The Kurdish forces have sent large military convoys to Manbij

Kurdish Forces Dispatched to Manbij Concurrent with Turkey's Threats
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Kurdish forces have sent large military convoys to Manbij to confront the rising threats by the Turkish officials to launch massive operations against Kurds.

The websites close to the terrorist groups reported that large military convoys comprising Kurdish forces and military equipment have been dispatched to Manbij city from al-Amr oilfield in Deir Ezzur.

Meantime, the Kurdish forces also in a statement warned Ankara that they will give a firm response to the Turkish forces if that country spreads is military operations in Northern Syria.

In relevant remarks on Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed that Turkish forces in Syria will go after Kurdish militias in Manbij after finishing the operation in Afrin, adding that Ankara intends to continue fighting the Kurds all the way to the border with Iraq.

"We will be clearing our borders of terrorists up to the territory of Iraq. Manbij will be also cleared of terrorists, as we promised. I am addressing those who urge us to stop the operation as soon as possible − if you were hit by missiles, what would you do?" Erdogan said at the meeting with leaders of the regional branches of the ruling Justice and Development Party, Sputnik reported.

According to Erdogan, Turkey will rid Syria's Manbij of terrorists after Afrin and nobody should be bothered by this, while US forces are currently deployed in Manbij alongside Kurdish fighters.

Previously, the Turkish President stated that Ankara would "thwart games of different powers who seek to implement their plans in our region" and "completely clear the region of terrorists, beginning with Manbij and throughout our entire border [with Syria]".
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US-led coalition bombs Iraqi police in fatal friendly fire incident

US-led coalition bombs Iraqi police in fatal friendly fire incident
A number of Iraqi security forces have been killed in an airstrike carried out by US-led coalition forces near a US airbase, Iraqi officials say, adding that the victims were mistaken for militants.

The incident took place in the town of al-Baghdadi, 170km north-west of Baghdad. The town hosts Al Asad Airbase, operated by US and Iraqi forces.

There have been conflicting report about the exact number of Iraqi fatalities in the airstrike. Reuters cited Iraqi officials who spoke of at least 11 dead, including 10 members of the Iraqi security forces and a local official.

AFP, however, cited an anonymous provincial official who confirmed 8 casualties. “Eight people − a senior intelligence official, five policemen and a woman − were killed by a US strike on the center of Al Baghdadi,” the official said, adding that at least 20 people, including the town’s police chief, were injured.

According to Iraq’s Joint Operations Command (JOC), it had ordered a raid in the town after receiving a tip off about a “meeting to be attended by terrorist commander Karim al-Samarmad.” JOC then requested “air support from the international coalition,” the command said, as cited by AFP. “Once the terrorist was arrested and while troops were carrying out searches, a grenade was thrown from an adjacent building.”

When the troops returned to the base they met a convoy of police and paramilitary forces that had been sent to support them. However, returning troops mistook them for terrorists and called in a coalition airstrike, the command added.

In the meantime, a US-led international coalition spokesman said all coalition airstrikes are performed at the request of the Iraqi security forces. “Any and all support comes at request/approval of Iraq; NO unilateral coalition operations in Iraq,” US Army Colonel Ryan Dillon, wrote on Twitter.

Patrick Henningsen, Geopolitical Analyst for 21st Century Wire.com, told RT last summer that the US military uses special politically correct language in its reporting on civilian casualties in an attempt to mislead the public.

“We’re talking about ‘friendly fire’ or ‘collateral damage.’ And what Americans don’t understand because they haven’t had to face it on their own territory is that one man’s ‘collateral damage’ is another man’s wife and children,” he said.

The US-led coalition has been repeatedly accused by human rights groups of using excessive airstrikes, sometimes targeting friendly forces and failing to protect civilians. In July 2017 Amnesty International said both Iraqi and coalition forces “failed to take adequate measures to protect civilians, instead subjecting them to a terrifying barrage of fire from weapons that should never be used in densely populated civilian areas.”
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福島第一原発事故から丸7年 小学校新入生は中学2年生にの続き

















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US troops must leave Syria’s Manbij – Turkey’s Foreign Minister
Turkish forces are conducting an offensive, codenamed ‘Olive Branch’, targeting Kurdish fighters linked to the People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia in and around Afrin, Syria. Russia has expressed concern over the developments, urging all parties to respect Syria’s borders.

Turkey’s operation has frayed relations between the Trump administration and Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s office over the US provision of weapons and support to Kurdish forces in the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).

The minister’s call on the US to remove its support for Kurdish fighters came after Erdogan warned that Turkish forces plan to move beyond Afrin to the Syrian city of Manbij. US soldiers are currently stationed there, supporting Kurdish YPG militias. Last Thursday, Trump reportedly raised concerns about Turkey’s actions in a call to Erdogan, suggesting ‘Olive Branch’ is a destabilizing move.

“President Trump relayed concerns that escalating violence in Afrin, Syria, risks undercutting [sic] our shared goals in Syria,” a White House spokesperson said. “He urged Turkey to exercise caution and to avoid any actions that might risk conflict between Turkish and American forces.”

Turkey’s incursion into Syria has been documented through the Instagram accounts of their own soldiers. RT.com found that the number of geotagged Instagram posts has risen sharply during the time Turkish troops have been there.

