※ Son of ISIL Chief Killed in Central Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Hodhayfa al-Badri, son of ISIL ring-leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed in a suicide attack in Syria's Homs province, militant-affiliated websites disclosed on Wednesday.

Hodhayfa al-Badri, the 15-year-old son of al-Baghdadi, was killed in a suicide operation near a joint position of the Russian and Syrian forces in a thermal power plant in Homs province, the news websites disclosed.

News about the death of Hodhayfa came amid contradictory reports about the fate of the ISIL leader.

One of the commanders of ISIL that had been captured by the Iraqi forces revealed that al-Baghdadi was alive and he had visited him several time.

A report said in May that ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - still the world's most wanted man, with a $25 million bounty on his head - was believed to be very much at large, quite possibly in a desert area of Syria.

Multiple officials said Baghdadi was likely sheltering in a remaining ISIL bastion in the Euphrates River Valley on the Syrian side of the border with Iraq, Fox News reported.

“The last information we have is he is in Al-Hajin in Syria, 18 miles from the border in Deir Ezzur province,” Abu Ali al-Basri, director-general of the intelligence and counter-terrorism office at the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, told Fox News.

Al-Basri added that fresh information about Baghdadi's whereabouts came as recently as the last couple of days, and was being used conduct a “multi-force raid” with Russian, Syrian and Iranian troops.

Iraqi Defense Ministry Spokesman Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasool confirmed to Fox that al-Baghdadi was thought to be alive, and that he might be located in the border area East of the Euphrates River, possibly in the town of al-Shadaddah in al-Hasaka province in Northeastern Syria.

"It's not difficult for him to hide in the Syrian desert," the officer added.

Experts also stressed that Baghdadi might not have any contact with other ISIL members, and never remains in areas when the fighting or strikes become too intense.

The Iraqi air force stepped up its attacks against ISIL targets in Syria.
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海外ニュース 2018/7/5

※ FARSNEWS2018/7/5
Report: US President Asked Aides About Invading Venezuela Last Year
TEHRAN (FNA)- During an Oval Office meeting in August of 2017, US President Donald Trump reportedly asked his senior advisers about invading Venezuela to intervene in ongoing issues in the country, according to a senior administration official.

The official told The Associated Press that the discussion did not amount to any formal plan to invade the country, but was merely a discussion on the option.

According to the official, the question stunned those in attendance, including former national security adviser H.R. McMaster and former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Trump's top aides reportedly took turns explaining to him how invading the country could significantly damage US relations with Latin American countries, among other possible issues. To invade the country would be a drastic escalation from the United State's current diplomatic response to the Venezuelan government.

The official, who spoke to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity, said Trump countered his advisers' arguments with examples of invasions he considers successful, such as the invasions of Panama and Grenada in the 1980s.

The exchange reportedly lasted about five minutes.

In a subsequent report by CNN, a senior official who attended the meeting stated that Trump was just thinking out loud.

"The President says and thinks a lot of different things," the official said, adding that "he just thinks out loud".

A day after the meeting, Trump told reporters he wasn't ruling out a military option in the country.

“Venezuela is not very far away, and the people are suffering and they’re dying,” he said, adding that “we have many options for Venezuela, including a possibile military option if necessary”.

Venezuela has been at the center of the Trump administration's policy in Latin America. The US President has issued a number of sanctions as well as strong statements in order to add pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

After the Associated Press published their report on the meeting on Wednesday, Maduro cited the article as an example of the United States' military plans aimed at obtaining Venezuela's oil reserves.

According to the Associated Press, Maduro told his troops to be alert and criticized the “supremacist and criminal vision of those who govern the US”.

※ FARSNEWS2018/7/5
US-French Military Convoy Enters Raqqa Airbase to Confront Popular Uprising
TEHRAN (FNA)- A joint military convoy of the US and French forces was sent to al-Tabaqah airbase in al-Tabaqah in Western Raqqa as tensions are rising between civilians and the US-backed forces in Raqqa.

Local sources in Western Raqqa reported on Thursday that a military convoy of the US and French forces have been dispatched from the town of al-Tabaqah to its airbase.

They added that the convoy consists of 7 trucks, carrying military equipment, noting that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have declared curfew in al-Tabaqah.

Also, reports from Eastern Raqqa said that residents of the town of al-Karameh have engaged in heavy clashes with the SDF.

The clashes erupted after the SDF detained people in the region to find defected members.

