Recent Unrests in Iran Masterminded by Operations Room in Erbil

Official: Recent Unrests in Iran Masterminded by Operations Room in Erbil
TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary of Iran's Expediency Council (EC) Mohsen Rezayee disclosed that the US, remnants of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam's regime, Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCRI) and Saudi Arabia masterminded the recent unrests in Iran within the framework of an operations room in Erbil of the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

"An operations room was formed in Erbil a few months ago, led by Michael D'Andrea, the man in charge of the CIA operations in Iran; also the chief of staff of Saddam's son and Saddam's brother-in-law along with a representative of Saudi Arabia and a representative of Monafeqin (hypocrites as MKO members are called in Iran) were in there. Certain reports have also claimed the presence of the UAE's representative in the operations room and we are studying them," Rezayee said on Saturday.

He said that the operations room had plotted to start its activities in Iran late in fall, using social media, and then hit a blow to the Islamic Republic early and mid winter, adding that they had named the project as "Fruitful Convergence".

Rezayee, also a former top commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), further explained that they wanted to take control of the Iranian cities from the government in the first phase, smuggle weapons to the country to kill people and then pressure the UN Security Council to impose new sanctions against Iran under the US pressure, adding that in the second phase they wanted to pave the ground for the MKO members to enter Iran and then make the Europeans accompany them in measures against Tehran.

"And this is the overal points of the Erbil scenario," he concluded.

FM: Saudi Arabia, ISIL Back Trump's Anti-Iran Rhetoric
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined that the Saudi regime and the ISIL terrorist group are following US President Donald Trump's anti-Iran plots.

"Eternal bedfellows KSA and ISIS, following Trump's lead, all endorse violence, death and destruction in Iran. Why are we not surprised," Zarif wrote on his Twitter account.

Zarif's tweet came hours before a meeting at the UN Security Council which was held upon the US request on Iran's recent unrests. It was also rejected like an earlier bid this week by the US mission to the UN.

During the recent protests in Iran, that began with criticism of economic hardships and evolved into violent riots due to foreign interventions, the US officials, including Trump, rushed to provoke the protesters by tweeting, commenting in media and asking for UN Security Council meeting.

Iran in a letter to the United Nations' Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the chair-state of Security Council has protested to the US meddling in its internal affairs.
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米国とイスラエルは介入先の国の地下資源を自分の物にしたい 人権と民主主義に対する懸念を口実に他国の主権を直接攻撃


Turkish President: US, Israel Target Iran, Pakistan, Other Muslim States for Resources
TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blasted the US and Israel for meddling in the affairs of Iran and Pakistan, as well as those of other Muslim countries in a bid to grab their natural resources.

"We cannot accept that some countries, foremost the US and Israel, to interfere in the internal affairs of Iran and Pakistan,” Erdogan told reporters in Istanbul on Friday.

On Tuesday President Donald Trump tweeted support for riots in Iran.

While Erdogan did not elaborate on the US “interference” in Pakistan’s affairs, the remark is likely attributable to the US decision to withhold security funding from the country which would have amounted to over $1 billion. Washington accuses Islamabad of sheltering Taliban militants and of not taking “decisive actions against terrorism.”

"The alleged US and Israeli interference is primarily driven by the desire to make the plentiful underground riches in all these countries their own resources,” President Erdogan said.

He went on to say that the two countries (the US and Israel), as well as other western states, target primarily Muslim nations, turning the people [there] against each other.

"The disastrous results of such meddling can be seen in Syria, Iraq Palestine, Egypt and other countries," the Turkish president added.

“It's the same thing in Libya, Tunisia, Sudan and Chad. Countries where unrest is sown are Muslim countries. These countries have their wealth that belongs to them,” Erdogan said. “The whole humanity must know this and change its attitude.”

Erdogan’s statements echoed the official position of Tehran, which accused the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia of fueling protests in the country. Iran's Public Prosecutor Mohammad Jafar Montazeri said on Thursday that the “plot” to trigger unrest had been masterminded some four years ago by an American national and former CIA operative identified as Michael Andrea, along with an unnamed Mossad-affiliated agent. Saudi Arabia, according to the prosecutor, paid the expenses of the alleged plotters.

Also this week, Iranian Ambassador to the UN Gholamali Khoshrou condemned the American administration’s “acts of intervention in a grotesque way in Iran's internal affairs". Last week, the US envoy to the UN called for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council (UNSC) to discuss the situation in Iran. The meeting was held Friday.

