Beijing blasts ‘illegal’ US & Canada-led summit for evoking Korean War ghosts
China has criticized the US and Canada for holding a summit of nations, most of which supported Seoul during the 1950s war on the Korean Peninsula, saying evoking Cold War ghosts has no place in the world today.

The summit in Vancouver brought together foreign ministers and top officials from 20 nations, who agreed to ramp up pressure on Pyongyang through additional economic sanctions on top of those imposed by the UN Security Council. China and Russia, which both border North Korea and are major players in the ongoing crisis, were not invited.

Commenting on the results of the event, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang dismissed the summit, saying it “has not the slightest legality and representativeness to speak of.”

“It is the 21st century, and everyone is concerned about and working towards properly and peacefully resolving the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue. But some parties dusted off the Cold War term of ‘UN Command’ and convened a meeting where major parties to the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue are not represented,” he noted.

The term he referred to was used for the command of the US-controlled military coalition, which intervened in the civil war in Korea and saved the West-leaning south from the Communist North’s onslaught. The force received a UN Security Council mandate for the involvement. The Soviet Union’s envoy to the UN boycotted the body’s meeting on June 25, 1950, as part of a pressure campaign to replace the Chinese nationalist government based in Taiwan with those of Communists in Beijing, so neither China nor the USSR could veto the resolution.

The UN Command left no city in the north of Korea standing and was only stopped by a Chinese ‘volunteer’ army, resulting in the ongoing partitioning of the peninsula. For North Koreans, the traumatic experience of standing up to American intervention is one of the cornerstones of its state-building mythology. So whatever message the gathering of Pyongyang’s enemies during the war was supposed to send, what the North Korean government is likely to hear is the threat of war. And probably feel more justified in pursuing a nuclear deterrence against the US. But that’s not how the organizers of the event in Vancouver view it.

“Our message is clear,” Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said in an indirect address to Pyongyang. “The pursuit of nuclearization will bring you neither security nor prosperity. Investing in nuclear weapons will lead only to more sanctions and to perpetual instability on the peninsula.”

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson accused Moscow and China of failing to properly implement UN-mandated sanctions: “We cannot abide lapses or sanctions evasions. We will continue to call attention to and designate entities and individuals complicit in such evasive actions.”

Moscow, which has expressed doubt over Washington’s strategy of pressuring North Korea into dismantling its nuclear arsenal, earlier called the meeting “destructive.” Moscow and Beijing believe the US and North Korea have to both make concessions and deescalate the conflict before negotiating a suitable solution. According to the ‘double freeze’ plan advocated by the two nations, Pyongyang would have to pause further nuclear and missile tests while the US would put on hold regular military exercises in the region, which North Korea believes to be rehearsal and a potential cover for an invasion.

The US rejects the plan and apparently believes that by squeezing North Korea hard enough it can extract unilateral moves from it.
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これはすごい 1


a team of Georgia firefighters displaying incredible athletic skill and bravery, catching children as they’re thrown by their desperate father from a ladder two stories up. とあります。プロの技はやはりすごいと感嘆します。受け止めた消防士はその後子供を運ぶ際につまずいて転びながらも子供は抱いたままで起き上がりました。

Firefighter makes incredible lifesaving catch as child thrown from 3rd floor balcony (PHOTOS, VIDEO)







Just roll with it! Japanese PM Abe ‘falls into sand bunker’ while golfing with Trump

※  宋 文洲‏認証済みアカウント @sohbunshu氏の2017/11/7のツイート

Deaf baby hears her mother for the first time and her reaction is stunning


CAZ #AntiZionism‏ @_antizionism 10:53 - 2017年10月17日
An ISRAELI company has been training US law enforcement .This video is the result
Police Handcuff Third Grader With Disabilities
We're speechless.

Bassem‏ @BBassem7 10月16日
Dealing with the Middle East


ポロシェンコとエルドアンの共同記者会見 エルドアンがあくびしたり眠気と戦っています。


役人だけ? これでは眠くなりますね。

※ ayarin1‏ @ayarin14 氏の2017/9/28のツイート

TEHRAN (FNA)- Exodus of Rohingya to Bangladesh Reaches 380,000

TEHRAN (FNA)- Nearly 270,000 Rohingya refugees - mostly women and children - have crossed the border to Bangladesh in recent days, fleeing a security sweep by Myanmar forces who have been torching villages, while government forces beheaded and burned alive Rohingya Muslim civilians. [VIDEO]

この青年の眼差しには本当に圧倒されます。尊敬に値します。年齢から言って、担いでいる男女は両親か祖父母でしょうか。とても小柄でやせています。体重は40キロあるかないか。35キロ前後かもしれません。青年も60キロ前後でしょうか。いずれにせよ、自分の体重以上、70キロ以上の重量を肩に抱え、160キロ近くを歩き続ける。しかも裸足・・・・・ とても信じられない偉業としか言いようがありません。おそらくそれが事実であろうことは、この青年の前を見つめる眼が示しています。このような眼をいまだかつて日本では観たことがありません。周囲にいる人たちも、とても素晴らしい顔貌です。

ケベックのハンティングロッジの立木に落雷、フェースブックの動画、落雷は -8.45頃。



The mayor of the Danish city of Roskilde was woken up by music imitating the Islamic call to prayer. The local anti-Muslim activists who played it outside the mayor’s home said the act was to oppose the building of a mosque in the city.

A Missouri resident’s gym schedule may have helped him to dodge death, after an SUV tore through the roof of his house while he was attending a workout session.
The incident happened in Walnut Park West, St Louis, when a vehicle hit an embankment in a residential area and was launched onto the roof of a nearby dwelling, reported the St Louis Post Dispatch.

