Court Charges French Multinational with Crimes in Syria

Court Charges French Multinational with Crimes in Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- The French cement giant Lafarge has been charged with complicity in crimes against humanity and funding terrorists in war-torn Syria.

A panel of three judges in a Paris court ordered Lafarge on Thursday to pay 30 million euros ($35 million) as security deposit before a trial can open on the company’s alleged crimes in Syria, presstv reported.

Right campaigners welcome the very fact that courts are beginning to recognize the role of the French company in spreading chaos.

Lafarge faces an array of charges for its conduct in Syria, including crimes against humanity, financing terrorist groups, including Daesh (ISIS or ISIL), and endangering the lives of former employees to keep its factory open in Syria’s Jalabiya region.

The cement company is accused of paying nearly 13 million euros to Daesh and other terrorist groups to keep the Jalabiya plant running, long after other French companies and multinationals had pulled out of Syria due to the spread of militancy.

Eight Lafarge executives, including former CEO Bruno Laffont, have already been charged.

Investigators suspect that Lafarge had viewed the payments by its Syria subsidiary as a “tax” in exchange for which militants allowed free movement of the company’s staff and goods inside the warzone. A source close to the probe said that there was also a suspicion that Lafarge paid cash to buy fuel and other raw materials, including fuel from suppliers close to Daesh.

Right group welcomed the court decision to charge the French giant. Sherpa, a French right advocacy and a plaintiff in the case, described the allegations against Lafarge as one of the most serious against a French company in years, saying that it was the first time that a parent company anywhere in the world had been charged with complicity in crimes against humanity.

The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) also hailed the decision as a historic milestone in recognizing the scope and seriousness of allegation against multinationals.

“The activities of Lafarge in Syria, in a context where extremely violent crimes had been committed – even right outside the factory – are a perfect illustration of how multinationals can feed conflicts,” Miriam Saage-Maass who serves as ECCHR legal director stated.

Lafarge says it will appeal against some of the charges. The company, which was merged with Swiss rival Holcim in 2015, said it was not responsible as a whole.

“We deeply regret what happened in our Syrian subsidiary and as soon as we were informed, we immediately took firm measures,” Beat Hess, the board President of LafargeHolcim said, adding that “none of the people charged are part of the company today”.

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US Opens Biggest Overseas Base in South Korea Amid North Korea Talks

US Opens Biggest Overseas Base in South Korea Amid North Korea Talks
TEHRAN (FNA)- US forces in South Korea opened their "biggest overseas base", just weeks after President Donald Trump said he wanted to bring the troops home.

Camp Humphreys straddles an area of over 14.5 million square meters. It’s in Pyeongtaek around 70 kilometers South of Seoul, presstv reported.

The two allies agreed as long ago as 1990 to relocate the previous headquarters to Camp Humphreys, but the project was delayed for years by resident protests.

The relocation project was revived following an agreement back in May 2003.

The commander of US Forces Korea, Vincent K. Brooks, said South Korea had shouldered nearly all the cost of building the military base

“This was a project that cost nearly $10.8 billion to build over 10 years and the Republic of Korea investment was over 90 percent of the cost,” Brooks said in a ceremony at the new base on Friday, adding that “for that 90 percent, the United States remains with you 100 percent".

Trump has long called on Washington allies, since before assuming office, that they should pay more of the expenses needed for the US military expenses in the host county.

The opening of the new US South Korea headquarters comes just weeks after Trump said he wanted to pull out American forces from South Korea.

The US has 28,500 troops stationed in the South and the two countries are currently in talks over how to share the costs of keeping the US troops in South Korea starting 2019.

Camp Humphreys incorporates a total of 513 buildings and will accommodate 43,000 people including soldiers and their family members by the end of 2022.

The headquarters building represented "a significant investment in the long-term presence of the US forces in Korea," Brooks said, adding that it "will remain the living proof of the American commitment to the alliance".

South Korea's Defense Minister Song Young-moo said the base would embrace a new role as circumstances shifted "from Cold War confrontation to peaceful co-existence".

The move comes only weeks after Trump and Pyongyang's leader Kim Jong-un had an unprecedented summit in Singapore. The US President said afterwards that he would suspend joint military exercises with the South.

Pentagon chief James Mattis, however, said Friday that the United States and its regional allies will maintain a "strong collaborative defensive stance" on North Korea.

Mattis made the remarks during a meeting with Japan's Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera in Tokyo which as taken aback by Trump's decision to halt "expensive" military exercises in the region.

