Saudi Arabia's Role in 9/11 Terrorist Attack Can Be Tried in US Court
TEHRAN (FNA)- A district judge in New York rejected in March Saudi Arabia’s motion to end a lawsuit that would hold the Sunni Muslim kingdom responsible for the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, 2001.

The judge determined that the US court can assume jurisdiction under the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), which Congress passed in 2016, News Week reported.

The relatives of hundreds of people who died in the terrorist attacks filed numerous lawsuits against the Saudi government over the past 16 years, claiming that it helped support the terrorist group al-Qaeda by funding charities that supported Islamic militants.

The Saudi government has long denied that it played a role in the attack that killed almost 3,000 people, and had asked that the lawsuit be dismissed because it deserves immunity as a sovereign nation.

The plaintiffs called the court's decision a step forward, saying it means that the Saudi government will be obligated to provide answers about its role in the attack. The lawsuit also asks for billions of dollars in damages for the victims and their families, including the more than 20,000 people who were injured.

“Instead of dealing with this issue honestly and confronting the compelling evidence the 9/11 families have amassed, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has paid an army of lawyers and lobbyists a fortune to help them duck, dodge and distract," the 9/11 Families & Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism said in a statement. "We are grateful that a federal court has listened to our case, upheld the constitutionality of JASTA and allowed our efforts to move forward.”

The majority of the 19 attackers in the September 11 attacks were Saudi nationals. The court's decision was made as Saudi Arabia’s increasingly powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman toured the United States and met with President Donald Trump, among others.

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Former British Envoy: Bahrain All But A US, Saudi Colony
TEHRAN (FNA)- Britain’s former envoy to Bahrain announced that the Persian Gulf island has almost turned into a vassal state for the US and Saudi Arabia out of fear for its existence in the face of popular protests.

“Bahrain has almost turned into a Saudi and American colony since the beginning of the protests” in 2011, Peter Ford said in an interview with Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television network on Sunday.

The ruling Al-Khalifah family has been capitulating to Riyadh since this dynasty has become scared, Ford, who served as Britain’s accredited ambassador to Manama for three years, added.

He stated that this fright is also the reason behind the proximity of Bahrain's position to the anti-Iran stance of the United States and Israel.

Scores of people have been killed and hundreds more imprisoned during Bahrain's crackdown on the protests. The regime has also stripped scores of its people of their citizenship, blaming them for "terrorism" or measures to undermine the country's security.

The ruling Bahraini regime has further aligned itself radically with the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel in their bid to demonize and isolate Iran.

Last December, a Bahraini delegation arrived in Israel with a message of “peace” from the country's king.
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サウジ宮殿近くで銃撃戦 土曜夜のクーデター

イランのFARSNEWSが2018/5/23に、サウジアラビアの皇族内に王国が害されないよう現国王を排除すべきとの動きがあると伝えました。ドイツに亡命している皇太子Khaled bin Farhanthe がMiddle East Eye news portalに述べた内容です。ここまでサウジ皇族内での対立、確執が強まっているのは、驚くべきことではありません。次はこのブログがここ半年間に掲げたサウジ関係のニュースです。これだけの事件や国際関係の動きがありました。見出しだけ見てもめまぐるしい動きがあったことが分かります。







ヨルダン、サウジ、エジプトは孤立する アラブ専門家




恐怖の王国サウジ 石油価格への影響は?



これはびっくり サウジの皇太子がイランに政治亡命



サウジ国王がモスクワ訪問 石油減産とテロ支援停止がセットか





Saudi Royal Urges Coup to Depose King Salman, Protect Kingdom from Harm
TEHRAN (FNA)- An exiled Saudi prince has called for a coup by his influential uncles to depose King Salman and prevent the current ruling structure led by his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, from doing more damage to the kingdom.

Prince Khaled bin Farhan, who has been awarded asylum in Germany, made the call on Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz in comments to the Middle East Eye news portal.

