韓国 暗号通貨取り締まり担当の閣僚が突然死

S. Korean official in charge of cryptocurrency crackdown found dead
A government minister involved in Seoul’s regulatory crackdown on digital currencies was found dead at his home on Sunday, reportedly from a heart attack.

Jung Ki-joon, 52, was head of economic policy at the Office for Government Policy Coordination. The official coordinated measures for developing new legislation to curb cryptocurrency speculation and illicit activities, according to a South Korean government spokesman, as quoted by the Wall Street Journal. The police launched an investigation into the death.
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北朝鮮のミサイル発射に関しても事実確認が遅いです。とても恥ずかしくて公表できる代物ではない? そんな気がします。

First Photo: Wreckage of Crashed Iranian Plane Found
TEHRAN (FNA)- A spokesman of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps announced on Tuesday that the IRGC helicopters have found the debris of the Iranian passenger plane that crashed on Sunday.

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HRW suspends official with Tinder profile suggesting Auschwitz hair room is funny
Human Rights Watch said it is investigating one of its officials after a complaint from a pro-Israeli group, which said the man’s Tinder dating service account had a crude joke about the Holocaust.

According to a screenshot of HRW Associate Director of Finance Matthew Myers’ profile posted by his accusers, he is looking “for the perfect Amazing Race partner” and asks anyone who “can’t laugh about the hair room at Auschwitz” not to apply. The casual remark apparently references one of the exhibits of the Holocaust Museum in Poland, where hair cut from the heads of an estimated 140,000 victims of the Nazi death camp is displayed.

The group called Stand With Us launched an online petition to pressure HRW to investigate Myers. Responding to the complaint via Facebook, the HRW said the employee has been suspended pending results of a probe.

この記事のポイントは、"he is looking “for the perfect Amazing Race partner” and asks anyone who “can’t laugh about the hair room at Auschwitz” not to apply."です。




管理人が同じことを書いても別に問題にはならないでしょうが(問題にしてみても管理人が思想の自由だと突っぱねれば終わりです)、一定の公的な役職にあるとその地位を揺さぶって圧力をかけます。企業に対しては不買運動もやります。暗殺することもあるようですが、いちいちそんなことはやっていられないほどに懐疑論が強まっています。まあ、現役の方は慎重に! ほどほどに。

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Hack attacks disabled 500,000 computers in Russia in 2017 – Security Council secretary

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US, S. Korean militaries to conduct joint drills despite detente with Pyongyang

US, S. Korean militaries to conduct joint drills despite detente with Pyongyang
The US and South Korea will go ahead with military drills off the Korean peninsula despite the “Peace Olympics” and the recent thaw in North-South relations, the South’s defense ministry said in a report to the National Assembly.

In the run-up to the Olympic Games in PyeongChang, Seoul was able to convince Washington to delay the start of their annual winter/springtime joint military exercises until after the games. The temporary halt to the annual Foal Eagle/Key Resolve US-South Korea joint military exercises allowed North and South Korea to develop a dialogue that the South hopes will ease the mounting tension in the region.

On Tuesday, a day after Pyongyang warned against the resumption of the military drills, South Korea’s defense ministry announced that the allies will still hold the Key Resolve and Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercises. Holding the drills this year, the S. Korean military said it will enhance the so-called 4D Operational Concept amid allies which aims “to detect, disrupt, destroy and defend against North Korean missile threats,” the ministry said in a report to the National Assembly, Yonhap reports.

No concrete schedule for the drills has yet been announced for 2018, and the report did not mention the fate of the Foal Eagle drills. A Key Resolve computer-simulated command post exercise was held March 8-23 last year. The 2017 Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise involving some 17,500 US service members took place August 21-31.

The North has long urged the allies to stop their joint military training, and on Monday reiterated its objection to war games on its borders. “Resuming the war exercises is a wild act of ruthlessly trampling even a small sprout of peace that has been seen on the Korean peninsula,” North Korean KCNA said in an official commentary.

N. Korea particularly accused Donald Trump’s administration of seeking “war” in the region, blaming the US for using the “most powerful weapon in the world” to coerce Pyongyang. “The Trump group has to ponder over the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its reckless saber-rattling, and make a responsible choice,” KCNA said.

“We are ready for dialogue and war.”

