‘Gitmo Massage’: Inmate Reveals Sexual Assaults, Inquisition-Style Torture

TEHRAN (FNA)- Shaker Aamer, the last British resident imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, announced that he suffers from regular assaults, including those of a sexual nature, from the guards, as he has spent more than 11 years at the US detention facility without charge.

“I refuse to do what they tell me, even though I know I am about to get beaten up,” Aamer said in the phone call with his lawyer in July 2013, which was published by British newspaper The Independent, adding that “sometimes, you just have to make a stand, however pointless that stand might seem to be”.

The episode described happened when Aamer refused to leave his cell and was staging a non-violent, sitdown protest.

“Ultimately, it’s all about control, and if they feel they are not always in control, then that’s a threat to national security, a threat to the thousands of soldiers with their M16s at Guantanamo,” he stated.

Aamer is among the Guantanamo detainees who have been staging a hunger strike over conditions there. The prison administration force-feeds people in their custody who refuse to take food and lose too much body mass, even though this practice had been slammed as degrading by a number of human rights organizations.

The Deputy Joint Task Force Public Affairs Officer declined to comment, insisting that "we don't comment on any detainee allegations made through their defense attorneys regardless of how ridiculous and absurd the allegations might be".

However, a British Foreign and Commonwealth Office Spokesperson told RT that Aamer's release and return to the UK was a "matter of urgency", and that the department is continuing to liase with the US over the matter.

"We take any allegations of Mr Aamer’s mistreatment seriously. We continue to monitor Mr Aamer’s health and welfare through liaison with our US counterparts," he said.

Yet Aamer’s lawyer Clive Stafford Smith told RT that his client will most likely be sent to Saudi Arabia by the US, because in Britain he is a crucial witness in a criminal investigation that authorities would allegedly like to disappear.

“The metropolitan police have already interviewed him in Guantanamo Bay to testify against British intelligence and its involvement in his torture. But of course they can only prosecute someone if they have a real live witness, and if he is sent away to Saudi Arabia then he won’t be available to be a witness,” Smith explained.

But the prisoner wishes to return to his family in Britain. Guantanamo has "no travel agency" to send him back home, but has “been a travel agency for torture in the last 10 years,” Smith argued, noting that "and the very least they owe to Shaker Aamer is to send him back to his wife and children”.

Saudi Arabia-born Aamer, 46, left his homeland at the age of 17 and worked as a translator for the US Army in the first Gulf War. In 1996 he moved to the UK, where he has a wife and four children. Aamer says that at the time of his arrest in Afghanistan he was doing charity work. The US suspects him of assisting the Taliban.

Aamer also described the techniques Gitmo guards use in violent searches.

“Mostly, that’s just an assault, sometimes a sexual assault. We call it the Gitmo massage,” Aamer said, adding that “there is meant to be a board, like a wooden stretcher, and they are meant to roll me on. But now they don’t have them”.

Former Gitmo prisoners and human rights activists claim that guards have many chances to inflict pain on prisoners they handle with force at the facility, for instance when FCE teams are carrying them.

“They are meant to do a fireman’s lift, but they actually seize an arm or a leg and just yank,” Aamer said in the phone call with his lawyer, stating that “you are on your side, so one of them tends to be doing a half-nelson on me, in handcuffs. It’s like the Spanish Inquisition torture Strappado – you feel as if your shoulder is being dislocated”.

There are other violent techniques to assert control over the prisoners, Aamer added.

“Sometimes they put the shackles on backwards,” Aamer stressed, saying “I shout at the Watch Commander and the Corpsman, who are observing all this, as it’s painful. The head man squeezes my neck. ‘Stop resisting!’ he shouts”.

Gitmo prisoner support groups have criticized successive British governments for not doing enough to free Aamer. The latest wave of calls for his release came over concerns that the US was seeking ways to render him to Saudi Arabia, a move that he has pledged to resist “every step of the way”.

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大量の戦死者を出しているクルドの結末はいかに 1



※ Partisangirl認証済みアカウント @Partisangirl氏の2018/5/27のツイート
#US backed #Kurds threaten to burn villages and genocide non-Kurds who refuse to be subjugated under their rule.