He asked the duo to use the influence they wield with their fellow royals as well as with the military to bring about the palace coup.

Such a change, bin Farhan asserted, was imperative to salvage the kingdom from Salman’s “irrational, erratic, and stupid” tutelage.

Saudi King Salman appointed bin Salman as the first in line to the throne in a surprise move last June that saw the monarch ousting Crown Prince Muhammed bin Nayef, who had himself replaced Muqrin in 2015.

Calling bin Salman’s meteoric rise to power into question, bin Farhan said “If King Salman had been in a good state of health, things wouldn’t have reached this stage. When we see public policy in Saudi Arabia, we can see that King Salman is completely absent from the screen or from the political scene in Saudi Arabia”.

Bin Salman, also the country’s Defense Minister, is seen as the all-powerful figure in Saudi Arabia, whose impulsive attitude towards domestic and regional affairs has fueled much unrest both inside and outside the kingdom.

Late last year, he arrested hundreds of fellow princes and businessmen in what the young prince tried to portray as an “anti-corruption campaign”, seizing a total of $100 billion in exchange for their freedom.

He is also seen as the architect of the three-year-long Saudi-led invasion of neighboring Yemen, which has killed and displaced tens of thousands, and a key proponent of maximum regional and international pressure on regional powerhouse Iran.

Under bin Salman, the Saudi regime has also been rushing towards the normalization of ties with the regime in Tel Aviv at the expense of undermining the Palestinian cause.

Prince Khaled’s comments come amid the Saudi crown prince’s mysterious absence from the public eye since heavy gunfire and explosions were reported just outside the royal palace in Riyadh late last month.

Some sources claimed that the incidents on April 21 were part of a coup led by Saudi royals who are opposed to King Salman, while other reports suggested that the shooting occurred when the palace guards targeted a small drone which approached Salman's residence.

Bin Farhan further explained that the arrest spree of the powerful figures by bin Salman has created much resentment within the royal family against the crown prince, noting that “the family feels it has been humiliated”.

“There is so much anger within the royal family” to the point that a potential evolution in the country’s ruling structure would be backed by “99 percent of the members of the royal family, the security services, and the army would stand behind them,” bin Farhan said, adding that “I have received a large number of emails from within the police and army in support of my call”.

He referred to the April 21 alleged coup attempt in Riyadh as an instance of preparedness for action against the ultra-powerful in the kingdom.

Bin Farhan contested reports that the security forces had tried to shoot down a drone during the incident, saying destroying an aircraft like that would not requires hours of exchange of fire.

He stated that “It was a shock for the entire family because prominent figures in the family were detained, in a way that held a great deal of humiliation. It was a shock for the entire family. The family is now facing the undermining of its standing in the eyes of the people. And this will inevitably undermine its legitimacy”.

Even now, those freed are being kept on a short leash, with travel bans imposed upon them all, locators fitted onto their feet in most cases, and their contacts being closely monitored, he added.

The dissident royal also lashed out against a strict rule under which the ultimate power should solely rest in the hands of the king, warning about the consequences of such a one-man show for the kingdom.

“The make-up of the state will constantly change with the personality of the king,” Prince Khaled said.

“Where is the strategic plan for the state? We need to have a clear goal that we’re working towards. And it’s the role of the king to come up with a tactical plan to help us enact these strategies,” he stated, adding that “but, with the way we’re going, our country will be late reaching them. We’re already late. We use to think that we had financial assets and educated individuals, but unfortunately the situation right now is taking us back years”.

Speaking of bin Salman, bin Farhan said “at school, he had psychological problems and I’d rather not go into too much detail, but mental health can affect someone entirely, and I can see clearly that after he came into power and the way he deals in politics is reflective of his psychological problems”.

Being treated as a non-significant ordinary prince has contributed to bin Salman’s current state of mind, he analyzed.

Bin Farhan warned that if MbS, as the Crown Prince is known, stayed in power, upheavals would follow.