Russia has also denounced such calls as a blatant attempt to interfere into Iranian internal affairs.

“The United States continues its policy of open and covert interference into the internal affairs of other states. Under the guise of concern about human rights and democracy, they directly attack the sovereignty of other nations,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Friday.

Also last week, Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned against any external interference into Iran’s affairs calling an unacceptable move “which may destabilize the situation” further.
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ハマスがイスラエルを守れなかったからISISが戦争を宣言? そんなバカな話があるか


ISIS declares war on Hamas over Jerusalem loss to Trump & Israel
The Islamic State in Egypt has urged its supporters in a new execution video to wage war against Hamas over its failure to defend Jerusalem following Washington's recognition of the city as the Israeli capital.

The 22-minute video, allegedly released by an affiliate of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the Sinai Peninsula, and published by the Jihadist-monitoring SITE Intelligence Group, begins with footage of US President Donald Trump’s December 6 announcement on Jerusalem. The propaganda footage, initially released Wednesday, culminates in the execution of a former IS member pictured on his knees in an orange jumpsuit.

The victim in the video, referred to as Musa Abu Zamat, is accused by his terrorist captors of smuggling weapons to Hamas’ military wing from Egypt. An IS preacher, named as Abu Kazem al-Maqdisi, originally from Gaza himself, calls on IS followers to attack Hamas sites and courthouses in the Gaza Strip. Hamas is also blamed for its cooperation with Western countries and fighting Jews only in Israel. Minutes later the captor is executed by a shot to the head. The terrorist who carried out the execution was identified in news reports as being Muhammad al-Dajani, a former member of Hamas' military branch in Gaza.

Hamas, the de facto governing authority of the Gaza Strip, has called for a new intifada or uprising against Israel in the wake of Trump's announcement. The agitation for a new uprising spurred mass revolts, in which Israeli security forces used live munition, rubber bullets, and tear gas to quell the massive unrest. On Thursday, Hamas spokesperson Salah Bardawil slammed the IS video as “a Zionist production in which Arab tools participate to distort the resistance."
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Suspected Kosovo organ-trafficker arrested in Cyprus
A man suspected of trafficking in human organs has been arrested in Cyprus. Israeli national Moshe Harel faces extradition to Kosovo, where he is accused of luring kidney donors from Turkey and the ex-Soviet Union a decade ago.

Harel is accused of promising up to $14,500 in payment to donors, with the extracted organs reportedly being sold on to mainly Israeli recipients for as much as $120,000. Some donors were reportedly never paid.

Interpol and Russia had issued international arrest warrants for Harel. His extradition is now being requested by the authorities in Kosovo – a province of Serbia that declared independence in 2008, but remains unrecognized by the UN and a number of countries, including Cyprus.

“Based on an international arrest warrant the suspect M.H. was arrested a few days ago in Cyprus. He has been a wanted person since 2010,” Baki Kelani, a spokesman for Kosovo police, told Reuters.

Harel is accused of being one of nine people involved in the organ-trafficking ring, run from a clinic in a residential area in Pristina. Their alleged activities were discovered in 2008, when a Turkish man complained of pain at Pristina airport after his kidney was removed.

In 2013, the director of the clinic, Lutfi Dervishi, and his son Arban were sentenced to eight and seven years respectively for their part in the group’s activities. Both men later went into hiding.

Dervishi was captured last year and retried, along with several others involved in the case. The trial is still ongoing. His son and a Turkish doctor, Yusuf Sonmez, are still on the run.

Kosovo is no stranger to cases of alleged organ harvesting, and local authorities have been particularly sensitive to accusations of the kind, ever since a former UN prosecutor accused the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) of harvesting human organs from Serbs captured and killed during and after the 1998-99 conflict. KLA leaders, now influential politicians, denied the charges and called them a ploy to challenge the province’s independence.

An EU-commissioned inquiry led by an American prosecutor concluded in 2014 that “this practice did occur on a very limited scale and that a small number of individuals were killed for the purpose of extracting and trafficking their organs.”
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イランの反政府抗議行動についてUNSC イランの国内問題でありUNSCになじまないと意見多数

US abusing UN Security Council to interfere in Iran's internal affairs – Russia

By calling a UN Security Council meeting with the demand to support anti-government protesters in Iran, the US is trying to bend the UNSC mandate, which does not deal with countries' internal affairs, Russia's UN envoy has said.