※ SouthFront @southfrontengの2018/5/26のツイート
Protests Against US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces Erupt In Al-Hasakah http://dlvr.it/QVCGjg

Infighting Intensifies between US-Backed Militants in Northeastern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- The US-backed Kurdish and Arab militias engaged in a fresh round of clashes in Raqqa city on Monday.

The Kurdish members of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) exchanged heavy fire with Liwa Thowar al-Raqqa in several neighborhoods in Raqqa.

The clashes erupted after the Kurdish militias broke into a house that belonged to Abu Awad, an Arab commander of Liwa al-Thowar, near al-Barazi square in Central Raqqa.

Field sources reported that an American delegation entered the city to end clashes between two militant groups.

The sources further said that a large number of people in al-Romeileh neighborhood in Raqqa took to the streets and called for expulsion of the SDF from their town following heavy infighting between the US-backed Kurdish and Arab militias.

Local sources in Western Raqqa reported on Thursday that people hoisted the Syrian flag in several villages and towns in the region on Wednesday, provoking the Kurdish SDF forces to attack the villages of Kadiran, al-Salhabiat, A'ayouj, al-Jayef, al-Adnaniyeh and al-Mansoureh in Western Raqqa and the two first and second districts in the town of al-Tabaqah.

The SDF fighters also detained a large number of civilians during the raids and seized the cell phones of most of the young people in the villages of Fatih, A'ayouj and al-Mansoureh.

Meantime, reports said that tens of young people in the second district of al-Tabaqah held rallies to protest at the Kurdish gunmen's forced recruitment in the region.

People in Hasaka Call for Syrian Army's Assistance after Clashes with Kurdish Militias
TEHRAN (FNA)- Civilians in the Northeastern province of Hasaka called on the Syrian Army on Sunday to support them as tensions have gone high between the locals and the US-backed Kurdish militias in the region.

People Qariwan neighborhood in Hasaka city took to the streets and opposed the Kurdish militias' forced recruitment. Protesters cut off roads connecting Qariwan to al-Nashwa neighborhood to prevent the Kurds from entering their region.

Sources said that popular uprising has spread in several neighborhoods, including al-Nashwa al-Qarbiyeh next to Qariwan, adding that people have called on the army to interfere and support them against the Kurdish militias.

The Kurdish militias' measure, mainly forced recruiting of young men in Hasaka, has angered people.

The sources went on to say that the Kurdish militias arrested 30 civilians in al-Saad Camp in Southern Hasaka after the refugees embarked on filming the Kurds' mistreatment of the refugees.

In a relevant development on Saturday, people in a village in Eastern Hasaka stormed the US-backed Kurdish militias and expelled them from their region after the Kurdish fighters enforced compulsory recruitment in the Northeastern province.

Tens of people in the village of Samihan al-Gharbi near the small town of Tal Barak in Eastern Hasaka stormed patrolling forces of the US-backed People's Protection Units (YPG) and expelled them from their region.

The villagers had previously warned the YPG militias not to enter their region for forced recruiting of the young men.

The villagers threatened to shoot the militias who try to arrest their young men.

Dispute erupts between Kurds and Arabs in northern Kirkuk
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A dispute erupted between Kurds and Arabs in the Palkanah district of Sargaran in northern Kirkuk province after members of the Arab community allegedly harassed a Kurd in his home.

A source from the Sargaran police told Rudaw one of the Arabs drew a gun during the dispute.

“The fighting didn’t claim lives. The Arab who used the gun has been detained, while the Kurds have been summoned for investigation,” the source told Rudaw on Monday.

What sparked the dispute is not immediately clear.

Vast Popular Uprising against US Forces' Occupation Reported in Northeastern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- People in several neighborhoods in the town of Raqqa poured into the streets on Wednesday and called for expulsion of the US and French forces from their region as tensions between the Washington-backed militants and civilians in Northeastern Syria have gone high.

A large number of people in al-Mashlab, Seif al-Dowleh and al-Saqiyeh streets protested against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The demonstrators called for exit of American and French occupiers from Raqqa city, but, SDF opened fire at them in Jameh al-Hassan neighborhood.

The SDF further declared curfew in the city and dispatched a large volume of military equipment to Raqqa city.