“I would like to say to the Europeans that the situation in Saudi Arabia resembles a volcano that is about to erupt. If it erupts, it will affect not only the situation inside Saudi Arabia or in the Arab region but it will have an effect on you too,” he added.

“We should not forget that there are terrorist sleeper cells within Saudi Arabia, and that Wahhabi ideology” serves as the basis for the ideology of the Takfiri terrorists that “Europeans and Americans are frightened most of”.

“So, if Saudi Arabia descends into a state of chaos, there will be global chaos, and it (Saudi Arabia) will be a source of terrorism for the entire world as it will support and sustain international terrorism,” the royal said.

US, British Sources Confirm Saudi Crown Prince's Injury
TEHRAN (FNA)- An Arab media outlet quoted US sources as saying that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been wounded in the April 21 coup and shootings in his palace.

The Arabic-language Sawt al-Arab news website quoted the American sources as saying that the Saudi crown prince has been injured during the shooting incident in al-Khazami region, adding that he was taken out of the scene with a helicopter.

According to the website, although the Saudi media have released a number of images of bin Salman after the incident whose date cannot be confirmed, it is not yet clear if he has been treated or is still hospitalized for his injuries.

Meantime, Saudi whistle-blower Mujtahid, who is believed to be a member of or have a well-connected source in the royal family, wrote on his twitter page that rumors have increased about the injury of bin Salman during al-Khazami incident, noting that the plan to release images of the crown prince to prove his survival has failed.

Also, the British newspaper, Observer, released a report, raising doubts about the survival of bin Salman during the April 21 coup, stressing that the media outlets have now focused on the possibility of his injury or even death.

Bin Salman who is also the Saudi defense minister has not appeared in the public after the April 21 coup in his palace and continues to be absent in public gatherings, noting that he was not seen among a host of Riyadh officials at the cadets graduation ceremony in King Abdolaziz military college on May 19 either.

The Saudi defense ministry announced in a statement on May 19 that Riyadh ruler Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdolaziz has attended the ceremony instead of bin Salman.

It is not clear if bin Salman’s disappearance is due to reasons such as him feeling threatened or being injured in the incident.

Western Sources Confirm Coup against Saudi Crown Prince
TEHRAN (FNA)- A leading Arab daily quoted western sources as saying that the April 21 shooting at the royal palace in Riyadh was a coup, stressing that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in deep fear after the coup.

The Arabic-language al-Rai al-Youm newspaper wrote that the western advisers have recommended bin Salman to avoid appearance in the public and stop making provocative decisions in a bid to survive until he becomes the king.

According to a western source, "bin Salman has been scared to death by the April 21 attack" as he didn’t think that the royal palace which is the most sensitive place in Saudi Arabia could become the target of such an attack.

The source added that bin Salman has replaced the Saudi soldiers with western guards, noting that his life has changed and he rarely speaks on the phone for the fear of being tracked by his opponents.

The western officials have also advised the Saudi crown prince not to act like a king and wait until his father's death to ascend to the thrown.

An Arab media outlet quoted US sources as saying late last month that bin Salman had been wounded in the April 21 coup and shootings in his palace.

The Arabic-language Sawt al-Arab news website quoted the American sources as saying that the Saudi crown prince has been injured during the shooting incident in al-Khazami region, adding that he was taken out of the scene with a helicopter.

According to the website, although the Saudi media have released a number of images of bin Salman after the incident whose date cannot be confirmed, it is not yet clear if he has been treated or is still hospitalized for his injuries.

Meantime, Saudi whistle-blower Mujtahid, who is believed to be a member of or have a well-connected source in the royal family, wrote on his twitter page that rumors have increased about the injury of bin Salman during al-Khazami incident, noting that the plan to release images of the crown prince to prove his survival has failed.

Also, the British newspaper, Observer, released a report, raising doubts about the survival of bin Salman during the April 21 coup, stressing that the media outlets have now focused on the possibility of his injury or even death.