The Pentagon Chief reaffirmed the US goal of dismantling North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. He said the US-Japan alliance "stands firm" and undiminished by US-North
Korea talks.

"We're in the midst of very unprecedented negotiations right now with North Korea. But in this dynamic time, the longstanding alliance between Japan and the United States stands firm," Mattis stressed.

The North has not made any public pledge to give up its weapons, despite US claims about Pyongyang's denuclearization.

Japanese Foreign Affairs Minister Taro Kono said Friday the the US and Japan needed to "keep our relations tight", noting that sanctions on North Korea remain in place until all of its weapons of mass destruction are eliminated along with its ballistic missiles.

Japan hosts some 50,000 US military personnel, including the biggest overseas concentration of US Marines and a US Navy carrier strike group.

Mattis was on the last stop of a week-long trip to Asia, during which he assured the South Korean government of an “ironclad” commitment to its security, including keeping US troop levels
there of around 28,500 soldiers.
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US Likely to Terminate Deployment in Al-Tanf Base in Eastern Syria

US Likely to Terminate Deployment in Al-Tanf Base in Eastern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- The US military is about to surrender al-Tanf military base to the Damascus army as it has already come under a siege by the Syrian government troops and is about to halt operations, a Russian media outlet reported.

The Russian-language Svobodnaya Pressa newspaper wrote on Monday that al-Tanf base in Eastern Syria in which the US and its allies trained militants for fight against the Damascus government is likely to shut down operation soon.

It added that the Syrian army has surrounded the regions near the base after its recent advances in Southern Homs.

Meantime, Endir Omriq, a Turkish analyst, said that the US will likely end deployment of its forces at the base soon given the presence of the Syrian army forces in the nearby regions.

"The Americans have understood that the base has lost its value and its continued operation will not benefit them anymore," he added.

In a relevant report earlier this month, media sources reported that the US occupying forces are attempting to open different ways to transfer terrorists between al-Tanf, Deir Ezzur and Homs by contacting the tribes in Eastern Syria for cooperation.

The Arabic website of Sputnik news agency quoted tribal sources in Eastern Syria as saying that the US forces transfer the ISIL terrorists from the desert region bordering Iraq to al-Tanf through al-Sukhneh in Homs.

Meantime, one of the prominent tribal leaders in Eastern Syria revealed that Mohannad al-Tala, a US proxy and commander of the so-called New Syrian Forces group in the US base in al-Tanf, has contacted the Syrian tribes, calling on them to open a passage for the terrorists to leave al-Tanf for Deir Ezzur to reach al-Omar oil field.

He added that the US forces fear uprisings by the people in Eastern Syria, noting that one of their goals to approach the tribes is to keep deployment in the region as Washington attempts to win the cooperation of the tribes in Manbij, Hasaka and Deir Ezzur have all failed.

Meantime, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has freed its militant inmates and sent them to the battlefield to attack al-Tanf-Sukhneh road in Homs and open a passageway and the Jordan road to al-Tanf.

The US forces had in the past 10 days been busy with transferring the ISIL terrorists with at least 10 armored trucks and heavy artillery to attack Albu Kamal from Abu Hameseh in Hasaka.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian Parliament Vice Speaker Najdat Ismail Anzour underlined that the Damascus government is determined to liberate Syria and Western countries and Israel's support for militants cannot help the terrorists to survive.

"The decision to make free Syria has been taken and Washington cannot do anything in this regard," Anzour said while referring to all-out support by Israel and the US for the terrorists.

He pointed to the Syrian army's military operation in the Southern parts of Syria, and said that the first phase of military operations was successfully conducted and the second phase of operation to regain control of Dara'a and Nasib passage and its surrounding areas will not last more than few days.

Anzour also referred to the political, military and media supports of Israel and the US for the terrorists and the efforts made by the US to impose obstacles to the Syrian army's decision to purge Syria of terrorists, and said, "The US is aware that the Syrian government is determined to liberate Syria, but it cannot do any decisive move in this regard."

The Syrian vice speaker categorically dismissed any agreement reached between Russia and the US on Southern Syria, and said that these days are the worst days in Russia-US relations and the two sides are in a dangerous and complicated situation.

Anzour also pointed to the recent Israeli aggression on the surrounding areas of International Damascus Airport which took place concurrent with the Syrian army's military operation, and said, "Israel has not ceased support for terrorists even for one day."

