シリアが対イスラエル 防空能力を高める イスラエル軍機の7発のミサイルを無力化

Syrian air defense ‘thwarts’ Israeli ‘aggression’ – state media
Syrian air defenses successfully fended off an IDF aerial raid, targeting the southern part of the country, and prevented the strike force from achieving its goals, state media at Damascus reported, citing a military source.

The Syrian air defense systems “thwarted an Israeli air aggression” and “prevented it from achieving any of its goals,” a military source told state-run news agency SANA.

The IDF declined to comment on the alleged attack.

The military, however, stated that they intercepted a rocket which was launched at the northern Golan Heights. The IDF didn't specify where the rocket came from.

Israel has repeatedly carried out bombing raids into Syria in an effort to fight supposed Iranian proxies which Tel Aviv says endanger its national security.

Not all airstrikes and raids reported by Damascus were subsequently confirmed or acknowledged by Israel. Syria has on numerous occasions condemned the raids and called them a flagrant violation of its sovereignty.

Just last year alone, Israeli jets dropped 2,000 bombs on Syrian territory, targeting the alleged Iranian-linked militants, the outgoing chief of the IDF, Gadi Eisenkot, told the media earlier this week.

Israeli military actions in Syria were blasted by Russia. Officials in Moscow said that the “provocative” Israeli raids endanger civilian flights, and accused the IDF of using a Russian aircraft as ‘cover’ for its planes during an incursion into Syria.

At the same time, Israel’s prime minister and acting defense chief, Benjamin Netanyahu, praised the conduct and of capabilities the nation’s air force. “We are standing steadfast on our red lines in Syria and everywhere else,” he told a group of cadets in December.

Damascus Army's Air Defense Wards off Israeli Air Raid in Southern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army's air defense systems thwarted an Israeli missile attack in the Southern parts of the country.

The Syrian air defenses managed to intercept all the seven Israeli missiles, while some reports said the Syrian army shot down six missiles and the seventh missile went astray and landed in a farm in rural areas.

Other reports said that the missiles were fired by Israeli fighter jets flying in Southern Lebanon's air space.

Meantime, the Arabic-language service of Russian Sputnik news agency quoted local sources as saying that the Syrian Army's air defense shield has repelled attacks by Israel on targets near Talol al-Ahmar East of the town of Hazar South of Damascus and North of Quneitra province.

The sources noted that the Israeli fighter jets were continuously and intensely flying over the Occupied Golan Heights concurrent with the attacks.

Pointing to the tensions in Quneitra Front after Israel's failed attack on Damascus suburbs today, they reiterated that the battlefield was the scene of missile exchanges between Syria and Israel.

The Arabic-language service of Al-Mayadeen news network reported that four Israeli fighter jets fired missiles towards Damascus through Lebanon.

The Russian Defense Ministry also announced that Israel's attack on Damascus Airport did not leave any casualties or losses.

The source went on say that the Syrian army's air defenses destroyed all the seven missiles fired by Israel.

The Sham Times news website quoted a military analyst as saying that there is a link between the Israeli airstrikes and terrorist attacks in the outskirts of Damascus which took place earlier today.

On Sunday morning, the Syrian security forces foiled a terrorist attack in the outskirts of Damascus.

The terrorists tried to explode a parcel in Southern al-Motehaleq near a Syrian Army military point in the suburbs of Damascus, but the Syrian Army foiled their attempt, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported.

The Arabic-language al-Mayadeen TV network announced that an explosive package was seized from the terrorists and defused it through controlled detonation in Southern Al-Motehalaq region in the outskirts of Damascus.

Meantime, the Syrian State-Run news agency reported that a terrorist has been arrested in connection to the foiled terrorist attack.

Moreover, the Arabic-language RT quoted some media activists as saying that the Syrian security forces have also defused a second bomb plot and they are chasing the terrorists.
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老人は抵抗する スマホの料金を安く 4

老人は抵抗する スマホの料金を安く の4回目です。あまりアクセスがありませんのでこのブログ読者は経済的に余裕のある人だけなのかな? それにしては寄付が少ないなぁ と思っていましたが、休日になって少しアクセスがあります。

要するに家では次の画像のようにして、スマホやパソコンを使ったらどうですか という提案です。










「老人は抵抗する スマホの料金を安く」 のシリーズの記事を電車の中で読むのは困難をともなうでしょう。やはり落ち着いてじっくり読まないと理解はできないと思います。










老人は抵抗する スマホの料金を安く 1
老人は抵抗する スマホの料金を安く 2
老人は抵抗する スマホの料金を安く 3
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A 'Convenient Killing' Of US Troops In Syria

ゼロヘッジ Fri, 01/18/2019 - 22:45
by Tyler Durden

Authored by Finian Cunningha, via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

With unseemly haste, US news media leapt on the killing of four American military personnel in Syria as a way to undermine President Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw troops from that country.