According to the Persian-language newspaper, Keyhan, a secret service report sent to the senior officials of an unnamed Arab state disclosed that bin Salman has been hit by two bullets during the April 21 attack on his palace, adding that he might well be dead as he has never appeared in the public ever since.

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2014.06.01 10:00 のニュースらしいが、その後皆さんお元気だろうか。
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フクイチ2号機が噴き上げている? さていかがでしょう

机の上の空 大沼安史の個人新聞2018-05-26
〔東電原子力大災害 空前のメガ核惨事〕 ◇ フクイチ2号機が噴き上げている 降水量ゼロでも 26日未明・午前3時ごろの状態をスクショ ★ 雨が降ると、この噴き上げのなかで蒸気プルームが発生しているのだろうか?





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[フランクフルト/リヤド 25日 ロイター] - サウジアラビアのサルマン国王は、今後政府事業についてドイツ企業を新規契約先として選定することを禁止する勅令を発した。独週刊誌シュピーゲルが25日、情報源を明らかにせず報じた。






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選択出版2018/5/28(月) 7:04配信
東京電力元副社長の不倫報道を端緒に 業界の怪しいPR活動とカネの問題続々


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Eva Bartlettが記録したシリア市民の証言

女性のフリージャーナリストも活躍です。現地に入り込んで生の声、人々の様子を伝えるエバ・バートレット、英国政府のシリア反体制派への資金援助を暴露したVanessa Beeley、シリアのテロリストに対するCIAの武器発送を暴いたDilyana Gaytandzhieva、5万件のツイート、10万人のフォロアーを擁する地政学的分析者Partisangirlなど。

@ 衛星放送、インターネットの普及
A ロシア、イランの国としての肩入れ
B シリア政府に腐敗、汚職が少ない


Eva Karene Bartlett

Screenshot from one of my videos documenting the words of a woman from eastern Ghouta. Part 1 of her testimony:

"My name is Hanadi Shakr. I used to live in Ghouta with my husband and my kids. I was just living normally, peacefully in Ghouta with my kids and I was bringing them up and looking after them, and then suddenly my husband said he has volunteered with what was referred to as the Free Syrian Army.

At the beginning everything that they did was secretive, we did not know what was happening. But then, little by little, they started bringing groups, and these groups had weapons and they used to hide the weapons inside my house. I didn’t know why they were doing this, and then they suddenly said that we are going to stand against the regime’s army and we are going to fight this army. And I was afraid, because I didn’t know what was happening or why they were saying this.

Little by little, my brothers volunteered with them.

[Were there protests then?]

Yes, people were protesting in the streets against the Syrian ‘regime’. But a lot of people died during these protests, because a lot were killed by the FSA who used to kill them and say that the government is killing them.

Then my husband volunteered with a group called Jaysh al-Islam, and he started going out with them. At this point, I started becoming really afraid for myself and my children. I used to tell him, please don’t do this, let us just live together here, don’t do this, don’t go with them.

Four or five years later, he announced he wanted to remarry, and so problems started between us.

He did get remarried. He married a widow who had three children.

Things started to get negative between us. I became really frustrated. We fought a lot and we drifted apart. Then, he just left me, walked out.

Before that, he used to bring weapons to the house and hide them in the house. He used to go out and fight with them.

After a while, my brother who worked for a security office for the Free Syrian Army in Douma, they started getting woman and recruiting woman and letting them work with them. I didn’t know what they were doing, what kind of work they were doing, but they were supposedly nurses.

[Your children are here?]

No. My children are with their father.

He went out (of Ghouta) with the regular civilians, through a SAA checkpoint. He is in a different centre.

[So now he is under the control of the Syrian government he used to fight against?]


[Why did he join Jaysh al-Islam?]

He wanted to defend islam. He had a sort of obsession. They said they were muslims, but they were not. They were being paid in US dollars, which is good money in Syria.