In a relevant development on Wednesday, almost 1,000 militants who had laid down arms received government amnesty in Dara'a.

Field sources reported on Thursday that 550 ex-militants in the towns of Southern Karim, Ayeb, Jadal and al-Rawisat as well as the village of al-Shara'eh in Northeastern Dara'a surrendered themselves and their weapons to the army on Wednesday.

They added that 450 more militants asked for government's amnesty in Northeastern Dara'a in the past 24 hours, increasing the number of ex-terrorists to 1,000.

Meantime, the army is still conducting military operations in Southeastern Dara'a from several fronts.

The Syrian army started the second phase of its large-scale anti-terrorism operation in Southeastern Dara'a after imposing control over the Northeastern part of the province on Wednesday.

The army men kicked off the second phase of their operation in Southeastern Dara'a by opening heavy fire at terrorists' positions in al-Sawameh region, Qaraz prison and East of Refugee Camp.

The army men intend to advance towards silos to cut off the roads from Eastern Dara'a to Dara'a al-Balad district and from Tariq al-Saad to Dara'a al-Balad that will end at the border with Jordan.

In the meantime, the army's artillery and missile units and aircraft pounded terrorists' movements and positions in Dara'a al-Balad and the small town of al-Qariyeh Sharqi in Dara'a countryside.

The army had already imposed control over al-Lajah region and completed mop-up operation in Busra al-Harir and Maliheh al-Atash settlements in Northeastern Dara'a and Northwestern Sweida, respectively.

Local sources said that the army has purged Northeastern Dara'a completely of terrorists.

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※ 星1️ぺっこ @pecko178氏の2018/6/27のツイート



信じがたい すさまじい汚染





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夏至のこの頃 欧州や北欧では野原の草が花を付けます





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小選挙区別人口動態 2018/5 福島2区ワーストワンに君臨か



