‘Breaking point in relations with US’ – Turkish FM

‘Breaking point in relations with US’ – Turkish FM
Turkey is “at breaking point in relations with the US,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said. The two major NATO partners have recently been at loggerheads over various issues.

“People in Turkey have a very negative attitude towards the US because it doesn’t keep its word [and] constantly lies,” Cavusoglu stated addressing the students at Moscow State Institute of International Relations on Tuesday.

The relations between our countries are “at breaking point,” he said, reminding that back in February both states had established working groups to normalize bilateral ties.

Cavusoglu was apparently referring to teams set up earlier over the escalation in Manbij, where Turkey is currently conducting a military operation against the US-backed Kurds.

Cavusoglu has repeatedly stated that strained relations between the allies are heading towards a critical juncture. The two sides “will either fix these relations or they will break [down] completely,” he said back in February. Ankara felt provoked by US military support for the Kurdish forces in Syria, including the YPG. Turkey considers the YPG an arm of the PKK movement, dubbed a terrorist organization by Ankara. Washington, however, promised to cease armed support for the Kurds earlier this year.

Northern Syria: US Agrees with Withdrawal of Kurds from Manbij
TEHRAN (FNA)- The US has voiced consent over a gradual retreat of the Kurdish fighters from the town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo after increasing pressures by Ankara and as the Turkish army declared plans to expand its mission against the Kurds in the region, a Turkish paper reported on Tuesday.

The Turkish-language Hürriyet Daily News quoted diplomatic sources as saying that the US has agreed on the gradual withdrawal of the Kurdish gunmen from Manbij in two days of talks between delegations from Washington and Ankara on March 8-9.

It further said that a final agreement over the plan could be reached during a meeting between Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Washington scheduled for March 19.

Other Turkish sources said that the US tried to discuss a halt in Operation Olive Branch by the Turkish forces in Northern Syria during the talks with Ankara officials as a precondition for the Kurdish retreat from Manbij.

No independent source has yet confirmed the revelation.

Local sources reported on Saturday that people in the town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo took to the streets and protested against the Kurdish fighters' rule over civilians.

The sources said that a large number of people gathered in a main square in the town of Manbij and protested against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), calling for the deployment of the government forces in their region.

The sources said that forced recruitment and several cases of arrests were the main causes behind the uprising against the Kurds.

The Arabic-language website of Russia's Sputnik news agency quoted a security source as saying last month that Damascus and the Kurds agreed on the deployment of army troops in Manbij that is now under the control of the SDF.

It added that the Syrian soldiers would enter the town in coming days.

Manbij is said to be the next phase of the Turkish army operation against the Kurds in Northern Syria.
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2018年03月12日 ソールズベリー 2 被害者の親子の側から見るととんでもなく怖い事件

Theresa May updates parliament on Russian ex-double agent poisoning (WATCH LIVE)
Prime Minister Theresa May is giving an update to MPs on the poisoning of Russian ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter. May told the Commons military-grade nerve agent from Russia was responsible for the poisoning.

She said it was "highly likely" the attack was either a direct act by the Russian state on Britain, or the Russian government allowed its nerve agent to get into the wrong hands. “The government has concluded that it is highly likely that Russia was responsible,” she said.

She added that Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, summoned the Russian ambassador to the foreign office on Monday. He said Russia must explain which of the two possible explanations is the correct one. She says the ambassador must reply by the end of Tuesday.

May says if Russia does not give a "credible response" the government will conclude that the attack involved "unlawful use of force by the Russian state against the United Kingdom." May says if the government does come to that conclusion, she will return to the Commons to outline retaliatory proposals.

Skripal, 66, and his 33-year-old daughter have been in hospital in a critical condition since March 4 when they were found unconscious on a bench outside a shopping center in Salisbury.

May says it was not just an attack on Skripal, but an “indiscriminate and reckless” act against Britain.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for a “robust” dialogue with Russia.

May chaired a National Security Council (NSC) meeting on Monday, which brought together senior ministers with intelligence and security officials.

Russia has denied any involvement in the attack.

Show at the British Parliament – Russian Foreign Ministry reacts to May's words on Skripal case

A spokesperson for the Russian Foreign ministry called the hearing at the British parliament on Skripal case a circus show.

"The conclusion is obvious: this is another information and political campaign, based on provocation," said Maria Zakharova, commenting on the words of Theresa May.