In a relevant development late in June, a large number of civilians held protest rallies against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in Raqqa after the SDF increased their security measures and detention of civilians.

Local sources in Raqqa reported that tens of civilians in the village of al-Salhabiyeh in Western Raqqa have revolted against the SDF.

They added that residents of the village are angry with the SDF moves, including extensive detentions, curfew and establishment of several checkpoints in Raqqa, noting that people are holding protest rallies to show their opposition to the SDF and its deployment in their town.

Tensions have heightened in Raqqa in the past month after infighting started between the SDF and other US-backed militants, namely Liwa al-Thowar Raqqa brigade.

※ FARSNEWS2018/7/5
Victims of US Airstrikes Found in Mass Grave in Raqqa
TEHRAN (FNA)- A mass grave containing the bodies of hundreds of civilians who had been killed in the US-led coalition airstrikes was found in Raqqa province.

Local sources in Raqqa were quoted by the Arabic-language al-Manar news channel as saying on Thursday that a mass-grave was discovered near al-Forat sport club which contained a large number of bodies of the civilians killed in the US airstrikes when Raqqa was under ISIL control.

They added that 40 corpses have so far been taken out of the mass grave, saying that over 300 civilians have been buried in the grave.

In a relevant development in June, a mass grave of the victims of the ISIL terrorist group was found in the Center of Raqqa city.

The Arabic-language al-Manar news channel reported on Wednesday that the mass grave was discovered in the White Garden in Central Raqqa.

The big mass grave included a large number of civilians who have been killed by the ISIL terrorists.

The operations to evacuate 553 corpses from a mass grave in al-Rashid stadium ended recently in Central Raqqa after two months.

Tahrir Al-Sham Terrorists Preparing to Launch Massive Attacks on Syrian Army in Lattakia
TEHRAN (FNA)- Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) is preparing its members to launch a massive offensive against the Syrian army positions in Northern Lattakia to support their comrades in Dara'a province.

Military sources reported on Thursday that the Syrian army has put on alert a large number of its forces in Northern Lattakia and strengthened its positions in the region.

They added that the moves made by Jeish al-Nokhbah terrorists, the special forces of Tahrir al-Sham, in Jabal al-Akrad and Jabal al-Turkmen in Lattakia are monitored by the army, noting that the militants seek to start a heavy attack on army positions in Northern Lattakia.

According to the sources, the terrorists intend to launch the offensive to help remove the concentration of the Syrian army operation against their comrades in Dara'a in Southern Syria.

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Chinese HNA Group chairman falls to his death after posing for photo in France
The chairman of the embattled Chinese HNA Group, that owns big stakes in Hilton hotels and Deutsche Bank has died in France. Wang Jian suffered 15 meters fall, while posing for a photograph, the police said.

The tragedy occurred on Tuesday in the popular tourist village of Bonnieux, near Avignon in the French south-east. Wang’s death appeared to be accidental lieutenant-colonel Hubert Meriaux at the Vaucluse gendarmerie told Reuters.

“He stood on the edge of a sharp drop to get his family to take a picture of him and fell,” Meriaux said. The businessman suffered a 15-meter fall and crashed into the rocks below, dying of his injuries, he added. Another officer told South China Morning Post that an autopsy of Wang’s body has been carried out and revealed “nothing suspicious.”

Canadian billionaire couple die in suspicious way, bodies found ‘hanging side by side next to pool'
The owner of the Canadian pharmaceutical giant Apotex, Barry Sherman, and his wife were found dead at their home under suspicious circumstances. Reports say their bodies were “hanging side by side” next to their pool.

The bodies of Bernard Sherman, 75, also known as Barry, and his wife, Honey, 70, were found around Friday noon in their mansion in the North York district of Toronto by the police, who arrived in answer to a 911 call.

Police did not say who made the call, while the National Post reported that the bodies were initially discovered by a real estate agent, who came to the couple’s luxury mansion, which is currently up for sale.

The paper also said that the bodies were “found hanging side by side next to their indoor pool,” something that other Canadian outlets later repeated, citing police sources. Local media also said police were looking into whether it was a murder-suicide.

Meanwhile, none of these facts have been confirmed by police, who have remained tight-lipped about the case. A police detective, Brandon Price, described the deaths only as “suspicious.”
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なるようになった 海外で日本人は侮蔑される


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レイプ被害者がバッシングされるような国 ほかにもあったな


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