ベネッサ・ビーレイ: US Using ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ to Set up Compliant State in Syria

Journalist: US Using ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ to Set up Compliant State in Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Following a damning report on the US coalition’s military activities in Raqqa, journalist Vanessa Beeley announced that the US is trying to ethnically cleanse Syria in order to kill off Syrian nationalism and create an obedient state.

The US, UK and French coalition is using proxy forces to cleanse certain areas of land in the war-torn country in an effort “to replace them with a proxy that will essentially create a US controlled state”, Beeley, an independent journalist who has covered the war in Syria extensively, told RT.

She was responding to a new Amnesty International report that strongly criticizes the actions of the US-led coalition in its campaign to liberate the previously ISIL-controlled city of Raqqa.

The Amnesty report accused the coalition and its Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) proxies of creating “a level of destruction comparable to anything we’ve seen in decades of covering the impact of wars”, and it says that the coalition’s claims that the bombings were “precise” and caused few civilian casualties do not stand up to scrutiny.

Beeley said that the Amnesty report put “meat on the bones” of previous analysis from on-the-ground journalists and some Russian analysts and commentators. She added that despite the US-led campaign ostensibly being about ridding the area of ISIL terrorists, it was the terrorists “who were evacuated as priority over the civilians”.

“Civilian property and infrastructure, essential infrastructure like water taps, like water supply units that were keeping civilians alive during the campaign were also being targeted,” she said, adding that it was the SDF forces designating the targets for the US coalition.

“So there’s a degree of collusion here between the US coalition and its proxies forces on the ground,” she stated.

Beeley also criticized the reluctance of the British government, in particular, to admit to causing civilian deaths during its military campaign.

The UK Ministry of Defense, she said “did not even admit one civilian death as a result of their “precision” bombing − and then they only reluctantly admitted that they believe one civilian was killed by one of their drone strikes”.

Comparing the American-led military campaign in Raqqa to the Russian and Syrian-led military campaign to liberate East Aleppo, Beeley said that there were different standards set and attempts were made to protect Aleppo civilians.

“What we saw there were the provision of humanitarian corridors for civilians to be able to leave under the cover of the Syrian Arab Army and with the help of the Russian reconciliation teams negotiating with the terrorist and militant extremist factions to allow civilians to leave,” Beeley stressed.

“What we’ve seen in Raqqa is civilians paying smugglers to try and leave during the military campaign, having to cross minefields, being unable to afford the cost of those smuggling groups,” she stated.

Beeley also said that Syrian civilians were being forced to return to buildings and areas of Raqqa that had not yet been cleared of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), booby traps and mines left by ISIL militants.

In contrast, the journalist announced that Russian forces “cleared thousands of hectares of those IEDs and booby traps” following their campaigns to liberate Aleppo and Ghouta.

“What we’re seeing here is a disgusting despicable disregard for human life both during the military campaign and even more importantly after the military campaign by the US coalition,” Beeley added.

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Russia: US-Turkey Agreement on Manbij Unacceptable

Russia: US-Turkey Agreement on Manbij Unacceptable
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russia-run Humeimim airbase in Lattakia province announced that the Washington-Ankara agreement on the city of Manbij in Northern Syria is not acceptable.

The Russian airbase announcement came on Wednesday in reaction to an agreement reached between the US and Turkey on a roadmap for Manbij city.

"The agreement on Manbij reached between Turkey and the US is by all means rejected," Russia's Humeimim airbase said.

It reiterated that the agreement has been reached without coordination with the Syrian government and between two countries that are illegally present in Syria; "hence such agreement is void".

In relevant remarks on Thursday, Manbij Military Council voiced its strong opposition to the Turkish army's military presence in the Northern Aleppo city amid the US delegation's arrival there after Washington and Ankara struck a deal over the city.

"We will not accept Turkish military presence in Manbij city," the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen television network quoted Manbij Military Council Spokesman Shirvan Dervish as saying.

Dervish pointed to the capabilities of Manbij Military Council forces to safeguard the security of Manbij city, and said, "Manbij city is more secure than the Turkish-controlled areas in Northern Syria, including al-Bab, Jarablus and Afrin where killings and blasts have destabilized those regions."

Meantime, Rudaw news website reported that the representative of US President Donald Trump in the international coalition arrived in Manbij on Wednesday.

It noted that the US representative has already had meetings with the commander of Manbij Military Council.

This is the first visit by an American political delegation to Manbij city after the recent agreement between the US and Turkey.

US Military Convoy Forced to Retreat by Syrian Army in Hasaka
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army forced a US military convoy back as it planned to pass through Qamishli in Hasaka province, media reports said Thursday.

An American military convoy was pushed back by the Syrian army before it could reach a military point under the Syrian army's control, Arabic-language Moraseloun news website reported.

The US troops were going to pass by a Syrian army regiment and a military airport near the Southern entrance of Qamishli.