Ex-spy Skripal poisoning 'clearly came from Russia' & 'will trigger response' – Tillerson
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has thrown his support behind UK allegations that Russia is responsible for the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal in the UK, whether directly or through negligence.

The poisoning is "a really egregious act" and will "certainly trigger a response," Tillerson told reporters on board an aircraft as he was returning to Washington DC from Nigeria. And, although he admits he does not know whether the Russian government had knowledge of the attack, he has agreed with British investigators that Moscow is "likely responsible."

Tillerson said that the US has “full confidence” in the investigation carried out by the UK authorities and in the preliminary conclusions they have reached on Russia’s alleged complicity in the former spy's death. The US diplomat, however, like the UK PM before him, used the word “appears” when attributing the “attempted murder” to Russia and stopped short of providing any new evidence to support the claims.

He used the opportunity to again lash out at Russia for what the US and its allies are pitching as Moscow's "destabilizing role" in Ukraine and Syria, “and now the UK.” Moscow, Tillerson alleged, ”continues to be an irresponsible force of instability in the world, acting with open disregard for the sovereignty of other states and the life of their citizens.”

It appears that the White House and the State Department are out of sync on the matter. Shortly before Tillerson endorsed the UK government, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders refused to attribute the incident, hinting that more proof is essential to drawing any definite conclusions.

"The use of a highly lethal nerve agent against UK citizens on UK soil is an outrage," Sanders said, without speculating on culpability.

"Right now, we are standing with our UK ally," she said, when pressed by a reporter on whether the White House condemnation of the incident means it is joining the blame game. "I think they're still working through even some of the details of that, and we're going to continue to work with the UK,” Sanders responded.

Earlier, UK Prime Minister Theresa May gave Moscow until Wednesday to explain Russia’s alleged role in the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury. Speaking in the House of Commons, she alleged that the attack was either a plot by the Russian state perpetrated on British soil or a result of Russia’s negligence that allowed a military-grade toxic agent to leave a laboratory and fall into the wrong hands.

May’s accusations against Russia have yet to be backed by proof, as no evidence has so far been released into the public domain. It did not stop MPs from pinning the blame on Russia, however, berating it as a “rogue state” and the incident as a “warlike act” that calls for a prompt response from the EU and NATO.

Alexander Litvinenko, an ex-KGB agent who fled to Britain in 2000, died in November 2006 after being poisoned with radioactive polonium 21, which was allegedly slipped into his tea. His former colleague and now Russian State Duma deputy Andrey Lugovoy was charged with the murder but denies any responsibility.
Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky was found dead in his estate near London in March 2013. The death of the businessman, who had turned into a vocal Kremlin critic in his later years, triggered speculation about Moscow’s role. However, British police have found no foul play.


Novichok (Russian новичок: "Newcomer") is a series of nerve agents that were developed by the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s and allegedly the most deadly nerve agents ever made, with some variants possibly five to eight times more potent than VX, though this has never been proven. They belong to "fourth generation chemical weapons" designed as a part of Soviet "Foliant" program. Initially designated K-84 and later renamed A-230. The Novichok family of analogs comprises more than a hundred structural variants. Of all the variants the most promising, from a military standpoint, was A-232 (Novichok-5).


時間の経過とともに神経に作用する効果を出すらしいからガス化する? ならば人の多いところに居続けたら、周りの人も巻き添えになるリスクが高い。




UK's 'bold' accusations in Skripal case may lead to severance of diplomatic ties – Russian senators
“There are few precedents of such political pressure and blackmail, and all of them ended in one fashion – severance of diplomatic ties or their downgrade in the form of a recall of ambassadors,” Russian Senator and intelligence veteran Igor Morozov said.

The accusations represent the “utmost disrespect” towards international law, since not even a trace of evidence, proof or fact was presented to link Skripal’s case to Russia, Morozov said. Russia will wait to see the actions of London and will respond accordingly, the official warned.

“The British must realize that they will face a very stiff response from Russia, and our position will be restrained and adequate, but bold. We will see what the London move will be and respond to this challenge,” Morozov added.

The head of the Federal Council committee tasked with protecting Russia’s sovereignty, Senator Andrey Klimov, said that the whole situation around Skripal’s case looks like a premeditated anti-Russia provocation. While the former double agent was of “no interest” to Russia, the incident is very convenient for foreign intelligence services, he stated.