小選挙区 主要都市 出生率変化率 死亡率変化率 短期指数 長期指数 総合指数
福島2 郡山市 0.93 1.05 -0.12 -0.22 -0.35
神奈川8 青葉区 0.95 1.08 -0.13 -0.20 -0.33
埼玉9 狭山市 0.97 1.05 -0.08 -0.24 -0.32
神奈川5 戸塚区 0.99 1.06 -0.07 -0.24 -0.32
茨城3 取手市 0.94 1.00 -0.06 -0.25 -0.31
東京25 青梅市 0.93 1.04 -0.11 -0.21 -0.31
神奈川17 小田原市 0.91 1.01 -0.10 -0.21 -0.31
東京24 八王子市 0.96 1.06 -0.10 -0.21 -0.31
東京23 町田市 1.00 1.03 -0.03 -0.27 -0.30
静岡2 藤枝市 0.92 1.03 -0.11 -0.19 -0.30
神奈川16 厚木市 0.98 1.03 -0.05 -0.24 -0.29
福島1 福島市 0.97 1.04 -0.07 -0.22 -0.28
千葉1 中央区 1.00 1.03 -0.03 -0.25 -0.28
新潟2 柏崎市 0.96 1.05 -0.09 -0.19 -0.28
千葉4 船橋市 0.95 1.04 -0.09 -0.19 -0.28
秋田2 大館市 0.95 1.02 -0.07 -0.20 -0.27
静岡6 沼津市 0.96 1.04 -0.08 -0.19 -0.27
静岡7 西区 0.90 1.01 -0.11 -0.16 -0.27
埼玉10 坂戸市 0.96 1.06 -0.10 -0.17 -0.27
神奈川14 相模原市 1.01 1.04 -0.03 -0.24 -0.27
埼玉4 新座市 0.94 1.04 -0.10 -0.16 -0.26
茨城4 ひたちなか市 0.96 1.06 -0.09 -0.17 -0.26
埼玉2 川口市 0.95 1.04 -0.08 -0.18 -0.26
新潟5 長岡市 0.95 1.02 -0.07 -0.19 -0.26
埼玉6 上尾市 0.98 1.06 -0.08 -0.18 -0.26
神奈川9 多摩区 0.94 1.04 -0.10 -0.16 -0.26
千葉8 柏市 1.02 1.05 -0.03 -0.23 -0.26
東京20 東村山市 0.98 1.04 -0.05 -0.20 -0.25
神奈川11 横須賀市 0.98 1.03 -0.05 -0.21 -0.25
埼玉8 所沢市 0.95 1.04 -0.09 -0.17 -0.25
新潟6 上越市 0.99 1.06 -0.07 -0.18 -0.25
栃木5 足利市 0.89 0.97 -0.08 -0.17 -0.25
茨城5 日立市 0.97 1.03 -0.06 -0.19 -0.25
神奈川6 保土ケ谷区 0.98 1.01 -0.03 -0.22 -0.25
静岡1 葵区 0.97 1.02 -0.05 -0.19 -0.24
栃木4 小山市 0.91 1.02 -0.12 -0.13 -0.24
東京21 日野市 0.95 1.03 -0.09 -0.15 -0.24
神奈川13 大和市 1.01 1.03 -0.01 -0.23 -0.24
埼玉7 川越市 0.99 1.05 -0.06 -0.18 -0.24
千葉13 鎌ケ谷市 1.03 1.07 -0.03 -0.21 -0.24
埼玉13 春日部市 0.96 1.04 -0.09 -0.15 -0.24
神奈川4 鎌倉市 0.94 1.00 -0.06 -0.17 -0.24
神奈川15 平塚市 0.97 1.02 -0.04 -0.19 -0.24
福島3 須賀川市 0.97 1.04 -0.07 -0.16 -0.23
新潟1 中央区 0.98 1.05 -0.07 -0.16 -0.23
静岡5 富士市 0.97 1.03 -0.06 -0.17 -0.23
茨城2 神栖市 0.97 1.05 -0.09 -0.14 -0.22
神奈川1 磯子区 0.94 1.01 -0.07 -0.15 -0.22
埼玉15 南区 0.98 1.03 -0.05 -0.17 -0.22
千葉2 八千代市 0.96 1.01 -0.05 -0.17 -0.21
神奈川18 宮前区 0.94 1.01 -0.07 -0.14 -0.21
東京19 西東京市 0.93 1.02 -0.09 -0.13 -0.21
新潟3 新発田市 0.98 1.04 -0.06 -0.15 -0.21
山形2 米沢市 0.99 1.04 -0.05 -0.16 -0.21
千葉10 成田市 0.96 1.00 -0.03 -0.18 -0.21
福島5 いわき市 0.95 1.02 -0.07 -0.14 -0.21
静岡8 中区 0.98 1.04 -0.07 -0.14 -0.21
神奈川2 港南区 0.97 1.00 -0.03 -0.17 -0.21
静岡4 清水区 0.93 1.01 -0.08 -0.12 -0.21
千葉6 松戸市 1.02 1.04 -0.02 -0.18 -0.20
神奈川7 港北区 0.95 1.04 -0.09 -0.11 -0.20
埼玉3 越谷市 0.98 1.03 -0.05 -0.15 -0.20
茨城7 古河市 0.96 1.03 -0.06 -0.13 -0.19
群馬5 渋川市 0.98 0.98 0.01 -0.20 -0.19
栃木3 那須塩原市 0.95 1.04 -0.09 -0.11 -0.19
福島4 会津若松市 0.98 1.03 -0.05 -0.14 -0.19
千葉9 佐倉市 1.02 0.99 0.02 -0.21 -0.19
山形1 山形市 0.96 1.01 -0.05 -0.14 -0.19
千葉5 市川市 0.99 1.01 -0.03 -0.16 -0.19
群馬4 高崎市 0.99 1.01 -0.02 -0.17 -0.19
埼玉11 深谷市 0.98 1.00 -0.02 -0.17 -0.19
埼玉12 熊谷市 1.00 1.03 -0.03 -0.16 -0.19
栃木1 宇都宮市 0.97 1.00 -0.03 -0.16 -0.19
山形3 鶴岡市 0.97 1.00 -0.03 -0.16 -0.19
栃木2 鹿沼市 0.99 1.02 -0.03 -0.15 -0.18
千葉12 木更津市 0.96 1.01 -0.06 -0.13 -0.18
茨城1 水戸市 0.99 1.03 -0.03 -0.15 -0.18
山梨2 笛吹市 0.94 1.00 -0.06 -0.12 -0.18
群馬1 前橋市 0.98 1.01 -0.03 -0.15 -0.18
千葉3 市原市 0.95 1.00 -0.05 -0.13 -0.18
埼玉14 三郷市 0.99 1.03 -0.04 -0.14 -0.17
東京18 府中市 0.94 1.03 -0.08 -0.09 -0.17
秋田3 横手市 0.97 0.99 -0.02 -0.15 -0.17
秋田1 秋田市 1.00 1.01 -0.02 -0.15 -0.16
東京16 江戸川区 0.96 1.02 -0.06 -0.10 -0.16
静岡3 磐田市 0.93 1.00 -0.07 -0.09 -0.16
群馬2 伊勢崎市 0.99 0.99 0.00 -0.15 -0.15
埼玉5 北区 0.98 0.97 0.00 -0.16 -0.15
千葉11 茂原市 1.01 0.99 0.02 -0.17 -0.15
東京9 練馬区 0.96 1.01 -0.05 -0.09 -0.15
群馬3 太田市 1.00 1.00 0.00 -0.15 -0.14
埼玉1 見沼区 1.00 1.01 -0.01 -0.14 -0.14
山梨1 甲府市 1.01 1.08 -0.07 -0.07 -0.14
神奈川12 藤沢市 1.01 1.01 -0.01 -0.13 -0.13
東京22 調布市 0.97 1.03 -0.06 -0.07 -0.13
神奈川3 鶴見区 0.94 0.99 -0.05 -0.08 -0.13
新潟4 三条市 0.98 1.00 -0.03 -0.10 -0.13
東京13 足立区 1.00 1.03 -0.03 -0.10 -0.13
山梨3 甲斐市 1.00 1.02 -0.02 -0.11 -0.12
東京6 世田谷区 0.94 1.03 -0.09 -0.02 -0.11
茨城6 つくば市 1.03 1.01 0.02 -0.13 -0.11
神奈川10 川崎区 0.97 1.01 -0.04 -0.05 -0.10
東京17 葛飾区 0.96 0.98 -0.01 -0.07 -0.09
千葉7 流山市 1.02 1.01 0.00 -0.09 -0.08
東京15 江東区 0.93 1.00 -0.07 0.01 -0.06
東京11 板橋区 0.98 0.99 -0.01 -0.03 -0.04
東京8 杉並区 0.97 1.01 -0.04 0.05 0.01
東京4 大田区 1.03 0.99 0.04 -0.02 0.01
東京12 北区 0.96 1.03 -0.07 0.12 0.05
東京10 豊島区 0.96 0.97 -0.01 0.06 0.05
東京14 墨田区 1.01 1.00 0.01 0.09 0.10
東京1 新宿区 0.96 0.99 -0.03 0.14 0.11
東京3 品川区 0.97 0.98 0.00 0.12 0.11
東京5 目黒区 1.01 0.96 0.05 0.08 0.13
東京7 中野区 0.98 0.94 0.04 0.16 0.20
東京2 文京区 0.99 0.98 0.01 0.21 0.22