He worked as a fighter and as a nurse at the same time.

He used to work in restaurants before the crisis.

He studied until grade 9.

He was a very simple man, didn’t have any signs of the extremist ideology.

He was a Sufi. I don’t know what changed inside of him.

We lived simply, we didn’t have a lot of money but we didn’t need anyone’s help either.

When the crisis happened, he wanted to improve his lifestyle with the money from Jaysh al-Islam.

He fought with Jaysh al-Islam until they left Ghouta.

There were hard times, it was hard to get food after we divorced. But there were good people who helped me after he left me.

I used to work as a nurse, for about one year, then he banned me from working. He started hiding things from me, medication, the weapons... and then he’d hide them elsewhere, out of the house.

They’d get milk and other aid and would sell it, not give it to the people.

Her brothers were part of Jaysh al-Islam. One is still in Ghouta and the other went to Idlib. Jaysh al-Islam told the people if they took reconciliation and leave, the Syrian government will behead you.

They used to tell us, stay here, if you leave, the government will take your kids, rape the women and behead you. ...I used to believe them, but when we came out, no one touched us, so I saw how much lying they used to do.

In Saqba there were chemical attacks. (but doesn’t know any details)

(She has no idea who the White Helmets are, she has never seen them, although they had a headquarters in Saqba where she lived.)

I have no contact with brother in Douma who was with Jaysh al-Islam.

The thing that bothers me the most is that my kids are not with me."

Part 2 of interview with woman from Saqba, Ghouta, now living in Horjilleh camp for displaced.

"When I was in Ghouta, I used to be afraid of everything. There were a lot of people who were hungry.

The problem is that we didn’t know who is who anymore. Everyone was fighting one another. All factions were fighting one another. We got confused. It was hard to believe any of the factions anymore.

My son is my only son. I have six daughters. He used to come and say that he wanted to volunteer with them. Mom, they are our brothers, Jaysh al-Islam, Jabhat al-Nusra, Faylaq al-Rahman, we should fight with them. Jabhat al-Nusra was the faction that used to torture people a lot.

When they opened the tunnels, there was a lot of food was available and we could buy it. But the price of sugar was 16,000 liras, bread 3,000. We used to eat only barley.

I worked as a nurse for a year, from the beginning of the crisis (2011). Every time there was a case that was a bit severe, they would say you must amputate this person.

[Was amputation necessary?]

Not all the time, but they would say that we are in short of medical supplies and so amputation is the best choice.

They didn’t use to treat people. Even people who had minor surgery, they would just amputate it. All of the medical aid that was brought in, it would just vanish, they would sell it and take the money. A lot of food aid was delievered into the areas where we lived, but they would take it and sell it. Everything went to the leaders of the terrorist factions. We lived very dark days, days of darkness and humiliation.

[But they say they did this for you to live in freedom.]

Don’t believe them, it’s all bogus, lies."

Part 3 of interview with woman from Saqba, Ghouta, living in centre for displaced. Her life was ruined thanks to the premeditated war on Syria which saw uneducated men like her ex-husband and brothers join terrorist groups for financial gain and power. Yes, they were ignorant and selfish and their participation in terrorist groups is not to be excused (although, that said, the Syrian government allows such people who don't have blood on their hands to return to civil society through the reconciliation process), but had the West and their Zionist and Gulf allies not concocted the war, the fake 'revolution', and had they not obscenely funded the many terrorist factions, none of this would have happened.

"I just need someone to talk to. I just need someone to open my heart to, and speak about all the suffering that we suffered inside
At the hands of these factions.

How is it fair when a brother gives his own brother to Jaysh al-Islam to torture him?

[Your brother turned in your other brother?]

Yes, my brother gave my other brother to Jaysh al-Islam. He was tortured and he died.

[So one of your brothers was Faylaq al-Rahman and the other one was Jaysh al-Islam?]