“If the UK decides to expel Russian diplomats in connection with the Skripal case, Moscow's response will be adequate and swift, this situation as a whole looks like a well thought-out anti-Russian move,” he said.

The provocation might be politically motivated, coming as it has shortly before the presidential elections in Russia, on March 18. “It’s a serious, real plot against our country, considering our political calendar,” Klimov said, not ruling out a possibility that the incident might also be used to disrupt the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Senator Morozov, for his part, has favored the latter version in his assessment of the UK’s actions. “I am convinced that the goal of all this is to disrupt the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This is very similar to Great Britain’s boycott of the Olympics in Sochi,” Morozov said.
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天気は良くてもスパイク 2018/3/2〜13





沖縄県 与那国町 24.447467 122.945333 2018/1/19 13:40 0.02 μSv/h




核施設の近くでは降雨の際に空間線量率が上がる=雨水に放射性物質が含まれている=水道水にも放射性物質が含まれる=がんなどの患者が増える 簡単に言えばこういう現象が起きていることになります。



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Southern Syria: Terrorists Preparing for Large-Scale Attack on Syrian Army with US Back up

Southern Syria: Terrorists Preparing for Large-Scale Attack on Syrian Army with US Back up
TEHRAN (FNA)- The terrorist groups, backed up by the US forces deployed in Southern Syria, are preparing for a large-scale assault on the Syrian Army troops in Dara'a to further provide support for the militants trapped in the Eastern countryside of Damascus city, a media outlet reported on Monday.

The Arabic-language al-Watan daily quoted Khalid al-Faraj, the Commander of Tajamo Towhid al-Ummah affiliated to the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA), as saying that the terrorist groups are preparing for an imminent large-scale operation against the Syrian Army troops in Dara'a to further assist their militant comrades that are under heavy attacks by the Syrian army men in Eastern Ghouta.

He further told al-Watan that the terrorists' attack will kick off in the next 48 hours, adding that the offensive will start from two flanks: one by the South Coalition towards the Death Triangle and another one by al-Jeidro Coalition towards Khirbet Qazala and Azra'a.

The terrorists' preparation for the operation came after the US deployed 200 more troops in al-Tanf base at Syria's border with Jordan that is home to the Joint Operation Room of the US and the FSA.

Also, a number of British Army officers have been dispatched to the border between Syrian and Jordan.

Field sources reported on Sunday that the army forwarded a large number of fresh forces and a large volume of military hardware to the Southern province of Dara'a as the terrorist groups were preparing for an imminent operation against the government forces in the region.

The sources said that a large number of fresh soldiers and military equipment were sent to the regions that were under the army's control in Dara'a.

The sources went on to say that most of the army soldiers deployed in the neighborhoods of Shamal al-Khat, al-Sahari, al-Matar, al-Sabil and al-Soqour were put on alert amid the army's preparation for an imminent operation in Dara'a.

The army's move to send more troops to Dara'a came after the Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorists started plans to storm the army positions in Dara'a to provide back up for their comrades in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus province.

The Syrian army is advancing rapidly against terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta.
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コメントのご返事に代えて 2015/11/20〜


※ 2017/2/12朝コメントを寄せてくれたねこさん メールが送れません。正しいメールアドレスを教えてください。

※ 木苺さん コメント拝見しました。「少しの買い物でも1時間、2時間かけていたため発狂しそうになる事もありました。 製造所記号などの情報を追跡しても原材料の産地情報まで手に入るわけでもなく、また得た情報が正しいかどうか確証もないためそれもストレスに追い打ちをかけていました」