The latest statement comes amid the war of words and muscle flexing in the region between Pyongyang and Washington. As the US again threatens to pursue a military option to neutralize North Korea, Russia and China have been calling for calm. Moscow and China have consistently urged for a diplomatic solution to the crisis based on the ‘double freeze’ initiative. The simple Sino-Russian proposal, firmly rejected by Washington, seeks a simultaneous suspension of both nuclear tests by Pyongyang and the large-scale military exercises by Washington and Seoul.
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Lebanon ready to confront any ‘Israeli aggression at all costs’ – army
The Lebanese army has reaffirmed its readiness to confront the “Israeli aggression” by any means at its disposal if the ongoing disputes and already tense relations between the neighbors escalate into an armed confrontation.

“I reaffirm again our categorical rejection of the Israeli enemy infringing on Lebanon’s sovereignty and its sacred right to exploit all its economic resources,” General Joseph Aoun said, as quoted by the Lebanese army. “The army will not spare any method available to confront any Israeli aggression, whatever that costs.”

Earlier this month, Lebanon signed its first contracts to explore two offshore zones for oil and gas. One of the parcels included exploration rights to the so-called Block 9, a triangle off the coast that is around 860 square kilometers – which Israel claims the rights to. Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman described the move as “very provocative,” noting that Block 9 falls under Tel Aviv’s sovereignty. As Israel continues to assert its rights over the continental shelf, a consortium of international energy companies, including Italy’s Eni, France’s Total and Russia’s Novatek, have already received approval from Beirut to explore the two blocks off the coast.

Last week, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah expressed readiness to attack Israel’s oil and gas operations in the Levant basin off the Mediterranean if asked to do so by the Lebanese Defense Council.

Amid the escalating border dispute, US diplomats have been trying to mediate between the two adversaries. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited Lebanon last Thursday. Meanwhile, Assistant Secretary of State David Satterfield is working with the Israeli side to avert any cross-border military action. However, Hezbollah has firmly rejected any US efforts in the settlement with Nasrallah, stressing that the “oil wealth is for all the Lebanese.”

Amid the ongoing dispute, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned about the possibility of a direct confrontation between Israel and Lebanon, noting that “sometimes a spark is enough to unleash this kind of a conflict.”

“The worst nightmare would be if there is a direct confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah... the level of destruction in Lebanon would be absolutely devastating, so there are major points of concern around this situation,” Guterres said Monday.

Israeli tensions with Lebanon have escalated to an unprecedented level since the 2006 war. Israel’s construction of a border wall and its attacks on Hezbollah and Iran have deteriorated the tensions even further. Israel repeatedly stated that it is prepared to take action to prevent Iranian advanced munitions from reaching Hezbollah via Syria. On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of “devouring wide swaths of the Middle East” through its proxies, including Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Tel Aviv believes that over the years, Hezbollah, with the help of Iran, has accumulated over 150,000 missiles capable of striking Israel. On February 10, Israel carried out the biggest air force operations in 30 years against Iranian targets in Syria. If the next war breaks out, the IDF would respond with “maximum force in the minimum amount of time,” Major General Nitzan Alon, head of IDF Operations, told Army Radio.

“The year 2018 has the potential for escalation, not necessarily because either side wants to initiate it, but because of a gradual deterioration. This has led us to raise the level of preparedness,” Alon said.

“If the next war indeed breaks out, it will be rough. But, first and foremost, it will be rough for the other side,” Alon warned. “I don’t think any Israeli citizen would want to switch places with a Lebanese citizen during the next war.”

The last major conflict between Israel and Lebanon broke out in 2006. The military confrontation, known as the Second Lebanon War in Israel and the July War in Lebanon, lasted 34 days and ended with a UN-brokered ceasefire. The conflict claimed the lives of 1,191 Lebanese people and left more than 4,400 injured, according to the local officials cited by a UN report. More than 900,000 Lebanese had to flee their homes because of the hostilities. Israel reportedly lost fewer than 200 people in the conflict, according to various sources, with most of them being IDF soldiers.
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13:28 アルミ板を外しました。
14:27 アルミ板をかぶせました。
15:28 アルミ板を外しました。