The Kurdish militias then increased their patrols and checkpoints in Raqqa city.

Local sources reported that the Kurdish militias prevented rescue and aid workers from entering Romeileh neighborhood whose residents demonstrated against the SDF.

Local sources in Western Raqqa reported on Thursday that people hoisted the Syrian flag in several villages and towns in the region on Wednesday, provoking the Kurdish SDF forces to attack the villages of Kadiran, al-Salhabiat, A'ayouj, al-Jayef, al-Adnaniyeh and al-Mansoureh in Western Raqqa and the two first and second districts in the town of al-Tabaqa.

The SDF fighters also detained a large number of civilians during the raids and seized the cell phones of most of the young people in the villages of Fatih, A'ayouj and al-Mansoureh.

Meantime, reports said that tens of young people in the second district of al-Tabaqa held rallies to protest at the Kurdish gunmen's forced recruitment in the region.

※ Al Jazeera News認証済みアカウント @AJENewsの20185/31のツイート
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad vows to retake areas held by US-backed Kurds http://aje.io/t38c4
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Iran builds legal case against ‘ISIS-founder’ US, based on Trump campaign claims
Tehran wants to sue Washington for its indirect involvement in dual terrorist attacks in Iran last year, claiming that the president himself repeatedly admitted the US is responsible for the rise of the terrorist group.

During his election campaign, US President Donald Trump repeatedly accused his predecessor’s administration – in particular, Democratic Party rival and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton – of creating Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).

“Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama,” Trump told his supporters in January 2016. In a CBS 60 Minutes interview that aired July 17, 2016, he reiterated: “Hillary Clinton invented ISIS with her stupid policies.”

Now Tehran is turning Trump’s rhetoric into a case against the US, blaming Washington for its alleged role in orchestrating terrorist attacks against the Iranian parliament and Ayatollah Khomeini’s shrine in Tehran in June 2017, for which IS claimed responsibility.

“During the presidential campaign, Trump clearly spoke about the performance of his rival, Mrs. Clinton, saying that the US has created the ISIL,” Abolfazl Aboutorabi, a member of parliament’s judicial commission, said on Tuesday.

Noting that a state leader’s word must be reliable enough to serve as proof in court, Aboutorabi announced that parliament has decided to initiate a lawsuit against Washington in the “international” court. “The public prosecutor has also filed a lawsuit in this regard,” Aboutorabi added, according to FARS News Agency.

At least 17 people died and dozens were injured in gun and bomb attacks at the Iranian parliament and Ayatollah Khomeini’s shrine in Tehran on June 7, 2017. According to the Iranian Intelligence Ministry, the five attackers who were neutralized by security forces were Iranian citizens who joined IS before returning to Iran in summer 2016.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) accused Saudi Arabia of masterminding the attacks, saying that the assaults “happened only a week after the meeting between the US president [Donald Trump] and the [Saudi] backward leaders who support terrorists.” While Washington sent condolences over the tragedy, Tehran rejected those “claims of friendship.”

Moment terrorists storm Iran parliament caught on CCTV (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)

The Islamic Republic’s idea to take the US to court for “creating” IS comes less than a month after a federal judge in New York found Iran liable for the deaths of more than 1,000 people in the September 11 attacks and ordered Tehran to pay more than $6 billion in damages.

Iran rejected Judge George Daniels’ default ruling, accusing the US judicial system of attempts to “rewrite history.” In its response, the foreign ministry reiterated that Iran had nothing to do with organizing or financing the 9/11 attacks. Previously, Judge Daniels issued default judgments against Iran, in 2011 and 2016, ordering the Islamic Republic to pay billions of dollars to victims of the attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people.
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Facebook accused of ‘tricking’ users into signing privacy agreement

Facebook accused of ‘tricking’ users into signing privacy agreement
The evil geniuses at Facebook are camouflaging consent provisions and manipulating users into hastily accepting their tracking terms by showing them fake notifications, a new lawsuit says.

The accusations were made in a complaint filed by the European Center for Digital Rights on behalf of an anonymous Facebook user. The lawsuit, filed against Facebook Ireland Ltd. (where the social network has its European HQ) alleges that the company misled and pressured people into accepting its new privacy policy and terms.