※ 秋の青空さん メールが送れません。正しいアドレスを教えてください。

※ まゆさん ありうることですね。私は新潟のコメを止めました。

※ STOMKKさん 了解です。一日も早くご依頼があるように待っています。落ち着いたら一度寄らせてください。

※ STOMKKさん 本当に今度だけはなんとかしないといけませんね。投票日の前日まで、書きます、掲げます。

※ みゆうさん ありがとうございます。東海が事故なら私も逃げます。そのときはよろしくお願いします。コメ作りの手伝いは無理でも皿洗いや洗濯くらいできます。

※ 鳥取の主婦さん ありがとうございます。じっくり拝見しています。チャッカマンなどは、折を見て引用させてもらいます。

※ よんたさん 良い話を伺いました。決断、賛成です。

※ Sさん 下見の際は地元の人が泊る湯治場のような庶民的な宿をお勧めします。こういうところは汚染が持ち込まれていません。

※ 刹那さん コメントありがとうございます。原発推進派には何よりも触れられたくないことなんだと思います。

※ 中部地区のkさん こんにちは。お元気そうで何よりです。

※ 2016/5/16夜コメントを寄せてくれた匿名さん 「平均から少し高めの価格帯が、最も安心な産地である場合が確率的に高い」とのご指摘、私もそのとおりだと思います。インド洋産とか大西洋産のキハダやビンチョウはマグロの中のランクは低いのになんでこんなに高いの?という感じですね。ホームページも素朴でそこが持ち味ですね。東日本の魚、底魚類などはやはり欠かせないのでしょうか。大手の業務用は、自衛措置でしょうか。腹を下したりする事故多くなっていますから。

※ Xさん お便りありがとうございます。心強く、とてもうれしく思っております。ひそかに心を痛めている方は、何人か存じ上げています。表立って発言や行動ができないのは、今の日本では仕方がないことです。でも、いずれは時代が、天の声が行動を求めてくるはずだと確信しています。現場でのご観察やご経験からご助言をいただければ幸いです。よろしくお願いします。

※ アルゼンチンに移住されたIさん また質問が寄せられています。お手数ですが、よろしくお願いします。

※ ムスカリさん 避難者の顔ぶれは多様なんですね。南東北より関東からの避難者のほうが多いというのはさもありなんと思いました。印刷物は目が悪くて苦手です。差し支えない範囲、ご負担にならない範囲で投稿していただけば、掲載しますのでより多くの方に読んでもらえると思います。読者の中には、そちらで支援活動に活躍しているかたもおられます。

※ 2015/1、アルゼンチンから現地状況を投稿してくれたIさん、質問が来ています。お手数ですが、ご回答、ご教示願えませんか。

※ ボナンザさん、元のサイトのページ見てみましたが、詳しく見ようとする人を拒むような構成ですね。
[厚生労働省 DPC導入の影響評価に関する調査:集計結果 分析対象データについて]
 H19年度 7月から12月までの退院患者
 H20年度 7月から12月までの退院患者
 H21年度 7月から12月までの退院患者
 H22年度 7月から12月の退院患者(※9カ月データに関しては7月から翌年3月の退院患者)
 H23年度 7月から12月の退院患者(※12カ月データに関しては4月から翌年3月の退院患者)
 H24年度 4月から3月の退院 患者(※6カ月データに関しては7月から12月の退位患者)
 H25年度 4月から3月の退院患者(※6カ月データに関しては7月から12月の退院患者)
 H26年度 4月から翌年3月の退院患者(※6カ月データに関しては7月から12月の退院患者)

※ 椰子の樹さん このようなテーマは、すっぱりと割り切れるものではありませんね。炎上見込んでいました。半分そうなりつつありますが、そこがスタートです。

※ BananaLeafさん ご心配よく分かります。身体に負荷のかかることは控えて随時医師の診察を受け、同時に体内の有害物質の排出に努めること、新たな有害物質の取り込みを回避することが基本ではないかと考えます。症状が増えていることは、何らかの原因があると疑われますので、食べ物などを徹底的に見直すのも有益かと考えます。

※ ももさん 情報はすべてが正しいということはありません。いろいろの情報の中から正しいものを選んでいくプロセスが欠かせませんし、不正確な情報も選別の助けになります。

※ Bさん、そういうこともあるんですね。ありがとうございます。2010年問題は難解です。

※ 「先日某医療機関にかかった際に受付、会計エリアでガイガーが猛烈に反応しました。「危険」表示を初めて見て、突然のことに驚きその場を離れましたがそのエリア以外は反応していなかったと思います。」

※ よんたさん ありがとうございます。えーっと唸り納得しました。よろしくお願いします。

※ 2016/2/1、ご教示のあったサイト拝見しました。緑が多くてよいところですね。私なら毎日、何時間もウォーキングできるでしょう。若い方が来ると地域が活気付く、そんな雰囲気が感じられます。

