英国 欧州連合離脱大臣 Dominic Raab が辞任

UK Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigns over deal with EU
Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned from the UK government causing turmoil for Prime Minister Theresa May and her Brexit plans, after a marathon cabinet session had seemingly created a finalised draft withdrawal agreement.

Raab has released a statement, Thursday, via social media. He tweeted: “I cannot in good conscience support the terms proposed for our deal with the EU.”
Raab, who is an ardent Brexiteer, replaced David Davis as Brexit Secretary when he quit in protest at May's Chequers Brexit proposals - is among a group of senior ministers thought to be unhappy with the agreement.

Reaction has been flooding in from MPs and political commentators to the shock resignation. Many question whether the Prime Minister can survive after such a key figure in Brexit negotiations going.

Times journalist Sam Coates is reporting there could be more cabinet resignations to follow. He claims Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary is being urged by friends to follow Raab and quit from his ministerial post.


Work and Pensions Secretary Esther Mcvey quits UK government over Brexit deal


EU's Donald Tusk says summit to sign Brexit deal to be held on November 25
Barring an "extraordinary" turn of events, a deal finalizing Brexit will be signed at a summit on November 25, EU President Donald Tusk has said.

If "nothing extraordinary happens," EU leaders will gather for a summit to sign off on the draft Brexit agreement at the end of the month, Tusk announced on Thursday.

After meeting with Brexit EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier, Tusk said that there was "no doubt" that Brexit is "a lose-lose situation," describing negotiations over the UK's exit as "only about damage control."

UK Trade Minister Calls Failure to Deliver Brexit 'Most Dangerous' Outcome
TEHRAN (FNA)- UK Trade Minister Liam Fox called on Friday the failure of the government to deliver on its Brexit promise the most dangerous thing that could happen.

Forty-eight conservative lawmakers had sent letters saying that they no longer support UK Prime Minister Theresa May, which is threatening her leadership of the party, Sputnik reported.

May's draft Brexit deal with the European Union won support of senior ministers this week and is to be finalized and submitted to Parliament. However, six government ministers, including Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, resigned from their posts. Dominic Raab argued that the proposed regulatory regime for Northern Ireland would "pose a very real threat" to the UK's integrity.

One of the stumbling blocks appeared to be the so-called Irish border backstop, a EU-UK customs arrangement that would be launched if London and Brussels failed to agree on all terms of their future relationship by the end of the transition period.

On Thursday, Theresa May promised to fight for her Brexit divorce deal, which she claimed was in the best interests of the UK public.

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Syria: Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Sexual Slavery Thrive in Rukban Refugee Camp

Syria: Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Sexual Slavery Thrive in Rukban Refugee Camp
TEHRAN (FNA)- The administration of al-Rukban camp is unable to provide security for the refugees, and prostitution, theft, sexual slavery of minors and human trafficking thrive there, Russian Defense Ministry’s representative in the ceasefire and humanitarian aid groups in Geneva Yuri Tarasov said at a meeting of the Russian and Syrian centers for the return of refugees on Friday.

"Another negative aspect of the current state of affairs in the camp is the inability of the local administration to guarantee refugees’ personal safety. On the territory of al-Rukban theft, prostitution and forced marriages are frequent. Sexual exploitation of minors and gender inequality thrive," Tarasov said, TASS reported.

In particular, he said that human trafficking was widely spread.

No registration of marriages, births and deaths is carried out.

"Many temporarily displaced persons in the camp carry no documents. Al-Rukban has just four elementary schools. The teachers are refugee volunteers, who have to work without teaching aids or being paid for the job they do," Tarasov said.

The United Nations and the entire international community should initiate the termination of the illegal occupation of the territory where the Rukban refugee camp in Syria is located to rescue people staying there, Head of Russia’s National Defense Control Center Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev said on Friday.

Mizintsev made the statement at a session of the Russian and Syrian headquarters for the return of refugees. The session was devoted to the disastrous humanitarian situation in the camp located in the zone illegally occupied by the United States.

"The results of the first humanitarian convoy show perfectly clear the scope of the humanitarian disaster in Rukban, which is so enormous that subsequent humanitarian actions initiated now cannot solve the crisis and will only put the situation on hold in the interests of Americans and militant formations controlled by them," Mizintsev said.