※ おゆうさん @ikarostayuu氏の2018/2/20のツイート


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シリア危機も満7年 ダマスカス東部に政府軍が大攻勢



Huge Convoy of Syrian Army's Armored Vehicles Arrives in Eastern Damascus

デリゾール方向へ攻めていたシリアの精鋭部隊タイガーフォースがイースタンゴータに転戦しました。隊長の Suheil al-Hassan


次の2枚がSuheil al-Hassanの近況であれば、容貌に変化が見えます。シリア政府軍は自信を取り戻し、意気が上がっています。


Yallasouriya an hour ago(日本時間2018/2/20午前9時時点で)
Russian jets from Humaimim participate to the strike of al-Ghouta now and five helicopters fly an drop barrels of explosives, regime AF unloads its load on children and women, causing large number of martyrs and wounded. hospitals, bakeries and markets are bombed too.

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Syrian Army to Enter Kurdish-Held Afrin in Coming Hours

Turkey will confront Syrian troops entering Afrin to protect Kurds − FM
On the back of reports that Syrian pro-government forces are to enter Afrin, Ankara said “no one can stop” its soldiers if “the regime” comes to help Kurdish militias, but added that Syrians fighting them will be “no problem.”

Turkish troops will respond to Syrian pro-government forces entering the northwest Afrin province depending on their objective, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Monday after meeting his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Safadi in Amman.

“If the regime enters [Afrin] to clear out the YPG, then there is no problem,” Cavusoglu said, as cited by state news agency Anadolu. However, he added: “If they are entering [Afrin] to provide protection to the YPG, then no one can stop Turkey or Turkish soldiers.”

The minister’s remarks follow media reports indicating that pro-government Syrian forces are expected to enter Afrin in a matter of hours. Earlier on Monday, Syria’s news agency SANA reported the troops are preparing to move into the province to support the locals “facing aggression” from Turkey.

Earlier, adviser to the Kurdish administration Badran Jia Kurd said a deal has been reached to allow Syrian forces into the embattled area. “When it comes to the political and administrative matters in the region, it will be agreed upon with Damascus in the later stages through direct negotiations and discussions,” he told Reuters. On the official level, the Syrian government did not confirm that an agreement had been reached, and the Kurdish militia confirmed only that a request had been made for Syrian forces to protect Afrin. Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch in January this year, with the stated goal of securing its borders against Syria’s YPG Kurdish militia, whom Ankara considers terrorists. Later, Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the operation may spread beyond Afrin, going further into Syria’s Idlib province. In early October, Turkish military forces were deployed to the province to monitor one of four de-escalation zones located there. The proposal to establish the zones − brokered by Russia, Turkey and Iran − was finalized in September last year at a round of Syrian peace talks in Astana.

Syrian Army to Enter Kurdish-Held Afrin in Coming Hours
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian government troops will deploy in Afrin region in coming hours after Damascus and the Kurdish militia in Northwestern Aleppo eventually reached an agreement on the presence of the army and popular forces in the region, Arab media outlets reported on Monday.

The state-run SANA news agency reported that the Syrian popular forces will enter Afrin to face the Turkish military aggression.

Also, the Arabic-language Al-Mayadeen TV reported that agreement on deployment of the army forces in Afrin is nearing implementation and might go into force in coming hours.

Al-Mayadeen further quoted Spokesman for Democratic Society Movement Abdulrahman Salman as saying that the army's arrival in Afrin will give a crushing response to the Turkey.

Salman hoped for further agreements between the Kurds and Damascus to foil threats against Syria.

Al-Mayadeen pointed out that the Syrian Army has been in control of military points in Qastal, Jandou and Ein Daqna since the start of the Turkish army operation in Afrin.

It added that a non-military delegation from Sheikh Maqsoud region in the Northern part of Aleppo city and the town of Manbij have entered Afrin for supporting the agreement.

A high-ranking Kurdish commander declared on Sunday that a Kurdish fighters and the Damascus government agreed on deployment of the Syrian Army troops in Afrin region.

The Kurdish-language Rudaw news quoted Shikho Balu, a senior commander of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (or PYD) in Northern Syria, as saying that according to a newly-concluded agreement with the Damascus government, the Syrian Army men would enter Afrin on Monday.

The commander further added that the army's deployment was aimed at defending the Afrin town and region.

