.

China, Mexico, Cuba as well as a NATO member, Turkey, are among the nations which have also rejected the attempted coup.
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11歳少女、100ミリシーベルト被ばく 福島事故直後のことを8年経ってまず確認だとは!

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この、高レベルの被曝をした少女をめぐる報道やネット上の論戦、東電擁護派の主張を読むたびにゾッとします。 「“等価線量”であるから一般の被曝総量の数値とちがう」とか、「数値が正確ではない」とか、視点が一般の人間とまったくズれています。忌憚なく言えば、他人の視線・反応を全く気にせず、電車の中で勝手に騒ぎ、大声でわめきたてる幼稚園児の発言と同じです。(いや、この例えは幼稚園児に失礼ですな。)

日本の御用学者たちのモラル、そして知的レベルはついにここまで堕ちたか、と暗然とします。 もしも、です。彼らに科学者のとしての矜持があるなら、等価線量だけでは不十分、あるいはその数値が正確でないと思うのであれば、米軍の調査資料など、当日の他の測量データを突き合わせればいい。少女の身元を確認した上で他の情報を精査すればいい。

しかし、彼らはいくらでも補充できるはずの他の情報を集めようともせず、他人から渡された紙の上のデータだけを舌先三寸でつついているだけです。もはや、真実を追及する気概も熱意を無いのでしょう。 こんな、自分の都合のいいレトリックだけで一部の情報をこねくり回すような議論、もしも私の講義を受けている学生がレポートで書いたら、私は一発で再履修を命じます。




我々国民が気遣うべきは、この少女の健康。怒りを向けるべきは、彼女を見捨てておきながら平然と国家から禄を食み続ける官僚たちです。 菊地氏たちは完全に、理性も知性も失っています。 なぜ、彼らは 「このお譲さんは大丈夫なのだろうか」 と一言でも言えないのでしょうか。 「このお嬢さんの近くにいた他の子供たちの健康は大丈夫か」 と考えることができないのでしょうか。 「国は一刻も早く彼女の安否を確認し、健康状況を国民に知らせるべきだ」 と主張することはできないのでしょうか。 これらの思考・発言は、原発に賛成か反対かを問わず、法治国家の公職にある人間として最低限の道徳であり、義務です。

菊地氏たちは、上記のような発言をしませんでしたし、これからも二度としないでしょう。彼らには、法治国家の常識、道徳が一片も無いからです。 今回、骨身にしみて分かったのは、関係官庁の高官たち、そして菊地氏を代表とする御用学者たちにとって、我々国民は実験のラットでしかない、という事実。彼らにとって一番大事な任務は、「フクシマは安全」という狂ったロジックであって、国民の命が守れるか否か、ではない。言葉を変えて言えば、「フクシマは安全」理論を守るためならば、国民が何百万人死のうが、まったく構わないのでしょう。




被ばく累積で発がん これはわかりやすい

早野問題を契機に一気に噴き出す 日本の大学の劣化と腐臭

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※ 日本原子力産業協会 @JAIF_Tokyoの22:19 - 2019年1月20日のツイート

放射線安全フォーラム 最高顧問
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Face Bookは米国の他国侵略の手先


このブログ記事へのFace Bookからのリンクお断りします。
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