"In this situation, the United Nations Organization and the entire international community should immediately initiate this process and resolve this issue once and forever," the general stressed.

The Russian general called on all the members of the headquarters, and also the Foreign Ministries of Russia and Syria to persistently bring Russia’s position and the objective picture on the Rukban camp to the notice of the world public at all venues, first of all, at the UN.

"We are urging the United States of America to immediately stop the illegal occupation of the 55km zone around al-Tanf, which is the sovereign territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. This will automatically resolve the al-Rukban problem itself and help residents staying there return to their homes," the general said.

The position of refugees in Rukban camp is reminiscent of conditions that existed in World War II Nazi concentration camps, he added.

"The condition of the camp’s residents reminds one of those in the World War II concentration camps, which at a certain point looked gone never to return. How is that possible in the modern world? This is the first question. Secondly, why in a situation like this does the world community, which professes concern about human rights, prefer to stubbornly keep quiet about the humanitarian disaster of Al Rukban, whose residents are in fact in the position of hostages?" Mizintsev said.

He remarked that official UN agencies, responsible for all-round assistance to refugees, as a matter of fact display no initiative or insistence in tackling the global humanitarian disaster and the appalling conditions of Syrian citizens in the camp.

"Lastly, why the mass media is not allowed to visit refugees in Rukban? The explanation is there exists something that some consider worth hiding. Who is responsible for this barbarity? The answer lies on the surface," Mizintsev said.

"The American side has all the way excused its presence on Syrian territory by the need for struggle with the groups of the Islamic State (outlawed in Russia) operating in the region. But in the south of Syria there are none already! Then what’s the purpose of the US forces there? This question, too, requires, a concrete answer," Mizintsev stated.
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Moscow Slams US for Using Militants to Protect Convoys in Syria's Al-Tanf
TEHRAN (FNA)- Moscow considers the use of militants, known as the Partisans of the so-called Revolution, to protect the US convoys deployed near the US military base in al-Tanf completely unacceptable, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

"We consider the fact that, despite the preliminary arrangements, the United States did invite (the militants) for the protection of convoys inside the so-called exclusive zone completely unacceptable," Zakharova said, Sputnik reported.

She added that Moscow also had questions regarding Washington's refusal to let the representatives of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent charity in the Rukban refugee camp located near al-Tanf.

"This means that they have something to hide," she indicated.

The US military currently occupies a 34-mile zone around its base in al-Tanf, where it has been training Syrian opposition forces since 2016.

The base has become the subject of criticism as Damascus and Moscow have expressed concerns that Washington was "spewing ISIL mobile groups who make inroads to launch subversive terrorist operations against Syrian troops and civilians."
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No more 'moderates'? Al Nusra terrorists unite ALL Idlib militants under single anti-Assad command

No more 'moderates'? Al Nusra terrorists unite ALL Idlib militants under single anti-Assad command

The notorious Al Nusra terrorist group has announced it has united all the rebel factions in Idlib under a single command, eroding whatever thin line ever existed between the so-called 'moderate' militants and hardcore jihadists.

The Idlib province has been relatively calm following the September agreement between Russia and Turkey to set up a buffer zone in the province in the hope that it would lead to a long-lasting ceasefire. The deal, which was backed by Germany and France, and supported by the United States, in theory, should have allowed the so-called 'moderate' rebels to take control of the province while separating from radical Islamists. However, exactly the opposite appears to have happened.

All the factions in the arena formed a joint operations room... Yes, all factions without exemption.

There has been "no joint operations room like this before," Abu Khaled, a representative of Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Al Nusra, which is now known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, told the controversial American journalist Abdul Kareem.

The main task of this 'operation room’ is to unite rebel forces against the Syrian government troops which have encircled the province. Idlib is the last major stronghold of jihadist groups in Syria, which have been trying to overthrow the government in Damascus for the past seven years. The northwestern province, which is home to some 2.9 million people, officially is not run by a single rebel group, but rather by a number of rival factions which together have around 70,000 fighters at their disposal. Tahrir al-Sham is believed to be strongest in their midst with about 10,000 fighters.