How much: Facebook user puts personal data up for sale to highest bidder

If proved to be true, the tactic might be in violation of the newly enacted GDPR rules. The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect last Friday in an effort to force companies to protect the privacy rights of consumers who reside in the EU.





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Russian Diplomat: US Obviously Not to Leave Balkans Alone
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed that, apparently, the United States will not leave the Balkan countries alone.

"Two pieces of news came within a couple of minutes. [The first says] that Montenegro’s Defense Minister assumed that Russia had refused from exercising influence on the republic and [the second] that Pompeo accused Russia and Turkey of destabilization in the Balkans," she wrote on her Facebook page on Wednesday, TASS reported.

"It’s funny because it’s very indicative," the Spokeswoman said, adding that it is not funny because we feel pity for the Balkans. It is obvious that Washington intends to linger on them".

Russia: Chemical Terrorism May Spread Beyond Middle East Due to Western Connivance
TEHRAN (FNA)- Moscow stressed that the stance that the Western powers take on the issue of chemical weapons in Syria may encourage the chemical terrorism to go beyond the borders of the Middle East.

"Inciting the Syrian armed opposition to provocations of this kind may lead to a situation, in which the phenomenon of ‘chemical’ terrorism, which had emerged in the Middle East with their (West’s) connivance, goes beyond the region’s borders with all due catastrophic consequences," the Russian Foreign Ministry said, commenting on the May 17-18 meeting of the International Partnership against Impunity for the Use of Chemical Weapons, TASS reported.

The Russian side expressed hope that "sooner or later, the truth will prevail" and accusations against Russia and Syria "will backfire".

A number of NGOs, including the White Helmets, stated that chemical weapons were used in Eastern Ghouta on April 7. Representatives from the Russian Reconciliation Center for the Opposing Sides examined Douma on April 9 and found no trace of any use of chemical weapons there. The next day the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) decided to deploy its experts to Syria to check reports of the possible use of chemical weapons there.

The OPCW inspectors arrived in Damascus on April 14. Several hours before the US, the UK and France had conducted a massive strike on Syria, having used reports of the incident as a pretext and without approval of the UN Security Council. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Syrian air defenses shot down 71 out of 103 missiles launched over Syrian facilities, and three civilians were injured.

Russia: US Claims of Libyan Scenario for North Korea Pose Threat to Entire Region
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that the situation on the Korean Peninsula is a problem for the whole international agenda, which occasionally becomes "turbulent".

"The fact is, when the US threatens North Korea, Pyongyang, with a 'Libyan scenario,' they threaten not only Pyongyang. They threaten everyone, the whole region. And it is based on the history of the 'Libyan scenario,'" Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova said, Sputnik reported.

The Spokesperson's comment referred to recent statements made by US President Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton who said that Washington considered Libya an example of how to handle possible talks with North Korea over its nuclear program.

The Russian Foreign Ministry's Spokeswoman stated that Moscow had planned a number of actions, aimed at settling the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

"The Korean issue should be solved in an active manner; this is what we are doing. I cannot provide details yet, but I can say that the Russian side has planned a number of actions, including contacts on the line and direction of settling the situation in the region in the context of the situation on the Korean Peninsula," Zakharova added.

In the meantime, the White House continues its preparations for the US President's planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on June 12. However, Trump has stated that there was a possibility that the talks wouldn't take place.

The de-escalation prospects for the Korean Peninsula have been put at risk, when the United States and South Korea launched a two-week annual air exercise, dubbed Max Thunder, which caused Pyongyang to cancel ministerial-level talks with Seoul. Despite North Korea's warning, Seoul said that it would continue its joint military exercise with Washington.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to visit North Korea on May 31

Russia: Ultimatums, Pressure Policies in North Korean Situation Destined to Fail
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that he would discuss situation in the region and bilateral relations during his visit to North Korea.

The Russian Foreign Minister will pay an official visit to North Korea on Thursday and will discuss bilateral relations, the situation around the Korean Peninsula and international agenda with his North Korean counterpart Ri Yong-ho, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, Sputnik reported.

