Japan’s macabre ‘Twitter killer’ indicted on 9 counts of murder, faces death by hanging
Zama, a sleepy suburb in southwestern Tokyo was plagued by a series of disappearances of women and girls as young as 16 in late summer 2017. Ultimately, it was the foul stench of human remains which led police to the victims.

While searching for missing 23-year-old Aiko Tamura, neighbors called the police after noticing a profound and acrid smell emanating from a nearby apartment; The tenant had only just moved there just two months previously, having left his family home within the same suburb.

When police arrived on the scene and entered the apartment on Halloween morning 2017, they happened upon a gruesome scene worthy of the most sinister and macabre horror fiction ever conceived: Two severed heads, a dismembered pair of arms and legs and the bloodied saw used to wrest them from the remaining decaying corpses.

The apartment would soon be dubbed the ‘house of horrors’ in Japanese media, and for good reason: body parts were found stored in cooler and tool boxes strewn throughout the apartment and sprinkled with cat litter in a vain attempt to hide the putrid scent of decay.

Police began a short-lived manhunt for the tenant, Takahiro Shiraishi, 27, who immediately confessed to the murder of Tamura.

Shiraishi had previously worked as a ‘scout’ for a brothel in Tokyo’s Kabukicho red light district before moving out of his parents’ home. He lived a dual life: unremarkable in the day-to-day, but unbelievably sinister online.

He dubbed himself ‘The hanging pro’ on his Twitter handle, adding: “I want to help people who are really in pain. Please DM me anytime.” He reportedly contacted people online through suicide pact websites.

Shiraishi is suspected of preying on his victims’ vulnerable emotional states and suicidal thoughts and tendencies and luring them to his apartment under the pretence of helping them to, or even joining them in, committing suicide.

“I had no intention of killing myself at all. None (of the victims) wanted to die actually,” Shiraishi told detectives, as cited by News.com.au.

He first plied his victims with alcohol or sleeping pills and then strangled them until they lost consciousness before hanging and subsequently dismembering them. Police also suspect him of sexually assaulting his victims.
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能力減退症に副腎皮質ホルモンが効くケースも ただし一時的

三田医院 三田茂



“NEW HIBAKUSHA” - the beginning of “Degradation in Abilities”,physical and mental well-being
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Netherlands ends support to Syrian militants & White Helmets since Assad ‘will soon win’
The Netherlands has decided to end its support to militants in Syria, since the program did not yield “expected” results. The move comes as journalists found one of the groups had been labeled as terrorists by the country itself.

“The opportunity to quickly change the situation [in Syria] is extremely small,” reads the letter the lower house of the parliament by Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok and Minister for Foreign Trade Sigrid Kaag, announcing the end of support programs for the militants in Syria.

The program to support of “moderate” anti-government groups in Syria was established in close cooperation with “like-minded donors who pursued the same goals as the Netherlands” and cost the country over $80 million (some €80 million) over the years, according to the document. It failed to “bring the expected results,” however, and is to be closed since the Syrian troops “will soon win” the war against militant groups.

Over the years, the Netherlands allocated $29 million (€25 million) to the so-called “non-lethal assistance” (NLA) program, $14.5 million (€12.5 million) were donated to the so-called White Helmets and $17.1 million (€14,8 million) went to the Access to Justice and Community Service (AJACS) program. The AJACS was supposedly designed to support “community police” work in Syria, specifically the so-called Free Syrian Police (FSP) group.

The support for militants is set to end immediately, yet the White Helmets will be funded until December, according to the document. Since the White Helmets now operate only in the Idlib province, which is believed to be the destination of the looming offensive by the Syrian Army and its allies, their future is quite doubtful, the document states.

The move has come amid a damning journalist investigation by the two Dutch newspapers – Nieuwsuur and Trouw. According to their report, 22 armed militant groups were subjects to receive supplies through the NLA program. The “non-lethal” goods supplied by the Dutch government included satellite phones, uniforms, assorted equipment and even the ‘iconic’ Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks, widely used by various militant groups in Syria.

At least one of the groups supplied by the Netherlands, Jabhat al-Shamiya, turned out to be labeled a terrorist group by the country’s own justice department, the journalists have revealed. One Dutch man is currently prosecuted for joining the group back in 2015, with the indictment describing it as a “salafist and jihadist” movement which can qualify only as a “criminal organization with terrorist intent.” The ultimate goal of the group is creation of a “caliphate,” according to the prosecution.

Five other militant groups that the journalists managed to identify have been also involved in human rights violations and cooperated with terrorist groups, the investigative report states. More information about the militants will be released by the two newspapers in the following days.

The extent of the Dutch support to actual terrorists in Syria might be even bigger, since the other recipients openly named in the government letter are quite controversial, to say the least.

The FSP has been operating exclusively in Syria’s province of Idlib, largely controlled by the local Al-Qaeda branch, Al-Nusra Front (now rebranded as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham). The FSP got in limelight last December, when BBC aired the Panorama program titled ‘Jihadis You Pay For.’ The program claimed that the FSP officers had to be approved by Al-Nusra henchmen to get enlisted into the “police force.”

Following the program’s broadcast the UK Foreign Office suspended funding to the FSP through the AJACS program, and ended it completely in August.

The White Helmets have likewise been repeatedly accused of closely cooperating with jihadist groups and effectively serving as their media branch. The group has advertised itself as a volunteer force and Syria’s “civil defense.” The White Helmets have been widely praised in the West and even received an Oscar for a “documentary” movie. The mounting evidence, however, suggests, that they’ve been actively participating in other sorts of “filmmaking,” namely staging chemical attacks that were blamed on the Syrian government.
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すかいらーく系回転ずしで食中毒 南相馬でクレーンから建材落下死亡事故




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世界初のドローン長距離試験施設で作業員死亡 建設中に建材落下 福島・南相馬市
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