While Damascus agreed to observe the conditions of the multilateral agreement, the jihadi representative made it clear that the Idlib deal does not represent their interests. "I want to send a message to the regime and its cronies that the rebels in northern free areas have prepared messages for you. But you will not understand them until you see them," the jihadi told Kareem in an interview aired on OGN TV.

The Al Nusra announcement "changes the framework of the multilateral agreement," global affairs analyst and founder of the 21st Century Wire Patrick Henningsen explained.

There are effectively no more moderate rebels in Idlib.

"It was naive ever to believe that the strongest party Al Nusra would give way to the weaker party, the so-called moderates of the Free Syrian Army. What is happening is that they are now very firmly in the driving seat. And they've driven coach and horses through the Turkish-Russian agreement," the former UK Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford told RT.

Rebel united under the command of the well-known terrorist network can only spell a battle for the Idlib province, Henningsen thinks. The fight, however, could spread beyond the Syrian Arab Army and terrorist forces if the US, which has actively been cautioning against any military operation against the rebels in the region, comes to their aid, former ambassador Ford stressed, a view also shared by the global affairs analyst.

"The United States has made it quite clear that any Syrian army advance on Idlib would be met by deadly fire from the United States," Ford said, explaining that "the United States has effectively put itself in the position of creating a safe haven for Al Qaeda."

If the West is going to intervene... then effectively they are taking the side of a terrorist confab.

Prior to the Turkish-Russian Idlib agreement that set up a demilitarized zone running 15-20 km deep into rebel territory, US President Donald Trump explicitly said that the US will get "very angry" if Syrian forces proceed to retake Idlib. "If it's a slaughter, the world is going to get very, very angry," Trump warned Bashar Assad in a September tweet. "And the United States is going to get very angry, too."
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南町田鶴間公園 テニスコート脇 透水性ブロック舗装上

大和市境川堤防上 込み込み80cpm



α線は数cpm、ベータ線36cpm程度、ガンマ線41cpm、ここで測定されたガンマ線数は南町田鶴間公園 テニスコート脇の測定値と同じでした。

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2018/10 人口動態速報 横浜市出生数死亡数ともにトレンドからの乖離広がる

守谷市 出生死亡比率前年同月比改善
常陸太田市 前年同月比改善
日立市 前年同月比改善
神栖市 前年同月比悪化
仙台市 前年同月比悪化
大和市 前年同月比悪化
柏市 前年同月比大幅悪化
いわき市 前年同月比大幅悪化
横浜市 前年同月比大幅悪化、出生数死亡数ともにトレンドラインからの乖離広がる
郡山市 前年同月比大幅改善
市川市 前年同月比小幅悪化

高萩市 前年同月比大幅改善
市原市 前年同月比大幅改善
筑西市 前年同月比大幅改善
松戸市 前年同月比改善
浦安市 前年同月比大幅悪化
我孫子市 前年同月比大幅改善
横須賀市 前年同月比悪化

鎌ヶ谷市 前年同月比悪化
福島市 前年同月比悪化

水戸市 前年同月比大幅悪化
川崎市 前年同月比小幅改善
常総市 前年同月比大幅悪化
ひたちなか市 前年同月比大幅改善
船橋市 前年同月比小幅悪化
流山市 前年同月比大幅悪化
厚木市 前年同月比大幅悪化

千葉市 前年同月比小幅悪化
千葉県10市計 前年同月比悪化
小田原市 前年同月比小幅改善
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最近では、23区南生活クラブ生協 ●大気汚染は松葉が知っている!● 〜松葉のダイオキシン調査2016.3〜 の資料を知り、すぐに原因はあれだと判断がつきました。この記事に掲げた施設の画像は、2015年06月に収集作成したものです。








1件いくらでネットウヨをしている人たちは、ひょっとして年配者? ならば私と同じで死ぬまで直りませんね。
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※ 誰でもコメンテーター @sgsdogrun
『野党が聞き取り調査をした際 カンボジアからの女性は月に6万。時給は300円。長時間労働を強いられているから病院にも行けない』これ違法行為じゃないの?被害者を引っ張りまわしてないで、まずは加害者を告訴して賠償させて実習生を安心させてあげることが先決でしょ。野党は何やってんだ?