US promises Turkey to stop arming Syrian Kurds – media
The US told Ankara it will not deliver any more weapons to the Syrian Kurdish PYD/YPG fighters, Turkish media report. The news comes as the Turkish operation ‘Olive Branch’ in northern Syria has entered its eighth day.

Turkish Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin and US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster held a phone call on Friday evening, Anadolu news agency said. McMaster confirmed that Washington would no longer provide weapons to fighters of the Kurdish People’s Protection units (YPG) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

Later on Saturday Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Washington should immediately withdraw from northern Syria’s Manbij region, located some 100 km from Afrin. Speaking to reporters, the top official said that the US should take steps to end its support of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia.

This is not the first time the US has promised to stop supporting Kurdish militias in Syria with arms: In December 2017, US Defense Secretary James Mattis made a statement to similar effect. Asked if the US indeed intends to halt its arming of the Kurdish forces in Syria, Mattis said, “Yes.” However, at that time Washington did not release any clear statement of the White House’s position on that matter.

The military operation launched by Turkey in and around Afrin follows Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s promise to “strangle” the new Border Security Force (BSF) in Syria. Earlier in January the US-led coalition announced that it would help create the 30,000-strong BSF, half of which would be comprised of the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance.

Turkey was angered by the fact that the major force behind the SDF is the Kurdish People’s Protection units (YPG), linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) which is designated as terrorist by Turkey.

Shortly after the operation in Afrin was launched, Erdogan turned on Ankara’s allies, insinuating that the US in particular was providing massive military support to Kurdish YPG in Syria. “Now, apart from 5,000 trucks, there are weapons and ammunition from around 2,000 planes.” the Turkish leader said.

During the week-long operation in northern Syria, Turkey has repeatedly urged the US to stop arming Kurdish militias. “Those who support the terrorist organization will become a target in this battle,” Turkish deputy prime minister Bekir Bozdag said on Thursday. “The United States needs to review its soldiers and elements giving support to terrorists on the ground in a way to avoid a confrontation with Turkey.”

The US and Turkey have long argued over the status and future of Syria’s Kurds. Ankara has repeatedly slammed Washington for delivering military supplies to Kurds in Syria. According to a Hurriyet Daily News report from December 2017, US President Donald Trump approved arming the Syrian Kurds, including with anti-tank, anti-aircraft and mortar weapons, due to be delivered in 2018. The US authorities didn’t comment on the report.

Tribal Leaders Meet with Kurdish Fighters on Deployment of Syrian Army at Hasaka Borders
TEHRAN (FNA)- Tribal leaders in Hasaka province have held an emergency meeting with the Kurdish militias to pave the ground for the deployment of the Syrian Army troops in Hasaka province's border towns following the Turkish Army's recent attacks on the Kurds in Aleppo province, local sources revealed on Saturday.

The sources said that one of the tribal leaders of Hasaka is negotiating with the Kurdish militias to prepare the bedrock for the dispatch of the Syrian army to Hasaka's border town.

The sources added that the talks are aimed at the deployment of the Syrian army in the border town of Ra'as al-Ein which will be likely agreed by the Kurds.

The Kurdish militants are afraid of a longsome war in Afrin and also expansion of the Turkish army operation along the borderline.

Local sources in Northwestern Hasaka reported earlier this month that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) asked tribal leaders in the province to mediate and assist them to end popular protests in the town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo.

The sources reported that SDF Commander Shahin Shilo has asked Hamid al-Sheikh Shahazah, one of the senior tribal leaders in the town of Ra'as al-Ein to travel to Manbij along with a delegation of regional elites.

The sources further said that Shilo has asked Sheikh Shahazah to mediate between the SDF and tribal people in Manbij to restore calm again in the town.

Residents in Manbij have participated in vast demonstration in recent days, calling for expulsion of the Kurdish forces from the region.

Reports said on Friday that the Kurdish officials in Afrin urged Damascus to send troops to protect Syria’s sovereignty from the Turkish occupier.

Ankara insists it will return the enclave to its “original owner” after its “liberation” from terrorists.

The self-administrated, Kurdish-held enclave in Northern Syria issued a plea for help to the Syrian government on Thursday, reiterating its commitment to the integrity of the country.

“We reaffirm that the Afrin region is an integral part of Syria and that our forces are the people’s protection units,” it wrote in a statement, arguing that the Turkish military operation in Afrin “threatens the territorial integrity of Syria and the security and lives of the civilians.”

While the Kurdish units will continue to repel the Turkish military offensive and resist attempts by the Turkish forces to overrun the city, the central Syrian government must dispatch its own forces to “protect its borders with Turkey from attacks of the Turkish occupier,” the Kurdish authorities suggested as operation “Olive Branch” went into its sixth day.
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カブールの自死爆発で死者95人に上る 米軍に治安維持能力なし 撤退せよ

Death toll from Kabul suicide blast rises to 95, over 150 injured
At least 95 people were killed and more than 150 injured by an explosion in a central district of Kabul, close to where several embassies and government buildings are located, Reuters said citing a health ministry official.

Preliminary reports say the explosion occurred close to the building which formerly housed Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry. An eyewitness told the news outlet the blast was caused by a car bomb, which detonated near the gates of the former ministry building.

The explosive device was hidden in an ambulance and detonated at a police checkpoint in the Afghan capital.

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