Syrian Sources: More Russian Forces Deployed Near US-Backed Militia in Deir Ezzur

Syrian Sources: More Russian Forces Deployed Near US-Backed Militia in Deir Ezzur
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian Army has deployed more troops in Southeastern Deir Ezzur near regions that are controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) amid intensifying tensions between Moscow and Washington, a Syrian state paper reported on Monday.

Syria's state-run al-Watan daily reported that the Russian military stationed more troops in the town of al-Mayadeen and in the small town of Mahkan in Southeastern Deir Ezzur.

In the meantime, militant-affiliated sources said that a large volume of Russian army equipment has been sent to al-Mayadeen and Mahkan and Russian soldiers have deployed in different positions near SDF's strongholds.

Also, al-Watan said that deployment of more Russian troops in Deir Ezzur came after tensions between Moscow and Washington over the Deir Ezzur region went high.

Russia has on many occasions criticized occupation of oil and gas fields in Deir Ezzur by the US and its militant allies and called several times for expulsion of the occupiers from the Eastern Banks of the Euphrates River, it added.

Militants' media outlets claimed on Saturday that a military convoy of tens of Russian forces and military vehicles was dispatched to Albu Kamal region in Southeastern Deir Ezzur as the Syrian army continues cleansing operations against the ISIL in the region.

The Arabic-language al-Baladi news channel affiliated to the militants in Syria reported on Saturday that the Russian forces were deployed in regions near the SDF and US forces' positions in Southeastern Deir Ezzur.

It added that the Russian forces were for the first time deployed in the region after the Syrian army regained control of the Western banks of the Euphrates river.

Meantime, the Syrian army troops started military operations against the ISIL in Badiyeh (desert areas) of Deir Ezzur.

The Syrian army had earlier reinvigorated its positions in al-Sayal region in Southeastern Deir Ezzur near Albu Kamal after sending military convoys.
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イラク議会 Barham Salihを大統領に選出

大統領Barham SalihがAdil Abdul-Mahdiを首相に指名

On Tuesday, Iraqi parliament elected the Kurdish politician Barham Salih as the new president of the country. As a veteran Kurdish politician from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) political party, Barham Salih was running against his sole challenger from the Kurdistan Democratic Party's (KDP), Fuad Hussein, who withdrew from the second round of the vote after witnessing his 90 votes compared to Salih’s 165 in the first round.

Hundreds of Iraqis protest US interferece in domestic affairs
BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:20 A.M.) – Hundreds of Iraqis, outraged by the ongoing American presence in their country, gathered in Baghdad’s Firdos Square on Friday to demand an end to the interference.

Since a new Iraqi parliament is set to meet next week to elect a speaker and start forming a government, the protesters called on Washington to not interfere in the process.

Protesters also added that their fellows Iraqis were remaining silent on this ‘criminal act’ which ‘sends them to hell.’

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi underlined that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's decision to remove his national security advisor and head of the country's Hashd al-Shaabi (popular forces) Falih al-Fayyadh is an internal affair, and has nothing to do with Tehran.

"This is an internal Iraqi issue and we do not interfere in it," Qassemi said on Saturday.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman reiterated that for Iran as a neighbor, a safe, unified, and advanced Iraq has priority over everything else.

Al-Fayyadh was removed from office on Friday, with al-Abadi's office stating that the decision had been take due to al-Fayyad's involvement in political and partisan work.

The decision has largely been attributed to the country’s ongoing efforts to form a new government following parliamentary elections in May.

Senior cleric Muqtada Sadr's Sairoon bloc came first in the polls, while the Fatah (Conquest) Alliance led by Hadi al-Amiri, and Prime Minister Abadi's Nasr finished second and third.

Before Abadi’s decision, reports surfaced alleging that al-Fayyadh was working with other heavyweight political groupings to establish the largest parliamentary bloc with expected influence in the make-up of the next government.

Abadi’s office said al-Fayyadh’s alleged involvement in government formation talks would undermine the performance of the country’s security apparatus.

As an apparent answer to the prime minister’s move, a number of Nasr’s leaders have made al-Fayyadh their candidate for upcoming elections to choose prime minister.