In the meantime, the Arabic-language al-Mayadeen TV quoted a Syrian source as saying that logistical preparations were underway for the army's deployment in Afrin, adding that the exact date for the army's deployment to the town and region was not been specified.

Al-Mayadeen TV quoted well-informed sources as saying on Friday that the Syrian government and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) agreed on the deployment of the Syrian Army troops in Afrin region which has come under attack by the Turkish army troops and their allied militants in recent weeks.

It added that the newly-concluded agreement is aimed at confronting the Turkish's operation in Afrin.

Other Arab media outlets said that the Syrian Army has refused the offer from the YPG to enter the Afrin region of Aleppo.

The AMN quoted sources in Aleppo province as saying on Friday that the Syrian Army rejected the YPG offer because the latter refused to hand over their weapons to Damascus.

The Syrian Army has repeatedly requested that the YPG turn in all of their weapons before their forces would enter the Afrin region and fend off the Turkish-led incursion.

However, the Syrian Army maintains that they will continue to allow the Kurdish forces to resupply the area from within their own territory in Aleppo.

Meantime, the Iran-based Arabic-language al-Alam news channel quoted Behjat Abdou, the head of the YPG committee in Afrin, as saying that no agreement was made to deploy the Syrian army soldiers in Afrin, adding that the Kurds were highly prepared to repel the Turkish army attacks.

A deal between Damascus and Syrian Kurds fighting off an ongoing Turkish offensive on Afrin is reportedly on the cards again. An adviser to the Kurdish administration told Reuters Syrian troops might be at the border in two days.

Several conflicting reports have been coming from Syria, suggesting either success or failure of alleged negotiations between Damascus and the Kurdish People Protection Units (YPG) fighters. The negotiations were reportedly aimed at getting help from the Syrian government to repel the ongoing Turkish offensive on the Kurdish-held enclave of Afrin.

On Sunday Reuters citied Badran Jia Kurd, an adviser to the Kurdish self-government, as saying that the military assistance agreement had been reached. Jia Kurd noted that the deal, which could see Syrian forces enter Afrin within two days, will be limited exclusively to immediate military support.

“When it comes to the political and administrative matters in the region, it will be agreed upon with Damascus in the later stages through direct negotiations and discussions,” he said. Officially, Damascus has not spoken out on the possible agreement, and the YPG’s spokesman confirmed only that a request had been made for Syrian forces to protect Afrin.

Even if a deal came into force it would still rest on shaky foundations, Jia Kurd admitted. He said it was hard to predict how long the deal would hold, since it does not sit well with either side.

“We don’t know to what extent these understandings will last because there are sides that are not satisfied and want to make (them) fail,” he said without elaborating.

It comes just a few days after media reports indicated there were negotiations between Kurdish militias and the Syrian government, which had stalled. The Syrian government reportedly withdrew from the talks after Kurds refused to lay down their weapons in return for military assistance, an RT Arabic correspondent reported on Thursday, citing a military source. Several other networks, including Arab TV network Al Mayadeen and Sputnik, ran reports based on their own sources saying that the deal had been secured, without providing any details of the conditions.

Speculation about a more active role for Damascus in the Afrin confrontation arose back in January, when the Kurdish self-administration urged Damascus to protect Syrian sovereignty by sending troops to Afrin. Last Monday, YPG commander Sipan Hamo said that he would have “no problem” with the Syrian Army intervening in the conflict to drive away the Turkish forces.

Turkey, which has been carrying out Operation Olive Branch in Afrin since January 20, insists that the offensive is solely aimed at wiping out terrorists, denying allegations that it has targeted civilians.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also vowed to return the enclave to its “original owner” after it is “liberated” from YPG.

The offensive will allow some 500,000 displaced Syrians to return to their homes in Afrin, Turkey’s first lady Emine Erdogan said on Friday, claiming that “the aim of this operation is to ensure safety in the region.”

