Syria foiled Israeli aggression and retaliates

Syria foiled Israeli aggression and retaliates; Lies against Iran keep mounting
These days we are witnessing probably the worst example of lies and propaganda against Syria and Iran. The corporate media in their own pro-Israeli bias tries to falsify the facts, deliberately misinforming the general public, describing the recent Israeli aggression against Syria as an “Israeli – Iranian confrontation” in which Israel “defended” themselves against “Iranian missile attack”. This cannot be further from the truth. In fact, years of lies against Syria and Iran have accumulated to the level of utter madness in which the distortion of truth remains the pattern.

What really happened? According to local civilian and military sources, after hours of aerial activities above the skies of the occupied Syrian Golan, the Israeli regime's air forces attacked the Syrian Arab Army's positions near Madinat al-Ba'ath and Hader in Qunaitra province. The 7th Division of Syrian Arab Army responded, launching approximately 20 missiles targeting several military positions in occupied Golan. A second wave of Israeli aggression targeted many Syrian and Iranian allies' positions across the Damascus province, which resulted in downing at least half of the missiles by the Syrian air defences. Syrian forces yet again launched a retaliatory attack on occupied Golan. Since the occupied Golan is Syrian territory, Syria by all means has a right to defend itself from the illegal occupation forces of Israeli regime.

As Russia Today reported, the Russian military said in a statement

“28 Israeli F-15 and F-16 planes were involved in the attack,” and, a “total of 70 missiles were launched” in the Israeli aggression. Not even one Israeli plane entered the Syrian space, which brings us to the conclusion that the Israeli air forces didn't want to risk losing another of their military planes. The most significant “victory” of this Israeli aggression was hitting the Pantzir-S1 air defence system which was at the moment of airstrike inactive, probably because it had fired all of its missiles. The damage was not heavy enough to completely destroy the system, so it is expected the unit will be repaired and put back in active service. In the end we can positively conclude that the Israeli regime's aggression on Syria ended up in as an embarrassing debacle which didn't achieve significant damage to Syrian forces, as well as to Iranian allies.

Sources on the ground in Quneitra province witnessed Israeli military bases on fire and heard sirens from ambulance vehicles. Not only that, but sources explicitly denied not just Iranian involvement in retaliatory attacks on Israeli aggression, but even their presence in the region. Even though the Israeli regime used their Iron Dome anti-missile systems, many Syrian missiles broke through and hit their targets inflicting damage to military infrastructures and personnel. However, there is no confirmation from Israeli side that anything was hit, and it will never be one since this is the first time in more than 40 years, and after more than one hundred attacks since 2011, Syria hit back. They will hide their loses from the public knowing that any recognition will lead to destroying their image as the “invincible force”, as it did in they humiliating defeat from Hezbollah when they attacked south Lebanon in 2006.

Blaming the attack on Iran is just a convenient propaganda stunt which has been prepared in advance in order to justify the imaginary threat from Iran after miserable and lying performance by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu which didn't convince anyone that Iran has secretly continued with its nuclear program. The only one who took Netanyahu seriously was the United States President Donald Trump who unilaterally pulled out from the nuclear deal with Iran.

The Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano issued the following statement:

“The IAEA is closely following developments related to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). As requested by the United Nations Security Council and authorized by the IAEA Board of Governors in 2015, the IAEA is verifying and monitoring Iran’s implementation of its nuclear-related commitments under the JCPOA. Iran is subject to the world’s most robust nuclear verification regime under the JCPOA, which is a significant verification gain. As of today, the IAEA can confirm that the nuclear-related commitments are being implemented by Iran.”

As we can see, Trump's claim that “the deal allowed Iran to continue enriching uranium and, over time, reach the brink of a nuclear breakout” is nothing but a despicable lie which follows the same narrative of the Israeli regime. And after this “episode”, we really need to ask the question: ‘Who is really ruling the United States?’ Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in a recent interview to the Greek Kathimerini newspaper gave probably the best answer:

“I don’t think in the meantime we can achieve anything with such an administration. A further reason is that we don’t think the president of that regime is in control. We all believe that the deep state, the real state, is in control, or is in control of every president, and this is nothing new. It has always been in the United States, at least during the last 40 years, at least since Nixon, maybe before, but it’s becoming starker and starker, and the starkest case is Trump.”

The United Kingdom, France and Germany, and the European Union (committed to the implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran), as well as Russia and China give full support to IAEA.