※ 椰子の樹。さんありがとうございます。管理人がコメントをつけるとご本人の目に留まった際に不快感を感じられると懸念し保留しています。形を工夫してみます。管理人は、ここまでホが禁句になっている、自分をそのように信じ込ませなければやっていられないだろうなと感じました。

※ 0.132〜0.138μSv/hが平均というのは高いです。千葉市西部から八千代市にかけての屋外の水準です。屋外より屋内が高いというのは何か原因があります。電磁波かもしれませんが、上がっていますね。これ以上は現地で調べないとなんとも言えません。

※ 文章を書くのが得意でなくて・・・上手な文章を書く必要はありません。翻訳ソフトで正しく訳してもらえるような短い、簡潔な文章の羅列で十分です。最近は、難しい修飾句や節の入り組んだ文章を読む人はいなくなっています。文学作品なら別ですが。

※ 自宅マンション駐車場、直置き、γ0.13〜0.14μSv/h、 β11.8 cpm/cm2
室内線量 γ0.07〜0.09μSv/h平均
コンクリートと植え込みの境目直置きγ0.1μSv/h、β 0.5〜1cpm/cm2。場所により2まで上がる。
茅ヶ崎市北部 コンクリート直置きγ0.09μSv/h、βは0.05cpm/cm2、砂まじりの土の上の雨どいの下はγは0.1μSv/h、βは0.56cpm/cm2
やはり引越し前の屋外ベータが高いです。管理人の調査ではSOEKSで0.05μSv/h違いました。このくらい差があるとβ11.8 cpm/cm2の場所もあるということですね。我孫子で直置き0.4μSv/hで警報音の場所もありましたから。松戸、我孫子の立ち入りは控えます。

※ 194***さん 結婚回避策については、管理人は助言できそうにありません。私は、子どもの結婚相手にいくら懸念があっても、それを食い止めようとするより、結婚後少しでも良い方向に行くよう努力します。そのような結婚相手を選んだ本人の選択を覆すのは難しいです。放射能汚染が心配なら結婚後汚染の少ない地域に移るよう働きかければ済みます。子供の結婚相手に懸念があっても、放射能問題でそれを阻止することはできないでしょう。子供がそういう選択をするようになったのは、家庭内の影響も大きいと認めることがまず必要です。その上で194***さんが懸念しているようなことが、より大きな、深刻なものにならないよう努める、それしかないと考えます。

※ かわうそさん ありがとうございます。1年の疲れがとれます。

※ Sさん コメントありがとうございます。早く逃げてください。休止施設の再稼動で何が起きるか。私も考え始めました。

※ STOMKKさん お元気ですか。たまにはコメントか投稿を寄せてください。いくら強い風が吹いても、雨が吹き付けても、火を消したらお仕舞いです。まだ粘ります。田中 宇さん お名前は知っていました。英語の記事を訳している方は結構いらっしゃるんですね。

※ Kさん ご厚意ありがとうございます。とてもうれしいです。お気持ちだけ頂戴します。

※ 改めて周辺の測定値を見ましたが、駅前で2012年3月5日0.12というのがありますね。@お持ちの機械の特性で0.015程度高く出る。A 時間経過の中で山から放射性物質が落ちてきている。くらいしか思いつきません。0.015高く出るとしてもT市の屋内で0.124はなぜかなという気がします。知り合いに放射能測定器をお持ちの方はおられませんか? 別の機械で同じ場所を測って比較するのが有益と思います。

12/6 計測時間 7時間15分 平均0.129  
12/9      11時間48分   0.127
         2時間2分   0.118
12/11(2Fベランダ)2時間48分   0.132
        4時間32分   0.132
 屋外(U市内)1時間18分   0.123
 屋内(T市) 2位間35分   0.124
 屋内(T市) 4時間43分   0.123
        4時間45分   0.124
12/12      5時間20分   0.127
12/13     14時間00分   0.13
店舗内(U市内)2時間23分   0.13
その他は自宅内(ジュータン部屋)です。 計測は床上1m程度です。 日々掃除をしておりますがこの程度です。

※ 移住未満さん こちらに載せれば読めますか?