He used to work in the security office of Faylaq al-Rahman.
There were a lot of thefts at that time. They used to steal the copper wires from under the ground, and melt them and sell them.

This brother I told you about who took his own brother and tortured him, he never ate the food we ate. He used to eat luxurious food, very good bread, not the barley bread we used to eat. One kilo of barley cost 3,000 (liras) (around US$7)

[Your parents are here?]

No, they went to Damascus.

[Do you have contact with them?]

I don't want to have contact with anyone.

My parents were in Kafr Batna and they left when the last group of people left Kafr Batna, they left with them.

And I have brothers inside, they reconciled with the government and they stayed inside.

[Do you want to go back there?]

I would rather stay here, I don't want to go there.
I want to see them all but I don't like seeing anyone right now

I’m not ready to go back."
Part 2 here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1941017582574893&set=a.105586576118012.10534.100000000104830&type=3&theater

Part 3: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1941558719187446&set=a.105586576118012.10534.100000000104830&type=3&theater

Eva Bartlett認証済みアカウント @EvaKBartlett氏の2018/5/27のツイート
When I shared this on Facebook, it was shadow-blocked [https://www.facebook.com/EvaBoBeeva/posts/1937479416262043?hc_location=ufi …].
Let's see what Twitter does. From 2007, the mentality of illegal colonists...

In Gaza
Those Who Transmit Syrian Voices Are Russian Propagandists? Monitors of ‘Fake News’ Negate Syrian Suffering
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※ Bassem @BBassem7氏の2018/5/28のツイート
McCain finally admits that he was dead wrong on supporting the Iraq war, he is still writing the chapters on Libya and Syria.

vox May 25, 2018, 1:30pm EDT
John McCain’s shocking concession on the Iraq War: it was a “mistake”
In his new memoir, McCain says he’s to blame for the war.

Sen. John McCain has made a shocking admission: The Iraq War was a “mistake,” and he’s taking the blame.

In his new memoir, McCain who is battling brain cancer, writes that the Iraq War “can’t be judged as anything other than a mistake, a very serious one, and I have to accept my share of the blame for it,” as Politico reports.

McCain is among the most hawkish Republicans in the Senate and was an ardent supporter of the George W. Bush administration’s decision to go to war with Iraq and a later US troop surge. As Michael Hirsh writes at Politico:

McCain became, in fact, the first supporter of a “surge,” years before Bush and other Republicans did. “I came out of the Vietnam War convinced that frankly we could have won, and we had it won,” he told me in 2014. “Just as I believed we had the Iraq conflict won after the surge − and for which I sacrificed everything, including my presidential ambitions, that it would succeed.”

McCain’s defense of the Iraq War was unwavering, even when it became increasingly clear that the United States’ stated intention of establishing democracy in Iraq was not only unrealistic but would take hundreds of thousands of lives. (If you want more about the neoconservative ideology behind the war, how the Bush administration convinced the nation to get into it, and how it turned out, read Max Fisher’s Vox explainer.)

In 2005, when 66 percent of the country viewed the Iraq War unfavorably, McCain redoubled his commitment to the strategy:

“Securing ever-increasing parts of Iraq and preventing the emergence of new terrorist safe havens will require more troops and money,” McCain said then at an event with the American Enterprise Institute. “It will take time, probably years, and mean more American casualties. Those are terrible prices to pay. But with the stakes so high, I believe we must choose the strategy with the best chance of success.”

The casualty counts for the Iraq War are somewhere between 150,000 and 460,000 and have contributed to the deep instability in the region, which, as my colleague Jennifer Williams explains, is “one of the conditions that allowed ISIS to rise in the first place.”
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IDFによるこの〇〇の手際の良さ 戦慄します

※ alQuds @palestine_bs氏の2018/5/27のツイート
The IDF killed her, then searched her bag if she had a knife!
Just imagine if she was your daughter or sister!

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