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Prominent Journalist Accuses S. Arabia of Bribing Al-Sisi for Egypt's Loss in World Cup

Prominent Journalist Accuses S. Arabia of Bribing Al-Sisi for Egypt's Loss in World Cup
TEHRAN (FNA)- New York-based Egyptian journalist Ayat al-Orabi accused her country's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of colluding with Riyadh to gift Saudi Arabia's national football team a win in the 2018 World Cup.

Orabi wrote on her facebook page on Wednesday that Egypt has lost the game after being bribed; "it is very likely; even if the game has been lost in return for a few sacks of rice, given the presence of a person (al-Sisi) with low expectations".

She thanked God for both teams' disqualification for the next round, and said people's attention will no more become derailed from the Egyptian and Saudi officials' betrayals and crimes by their games.

A last minute goal from Al Dawsari meant that Saudi Arabia won their first World Cup game in 24 years and finished third in Group A, above Egypt.

Egypt took the lead in the first half − Mohammed Salah lifted the ball over the onrushing goalkeeper. Egypt could have extended their lead with Salah and Trezeguet both missing chances.

Saudi Arabia began to grow into the game after the missed Egyptian chances, they won a penalty after Al Sharahni's cross struck the arm of Ibrahim. This penalty was then saved by record-breaking, 45-year-old goalkeeper El Hadary, who tipped it onto the bar.

The first-half drama was not over, however, as Saudi Arabia were given another penalty in added time at the end of the first half. After a VAR check lasting over 3 minutes, the penalty was confirmed and Al Faraj fired it past the goalkeeper to level things up.

The second half lacked quality and the game appeared to be moving quietly towards a 1-1 draw until Al Burayk's cross ricocheted into the path of Al Dawsari, who drilled the ball across goal and into the bottom corner to win it for Saudi Arabia.
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