“We obviously regret the loss of lives as a result of the demonstrations that were not so peaceful. However, let Iran deal with its own problems, especially since this is precisely what’s taking place,” Russia's envoy to the UN Vassily Nebenzia said.

He slammed the US for diverting attention from important international issues the UN Security Council should be addressing.

“You are dispersing the energy of the Security Council, instead of focusing it on dealing with key crisis situations in Afghanistan, Syria Libya, Iraq, Yemen, DPRK, the African continent. Instead of that, you are proposing that we interfere in the internal affairs of a state."

"We don't want to get involved in destabilizing Iran or any other country."

He also reminded Washington of its own history of cracking down on protests.

"If we follow your logic, then we should have meetings of the Security Council after the events in Ferguson or after the dispersal by force of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Manhattan.”

In her opening speech, the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, dubbed the ongoing unrest in Iran a “spontaneous expression of fundamental human rights,” claiming the protests were simultaneously playing out in “over 78 locations.”

“In the end, the Iranian people will determine their own destiny. Let there be no doubt the US stands unapologetically with those in Iran who seek freedom for themselves, prosperity for their families and dignity for their nation. We will not be quiet,” Haley said, dismissing any attempts to paint the protesters as “puppets of foreign powers.” The US envoy said Washington was absolutely sure they [the protesters] are acting on their own.
Attempt to disrupt Iran nuclear deal

The call to support anti-government protesters is another attempt to dismantle the hard-won international nuclear deal struck in 2015, Nebenzia argued.

“The real reason for convening today's meaning is not an attempt to protect human rights or promote the interests of the Iranian people, but rather a veiled attempt to seize the current moment to continue to undermine the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). We consider it unacceptable to intentionally undermine the support of the international community JCPOA which is the main achievement of the nuclear nonproliferation in the last few years... Especially in the situation where the IAEA has repeatedly confirmed full compliance by Iran with its obligations."

"The feeling is that there is some sort of inexplicable allergy to this country and it clouds the thinking about events in this country and leads to wishful thinking," Nebenzia concluded.
'Violence directed from abroad'

Iran's Ambassador to the UN, Gholamali Khoshroo, reiterated the point that Tehran officials have been underlining as the protests unfolded: The rioters are being influenced from outside the country.

“We have hard evidence of the violence in Iran by a handful of protesters, in some cases resulting in the deaths of policemen and security officers, being very clearly directed from abroad. These violent elements surfaced in the crowd as early as Friday evening last week at the inceptions of the protests. At that point, the elements outside of Iran including instigators based in the United States and Europe began to visible. Incitement to violence included encouraging and training people to use Molotov cocktails, to seize ammunition parts and to stage an armed uprising.“
No threat to international peace

Several speakers at the Security Council pointed out that the unrest in Iran falls outside the UNSC's ambit.

The French Ambassador to the UN, Francois Delattre, said: “However worrying the events of the last few days in Iran may be, they do not constitute per se a threat to international peace and security... We must be wary of any attempts to exploit this crisis for personal ends, which would have the diametrically opposed outcome to that which is wished.”

And the Deputy Chinese Ambassador Liu Jieyi pointed to the UN charter: “The Iranian situation does not pose any threat on international peace or security, nor is it on the agenda of the Security Council. Discussing this domestic situation in Iran by the Council is a practice that is not in line with the Council's responsibility as outlined in the UN charter. Doing so does not help resolve the domestic issue of Iran.”

The protests in several Iranian cities, apparently over rising food prices, unemployment, and the overall economic situation started on December 28. It has largely tapered off. Clashes with security forces have resulted in up to 22 protesters' deaths and hundreds of arrests. Amid the wave of anti-government unrest, massive pro-government rallies were also staged across Iran, with participants reportedly numbering in the tens of thousands.

UN Security Council will discuss Iran after US calls to back anti-govt protests
The United Nations has announced the UN Security Council will convene Friday to discuss the situation in the Middle East, following calls by the US to hold an emergency session on the protests in Iran.

On Tuesday, US Ambassador Haley called for urgent meetings in the UNSC and the UN Human Rights Council to back the anti-government protesters.