※ タラの芽天ぷらさん ありがとうございます。

※ 柳澤さん コメントありがとうございます。一部記事に掲載させてください。年配女性の投稿、コメントに加えて最近は壮年期以上の男性のコメントや投稿が増えてきて、やはり本番かという思いを強くしています。

※ 西湘さん 私も最初資金をどうするんだろうと思いましたが、もともと国内に配備された部隊が来ているんですよね。演習だってやっていたでしょうし、シリアに来ている人数もそう多くはないようですね。しかし、砲弾はばんばん投下していて弾薬工場はフル操業だそうです。巡航ミサイルは高価なものらしいですし、やはりカネがかかっているでしょうね。でも、これだけロシア製航空機やロケツトの性能を誇示できれば、受注も増えるでしょう。現に中国が航空機を買っています。後はイランでしょうか。カネをかけても示威効果はそれを上回りますね。
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Hundreds of underage girls raped, sold for sex & murdered by child-grooming ring in UK

Hundreds of underage girls raped, sold for sex & murdered by child-grooming ring in UK
A 40-year-old pedophile ring has been exposed following a probe into child abuse in the sleepy British town of Telford. More than 1,000 kids have been abused since the 1980s, and some are ready to share their horrific stories.

An investigation by the Sunday Mirror has blown the lid off four decades of child sex abuse, during which children as young as 11 were raped, beaten, or sold for sex at the hands of perverts living in the Shropshire community. Three children were murdered and two others died in tragedies linked to the Telford abuse rings.

Despite the horrors of high-profile sex rings in Rochdale and Rotherham gaining national attention, authorities in Telford repeatedly failed to address the pedophile rings rife within the their own community. In one case, a mother took a list of people she believed to be abusing her daughter to the authorities, only for her complaints to fall on deaf ears, it has been reported.

Telford MP Lucy Allan has called for a public inquiry, in line with the response to similar revelations in Rotherham. She also said what had been uncovered in her constituency was “extremely serious and shocking.” She added: “There must now be an independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford so that our community can have absolute confidence in the authorities.”

Specialist child-abuse solicitor Dino Nocivelli of Bolt Burdon Kemp said that the survivors of Telford’s rampant abuse rings deserve an inquiry. “These children were treated as sexual commodities by men who inflicted despicable acts of abuse,” he said. “They need to know how abuse took place for so long and why so many perpetrators have never been brought to justice.”

Out of 12 – mostly unconnected – victims who spoke to investigators from the Mirror, more than 70 abusers were accused. They also claimed violent rapes were still taking place, as recently as only a few months ago.

The probe found that two predatory pedophiles began targeting girls from a local children’s home in 1981. This appears to have been the starting point for years of systemic abuse, according to the investigation, which was backed up by documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. According to a victim, one abuser earned thousands of pounds a night for years, trafficking underage girls around Britain for sex with hundreds of men.

Years later, a police investigation identified more than 100 potential victims, who were abused between 2007 and 2009, in an investigation called ‘Operation Chalice.’ Police said there could be as many as 200 perpetrators. Only seven men were jailed for a total of 49 years.

In 1985, a 14-year old was groomed by an 18-year-old Asian man. After she had his baby, he allegedly passed her on to his friends to rape her. The girl said that she reported her abuse to the council and school at the time. Now, aged 47, the victim said she told her doctor of the abuse, but her doctor said she was mentally ill and should take medication.

A mum and four girls linked to the abuse have died. Lucy Lowe was murdered in 2000 with her mother and sister, when her 26-year-old abuser Azhar Ali Mehmood set fire to their house. She was 16 years old.

Mehmood was jailed for the triple murder, but was never arrested or charged in connection with any child sex crimes over his sexual relationship with the underage girl, who became the mother of his child. According to other victims, Lowe’s brutal death was used as a warning to other girls.

Two years later, 13-year-old Becky Watson died in a car accident. At the time, the crash was reported as a “prank” gone wrong. Investigations carried out by the Mirror found out that Watson had suffered two years of abuse at the hands of an Asian child-sex gang. The abuse began when she was only 11 years old.

Mum Torron Watson said she repeatedly told police that her daughter was being abused, even going as far as handing them a list of suspects. “Girls like Becky were treated like criminals,” she told the newspaper. “I was crying out for help but it felt like I had nowhere to turn. If Becky’s abuse had been properly investigated by the authorities, more girls could have been saved from going through this hell.”

A friend of Watson’s, Vicky Round, was reportedly abused by the same gang. They got her hooked on crack cocaine aged 12, and on heroin by 14, and she died from drug use at age 20. Her sister Emma said: “I have no doubt Vicky would still be here if she hadn’t been so badly abused – yet the people who made her life hell still walk the streets.”

