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Russian Aircraft Buzzing Over Idlib Ahead Expected Escalation In Northwestern Syria (Video)
On November 18, an Il-20 reconnaissance plane and several unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted multiple sorties over radical militants positions in the northern Syrian governorate of Idlib, according to Syrian opposition sources.

The Il-20 is a signal and electronic intelligence plane, that is also equipped with a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) capable of taking radar images. Electro-optical systems were also installed in some planes of this type. The main task of the Il-20 is spying on the enemy’s communication and identifying its positions.

Local observers said that this number of sorties is unusual, as Russia has stepped down its aerial operations over Idlib after reaching the deconfliction agreement with Turkey. According to them, the reconnaissance sorties may be a part of ongoing preparations to resume military operations in the militant-held governorate.

Two days ago, Syrian and Lebanese sources reported that the SAA and its allies may soon launch a limited military operation around Idlib. According to the sources, the supposed operation will be a response to the repeated violation of the deconfliction agreement.
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カリフォルニアの山火事 不思議なことが一杯に見えたが


※ Mike Tokes認証済みアカウント @MikeTokes
I am seeing more and more videos of very strange irregularities regarding the California fires.
In this video, single homes were burned down with no damage to neighboring homes.
Can anyone explain this?
the daily beast
But experts, who say it’s not unusual for wildfires to spare some structures while totally destroying others, can explain this. Daniel Leavell, a forest agent and assistant professor at Oregon State University, told The Daily Beast that fires are driven by a variety of complicated factors, including wind, that can produce surprising burn patterns.

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Another highly unusual issue with the California wild fires is the melting of aluminum and steel.
Forest fires cannot melt steel beams.
Also, if you look in the first photo, only the car has been damaged, but all surrounding areas are fine?
Can anyone explain this?

the daily beast But, according to Leavell, fires can “most definitely” melt some of the lighter metals used in cars.
“It’s certainly going to melt everything aluminum in its path,” Leavell said.

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User submitted photos on Facebook of the California fires show weird beams of light emiting from the sky causing fires, destruction & property damage.
These look like lasers, or high frequency direct energy weapons.
Unsure what to think of this, but it was interesting to note.



the daily beast
In fact, as Snopes points out, the graphic is incredibly misleading, comparing fire advisory areas, rather than actual burned areas, to an outdated map of the proposed high-speed rail. When compared to a current map of the rail plan, the two graphics don’t match up at all.








California wildfire: 1,276 people now listed as missing as death toll climbs to 76
The death toll from the worst-ever California wildfires has increased to 76, while the list of those unaccounted-for continues to grow and has jumped to 1,276, even as authorities located hundreds of previously missing persons.

The remains of five more people were discovered on Saturday in northern California as firefighters continue to battle the wildfire that has been raging for over a week and is so far only 55 percent contained.

The new figures were announced just as President Donald Trump arrived in California to personally inspect the scale of destruction from the Camp Fire and the Woolsey Fire just outside of Los Angeles. Pledging to allocate federal resources to help Californians recover from the most deadly wildfire in their state's history, Trump remarked: “This is very sad to see, but we’re all going to work together."

トランプが Woolsey Fireを視察しています。

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