"The UN must speak out,” Haley said at a news conference. “In the days ahead, we will be calling for an emergency session both here in New York and at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. We must not be silent. The people of Iran are crying out for freedom.”

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump posted tweet after tweet slamming what he called the "brutal and corrupt" Tehran authorities.

Iran's Ambassador to the UN has snapped back at the attacks by US officials, accusing them of “grotesque” interference in his country’s internal affairs, and of encouraging regime change.

Protests erupted last week in Iran over frustration with the economy and corruption. At least 21 people have been killed in the six days of clashes with security forces. Around 450 people have been detained, some, according to Tehran authorities, with links to foreign intelligence services. Speaking Tuesday, the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused foreign powers of using money, weapons and political warfare to create chaos in the country. The anti-government protests have been met with counter-rallies as thousands of pro-government demonstrators continue to rally in support of President Hassan Rouhani.

Haley pushed for “all freedom-loving people“ to stand with the rioters' cause, saying, “The international community made the mistake of failing to do that in 2009; we must not make that mistake again.”

The 2009 protests followed the disputed victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran's presidential election, resulting in the deaths of 36 people over three months.

Moscow has warned Washington against meddling in Iran’s internal affairs, accusing the US for using the situation in the Islamic Republic to derail the hard-fought 2015 nuclear agreement with Tehran.

“The current situation, when Washington falls to the temptation to use the moment to raise new issues regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), shows the deliberate attempt to undermine and shatter the international community's commitment the JCPOA,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova ridiculed Haley's calls to stand up for human rights in Iran, reminding Washington of its own record of cracking down on protests.

“There is no doubt that the US delegation to the UN has something to tell the world,” Zakharova said in a Facebook post. "Haley can, for example, share the US experience of putting down protests, tell [the Security Council] about the mass arrests and crackdown against the Occupy Wall Street movement or about the 'clean-up operation' in Fergusson.”
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読者からの季節の便り ありがとうございます

九州に移住してから、車で会社へ通勤しておりますが 昨年あたりから、九州の一般国道で横転事故などが 多発しております。 それに、昨年秋辺りから運転が荒くなったことを 実感しております。 また、私自身、自分のブログを開設しておりますが、非難などが多くなったのが 昨年秋以降です。 非難があったら、速攻で削除していますが・・・ まあ、私のブログは結構ふざけた感じなので攻撃は仕方ないかも・・・(笑)

話しは変りますが、私の知り合いが神奈川に居住しています、 ここ最近何かとぶつかる事が多くなっています。 九州でも、魚介類や肉を多食する方は、攻撃的なことが多いのでは?と 思っております。 私自身は菜食で、肉類は食べていないため、攻撃的になるという現象は 今のところ無いように感じております。

ずくなし様、年齢と、放射能汚染と 天秤にかけ、どちらが、もっとも最良か熟慮願います。 安全な場所に移住して、重要な情報を発信されたほうが 良いのでは?と思うことも多々有ります。 人生は一度きりです。 多くの人を救うことも大切ですが、御自身の安全確保をしなければ 多くの人を助けることも不可能です。 ずくなし様が、御サイトを起動させた瞬間から、運命を背負っていると 感じております。


ジワジワと、アベノミクスの恩恵を受けて、売り上げが右肩下がりなので 有り難くて涙が出ます(笑) 小さな収入でやっているのを、更に見直したりもしましたが、 限界がありますね。 食費を削ると言っても、産地の条件は譲れませんし。 プランBとして、 少しずつ、夫にカレーやナンの提供の仕方を教えて、 私はこの冬は近所のホテルに仕事に行っています。 IHの電磁波浴びまくりですが、致し方ありません(笑) 休みの日は、自分の店。 なかなかハードな仕事なので、 秋から始めた 社交ダンスの練習に行く体力が残っていないのが残念です。 仙台在住の義姉の血圧が220とか、恐ろしい事を言うので、 こちらへの移住を勧めています。 独りになってしまったので、寂しさも不安もあり、乗り気のようです。 放射能の話もしてあります。 聴くと、周りで老若関係なく、知己の訃報が多いとのことです。 海産物を食べないようにとアドバイス下さった方もいるそうです。 手遅れになる前に移住してくれん事を願っています。


いつも、貴重な情報をありがとうございます。引き続き、線量に注意しながら の生活を続けていきたいと思っているところでございます。
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