President Erdogan has repeatedly indicated he would like to expand the operation further and move into Manbij, where US forces supporting the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are stationed; this has raised fears of a potential clash between the two NATO allies. At a recent meeting in Ankara, US Secretary Rex Tillerson and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu agreed that the bilateral relations were at “a crisis point,” calling the situation around Manbij a “priority” that needed to be addressed urgently. Turkey also touted the idea of a joint US and Turkey deployment in the area, on condition that the US guarantees a prompt withdrawal of the Kurdish YPG forces.
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US must leave the area it controls in Southern Syria − Lavrov

US must leave the area it controls in Southern Syria − Lavrov
US troops must immediately shut down their zone of control in Southern Syria in the area of Al-Tanf, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, speaking at Valdai Club conference on Middle East in Moscow.

The area on Syria’s border with Jordan, which Washington designated as a “de-confliction zone” under its protection, hosts the Rukban refugee camp, Lavrov said on Monday. Russia believes the camp to be a recruiting ground for militant groups and blames the US for restricting humanitarian access to it.

“This zone must be shut down immediately. And deliveries of humanitarian aid must be allowed into the camp,” the minister said.

Lavrov added that efforts aimed at reducing violence in south-western Syria, in an area that Russia designated as a “de-escalation zone,” now must focus on pushing out all non-Syrian troops from that region.

“We negotiated the creation of this zone with Jordan and the US and it’s not a secret that our Israeli colleagues were informed about what we discussed,” he said. Israel accuses Iran of using proxy forces to seize control of parts of southern Syria, and has threatened to use military force to reverse the situation.
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2018/1人口動態速報 横浜が大変なことに 神奈川、千葉出生死亡比率0.75を割る

警告! この記事で不快感を感じる方もいるようです。このブログには快いことは書いてありません。他の有益なサイトへどうぞ。

茨城県筑西市、守谷市、常陸太田市 例年並みの季節的な悪化
大和市 2010/2以降で死亡数最大を記録
日立市、柏市 2015/1に次ぐ高水準の死亡数
仙台市 対前年同月比 出生数増死亡数減で出生死亡比率改善
神栖市 2011/1以降で死亡数最大を記録
いわき市 対前年同月比 出生数増死亡数減で出生死亡比率改善
市川市 対前年同月比 出生数減死亡数減で出生死亡比率わずかに改善
市原市 対前年同月比 出生数減死亡数増で出生死亡比率悪化。2009/1以降で死亡数最大を記録
横浜市 死亡数前年同月比300人増(3300→3600)、出生数159人減(2556→2397)、出生死亡比率極端な低下

流山市 対前年同月比 出生数微増死亡数増で出生死亡比悪化。死亡数2010/1以降で最高を記録
浦安市 対前年同月比 出生数増死亡数増で出生死亡比率悪化。
高萩市 茨城県の最北の都市北茨城市の南に隣接、人口28,640人、死亡数2010/1以降で最大、出生数2010/1以降で最低水準。出生死亡比率0.154で2010/1以降で最低。
松戸市 対前年同月比 出生数増死亡数微増で出生死亡比率改善。
郡山市 対前年同月比 出生数増死亡数増で出生死亡比率ほぼ変わらず。
福島市 対前年同月比 出生数増死亡数増で出生死亡比率悪化。
ひたちなか市 対前年同月比 出生数減死亡数微増で出生死亡比率大幅悪化。死亡数2010/1以降で最大。

鎌ヶ谷市 対前年同月比 出生数減死亡数微増で出生死亡比率大幅悪化。死亡数2009/1以降で最大。
厚木市 対前年同月比 出生数微増死亡数微減で出生死亡比率改善。
川崎市 対前年同月比 出生数増死亡数増で出生死亡比率改善。死亡数2010/2以降で最大。
横須賀市 対前年同月比 出生数増死亡数増で出生死亡比率ほぼ変わらず。
水戸市 対前年同月比 出生数減死亡数減で出生死亡比率改善


小田原市 対前年同月比 出生数減死亡数減で出生死亡比率ほぼ変わらず

千葉市 対前年同月比 出生数同死亡数増で出生死亡比率わずかに悪化

常総市 対前年同月比 出生数減死亡数増で出生死亡比率大幅悪化

船橋市 対前年同月比 出生数同死亡数微減で出生死亡比率小幅改善

鎌倉市 未公表
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米国同盟 戦闘機誤爆

AMN 16/02/2018
Breaking: US coalition warplanes bomb their own forces amid big battle with ISIS in east Syria – reports
By Andrew Illingworth -

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:40 P.M.) – US-led coalition warplanes have bombed partner forces amid heavy clashes near an ISIS stronghold in the east Syrian province of Deir Ezzor according to reports by Islamic State-linked media. The blue-on-blue claim is the second such one to be made by the terrorist group within a week.