この方ですね。Hashd al-Shaabi (popular forces)を率いていました。米軍やサウジが対テロ作戦に参加させるなとアバディに申し入れる程の大きな成果を上げています。次期首相の可能性が浮上です。

Iraqis Rally to Vent Anger at US over Interference
TEHRAN (FNA)- Hundreds of Iraqi protesters took to the streets of the capital, Baghdad, to vent their anger at the US meddling in the Arab country's domestic affairs.

Demonstrators gathered in central Baghdad on Friday carrying banners and chanting slogans in condemnation of Washington's interference in Iraq's internal issues amid political uncertainty over the makeup of a new government, presstv reported.

Protester Sheikh Kazem Faihan called on the Iraqi nation to be united against "the enemy and its stark intervention in our matter", adding that "it’s a Zionist US enemy trying to intervene in our local matter so, oh, Iraqi people how can you be silent about this criminal act?"

Sadek Mahdawi, another participant in Friday's rally, stressed that the Iraqi people have to choose their own government.

"Our demand is [for them] not to interfere in Iraqi matters, this is first. Second, we are electing a counsel to be in charge of forming a new council with no foreign intervention from the US or anyone else," he said.

"They (the Americans) are not the world’s only power. We are people with a deep rooted civilization and our history was formed before US history even started. We invented the real civilization and the first handwriting and we're supposed to be able to elect our own government," Mahdawi stated.

The US, backed by the UK, invaded Iraq in 2003 under the pretext that the former regime of Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. No such weapons, however, were ever found in the country.

More than one million Iraqis were killed as a result of the US-led invasion and the subsequent occupation of the country, according to the California-based investigative organization Project Censored.

The invasion plunged Iraq into chaos and led to the rise of terrorist groups.

The US and a coalition of its allies further launched a military campaign against purported Daesh targets in Iraq in 2014, but their operations in many instances have led to civilian deaths.

Last December, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared the end of the anti-Daesh campaign in Iraq. The group’s remnants, though, still keep staging sporadic attacks across the country.

Iraq's parliamentary elections were held on May 12 and predominately Shia blocs won most seats at the legislature. However, political parties are still embroiled in negotiations over forming the largest bloc at the parliament.

Last month, US-led coalition Spokesman Colonel Sean Ryan announced that the alliance would remain in Iraq despite the defeat of Daesh, stressing that “we’ll keep troops there as long as we think they’re needed".

The announcement raised objections among Iraqi politicians.

Iraq blocks Russian warplane from using its airspace
BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:20 P.M.) – The Russian Aerospace Forces were redirected from Iraq’s airspace on Friday and forced to reroute over Iran, air traffic observers reported this afternoon.

According to the reports, a Russian Tu-154M was traveling from Moscow to the Syrian coastal province of Latakia, when the Iraqi government made the decision to block the warplane’s flight over their airspace.

No reason was cited by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense for blocking this Russian warplane.

The Russian warplane is reportedly making another attempt to fly across Iraq in order to reach the Latakia Governorate in western Syria.

Syria and Iraq have an agreement to allow their air forces to use one another’s airspace while attacking the Islamic State (ISIS); however, the Russian jet is likely transporting troops to the Hmeymim Airbase in Jableh, which begs the question as to why were they prohibited from using the Iraqi airspace.
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Meng Hongweiがインタポールに辞任を通告。
France said late on Sunday that it had received Meng’s resignation as president of Interpol, with immediate effect.
South Korean official Kim Jong Yang has been assigned as Interpol’s acting president until the appointment of a new head to the international police body, at a summit in Dubai on November 18-21.

Meng under investigation: China breaks silence on Interpol director disappearance
Interpol director, Meng Hongwei, who is missing since late September, is under investigation by China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Beijing confirms.

Meng, who resides with his family in the French city of Lyon, fell of the radar after taking a trip back to China on September 29. The Chinese politician has been heading the International Criminal Police Organization since 2016.

South China Morning Post newspaper previously reported citing a source that the Interpol head was under the government investigation, claiming that he was “taken away” as soon as his plane landed in China.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has now confirmed that the official is being under investigation on its official website on Sunday.

Interpol chief missing, France launches an investigation - media
Meng Hongwei, the director of Interpol, is reportedly missing. His wife last had contact with him before he went to China about a week ago. Interpol and Chinese authorities have remained silent so far.

Meng has not been heard of since at least late September. His wife, who resides in Lyon, France, where Interpol headquarters are located, contacted the police, according to sources cited by Reuters.