A spokesperson for Telford and Wrekin Council said: “Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a vile, evil crime. It’s an issue right across the UK and has been for a long time. Telford will be covered by the national CSE review. We welcome this. All agencies continue to work very closely together and this remains our top priority.

“Our approach to CSE is now very different from 10-20 years ago. We have learned lots of lessons and are constantly on the lookout for indicators of CSE so that we can pass information on to police and bring these evil criminals to justice. Indeed, further cases are now coming to court.”

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ダマスカス東部 東グータの今 4

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army opened a news humanitarian corridor for civilians' evacuation from Eastern Ghouta on Friday but terrorists prevent people from using the new passageway too.

The Syrian Army, with help from locals, established a humanitarian corridor along the Jisreen-Maliha Road in the Southern direction of Eastern Ghouta.

The terrorists have been blocking the exit path of the civilians to use them as human shield in Eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian Army and Russia have announced that the militants and their family members can leave Eastern Ghouta carrying their personal weapons for other militant-held regions.

A large number of people residing in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus poured into the streets on Thursday, calling for the withdrawal of terrorists and deployment of government forces.

The residents of al-Hamouriyah neighborhood carried the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic in the streets of the town, while chanting in support of the government and army.

The residents of al-Hamouriyah also called on the militants inside the town to leave in order to avoid any clashes in this part of Eastern Ghouta.

Meantime, efforts by the Damascus government to negotiate with the terrorists to leave Eastern Ghouta have failed for the latter's defiance to hold talks. Damascus has even specified a safe corridor for the terrorists to leave Eastern Ghouta but none of them has accepted to retreat.

Syria and Russia have repeatedly demanded that the militants surrender their East Ghouta pocket in order to avoid any clashes.

E. Ghouta militants attack civilian convoy of 300 families, at least 3 cars burnt – Russian MoD
Militants entrenched in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta have attacked a convoy of civilians trying to exit Ghouta, and shelled the area where their relatives and journalists had been waiting, Russian military said.

The armed groups fired on a civilian convoy of some 300 families, who were attempting to leave Eastern Ghouta via a humanitarian corridor, spokesman for the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Major General Vladimir Zolotukhin, told journalists on Thursday. The convoy came under fire just a kilometer away from the exit, where relatives of the Eastern Ghouta residents were waiting with journalists. It was not immediately clear whether there were casualties in the attack, but at least three cars were reportedly destroyed as a result of the shelling.

The militants then opened mortar fire on the exit area. No one was injured in the second attack, as civilians and journalists in the area were all immediately evacuated.

East Ghouta militants have been blocking civilians from leaving the suburb, opening fire on the humanitarian corridor that was established by the Syrian governmental forces and the Russian Center for Reconciliation on February 27. The Russian Defense Ministry has accused the militants of using civilians as a human shield, saying they were sabotaging UN aid efforts.

On Sunday, the militants imposed a curfew and publicly punished civilians for violations in an apparent attempt to prevent them from fleeing Eastern Ghouta, the ministry said. The news, however, did not provoke any reaction in the West, where mainstream media reports and officials in Washington instead stuck to the anti-Russian narrative.

The White House has been accusing Russia of killing civilians in the area and ignoring the conditions of a 30-day humanitarian pause in Syria, which was introduced by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Moscow has described these charges as “false,” and accused the US of hypocrisy.

The Russian military has been demanding that groups occupying Eastern Ghouta allow civilians to flee. On Monday, the militants and their families were offered free passage out of the city, as well as security guarantees, in an attempt to de-escalate the situation.

Syria: Hundreds of Terrorists to Leave Eastern Ghouta Soon
TEHRAN (FNA)- Talks are underway for the evacuation of almost 600 militants from Eastern Ghouta amid the Syrian Army's rapid advances in the region, an official in Syria's peace committee said on Sunday.

The source said that talks between the peace committee and representatives of militants are underway to pave the ground for the evacuation of almost 600 gunmen from Jisrin-al-Maliheh passageway in Eastern Ghouta.

The sources further said that the peace committee and Damascus government have taken logistic measures for evacuation of the gunmen.

In the meantime, the army men managed to impose control over several regions, including Mesrasba and managed to lay siege on Harasta and drove a wedge between Harasta and Douma.