While the US and Israel are determined to destroy the deal, the White House National Security adviser John Bolton went even further threatening the European companies with sanctions for those who would maintain business dealings with Iran. This is the perfect example of the rotten imperialistic US policy aiming to dominate the Western world by blackmail and extortion, and who knows, maybe also by force since the United States cannot be trusted in any way. Now it is up to European countries to show the world if their integrity is for sale: Will they bow to the US pressure and admit they are nothing else but weak puppets of Washington and Tel Aviv, or will they defy the US and take the strong position against these hostile actions.

Recently, the New York federal court ordered Iran to pay billions of dollars to the relatives of September 11 terrorist attacks victims. This absurd verdict was ruled by judge George B. Daniels. Since 15 hijackers were Saudi nationals, two from United Arab Emirates, and one from Egypt and Lebanon, it is an attack to common sense to rule such a verdict. Or is it the deliberate verdict just to whitewash the real perpetrators and distract the general public from the fact that Saudi Arabia is to blame, as it is in fact the world's biggest sponsor of terrorism and al-Qaeda itself. To connect Iran with al-Qaeda in any way is disgusting manipulation and distortion of reality since Iran follows the different course of Islam, the Shiia Islam. That course of Islam is considered as apostates by the ideology which is governed by al-Qaeda, and that is Saudi state's Salafist ideology. Since the very beginning everything pointed to Saudi Arabia, but blaming Iran just suits the purpose to additionally demonize that country.

John Bolton is a strong advocate not just for regime change, but for open war against Iran. Using the infamous terror organization Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK) as a proxy would fit the purpose perfectly. If anything starts to happen in Iran which would follow the agenda of the regime change, expect from the corporate media to place such claims in the domain of “conspiracy theories”, just like they do in Syria.

Since Western corporate media takes the Israeli regime's lies as face value, very troubling days are ahead of us. And don't count on professional ethics and moral standards. They lost it in Syria, blindly supporting al-Qaeda and its affiliates, and even ISIS itself, just to see the Syrian President and the government toppled. The price they were willing to pay was the blood of Syrians who in their vast majority didn't betray their country. They failed.

And in the case of Iran, they will also fail.

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Ankara Attempting to Annex Occupied Lands in Northern Syria to Turkey


Ankara Attempting to Annex Occupied Lands in Northern Syria to Turkey
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Turkish army has extended its military intervention in Northern Syria to Idlib and Hama provinces, media sources reported, warning of Ankara's attempts to annex the occupied lands to the country's territories.

The Kurdish-language Hawar news reported on Sunday that the Turkish army has forced the terrorist groups affiliated to Ankara to put on military uniforms with Turkish flag patches to represent Turkey in their regions.

It added that the Turkish army has also replaced all flags in the occupied territories with the Turkish flag, noting that the Ankara-backed terrorist groups take order from the Turkish army.

According to the report, the Turkish army has hoisted the country's flags over all military and administrative centers since the very first days of occupation of Afrin.

The report also said that identity cards have been issued for people who arrive in Afrin, adding that the Turkish army intends to allow the people living in these regions to participate in the future elections in Turkey.

The Turkish army on Saturday dispatched a new military delegation, accompanied by terrorist groups, to Western Idlib in Northwestern Syria on Saturday.

The Turkish convoy, including a military delegation, that was accompanied by terrorists entered Jisr al-Shughour region in Western Idlib.

There were several vehicles and a large volume of military equipment in the Turkish convoy.

Also, field sources reported that the Turkish delegation embarked on visiting Bedama and al-Najiyeh settlements in Western Idlib, adding that the army plans to set up a new truce monitoring point in the region.

In the meantime, local sources reported that the Russian and Syrian fighter jets pounded the positions of al-Turkistani terrorist group in Jisr al-Shughour region, inflicting major losses on the militants.

Also, a military analyst said that the Turkish troops plan to occupy Idlib and arrival of Ankara forces in Western Idlib is aimed at preventing the Syrian Army troops from carrying out anti-terrorism operation against Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) and other units of al-Turkistani group.
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駅から歩き始めてしばらく行った住宅街の中に小さな公園があり、ここで良く休みます。草ぼうぼう、他に休んでいる人はいませんから、たばこを吸っても大丈夫。水も飲んで道に出たところで向かいの家のガラス戸のカーテンの隙間から、爺さんがじーっと私たちの様子をうかがっていました。ぎょっ! 先週のおばあさんのように手でも振れば可愛いのに。