According to the ISIS-linked Amaq media center, US-led coalition airpower has mistakenly hit the positions of allied militias near the town of Ash-Sha’fah (currently under the control of Islamic State forces) in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor province.

The reports come amid a large operation by US-led coalition partner forces to eject ISIS terrorists from Ash-Sha’fah and its surrounding area.

The town is, at the present time, witnessing heavy clashes at its eastern gates with Islamic State forces claiming to have killed eight US-backed fighters and captured another.

Just less than one week ago, ISIS claimed that coalition jets struck friendly forces in the As-Sosa region of Deir Ezzor near the Iraqi border – no comment was made by official American military sources.
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Ex-Swedish PM Strongly Blasts Netanyahu's Anti-Iran Remarks at Munich Conference

毎日新聞2018年2月19日 09時39分(最終更新 2月19日 11時05分)ミュンヘン安保会議

Ex-Swedish PM Strongly Blasts Netanyahu's Anti-Iran Remarks at Munich Conference
TEHRAN (FNA)- Former Swedish prime minister and foreign minister Carl Bildt lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his anti-Iran comments at Munich Security Conference, warning that his words smell war.

"Yes, Iran obviously sent a drone into Israel airspace. (But) Israel regularly violates the airspace of Lebanon and Syria," Bildt, who is now the co-chair of European Council on Foreign Relations think tank, wrote on his twitter page on Sunday. His remarks came as the Iranian officials have several times dismissed flying drones over Israel, stressing the country's advisory role in Syria.

He lambasted Netanyahu's "belligerent language against Iran", adding that they remind "how he with the same fervor and arguments spoke for war against Iraq before 2003".

"As expected Netanyahu is on the warpath. (He) compares Iran nuclear agreement (signed in 2015) with Munich 1938. (He) does not seek peace," Bildt said.

Addressing the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, Netanyahu claimed that his regime could “act” directly against Iran, showing off what he called a piece of an Iranian drone which the Israeli military claims to have downed more than a week ago.

He brandished a rectangular chunk of dark green metal, which he called "a piece of that Iranian drone, or what's left of it, after we shot it down."

Earlier this month, Tel Aviv claimed that it had responded to the infiltration of an Iranian drone into the Israeli airspace.

Tehran has dismissed the allegations as "ridiculous," while Damascus has said the Syrian army had launched the drone to track down the ISIL terrorists when an Israeli helicopter violated its airspace and shot it down.

Sticking to the Israeli account, Netanyahu said, "We will act if necessary not just against Iran's proxies but against Iran itself."

The Israeli regime has repeatedly carried out airstrikes against targets inside Syria which Damascus says are aimed at assisting terrorists fighting the Syrian government.

After the airstrikes, Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly warned Netanyahu to avoid moves that could lead to “a new round of dangerous consequences for the region”.

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※ Anton Troianovski @antontroian氏の2018/2/18のツイート
“I was amazed how everyone was absolutely sure of their impunity(免責),” former troll-factory worker says. “They were sure that with the anonymity of the Internet, no one would find them.”
A former Russian troll speaks: ‘It was like being in Orwell’s world’

Yahoo: All 3bn accounts breached in 2013
Yahoo has tripled its initial estimate of the number of email accounts affected by a data breach in 2013. The company announced that all the 3 billion users who had a Yahoo email account at the time were affected and could have their data compromised.

Oath, Yahoo’s new parent company, announced Tuesday that it is providing notice to 2 billion additional user accounts that had been affected by a data breach in 2013.

In December, the web portal disclosed that more than 1 billion Yahoo email accounts had been compromised, setting the record for the largest data breach in history by number of users.