"The purpose of this visit, just like any other, is to discuss bilateral relations with our partners and address the situation in the relevant region of the world," Lavrov said at the Primakov Readings international think tank summit.

Lavrov on Wednesday expressed hope that talks between North Korea and the United States will bear fruit.

"We support the ongoing changes in relations between the two Koreas, in the relations between Pyongyang and Washington. And we very much hope that these negotiations, which were announced, and which are now confirmed as appointed, will not result in ultimatums," Lavrov stressed.

The Minister noted that Russia was involved in the six-party talks on the North Korean issue, pointing out that the settlement of the crisis on the Korean Peninsula would inevitably require the resumption of this multilateral negotiation process with the participation of all six member-countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier stated that Pyongyang needs more security guarantees if the world hopes to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons.
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笑って聞いていましたので、これは冗談でも、誇張でもない。日本に言論の自由はない! と念押ししました。




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マイケル・マルーフ 9-11 事件に関する裁判所の主張を切り捨て

Former Pentagon Analyst Dismisses 9-11 Court's Allegations against Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Former senior security analyst in the Office of the US Secretary of Defense Michael Maloof who has stressed willingness to testify at a court against allegations of Iran's involvement in the September 11, 2001, incident, underlined that the terrorist attack was conducted by Riyadh and not Tehran.

"The 9-11 commission report did mention Iran but it explicitly stated that there was no evidence that Iran was involved in the planning of 9-11 and certainly in the commission of that attack," Maloof told FNA on Tuesday.

"Now the reason why the court came in with the default judgment (is that) Iran did not go to the court to defend itself," he added.

Maloof said that "the 9-11 commission report explicitly talked about the Saudis and my personal view is that the 9-11 didn’t occur if the Saudis were not involved, and I think it was a black program initiated by (Saudi) prince Bandar (bin Sultan) out of the Saudi embassy in Washington because there was evidence of some of the hijackers' family being paid by prince Bandar out of his personal account," Maloof said.

"I think the lesson here for Iran is to defend itself at the US court. Whenever the Saudis have a case against them in the US court, they go in very aggressively and use the top lawyers in the country and so far they have been successful and I think Iran needs to take the appeal seriously and go ahead and appeal and demand discovery of all documentation and hold the government and anybody else accountable for proving that they were involved (if they have any evidence). Thankfully, the evidence is not there," he underlined.

Asked by FNA about the incentives behind the allegations against Iran, Maloof said, "I think it is political primarily."

He explained that early after the 9-11 incident it was alleged that the attack was conducted with Iran's knowledge but it was not proven as it was based on remarks of an Iranian dissident who claimed that al-Qaeda had informed the Iranian government before the attack, adding that the officials concluded that the person was not reliable and therefore nothing was proven and that's why the 9-11 commission report concluded that there was no evidence that Iran was involved even in the planning let alone the execution of the 9-11 attack.

A large number of western political activists, lawyers and university professors in a letter dismissed allegations of Iran's involvement in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against the US, stressing preparedness to testify in support of the Islamic Republic at the court.

The letter to the Iranian justice and foreign ministries was written after the Southern District Court's ruling "found the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran" liable for the deaths of more than 1,000 people as a result of the September 11 attacks. Judge George B Daniels of the Southern District Court of New York said that Iran is ordered to pay "$12,500,000 per spouse, $8,500,000 per parent, $8,500,000 per child, and $4,250,000 per sibling" to the families and estates of the deceased. Iran has dismissed the allegations.

"We are writing to urge the Islamic Republic of Iran to immediately appeal the Southern District Court of New York’s ruling ordering Iran to pay more than six billion dollars of reparations for the 2001 terrorist attacks. Please note that the appeal must be filed by Wednesday, May 28, so this is an extremely urgent matter," the letter said.

"We are willing and ready to provide court testimony in support of Iran’s innocence. The extremely weak case against Iran is predicated on the 9/11 Commission’s version of events, according to which 19 alleged hijackers (15 of whom were Saudis, and none of whom were Iranians) precipitated a series of miracles including gross violations of the laws of physics. We can prove absolutely, beyond any reasonable doubt, that this version of events is false, thereby nullifying the case against Iran," it added.