「えっ、そんなことなんで恥ずかしいんですか? 今は結婚しない人は大勢います。自分が納得できなければしないんです。結婚しても籍は入れず事実婚の人も増えています。気の合う、経済的な条件の合う人たちで男女いろいろ一緒に生活している人もいます。」



歩いている途中で腹痛が起きました。林や野原がありますからどこでもできそうなものですが、田舎とはいえ人が通ります。ようやく団地の公園までたどり着いて、トイレを見たときには助かったと思いましたが、なんと和式! しかも手すりもなく狭い。うーん、しゃがんでいるとひっくり返りそうで十分利用できませんでした。





「ありがとうね。セクハラ心配いらないよ! もうオトコやめているから」この一言こそがセクハラかもしれません。(ここで笑いが取れなかったのは残念だったけれど、笑いが起きたらやはり傷ついたかも) 出るときに最初にドアを開けてくれた女子高生が先に出るようドアボタンを押し続けてくれました。「ありがとう。感激だよ」


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Wael @WaelAlRussi氏の2018/5/14のツイート
(If) #Russia decided to Supply #Syria with multiple S-300 systems
#Israel will consider this as an aerial coverage for the #Iran/ian activities in Syria.
And then Israel will put all of its assets (massive air fleet-surface to surface missiles-drones) to destroy those systems.

Wael @WaelAlRussi氏の2018/5/11のツイート
Only after one day of Netenyahu Moscow visit:

Putin’s arms trade advisor Vladimir Kozhin said that #Russia is not in the process of supplying the S-300 to #Syria nor have they conducted negotiations on the topic, and Syria has "everything that it needs.


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東南アジアにお住いの方 テロにご注意を

インドネシアでISISにつながるテロリストが3か所の教会で自爆攻撃 約50人が死傷

RT 14 May, 2018 02:52
Explosion hits police HQ in Indonesia's 2nd-largest city


東南アジアのイスラム教徒人口の多い国では テロに注意が必要です


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一見して線量率と風速の相関が強いことが分かります。ちなみに相関係数 0.857です。文句なしでしょう。




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英国政府はホワイトヘルメットから脅迫されている? だから資金供給を止められない

Sputnik 17:19 11.05.2018
'White Helmets is Another Arm of the UK Foreign Office' - Syrian MP
UK Prime Minister has said that London may increase its support to the White Helmets. The announcement comes in wake of the US halting its funding of the controversial NGO and evidence presented by Russia of falsified videos made by the group. Sputnik discussed the issue with Fares Shehabi, member of the Syrian parliament for Aleppo.

Sputnik: In your view, why is Theresa May supporting the White Helmets despite the controversial information that exists about the group?

Fares Shehabi: There is no controversy about this group. They were in Eastern Aleppo when it was liberated in 2016. We were there and we saw all White Helmets locations, offices, were the same as al-Qaeda* locations. Al-Qaeda, which has the branch in our area, which is called al-Nusra Front*, which are bin Laden boys; they take the orders from al-Zawahiri and Tora Bora. The al-Qaeda group sheltered, harbored, protected and helped the White Helmets.

As a matter of fact also, most of White Helmets' alleged rescuers were also al-Qaeda terrorists − all the time they were carrying weapons and they were doing terrorism. When the camera comes nearby, when they start to shoot fabrications they would wear their rescue outfits and they'd try to fabricate some cheap propaganda rescue operation; clear-cut evidence that this is an armed terror organization.

Sputnik: Why is Theresa May supporting this group?

Fares Shehabi: Simply because the MI6 established this group. This group was not in Syria before the war. The Syrian Civil Defense was established as the legitimate and the only Syrian civil defense established in the 50's. And this is the only recognized the Syrian civil defense. This group [White Helmets] was established for one purpose: just to do cheap propaganda purposes, to beautify terror organizations and justify military action against the legitimate Syrian government.

The British intelligence, through the organization, funded by the UK Foreign Office this shadow group takes the money from the UK Foreign Office and channels this money to jihadis. That was in documents that we found and that's the same thing found in different parts of Syria. Bear in mind that this group only operates under al-Qaeda, specifically in al-Qaeda jihadi controlled areas. Only. You don't find them elsewhere.

This evidence that we found show that the British government paid 200 million pounds in 2016 to this group. And they allocated 460 million pounds to be paid during 2018 to this group, again, through a shadow civil relief organization that really only channels to jihadi groups in Syria. We have evidence and we invite anyone that is interested in finding the truth. We have all the evidence; we have the names of these known terrorists that are getting money from the British Foreign Office. This is another arm of the British Foreign Office; it's their baby they will continue to fund it.