The deadly attack in the northern city of Manbij, on the west bank of the Euphrates River, was reported to have been carried out by a suicide bomber. The Islamic State (ISIS) terror group reportedly claimed responsibility, but the group routinely makes such claims which often turn out to be false.

The American military personnel were said to be on a routine patrol of Manbij where US forces have been backing Kurdish militants in a purported campaign against ISIS and other terror groups.

An explosion at a restaurant resulted in two US troops and two Pentagon civilian officials being killed, along with more than a dozen other victims. Three other US military persons were among those injured.

US media highlighted the bombing as the biggest single death toll of American forces in Syria since they began operations in the country nearly four years ago.

The US and Kurdish militia have been in control of Manbij for over two years. It is one of the main sites from where American troops are to withdraw under Trump’s exit plan, which he announced on December 19.

Following the bombing, the New York Times headlined: “ISIS Attack in Syria Kills 4 Americans, Raising Worries about Troop Withdrawal”. The report goes on, “the news prompted calls from Republicans and Democrats for President Trump to reconsider his plans to withdraw troops from the country.”

A more pointed headline in The Washington was: “Killing of 4 Americans in Syria Throws Spotlight on Trump’s Policy”.

The Post editorialized, “the bombing showed that [ISIS] is likely to be a force to be reckoned with in Syria for the foreseeable future.” It quoted politicians in Washington claiming the “bombing deaths… were a direct result of a foolish and abrupt departure announcement [by Trump], and made the case for staying.”

Democrat Senator Jack Reed, who sits on the Senate Armed Forces Committee, said: “From the beginning, I thought the president was wrong [in ordering the withdrawal]. It was a strategic mistake for the whole region.”

With macabre smugness, anti-Trump politicians and news media appeared to exploit the death of US troops in Manbij to score points against Trump.

The president’s claims made just before Christmas of having defeated ISIS were widely replayed following the Manbij attack this week by way of ridiculing Trump’s order to pullout US troops from Syria.

Nevertheless, despite the deaths, Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence stated they were still committed to bring the 2,000 or so US troops home. Some military figures also went on US media to defend Trump’s pullout plan in spite of the terror attack in Manbij.

There clearly is a serious division in Washington over Trump’s policy on Syria. For Democrats and supportive media outlets, anything Trump does is to be opposed. But there are also elements within the military and intelligence nexus which are implacably against, what they see as, his “capitulation to Russia and Iran” in Syria. That was partly why his Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned days after Trump made his announced withdrawal at the end of last month.

Having invested years and money in regime-change machinations in Syria, there is bound to be US military and intelligence cabals which are resistant to Trump’s move to pack up. Not that Trump’s move portends a peace dividend for the region. It is more a “tactical change” for how US imperialism operates in the Middle East, as his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in Cairo last week.

That is why Trump’s order to take troops out of Syria may not be a clear-cut withdrawal. His National Security adviser John Bolton on a tour of the Middle East last week has already tried to undermine Trump by attaching all sorts of vague conditions to the troop pullout. Bolton and Pompeo have talked about the need to ensure the total defeat of ISIS and of the countering of Iranian presence in Syria.

This brings up the question of who may have carried out the bombing in Manbij? Was it really a suicide bomber? Was it really ISIS? Several observers have pointed out that ISIS have not had any presence in Manbij for the past two years since the Americans and Kurds took control of the city.

As always, the key question arises: who stands to benefit from the killing of the American troops? The scale of the attack suggests it was carried out with a sharp political message intended for Trump.

One potential beneficiary are the Kurdish militants who are being abandoned by the putative US withdrawal. Without their American sponsor on the ground, the Kurds are in danger of Turkish forces launching cross-border operations to wipe them out, as Ankara has vowed to do. A Machiavellian Kurdish calculation could be to “disprove” Trump about “ISIS being defeated”, and that US forces are needed to prevent any resurgence of the terror group in Manbij and northeast Syria.

Another sinister player is the CIA or some other element of US military intelligence. It is certainly not beyond the realm of plausibility that the CIA could facilitate such an atrocity against American personnel in order to discredit Trump’s withdrawal plan.

Certainly, the way the anti-Trump media in the US reacted with such alacrity and concerted talking points suggests there was something a bit too convenient about the massacre.

It would in fact be naive to not suspect that the CIA could have pulled off such a false flag in Manbij. As in 1950s Vietnam, as told by Graham Greene in ‘The Quiet American’, the CIA have been doing such dirty tricks with bombing atrocities and assassinations for decades in order to precipitate wars in foreign countries that the agency calculates are in America’s geopolitical interests.
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