The American military convoy had to retreat after being stopped and inspected by the Syrian army.

In a relevant development in mid-May, the US military forces continued unabated illegal heliborne operations to rescue the ISIL terrorists and commanders from Southeastern Hasaka.

Local sources in Southeastern Hasaka reported that the US forces had conducted the heliborne operations near the town of al-Houl at the borders between Syria and Iraq.

They added that the US forces took one of the ISIL commanders who had entered Hasaka from Iraq in the operation.
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C食べ物でも同じです。ママ友同士で集まって会食するようなことがどれだけあるのかしれませんが、そんな場で女性が「それ苦手で」とか「少しアレルギーがあるんで」とか言っても、すんなり通ることが多いでしょうが、いい歳をした男性が飲食の席でそんなことを連発していたら「こいつなんだ! 女、子供のようなことを言いやがって」と見られるでしょう。







> 満たされました?? あはは!ご心配感謝します。




青年から連絡を受けた元カノさんが、日記に書いたのがだいたい以下のような内容。 「○○(←エフ1出向決定の青年)がラインで言ってきた。  “今までエフ1に送られた先輩たちは、そのまま福島で死ぬか、または青森に戻ってから直ぐ死んでしまった。たぶん俺も死ぬだろう。福島に旅立つ前に、もう一度お前を抱きたい。” あ〜あ、、、どう返したらいかなぁ。。」


他にも、もうすぐあの世に旅立つ癌患者、あるいは脳溢血で半身不随になった子供を持つ母親、あるいは乳ガンで妻を亡くした若い父親… 不条理な「死」に直面した彼らの生の怒り、悲しみの声が、この世界の日記にあふれています。




私はときどき、こんな政府の役人、政治家たちなど、北朝鮮のミサイルでみんな殺されてしまえ!と、怒りながら思います。 日本政府、日本企業に殺される前に、少しでも多くの日本人青年たちが海外に脱出されるよう、脱出組のおじさんの一人として切に願っております。

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エバ・バートレット 1

中学生くらいなら読める? 高校生かな? お勧めします。

Eva Bartlett Talks ‘Douma Reality’ on The Jimmy Dore Show
June 4, 2018 By 21wire 0 Comments

What happens when the entire mainstream media are in lockstep with NATO member states on the ‘WMD’ narrative? Recent history demonstrates this is usually a prelude to war.
Informative interview by US-based TV host Jimmy Dore with independent journalist Eva Bartlett, talking about her experience on the ground in Syria and how hers and other journalists’ findings tell a completely different story than what the US, UK and France are claiming – about what really happened this past April in Douma, Syria. Watch:

Eva Bartlettが記録したシリア市民の証言


シリアの真実 エバ・バートレット

エバ・バートレット グータに関する西側の戦争宣伝は強まっている





最後の写真はエババートレットがマダヤの市長に話を聞いたあと昼食を共にしているところです。灰皿、ワイングラスが見えますが、ワインを飲んでいることはなく、何かのジュースではないでしょうか。別の写真で見ると、この画像の左端にエバ・バートレットが、右端に市長が座っています。September 26th, 2017の記事ですから形勢が変わってきたといってもまだ緊張は解けていません。向こう側の二人の壮年男性がどんな役なのかわかりませんが、特に正面の男性の雰囲気は迫力があります。日本人にはこんな親父はとんと見かけなくなりました。



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blogos 2018/6/1

※ JUMPILIKEYOU @jumpilikeyou氏の2018/6/2のツイート
福島で梅毒急増 原因は出会い系? #BLOGOS http://blogos.com/outline/301286/









@ 出会い系で一回限り、あるいは繰り返して会う場合は、二人の間で経済力で格差があれば、カネは、水が高いところから低いところへ流れるのと同じように流れます。これは、ホテル代や食事代にとどまりません。

A 社会的地位のある方が出会い系で出会い、身元が知られた場合は、その後カネを絞りとられることが多いです。県知事を辞めた方は、相手がそういう志向を持っていることに気づくのが遅れたのだと思います。


B 上の画像の駅の近くでは、ネットではなくフェースツーフェースの出会いを求める方の姿を見ることもあります。こういう出会いを使う場合、十分条件を確かめることが必要です。にわか出会いでは、風呂に入っている間に相手が財布を持ってどろんということもよくあるようです。

C ネットであれ、フェースツーフェースの出会いであれ、性感染症の予防に万全を期さないと、後々病院通いで仕事に差し支えることになります。会社の健康保険に入っている場合は、り患した病気も会社側に知られます。

D なんといっても安心できる組み合わせは、配偶者とこれらの施設を使うことです。あるいは、付き合いが長く婚約したかあるいはその寸前にあるようなカップルなら、二人の間で少なくとも経済的なトラブルは起きにくいでしょう。