Sputnik 18:58 10.05.2018(updated 19:01 10.05.2018)
White Helmets Shared Buildings With Al-Nusra in Syria– Bolivian Filmmaker
Bolivian filmmaker, actress and activist Carla Ortiz, who has traveled across most of Syria, told Sputnik Mundo how the White Helmets operate in the country and why the intervention by certain Western countries is preventing Syria from reaching peace.

Carla Ortiz has visited most parts of the Arab country for the making of her film "Voice of Syria" in order to show the conflict from the point of view of its key victims − ordinary people. She is confident that their experience and stories contradict the narrative given in mainstream media.

Carla Ortiz brought her work and testimonies from Syrian citizens to Washington to show American senators those who are actually suffering as a result of the Western sanctions imposed against Syria. She noted, for example, that children in Syrian hospitals are unable to receive cancer treatment, due to the ban on the basic chemicals needed for it.

"Is it logical to claim that the president of Syria finds chemicals not to save children, but to use them in places where the war has already been won with conventional weapons? There is no logic in that," she said.

The streets of Aleppo shocked Carla Ortiz most of all. It turned out that many schools there had been occupied by al-Nusra* (al-Qaeda's* branch in Syria) and used as headquarters, together with the White Helmets − an NGO that claims to help and protect civilians in regions controlled by militants fighting the Syrian government.

"I saw how the White Helmets were sharing buildings with the al-Nusra extremist group, as if there was no problem with that. If you are an ordinary citizen, who has seen, what this group has done to your people, your family, raping your daughters and beheading people, you wouldn't share anything with them," she said.

Carla spoke to some volunteers with the White Helmets. According to them, at first they thought that they were going to save peoples' lives, but then realized that part of the White Helmets' assistance was directed at armed groups of opposition, which were not as moderate as they claimed.

Ordinary people, interviewed by Carla, claimed that the White Helmets "don't save citizens" − on the contrary − they even refused to help children in the hospitals. They went on to note that the White Helmets and al-Nusra worked together during the siege of Aleppo.

"The states that purportedly see themselves as the world's policeman need to understand better who these people are that filmed the video about the alleged chemical attack. [They] cynically support disinformation in order to continue bombings that devastate the country, which is trying to fight terrorism. The terrorism which the West is responsible for, as weapons that it supplies to the moderate opposition invariably end up in the hands of extremists," Carla said.

She believes that the only way to end the Syrian war is to listen to Syrians and not to envoys of foreign countries that stand for more intervention. Carla notes that now, even supporters of Syrian opposition forces are urging for an end to the bloody war. She is confident that spreading alternative information is a good way to do so.
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インドネシアでISISにつながるテロリストが3か所の教会で自爆攻撃 約50人が死傷

Nearly 50 Killed, Injured in Suicide Bombings at 3 Churches in Indonesia
TEHRAN (FNA)- At least nine people have been killed in three seemingly coordinated suicide bombings that hit churches in the second-largest city of Indonesia, while dozens of people have been injured, according to police.

Around 40 victims who were injured in the attacks were transported to hospital, East Java provincial police Spokesman Colonel Frans Barung Mangera told reporters, as cited by the Straits Times.

"The victims are still being identified," East Java police Spokesman Frans Barung Mangera said, while police added that they have also secured a fourth, unexploded bomb at a church.

The authorities said that the attacks were carried out by a local terrorist group linked to the ISIL. A Spokesman for the country’s intelligence agency stated that Jemaah Ansharut Daulah was behind the blasts. The group has pledged allegiance to ISIL mastermind Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The bombings are likely linked to a deadly riot in a high-security jail in Jakarta, which led to the death of five police officers and one inmate on Thursday, Wawan Purwanto, the communication director at the intelligence agency, said as reported by Metro TV. The failed prison break was claimed by ISIL, but authorities did not believe it was involved.

The three blasts hit on Sunday morning, within 10 minutes of each other, according to police.

No group has claimed responsibility for Sunday's bombings so far.
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8 ISIL Members Face Death Penalty in Iran

8 ISIL Members Face Death Penalty in Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Death sentences were issued this morning for 8 members of the ISIL terrorist group involved in the June 2017 attack on the Iranian parliament.

"The court has found that these people deserve death penalty for assisting corruption on earth (a Qoranic term used in Islamic Sharia Law for those convicted to death)," Head of Tehran's Revolutionary Court Moussa Qazanfarabadi said on Sunday.

He added that the sentence will be declared to the suspects or their legal lawyers and they have 20 days to plead.