"We believe that by strongly contesting this matter in a US court, Iran can win a major media victory over its enemies, and will likely win the legal case as well," the letter said.

In relevant remarks on Saturday, Nader Talebzadeh, a prominent political expert and activist, referred to the letter, and stressed the need for Iran to end its tradition of not appealing the US courts' rulings and challenge the mainstream media's story about the 9-11 incident with the help of the western political activists at the court.

He told FNA that "the September 11 fact-finding groups are ready to speak to the benefit of Iran in any court and testify that Iran has not been involved in the attack. They are ready to show presence in an official court and elaborate on the 9-11 incident. But the Iranian government is first required to appeal the ruling", adding that Iran can challenge the US government's story of the September 11 incident at the court.
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Senior Scholar: Abu Ghraib US Human Rights Scandal with Living Legacy

Senior Scholar: Abu Ghraib US Human Rights Scandal with Living Legacy
TEHRAN (FNA)- Inaugural Michael Ratner Middle East fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC Maha Hilal underlined that although Abu Ghraib prison was closed in 2014 its horrendous legacy still lives on, turning the issue into a human rights scandal for the US.

It was Abu Ghraib prison that introduced the world to the violent infrastructure of torture in the war on terror. In 2004, when photos emerged documenting extensive torture ranging from prisoners on leashes to bodies piled atop each other in pyramid structure to prisoners standing in crucifixion like postures, there were global shockwaves at the displays of brutality, Hilal wrote in al-Jazeera news website.

The prison, which was the site of massive torture, also housed a largely innocent population - approximately 70-90 percent of the prisoners were mistakenly detained, according to the Red Cross in a 2004 report.

With no end to the war on terror, the legacy of Abu Ghraib prison remains as important as ever, especially where a lack of accountability continues to permeate all operations in Iraq.

In 2004, when the Abu Ghraib scandal first emerged, former President Bush responded, saying that, "Under the dictator, prisons like Abu Ghraib were symbols of death and torture. That same prison became a symbol of disgraceful conduct by a few American troops who dishonoured our country and disregarded our values …"

Bush's statement unveils a particular logic of the war on terror that continues to justify abuses to the present - moral equivalencies, and in particular, the US's perceived moral superiority of itself in the way it fights war. That's why prisoner abuse under Saddam was torture, but under the US it is simply "disgraceful conduct". That's also why Bush can talk about "our values", despite knowing that a series of torture memos essentially provided the rationale to abuse prisoners - that anything short of organ failure or death would, according to his administration's new definition of torture, fall short of it.

Though former President Bush appeared "shocked" when the Abu Ghraib scandal first broke, Eric Fair, a former CACI contractor, in an interview with Democracy Now, on the unveiling of his book, "Consequence: A Memoir" on his time at Abu Ghraib stated that he was "shocked that the American people were so shocked and that they had this kind of idea or that they were so ignorant about what was going on".

There are different ways to understand the role of shock when it comes to Abu Ghraib. On the one hand, "shock" at abuses underscores the false American narrative of the protection of human rights and "our values" in how we engage in conflict with others. On the other hand, shock at not knowing about abuses can perhaps be attributed to the documentary role of the Abu Ghraib scandal in participatory humiliation - in this case, humiliation of Muslim prisoners provoked by Islamophobia that allows the American public to engage in their torture vicariously as a collective act of vengeance for the 9/11 attacks. Described another way, as Dora Apel writes, "the viewer is meant to identify with the proud torturers in the context of the defense of a political and cultural hierarchy."

Analyzing the shock spectacle is important when it comes to understanding the US's true intention to hold torturers accountable. To date, Abu Ghraib prisoners have seen little, if any, justice for the torture they endured. What, therefore does accountability mean for Abu Ghraib's former prisoners?

For the United States in the war on terror, accountability has meant little other than prosecuting the so-called "bad apples" who conduct torture and/or murder in order to make the point that they are an aberration, not a product of a system-wide policy of sanctioned abuse in the war on terror. That's why in the case of Abu Ghraib, "justice" has largely perceived to have been done over a decade ago, after 11 military personnel were convicted of various crimes including conspiracy, dereliction of duty, and maltreatment of detainees. But that has translated into little for the victims of Abu Ghraib's torture.