※ aoi sora‏ @4023Sora氏の2018/11/14のツイート

※ 異邦人 @Beriozka1917氏の2018/11/15のツイート

※ 山崎 雅弘 @mas__yamazaki氏の2018/11/16のツイート
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毎日新聞2018年11月16日 東京朝刊
国内受け入れ飽和状態 廃プラ、処理法確立急務 焼却限界、コスト増
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US senators seek to stop weapons sales to Saudi Arabia over Yemen war, Khashoggi murder
A newly proposed bill in the US Senate would suspend the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia and block refueling of Saudi warplanes bombing Yemen, as punishment for the death of a Washington Post columnist.

US Senate blocks plan to stop an arms sale to Bahrain – one of the countries bombing Yemen
The US senate has rejected an effort by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to block a major arms sale to Bahrain – more proof that if there’s one thing that unites Democrats and Republicans, it’s selling weapons to Middle Eastern allies.

The senate voted 77-21 on Thursday to table the resolution, which would have blocked the $300 million arms sale to the Persian Gulf nation, which is a member of the Saudi-Arabia led coalition currently bombing Yemen.

In recent weeks, US lawmakers have publicly professed concern over the war in Yemen and its growing civilian death toll but, when faced with the opportunity to block arms from reaching one of the nations doing the bombing, they demurred.

Paul implored senators to support his motion, calling for an end to “the US involvement” in Yemen’s brutal civil war. “Your tax dollars are supporting this war, so I think there ought to be a debate. So that’s what I stand up today to do, is to force a debate on whether or not we should be involved with aiding and abetting the Saudi coalition in this war in Yemen,” Paul said in a speech on the senate floor.

But the Republican’s pleas fell on deaf ears and the motion died a swift death in the upper chamber.

Senator Bob Menendez, the top ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said that he opposed Paul’s effort because Bahrain is a “critical ally” of the US, citing the fact that the country hosts US naval forces which he said puts it at risk of attack from Iran or terrorist groups. Menendez said that the sale of 120 Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems and 110 Army Tactical Missile Systems to Bahrain had nothing to do with Yemen.

The White House said it “strongly opposes” Paul’s move to block the sale, claiming that the weapons systems will “enhance Bahrain’s ability to protect itself against threats to territorial sovereignty, particularly from Iran” and will “bolster a Bahraini defense infrastructure that supports United States activities and priorities.”

Last week, in response to growing anger about US involvement in the Yemen war, the Pentagon announced that the US would stop providing aerial refuelling to Saudi-coalition aircraft, but the White House still intends to continue with arms sales to Riyadh, something which lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are increasingly uneasy about, particularly in the wake of the murder of US-based Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The Trump administration decided this week to sanction 17 Saudi citizens for their alleged roles in the murder, but Trump has publicly rejected the notion of halting weapons sales to the country, citing the “massive amounts of money” that come from arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

US sanctions 17 Saudis for involvement in Khashoggi murder including Crown Prince aide
The US has sanctioned 17 Saudi nationals for their alleged role in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The list includes a former top aide to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and Saudi Consul General Mohammed Alotaibi.

The gruesome killing of the dissident journalist in Saudi consulate in Turkey sparked public outrage and condemnation worldwide. As Khashoggi was working for the Washington Post, there's been pressure on the White House to respond to the actions of its Middle East ally.

Among the sanctioned individuals is Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, who Turkish authorities believe led a 15-man ‘kill team’ to Istanbul to murder Khashoggi. According to Turkish pro-government newspaper Sabah, the team were observed carrying scissors, defibrilators and syringes through airport security at Istanbul.

The New York Times reported that Mutreb had told a superior by phone to “tell your boss” that Khashoggi had been killed. The “boss” is suspected to be Crown Prince bin Salman, although Saudi authorities deny his involvement.

The 17 individuals were sanctioned under the Global Magnitsky Act, a piece of legislation that allows the US to sanction people it labels egregious human rights offenders, freeze their finances, and forbid them entering America.

The Act was written in 2012 to allow the US to punish Russian officials it says were responsible for the death of accountant Sergei Magnitsky in a Moscow prison, and gives the US wide-ranging powers to sanction individuals from any country, without proof of guilt in any crime.