Qazanfarabadi said that the cases of 18 other suspects of terrorist actions are also due to be studied by the court.

The court hearing of 8 members of the ISIL terrorist group involved in the June 2017 attack ended in Tehran last Tuesday.

The judge declared end of the court hearing after 7 sessions to hear the crimes and statements of defense by the suspects and the lawyers.

During the trial, the defendants faced a number of accusations, including maintenance and smuggling mortars, mortar-launchers, grenades and mines as well as trafficking the terrorists in Iran.

"Over 500 rounds of mortars, mines and grenades were discovered in your house," the judge told one of the suspects.

He also said that the suspects had met the al-Qaeda Emir in Mosul and sworn allegiance to him.

Meantime, the judge revealed the terrorists' contacts and coordination via Telegram.

"Telegram was a safe place for the grouplet's terrorist acts in a way that they sent their footages from inside the parliament (on the day of the attack) to their main stronghold via Telegram. Also, based on intelligence, the accussees made coordination and specified dates via Telegram," he said.

At the end of the 7th session of trial for the suspects last Tuesday the judge declared that "the necessary sentence (for the suspects) will be issued (for them) by the legal deadline".

Trial for the ISIL terrorists opened in a Tehran late in April.

Two terrorist attacks were simultaneously carried out by five ISIL terrorists against the Iranian Parliament building and the Mausoleum of late Imam Khomeini, both in Tehran, Iran, on 7 June 2017, leaving 17 civilians dead and 43 wounded.

8 ISIL terrorists were tried at Tehran Revolutionary Court in the presence of their lawyers and families of those killed in the attack.

Based on the indictment, one of the suspects has joined the ISIL in a foreign state almost three years ago and returned to Iran last year with weapons and ammunition and while he was armed with a suicide belt. He was tasked with coordination for terrorist attacks inside the country.

All the suspects present in the first court session were arrested on June 7-26, 2017, and they are accused of purchasing, carrying and keeping light, semi-heavy and heavy arms and conducting terrorist attack.

A few days after the June 7 terrorist attacks, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps launched 6 missile strikes at ISIL centers in Syria's Deir Ezzur in retaliation.

"The Takfiri terrorists' command center, concentration points and logistical centers used for assembling cars for suicide attacks in Deir Ezzur region in Eastern Syria came under attack by the IRGC moments ago in a move to punish the terrorists for the twin attacks on the Iranian parliament and the holy shrine of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, on June 7," a statement issued by the IRGC Public Relations Office said at the time.

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中国がシリア復興需要を見据え 停戦体制の確立に意欲を示す?

Special Envoy: China, Russia Have Potential to Expand Cooperation Regarding Syrian Crisis
TEHRAN (FNA)- Chinese Special Envoy for Syria Xie Xiaoyan said Moscow and Beijing have the potential to boost cooperation to find ways of solving the Syrian issue, and the sides should continue efforts aimed at protecting the ceasefire regime.

"The relations between China and Russia imply a sweeping strategic partnership and collaboration. We are constantly in touch and conduct consultations. Each side contributes to the Syrian problem's settlement," he told TASS.

According to the diplomat, the two countries are maintaining an efficient cooperation on the Syrian issue, which still has a "huge space" for expansion.

"I assume that both sides should continue assuming efforts in such areas as protection of the ceasefire regime, a responsible ceasefire resolution compliance, promotion of the political process, as well as regarding the issues of postwar recovery," he emphasized.

It is necessary to have respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, Xiaoyan said, adding that he considers political settlement to be the only possible way of solving the burning issue.

"The Chinese government has a consistent stand regarding the Syrian issue. We invariably assume that political settlement is the only possible way. It is necessary to protect and have respect for sovereignty, independency and territorial integrity of Syria. The Syrian people should choose the Syrian future," he stated.

The diplomat also urged to search for ways of the Syrian issue settlement through dialogue and in line with relevant UN Security Council’s resolutions.

He believes that at this stage it is necessary to maintain contacts with both the Syrian government and the opposition for promoting dialogue between them.
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Ex-Attorney General Wants UK Foreign Secretary Out

Ex-Attorney General Wants UK Foreign Secretary Out
TEHRAN (FNA)- A former Tory attorney general, Dominic Grieve, called on UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to resign amid his criticism of UK Prime Minister Theresa May's approach to the country's withdrawal from the EU.

According to the former Tory attorney general, with his statements about Brexit, Johnson undermines the collective responsibility of the UK government, The Guardian reported.