On September 22, 2017, the question of justice for the at least some of Abu Ghraib's victims and holding military contractors from CACI accountable was revived in a Virginia courtroom in the case of Al-Shimari v CACI et al where the Center for Constitutional Rights was challenging CACI's motion to dismiss the case for their role in torture at Abu Ghraib.

This is of particular importance as CACI has largely evaded accountability for their direct role in the torture of Abu Ghraib prisoners. Highlighting this point, CCR lawyer Katherine Gallagher noted that, "there remains an accountability gap: military officers were court-martialed for their misconduct, but the private contractors walked away with large payments, and they continue to be awarded millions of dollars in government contracts. This case hopefully will narrow that accountability gap."

CACI's involvement in Iraq began in 2003 after the US military asked them to provide intelligence assistance. Within two years of operating in Iraq, they were involved as defendants in lawsuits accusing them of ordering and overseeing torture. Despite this fact, and prior to concluding investigations on the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib, the US government offered CACI an extension of their contract in the amount of 23 million dollars - accountability for torture, after all, is limited, conditional, and sometimes rewarded for making bolder, the discourse and infrastructure that sustains abuse in the war on terror.

Charles Graner and Ivan Frederick, the two military police members who were convicted of charges related to the abuse of Abu Ghraib prisoners specifically named CACI contractors Daniel Johnson and Steven Stefanowicz as ordering various types of abuse of prisoners.

Despite these allegations, CACI whose tagline is ironically, "ever vigilant," claimed not to know who exactly among their contractors were stationed at Abu Ghraib at the time of the infamous scandal and had done nothing in the way of uncovering this information. However, CCR argued - and the judge agreed, that only a handful of contractors - those working at Abu Ghraib's "hard site" at the time of the plaintiffs' abuse, needed to be questioned.

While underscoring CACI's role in torture was key to this case, so too was the designation of the acts of abuse as torture - something CACI denies. In their motion to dismiss the case, CACI conceded that the treatment of prisoners was "deplorable", and "undoubtedly humiliating", but resisted the label of torture.

Though their obvious interest is in absolving themselves of responsibility, their narrative has become all too familiar in the course of the war on terror and in the treatment of Muslim prisoners. Torture is allowed to thrive not only because it is directed at Muslims, but because it must rise to the most egregious levels of abuse to be considered as such.

The Center for Constitutional Rights, rejected CACI's argument on torture - not only dismissing their discussion that individual tactics of abuse cannot constitute torture, but also critiquing the notion that what the plaintiffs endured - among other things being punched, slapped, kicked, doused with hot water, forced into stress position for hours, threatened with dogs, stepped on, etc over protracted periods of time, did not have a cumulative impact amounting to torture and subsequent trauma.

"This is the first time a court has effectively conceded that there's sufficient evidence that these Abu Ghraib detainees endured torture or cruel, degrading and in-humane treatment," CCR lawyer Baher Azmy stated after the hearing Friday and Judge Brinkema's decision to allow the case to proceed.

This case paves a promising path for addressing and challenging torture of Muslim prisoners in the war on terror. However, what we must continue to remember is that torture has and continues to be sanctioned by the US government. A positive ruling in subsequent hearings will not change this fact.

This is especially the case when the public narrative continues to be mired with discourse suggesting that torture works as Trump stated in 2017 or his condoning of torture in response to the Brussels attack back in 2016. In other words, the US has not reckoned with torture and far from that - continues to find ways to justify its insidious and overt legal re-entry. However, this case as Azmy noted, sent "an important message that there can be accountability for torture, a vital step for our clients who have yet to see justice. This is a crucial ruling in a political climate where Trump has called for bringing back widely denounced torture techniques like waterboarding."