President Donald Trump had previously called for restraint while Khashoggi’s death was still under investigation, and refused to cancel the US’ ongoing $110 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

“We’ve always turned a blind eye to what’s going on in Saudi Arabia – right from the very beginning,” Baer told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “Saudi Arabia is a volcano right now. We don’t have players there on our side [other than MBS],” he continued, adding: “What worries the White House is that this country could pop.”

Baer also rubbished the notion that the Crown Prince was unaware of the operation to kill Khashoggi. “The Saudis don’t have rogue operations – ever,” he said. “It has never occurred.”

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A Fukushima waiting to happen? Huge stockpile of nuclear waste on California fault line threatens US

2018/11山火事発生地域に近い Santa Susana サンタスサナ実験施設についても言及されています。

A Fukushima waiting to happen? Huge stockpile of nuclear waste on California fault line threatens US
Millions of pounds of toxic waste are being buried under the site of a privately owned former nuclear power plant in California. The only problem? Experts warn that it sits on a major fault line − and in a tsunami zone.

The San Onofre nuclear plant, located just 108 feet from a popular beach, was shut down in 2015 after a leak was discovered. Now, the Southern California Edison energy company is burying the nuclear waste at the failed site − a move which has been approved by federal regulators.

Charles Langley, the executive director of Public Watchdogs, told RT that the situation at San Onofre is of “grave concern” because spent nuclear fuel and water “don’t mix.”

Langley claimed that research carried out by experts which highlighted the extreme risks of storing the waste at the facility was “suppressed” by the very government agency responsible for protecting public health and safety.

"There are actually fault lines that run underneath the facility. We've documented this in geological reports that were suppressed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It’s in a Tsunami zone and it’s also extremely vulnerable to terrorist attacks.”

So far, 29 of 73 canisters of waste are below the surface of the ground. Langley warns, however, that the canisters are unequipped to store the toxic nuclear waste. The warranty for the containment system is only for 10 years “and the canisters themselves are only guaranteed to last 25 years,” he said.

Nina Babiarz, a board member at Public Watchdogs, told RT that “there should have been a requirement for an underground monitoring system before one can even went in the ground.”

Babiarz believes the San Onofre plant is a ticking time bomb.

“It's still very prevalent to me that this not only could happen, but it has happened at Three Mile Island, of course it has happened at Chernobyl, it’s happened at Fukushima − and lest we forget, it could happen at San Onofre,” she said.

Edison refused to answer any of RT’s questions. On its website, however, the company says they are “being proactive in seeking out options for the relocation of the fuel, including an off-site facility.”

But San Onofre is not the only nuclear site causing concern to scientists and environmentalists in California.

The Santa Susana Field Laboratory − a highly classified former nuclear testing site, which was the location of the worst nuclear meltdown in nuclear history − was scorched in the California wildfires. During the 1959 disaster, 459 times more radiation was leaked there than during the infamous 1979 Three Mile Island meltdown in Pennsylvania.

Physicians for Social Responsibility say that the toxic materials in the soil and vegetation could become airborne in smoke and ash. More than half a million people live within 10 miles of the area.

Investigative journalist Paul DeRienzo told RT that given the site’s classified status, it’s no surprise that Americans don’t know much about the place.

“It was a tremendous accident [in 1959] that gave off more radiation than Three Mile Island did − and other than that, very little is known. It’s a highly classified site and whatever we learn about it, we learn in dribs and drabs over a long period of time,” DeRienzo said.

Asked whether government assurances that the site is safe could be believed, DeRienzo warned against trusting official guarantees.

“You can’t, because it’s classified, because a lot of the things that happened at Santa Susana were classified and therefore there are things that they’re just never going to tell you and only accidentally does it come out,” he said.


※ No nuclear waste on our beaches!
This is not a test: they are going to bury millions of pounds of ☢️ POISONOUS NUCLEAR WASTE ☢️ under the sand, at the beach!
Scientists are terrified -- the beach is right next to a major earthquake fault line and a breach could spread nuclear waves across the world's oceans and shower millions of people with radioactive poison.
The energy behemoth behind the plan is keeping this out of the headlines -- that's where we come in. California's environmental governor Jerry Brown can still reverse this nuclear disaster -- and we can show him his global green credibility is at risk if he doesn't stop it! Sign now:

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