"The Prime Minister has a difficult task and I don't think it's helped by this tendency of the Foreign Secretary to express himself. If you are making policies through speeches that are contradicting some of the policy development your colleagues are embarked on, you are destroying collective responsibility," Grieve told the newspaper.

"If you don't like a policy, you leave the government. That's what you should do. If there are problems, you either accept them or you have to go. That's your choice," Grieve said, adding that "he should resign. Yes".

Johnson belongs to the group of the so-called "Hard Brexiteers" who argue that leaving the Customs Union would enable Britain to independently negotiate its own agreements with non-European countries.

In particular, they strongly oppose the idea of "customs partnership" with the EU proposed by May. Johnson described May's plan as a "crazy system" earlier this week.

During a nationwide referendum in the UK on June 23, 2016, more than half of the voters cast their ballot in favor of the country leaving the EU.

Britain is expected to pull out of the bloc by the end of March 2019, but London has been seeking a two-year transition period to smoothen out the withdrawal, as well as guarantees of a future relationship with the EU.
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Iran's Civil Defense Chief: US, Israel Seeking Muslim Population Decline

Iran's Civil Defense Chief: US, Israel Seeking Muslim Population Decline
TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of Iran's Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali said Washington and the Zionists are testing different methods to lower population growth in the Muslim communities.

"The Americans and Zionists have taken actions for negative population growth among Muslims sometimes through food plans and sometimes through promoting wrong culture and designs," General Jalali said, addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Sunday.

He added that growth of the Muslim population is the biggest threat to the Zionists and Imperialism.

General Jalali said that population growth among Muslims is three times more than that of the Christians, adding that the Europeans have estimated that countries like Germany, Britain, Italy and France should sharply increase their population in the next 30 years otherwise the number of Germans and French will decrease.

In relevant remarks in 2013, General Jalali condemned the western states for maintaining their stockpiles of biological weapons, warning that they might be used against Iran.

“We should avoid developing baseless optimism about the West because the so-called civilized westerners have biological weapons which will be used against us if they find themselves in a situation of war (with Iran),” Jalali said in Tehran at the time.

His remarks came after retired US Military Officer Karen Kwiantowski disclosed in the same year that the US supplied former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein with chemical and biological weapons during the 1980-1988 Iraqi imposed war on Iran.

Speaking in an interview with the Voice of Russia, Kwiantowski said, "We've done it. We did provide chemical and biological weapons to Saddam Hussein as he was fighting in that long war with Iran."

Also in August 2013, the Foreign Policy revealed in a report that the US knew Saddam was launching some of the worst chemical attacks in history -- and still gave him a hand.
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Pakistan Bars US Diplomat from Leaving
TEHRAN (FNA)- Pakistan on Saturday barred a senior US diplomat accused of killing a Pakistani youth and injuring another from leaving the country following a court order, according to officials and local media.

A plane landed at Nur Khan airbase in Rawalpindi on Saturday morning to carry Col. Joseph Emanuel Hall, the US Defense attache stationed in Islamabad, a senior Interior Ministry official told Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity.

The plane took off after the Interior Ministry informed Washington Embassy about a high court’s order that bars the diplomat from leaving the country till the disposal of the case against him, the source added.

Hall was stopped at the immigration counter and informed that he could not leave the country, the official said.

The US Embassy officials accompanying the defense attaché contacted the Interior Ministry but they were outrightly told that the diplomat could not fly out of the country unless the court orders otherwise, the official stated.

“We have also informed the US Embassy that he cannot fly out of the country following the court orders,” he further said.

Richard Snelsire, a Spokesman for the US Embassy in Islamabad, refused to deny or confirm the event, saying “we do not want to comment on that".

In early April, Hall jumped a red light in Islamabad killing a motorcyclist and injuring a passenger.

The Islamabad High Court on Friday ordered the Interior Ministry to put the diplomat's name on its Exit Control List. Persons on the list are prohibited from leaving Pakistan.

Diplomatic relations between the two sides have hit a low ebb since US President Donald Trump took office in January last year, mainly due to a clash of interests in war-torn Afghanistan.

The two sides also imposed travel restrictions on each others’ diplomats stationed in Washington and Islamabad earlier this week putting further strain on already frosty relations between the two sides.

In August 2017, Trump accused Pakistan of providing safe havens to militants fighting US forces in Afghanistan, a charge Islamabad denied.

Also in February, Pakistan was placed on a terror financing “grey list” by a global money-laundering watchdog, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a move supported by Washington.
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