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Outrage as Tokyo medical school caught tampering with exam results to keep women out
Tokyo Medical University has found itself in hot water after it was discovered to be altering exam scores for female applicants to boost the number of male doctors, prompting widespread outrage.

The fudged exam results were discovered in an internal investigation following allegations of corruption over the entrance procedures for the Tokyo medical school, Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun reported. The internal probe will also investigate allegations that the university was entangled in bribery to admit the son of a senior official of the education ministry.

The revelations have sparked outrage on social media, with one person on Thursday branding the “logic of systemic discrimination against women applicants” as “disgusting.” Another called it “crazy, disturbing… stuck in the 1950s,” while another pointed out that if the Japanese will apologize for “tiny train delays,” how many times will they say sorry for “how they treat their women.”

According to media reports, the investigation discovered that the altering of exam scores began in 2011 after the number of female applicants jumped significantly in the year prior. As a result, the university began reducing the exam scores of women and adding points for men in order to keep down the number of female undergraduate medical students at about 30 percent of the total cohort.

The Yomiuri Shimbun quoted university sources as saying the reduction of female applicants stemmed from a “strong sense” that many women quit medicine to get married and have children. The university source also said that female surgeons “tend to be avoided.”

Tokyo Medical University spokesman Fumio Azuma confirmed to Reuters that the investigation had already begun and the results of both investigations could come as early as this month. The revelations into potential malfeasance by the medical university fly in the face of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s goal to create a society “where women can shine.”
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Tillerson ‘stopped Qatar invasion’ by Saudis & UAE, may have been fired for it – The Intercept
Rex Tillerson derailed a blitzkrieg plan by Saudi Arabia and the UAE to target Qatar and may have been fired as secretary of state for his actions, a report by The Intercept says.

The firing by Twitter of Secretary of State Tillerson in March was one of the more peculiar moments of Donald Trump’s presidency. While plenty of pundits claimed the ex-ExxonMobil CEO’s demise as a cabinet official came because he was too critical of Russia for Trump’s taste, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were the countries that actually lobbied for Tillerson’s departure.

The enmity of the Arab monarchies may have stemmed from Tillerson’s effort to block a military intervention against Qatar, which two powerful princes in Saudi Arabia and the UAE were preparing as a means to end a diplomatic rift in the Arab Peninsula, a report by The Intercept said on Wednesday. The story is based on anonymous sources, a current member of the US intelligence community, two former US State Department officials and two individuals familiar with matters regarding the UAE and Saudi royal families.

The ongoing diplomatic crisis in the Arab world positioned Qatar in opposition to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, which declared a trade blockade of the gas-rich country. Qatar for its part was supported by Iran, the regional arch-enemy of Saudi Arabia. Tillerson was involved in an extensive diplomatic effort to de-escalate the conflict since June 2017, when it erupted.

According to the Intercept’s sources, Saudi Arabia and the UAE were prepared to end the stand-off with a lighting military operation against Qatar. It would have entailed Saudi ground troops, supported by the UAE in the air, circumventing a US air base located near the Qatari capital Doha and seizing the city, putting the two nations in a position to enforce their collective will on the Qatari government.

The plan was discovered by the Qatari intelligence sometime in the early summer of 2017 and confirmed several months later by US and UK intelligence. Qatar reportedly informed Tillerson of the planned invasion, and the US diplomat unleashed a flurry of phone calls in an effort to prevent it.

He also got US Secretary of Defense James Mattis involved, asking him to contact his Saudi and Emirati counterparts to warn about the danger posed to the 10,000 US troops deployed in Qatar. The Gulf nation houses the US Central Command headquarters.

Tillerson’s effort succeeded in preventing the incursion, the report says. But it left Mohammed bin Zayed, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and one of the most powerful people in the UAE, enraged. He and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman, now crown prince and de facto ruler of the country in lieu of his father King Salman, were the driving forces behind the planned military solution. The two crown princes began lobbying the White House to sack Tillerson in the fall of 2017, according to the report.

The investigative website suggests that the motivation behind the invasion plan may have been financial, in addition to political. At the time Saudi Arabia was bracing itself for a period of low oil prices and burning its reserves fast. If the troops successfully seized Doha, “they would potentially have been able to gain access to the country’s $320 billion sovereign wealth fund,” the report said. Months after the plan failed, Mohammed bin Salman launched his “anti-corruption campaign,” squeezing dozens of his relatives for allegedly stolen private assets worth billions.

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igoku Fes2018開催決定!

今年2月、アリオス中劇場に満員の来場客を動員した「igoku Fes 2018」。あの興奮が再び、いわきアリオスにやってくる。しかも、かなりパワーアップして!!!!!!!

2018年9月7日&8日の2日間、「igoku Fes 2018」開催決定!

イベントの名称は同じですが(だって今回も2018年なんだもん)、今回はなんと前夜祭を含めて2日間のフェス。テーマは「極楽浄土」。前回は「死んでみる」をテーマに入棺体験などのプログラムを実施しましたが、私たちはigoku Fesで一度死んでいる状態ですので、今回私たちが目にするのは、死後の世界、つまり「極楽浄土」ということになります。


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除染下請け企業 役員報酬43億円!

※ ガイチ @gaitifuji 0:50 - 2018年8月2日

※ perspective @prspctv 22:40 - 2017年9月1日
「1号機の原子炉建屋を覆うカバーの取り外し工事…清水建設の社員が2014年1月〜16年11月、工事に関わった作業員について延べ1500人分水増しした報告書を作成」|9/1時事:原発工事費水増しか=4000万円架空請求疑い−清水建設 https://www.jiji.com/jc/article?k=2017090100842&g=eqa

※ perspective @prspctv 16:30 - 2017年9月2日
「南相馬市は…除染を受注した清水建設から「除染しなかった部分があるのに実施済みと集計し、費用653万円を過大請求した可能性がある」と報告を受けたと発表」|9/2日経(共同):除染費650万円過大請求か 福島・南相馬で清水建設 

※ FNNホウドウキョク2018/1/23(火) 16:15配信
除染下請け企業 役員報酬43億円!

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木々と知り合う モクゲンジ



2013/7/21 撮影

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