The sources said on Saturday that the army men continued their night attacks on terrorists' stronghold in Eastern Ghouta, killing tens of terrorists, including Faylaq al-Rahman Chief of Staff Abu Ali Ziya al-Shaqouri.

The sources further said that al-Shaqouri was also Chief Commander of the terrorist group's military operation in Eastern Ghouta.

The sources said that the army has gained control over the entire key points in Eastern Ghouta, including the strategic points in Mesraba and Harasta regions.

First group of 50+ civilians safely leaves E. Ghouta via humanitarian corridor – Russian MoD
Dozens of Syrians have managed to flee besieged Eastern Ghouta, in the first passage through a humanitarian corridor. Civilians said they had been living in fear of being killed by militants for any perceived wrongdoing.

On Sunday night, a group of 52 civilians, half of whom were children, managed to leave the embattled Damascus suburb with the assistance of the Russian Center for Reconciliation and the Syrian Army. They have been taken to a former driving school in the town of Adra, northeast of Damascus.

Eastern Ghouta, a militant-held suburb of Damascus, has been the scene of intense fighting in the past month, with terrorists shelling civilian areas of Damascus and targeting those who are trying to flee the terrorist enclave.

“We lived in fear under the militants, there were very harsh conditions. They drove up food prices, introduced a strict regime – you could lose your head for the slightest fault,” a local who left the area told reporters, expressing gratitude for being taken out. He added that the area they had left, Misraba, had been taken over by Syrian forces and the situation there had stabilized.
“Seven years we have suffered. All of us in Misrab remained neutral. But we couldn’t leave from there, couldn’t do anything. They didn’t let us go, controlled us and pressured us,” a woman recalled.
“We haven’t seen anything that was sent to us. No money, no dollars, they took everything away. They completely robbed us,” she lamented.

Civilians were able to leave after the Russian and Syrian militaries held talks with the armed groups controlling the area. The Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria offered the militants and their families an opportunity to leave Eastern Ghouta with the guarantee of their safety in exchange for allowing the passage of civilians, according to Zolotukhin. Earlier this week, the first group of militants surrendered their arms and left the rebel-controlled Damascus suburb.

Previously, only two children managed to escape from Eastern Ghouta, as the militants constantly shelled and opened fire at people trying to flee and attacked humanitarian aid convoys. The Russian military has repeatedly said that the terrorists use locals as human shields and shelter in civilian infrastructure. Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the militants had imposed a curfew in the area to prevent locals from escaping and punished people in public for violation of the rule.
"Within two days they will be provided with all the necessary assistance, including medical help," the spokesman for the reconciliation center, Major General Vladimir Zolotukhin, told reporters on Sunday.

Militant groups split & clash in E. Ghouta, civilians seek shelter – Russian MoD
Militants groups holding Eastern Ghouta have begun fighting each other after one faction attempted to separate from the terrorists, the Russian military said. Civilians are seeking shelter and trying to escape street fighting.

The confrontations broke out a day after the Russian Defense Ministry demanded that the Failak Ar-Rahman group separated from Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists, currently known as Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham. In exchange, the militants were offered safe passage out of the embattled suburb of Damascus.

“Open fighting between the members of illegal armed units is underway in the streets, civilians are forced to seek shelter not to accidentally become victims of hostilities," Major General Vladimir Zolotukhin told reporters on Monday.

A Russia-backed ceasefire came into effect in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta around two weeks ago, in order to allow humanitarian aid deliveries and the evacuation of civilians. Two humanitarian corridors were established in the areas of Muhayam al-Wafideen and Mlekha to provide for the safe passage of local civilians. Both passages have been constantly shelled by the militants, injuring and killing those who were trying to escape, according to Russian MoD and eyewitnesses.

The first group of 52 civilians, half of whom were children, managed to flee the militant-held Eastern Ghouta on Sunday. Their safe passage was secured by the Russian and the Syrian forces after they had held talks with the armed groups controlling the area.

The situation in the militant-held enclave remains “tense,” according to Zolotukhin. They also continued the bombardment of Damascus and its suburbs, firing seven mortar shells on Sunday, the official added. No one was injured in the attacks.

Despite the provocations, the humanitarian operations went on, the Russian military said. The spokesman reiterated that the safe routes in Eastern Ghouta remain open to both civilians and militants who are willing to flee.
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