E もちろん、配偶者とこれらの施設を使うのでは安全であっても刺激に欠けることは確かです。ですが強い刺激を求めれば、その代償は大変大きくなることがあることは忘れないようにしましょう。最近の#福島復興不倫はその例と言えるでしょう。


F 出会い系サイトなどで積極的に援助交際の相手を探しているような方、ネットかリアルかを問わずその場限りの出会いを求めているような方は、いろいろな方と出会いの経験がある方が多くなります。いろいろな人と接すればするほど性感染症を有している確率が高くなります。

G また、これらの様々な人が使うホテルの中には、回転率が高いことから衛生面の管理が行き届かないこともあるようです。サウナでも例を聞きますが、毛じらみは直接の身体の接触がなくても移ることがあります。

H いわき市で梅毒患者が増えている背景には、被ばくによる免疫力の低下の問題もあるのでしょうが、それと同程度以上にFの要因が大きいのではないかと管理人は考えています。

※ 協和発酵バイオ「シトルリン」 @kyowahakko_citの2018/5/22のツイート

イケメンになる? 被ばく回避問題に理解を示すようになる?






「過去一年以上、出会系サイトで実際に掲示版、日記を見まくった」! 満たされました?? 人間のできていない私なら欲求不満になりますね。

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嘔吐、卒倒、昏睡、死亡 事例をよく聞くようになりました

サンケイ2018.6.6 19:41
福島第1原発作業員が死亡 嘔吐後に敷地外で倒れる











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Qatar’s NATO bid endangers Washington’s ability to keep out of Gulf dispute, analysts tell RT
Qatar’s interest in joining NATO is the latest Persian Gulf headache for Washington, which is doing all it can to avoid taking sides in a one-year-old feud between Doha and four Arab states led by Saudi Arabia, analysts told RT.

Defense Minister Khalid bin Mohamed al-Attiyah said on Tuesday that Qatar wants to strengthen its ties with NATO, and even has ambitions to seek full membership in the alliance.

"NATO appreciates Qatar's contribution to combating terrorism and [drying up] its financing,” he told Altalaya, the official magazine of the Qatari Defense Ministry, adding that the Arab state would be an ideal host for "NATO's units or one of its specialized centers."

His comments come exactly one year to the day after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt severed ties with Doha, imposing a land, sea, and air blockade as punishment for Doha’s alleged support for terrorism and growing ties with Iran. The four Arab states issued a list of 13 demands for Qatar at the time, including downgrading relations with Tehran. The ultimatum was swiftly rejected by Doha.

Considering their curious timing, Doha’s NATO comments are likely aimed at Riyadh, Dr Jamal Wakeem, professor of history and international relations at Lebanese University in Beirut, told RT.

While it’s unlikely that Qatar is a serious contender for NATO membership, Doha is highlighting its strategic importance for the US – the Arab state is host to the largest American military base in the region – in an attempt to “intimidate” the Saudis, Wakeem said. However, the Americans are “trying to balance their stance” on the growing Arab dispute, as Washington has little to gain from the Riyadh-Doha feud.

Marianna Belenkaya, a Middle East analyst for Russia’s Kommersant daily, agreed, telling RT that Doha’s statement is a “PR move towards the West” that will likely create “jealousy” in Riyadh.

While Doha’s comments should be interpreted as a statement of “loyalty to the West,” the US is “not taking sides” because the Gulf state dispute is “not beneficial to them,” Belenkaya added.

With troops in Qatar and a strong economic and military partnership with Saudi Arabia, Washington sees “Arab Gulf states as a single bloc that can oppose Iran’s interests in some ways and so they don’t want the bloc to facture,” Belenkaya said. “They are interested in keeping the defense of the Gulf united. So, they take steps at least to make it seem like they are trying to create peace between the Saudis and Qatar.”

Qatar has emerged largely unscathed from the year-old economic blockade, but defending against a Saudi-led military incursion would prove to be a much taller order for the tiny Arab state.

“Qatar’s wish [to join NATO] is easy to explain, considering that it now sorely needs the protection of a powerful bloc, considering the crisis in the Gulf,” Belenkaya said. And Doha is apparently open to all forms of protection – regardless of where they come from.

The Arab state has expressed interest in acquiring Russia’s advanced S-400 air-defense system, a move that so enraged Riyadh that it reportedly threatened Doha with military action.

If Doha continues to defy Saudi Arabia’s sphere of influence in the region, Washington will be left with few options, Belenkaya noted.

With no settlement to the dispute on the horizon, the US could just keep “selling weapons to both sides and use both [nations] for influence in the region, more military influence… so there really is no need to accept anyone into NATO.”

But playing friendly arms dealer to both nations will come with its own set of problems. Riyadh is the largest purchaser of American-made weapons, and the US has supported Riyadh's role in the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen. But falling out of favor with Qatar could lead to Doha further accelerating its ties with Tehran, or even worse, running into the arms of Moscow – and its highly effective anti-air systems which make “humanitarian interventions” so difficult.
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