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Kurdish Media Reveals Secret Cooperation between ISIL Terrorists, Turkish Army in Northern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- A Kurdish media outlet disclosed on Sunday that one of the notorious commanders of ISIL terrorist group has assisted the Turkish army's Operation Olive Branch against the Kurds in Afrin region in Northwestern Aleppo.
Hawar news reported that Seif Bulad Abu Bakr, a former commander of ISIL in al-Bab region, is now one of the commanders of Ankara-backed militants against the Kurds in Afrin.
It went on to say that Bulad Abu Bakr was Emir of ISIL in al-Bab region in Aleppo province before the Army and the Ankara-backed militants could take control over the region, adding that Abu Bakr in now the commander of Ferqa al-Hamzah affiliated to the Turkey-led Euphrates Shield that has participated in Afrin operation.
Hawar news quoted well-informed sources as disclosing on Friday that the Turkish government agreed to transfer the ISIL groups, deployed in Idlib, to the Turkish territory and later forward them to Jandariseh region in Northwestern Aleppo.
Local sources in Jandariseh reported movement of black-wearing militants with ISIL flag.
The militant-affiliated sources had previously reported that hundreds of ISIL gunmen have joined other terrorist groups in Idlib.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is anxious about his failures in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other regional states, whistle-blower Mujtahid, who is believed to be a member of or have a well-connected source in the royal family, revealed, adding that bin Salman pays millions of dollars to the western media to improve his image.
"In private meetings, Bin Salman doesn’t want to admit failure of his foreign policies but always complains that his affairs don’t progress well in Qatar, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Turkey as he desires, and he is angry that the western newspapers mock his views," Mujtahid wrote on his twitter page.
He added that the Saudi crown prince praises his foreign policy and then complains that the pressures on Qatar have backfired and Riyadh's attempts against Iraq, Syria and Lebanon didn’t yield desired results.
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米軍戦闘機がYPGの基地を誤爆 300人のクルドが死亡か


US Fighter Jets Continue Green-on-Blue Bombing in Eastern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- The US-led coalition fighter jets once again bombed friendly troops and destroyed a position of the Kurdish fighters in Southeastern Deir Ezzur, inflicting major losses on the Kurds, an Arab media outlet reported.
The Arabic-language Al-Manar TV channel reported that the warplanes bombed an stronghold of the Kurdish gunmen Northeast of the village of al-Sha'afa in Southeastern Deir Ezzur.
In the meantime, local sources said that the Kurdish forces' positions sustained major damage and a number of the militants were killed or wounded.
The Turkish-language Daily Sabah reported on Monday that the US warplanes pounded mistakenly a main positon of the YPG, killing a sum of 300 Kurds.
The Daily further said that wrong peculiarities provided by the field sources were the cause behind the US careless air raid on the YPG.
In the meantime, the Arabic-language al-Manar TV also confirmed that the coalition's warplanes bombed mistakenly the Kurdish militants' positions Northeast of the town of al-Souseh Southeast of Deir Ezzur.

TEHRAN (FNA)- A video released by Iranian News Agency, Tasnim, displays the dead bodies of the Russian military advisors killed in a recent US drone strike in Syria's Deir Ezzur only minutes after the attack. [VIDEO]
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Saudi Crown Prince Not Willing to Admit Regional Failures

Whistle-Blower: Saudi Crown Prince Not Willing to Admit Regional Failures
TEHRAN (FNA)- Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is anxious about his failures in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other regional states, whistle-blower Mujtahid, who is believed to be a member of or have a well-connected source in the royal family, revealed, adding that bin Salman pays millions of dollars to the western media to improve his image.

"In private meetings, Bin Salman doesn’t want to admit failure of his foreign policies but always complains that his affairs don’t progress well in Qatar, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Turkey as he desires, and he is angry that the western newspapers mock his views," Mujtahid wrote on his twitter page.

He added that the Saudi crown prince praises his foreign policy and then complains that the pressures on Qatar have backfired and Riyadh's attempts against Iraq, Syria and Lebanon didn’t yield desired results.

"Bin Salman is spending millions of dollars to stop the western media's negative reports on him and improve his image with their help," Mujtahid said.

The Saudi whistle-blower had also revealed in November that bin Salman has personally bribed US President Donald Trump with a sum of $1bln during the latter's visit to Riyadh last May.

Mujtahid wrote on his twitter page that Bin Salman, then-deputy crown prince, was able to win the US administration's favor in his power struggle with his cousin Mohammed bin Nayef, who was heir to the throne until he was deposed last June.

He added that Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia changed Washington’s stance on the competition between bin Salman and bin Nayef, forcing the US to take the 32-year-old’s side.

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