Abu Ghraib prison was closed in 2014 due to security concerns. But its horrendous legacy lives on. This case brings us one step closer to the possibility of closing the chapter on abuses at Abu Ghraib - but this relies on the full execution of justice that is not limited simply to prosecuting perpetrators of torture, but which extends to survivors of torture such that they are able to finally, albeit incompletely, move on with their lives. Without this, justice is a mere public performance to reclaim our sense moral ground, not a real, intentional commitment to restoring the lives of those we've harmed. But perhaps this is what American justice is really all about.
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Russia: Inappropriate for Australia, Netherlands to Issue Ultimatums Over MH17

マレーシア航空 MH17便の墜落の原因について、豪州、オランダの報告書がロシアのブクから発射されたミサイルが原因との最終結論を出す見込みとなり、ロシアが激しく反発しています。

Russia: Inappropriate for Australia, Netherlands to Issue Ultimatums Over MH17
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said it was inappropriate for Australia and the Netherlands to issue Moscow with ultimatums over compensation for relatives of people killed in the downing of flight MH17.

The Russian Foreign Minister stated that Moscow has repeatedly provided international investigators with documentary evidence regarding the crash of MH17 in Ukraine, but they have been ignored, RIA Novosti reported.

"All the documentary evidence is being rejected… which we’ve repeatedly provided, including the results of field tests, which the manufacturer of the Buk complex Almaz-Antey provided to the investigators," Lavrov added.

He also noted that the information provided included primary data from Russian radars, according to which "the rocket could not take off from the point from where, as the investigation alleges, it was launched".

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Stef Blok stated Monday that the Netherlands, with the support of the world community, plans to continue to exert pressure on Russia over the case of the MH17 crash in Eastern Ukraine.

The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) earlier presented the interim results of the investigation. The international team alleges that the Boeing was shot down by a Buk anti-aircraft weapon system, that belonged to the 53rd Air Defense Missile Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces from Kursk. Moscow categorically rejects these accusations.

Malaysian Airlines’ Boeing 777, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed on July 17, 2014, near Donetsk, killing all 298 aboard.

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Analyst: Saudi Royal Family Was Deeply Involved in 9/11

TEHRAN (FNA)- Political commentator and Marine combat veteran Gordon Duff said the Saudi royal family was “deeply involved” in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that killed thousands of Americans.

Duff, a senior editor at Veterans Today, commented on a report which says Saudi Arabia is recruiting US military veterans in an attempt to kill a recently-passed law allowing 9/11 families to sue Saudi nationals for their alleged role in facilitating the terrorist attacks, World News reported.

Duff described the Saudi initiative to hire military veterans to eviscerate the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) as “a bizarre ploy”.

He stated that “there is a huge amount of evidence that the Saudi royal family, Saudi government itself and others were deeply involved in 9/11”.

The September 11, 2001 attacks, also known as the 9/11 attacks, were a series of strikes in the US which killed nearly 3,000 people and caused about $10 billion in property and infrastructure damage.

Of the 19 hijackers that allegedly carried out the attacks, 15 were Saudi nationals and available evidence suggests some of them were linked to high-ranking Saudi officials.
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Russian electronic warfare firm to upgrade products after studying US Tomahawks downed in Syria
A Russian military contractor, specializing in electronic warfare, will use information gained from dissecting a US Tomahawk cruise missile, used during an attack on Syria, to boost the capabilities of its own equipment.

The missile, delivered to Russia after the tri-party night attack on Syrian government targets by the US, the UK and France in April, is of particular interest to KRET, a leading developer of electronic equipment for the Russian military, according to Vladimir Mikheev, an aide to the company’s First Deputy Director Vladimir Zverev.

“Our new equipment needs to cover all spectra, optical and radio, which we found in the products of our counterparts,” Mikheev told Radio Sputnik.

“As specialists we were very interested in seeing the real-life use of various weapon systems in Syria, including the Tomahawks. Now having this missile in our hands we clearly know what channels it uses to communicate control, navigation and geolocation information,” he explained.

Mikheev said incorporating the knowledge gained from studying the US cruise missiles will take KRET two to three years. It will help Russian electronic warfare systems be better in countering American missiles “on all stages of combat deployment” he said.

Earlier reports claimed that Russia obtained at least two US missiles fired at Syria on April 14 in relatively undamaged state. The attack was launched in response to what the US and its allies claimed to be a chemical weapons incident in Eastern Ghouta. It targeted what they said were facilities used by the Syrian government for a chemical weapons program.

There were conflicting reports about the success of the attack, with Western powers insisting that all missiles successfully hit their targets, while Russian military said a significant portion were intercepted by Syrian air defenses.
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