Before going off the radar, Meng traveled to his native China.

Meng, 64, has been the president of Interpol for almost two years. In China, he holds the post of deputy minister of public security – currently the highest point of a 45-year-long political career. The list of jobs he has held also include the director of China's coast guard and deputy director of the State Oceanic Administration, dissolved earlier this year.

Meng is the first Chinese national to head the Interpol throughout its 95-year history.

Neither Interpol nor Chinese authorities have made any official statement about Meng's disappearance or the investigation so far.
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2 runners die after crossing finish line in Cardiff half-marathon
Two male runners, aged 25 and 32, have died unexpectedly just after completing the Cardiff Half Marathon. Each suffered a cardiac arrest and emergency services at the scene failed to resuscitate them.

Covering a distance of 13.1 miles proved to have a tragic outcome for two young men, who unexpectedly collapsed at the finish line of what is the UK’s the second-biggest half marathon. An ambulance was immediately called in to assist the two unfortunate runners, after they fainted in front of the large crowd of spectators. The medics, however, failed to resuscitate the runners, one of whom reportedly collapsed in front of his wife and one-year-old child.

“It is with deep regret the Cardiff Half Marathon ... have to announce that two runners in this year’s event have died after suffering cardiac arrests at the finish line,” organizers of Run 4 Wales competition said in a statement. “Both runners were immediately attended to by the medical emergency team on the finish line. Both were then taken to University Hospital Wales, Heath, Cardiff where they later died.”

The half-marathon race, with over 20,000 participants, began at 10:00 am with thermometers reading around 13 degrees centigrade. Conducted on a predominately flat course, the participants ran via the Wales Millennium Centre, the Cardiff Bay Barrage as well as Roath Park, passing through the Welsh capital’s most iconic landmarks before reaching the finish line, where tragedy struck. Sunday's event marked the race’s first fatalities in its 15-year history. Since 2012, some 115,000 have taken part in the competition.
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田村 正守(22) @EveryZuikaku氏の22:03 - 2018年9月22日 のツイート






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日本人が外国へ出稼ぎに 近い将来に現実味

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Raised eyebrows in Moscow as Saudi crown prince predicts Russia & China’s exit from oil market

Raised eyebrows in Moscow as Saudi crown prince predicts Russia & China’s exit from oil market
The Saudi crown prince believes that Russia will “disappear” from the oil market within 20 years, giving China only five years tops to stay among the world’s producers.

The bold claim was made by the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman during a lengthy interview with Bloomberg, published Friday. Both China and Russia will eventually “disappear” from the market, while Riyadh would still fare well despite the potential decline of demand for oil, the prince said.

“We believe that China will be decreased sharply if not disappeared after five years from today. And other countries will continue every day to disappear as countries producing oil. Nineteen years from today, Russia will have declined heavily if not disappeared with 10 million barrels,” he stated.

“So comparing the rise of the demand for oil and the disappearing supplier, Saudi Arabia needs to supply more in the future. So we don't believe that there is any risk in that area for Saudi Arabia.”

Given the current rates of extraction only active – ready to be extracted – oil fields will last in Russia for the next 33 years, rector of the Russian State Geological Prospecting University, Vadim Kosyanov, told RIA Novosti earlier this week.

The “prediction” raised some eyebrows in Moscow, with officials issuing a humble reminder to the royal that his oil was limited as well.

Deputy chief of State Duma Committee on economics, Sergey Kalashnikov warned that Saudi Arabia hasn’t unlimited reserves either, adding that its oil fields are “shrinking.”

“I don't know on what exactly this evaluation is based. Russia has a great deal of probable [oil] reserves,” Kalashnikov stated. The prediction, voiced by the Saudi royal, would unlikely affect oil markets by any means, according to the Russian official.
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放射性ヨウ素は甲状腺がんの治療によるものです それだけ増えています







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(逗子市浄水管理センター 逗子市桜山9丁目2448番の4)における脱水汚泥中の放射性物質の測定結果
平成30年9月 ヨウ素131を高濃度で検出。

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4月から 7月まではこれ。不検出だった。

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9月17日 12.9:1
9月10日 13.0:1
9月03日 14.9:1








追加的にヨウ素131が降下していれば、水道水にもヨウ素131が含まれている? それに体調不良を訴える人が急増しているはずです。すでに甲状腺に異常を持つ人が多い。




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