<左:シリアの元国会議員アサド支持 従兄弟がテロリストに殺害された> <中央 番組ホスト> <右:スンニ派のイスラミストリーダー>

Two Lebanese television guests engaged in a violent brawl last weekend as a debate raged about the Islamic State decapitation of one of their cousins.
Bashar Assad supporter and former Syrian MP Ahmad Shalash appeared on political talk show ‘Bel Moubashar’ with Sunni Islamist leader Bilal Daqmaq but the two quickly came to blows.
Rawad Daher, host of the show began the debate segment by extending his condolences to Shalash and his family for their tragic and gruesome loss.
He then asked Daqmaq, a staunch critic of the Assad regime, if he wished to follow suit, which is when the trouble began.
"I extend my condolences to the Syrian people for anyone killed..." replied Daqmaq before Shalash cuts him off by saying, "Brother, he asked you a straight question: Are you extending me condolences or not?”
“It’s none of your business,” Daqmaq rebuffed, as cited by Memri TV who translated the exchange.
The tense exchange quickly descended into a brawl with curses, insults, fists and glasses of water flying. Video of the fight was uploaded to the official OTV YouTube channel on Monday.
Shalash grabs Daqmaq in a clinch before punching him in the face and dragging him to the ground.
Daher was soaked with a glass of water for trying to break up the fist fight and a TV screen was smashed in the wrestling match.
Duqmaq stormed off the set but Shalash stayed on the show and used the opportunity to deride the absent sheikh.

Drone video shows devastation of liberated Mosul



2010 04 14 WikiLeaks が公開した " Collateral Murder " を確認してみた


A pilot has captured incredible footage of contrails billowing from the engines of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner at an altitude of 33,000ft.
Lou Boyer was piloting a Boeing 747 flight from Tokyo to Alaska when he saw the contrails – or ‘chemtrails’ depending on your appetite for conspiracy theories – over eastern Russia.

Hemze Hamza‏ @Sergermed_ 23:16 - 2017年6月27日
Sniper battle inside Raqqa city. Thank god the ISIS terrorist missed

Hemze Hamza‏ @Sergermed_ 18 時間18 時間前
Kurdish women know no fear. Your average human being would be scared for life after being so close to death but she kept laughing.

次は英国 英国は事故が多いですね。

Dramatic images show devastating London tower block blaze (PHOTOS)


英国で "Liar Liar GE2017" 大ヒット中
嘘つきでは、日本はイギリスに負けないぞ! 彼を信じちゃいけないよ!
[ロンドン 30日 ロイター] - メイ英首相を「うそつき」呼ばわりする歌が、総選挙を来月8日に控えた英国で大ヒットしている。
「Liar liar GE2017」と題したこの曲を歌っているのはロンドンに拠点をおくバンド「キャプテンSKA」。メイ首相の政策モットーを揶揄(やゆ)し、売上チャートの上位に躍り出ている。

Highway horror: CCTV shows utter chaos from runaway truck smash (VIDEO)





CCTV: Truck slams into residential building in NW China, 5 dead



World’s best young photojournalists vie for Andrei Stenin prize (PHOTOS)
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Saudi Arabian king deposits $2bn in Yemeni CB to back currency
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman ordered a deposit of $2 billion to be paid into Yemen’s central bank on Wednesday to shore up the weak Yemeni currency, Reuters reported, citing the Saudi government. The move came a day after the Yemeni prime minister issued a public plea for funds to prop up the rial and help stave off hunger in the war-torn country. “It’s not a loan, it’s a deposit and the legitimate Yemeni government will not have to pay it back,” said a source close to the Saudi government. Yemen’s rial has lost more than half its value against the US dollar and soaring prices have put some basic commodities out of reach for many Yemenis.
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Russian air cadets in hot water after stripping off for music video parody (VIDEO)
A tongue-in-cheek music video produced by cadets of a Russian aviation institute has landed the authors in hot water. The gay BDSM-themed video was apparently too much for the conservative-learning organization.

The video, uploaded on YouTube on Monday by user Aleks Jigurdinski, shows muscular young men dressed in underwear and occasional accessories like ties and leather straps dancing to the tune of 2002 hit ‘Satisfaction’ by Italian DJ Benni Benassi.


The actors twerk, eat bananas, hug each other and otherwise mimic the original music video, which features a highly-sexualized all-female construction crew. The amateur video was apparently meant as a ‘Not Safe For Work’ joke, considering that it was placed in the ‘humor’ category and flagged as age-restricted on YouTube. It has since been removed by the video-hosting service for violating terms of use.

The video was reported to the management of the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation (UIGA), on the campus of which the video was apparently filmed. An investigation was launched into the “appalling clip,” according to a local media report.

“I have worked here for 20 years and this is the first such case. What a shame! We invest so much into people, and this is how they behave,” said Petr Timofeev, the head of the campus administration department of UIGA.

The institute, the oldest in Russia training professionals for civil aviation, is in Ulyanovsk, a large city in central Russia about 700km east of Moscow.


Funny Dance - Royal Marines - Call on Me

ロシアの若い人がいろいろなことに挑戦するのは良いことだと思います。そこから文化が生まれる。生徒たちは18歳くらい? 体つきもまだまだ子供です。


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首都圏の大気汚染 2018/1/17





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Donald Trump has been declared fit to serve as president, the White House doctor announced after the US commander in chief voluntarily underwent a cognitive test to put questions about his mental health to rest.

"The president is mentally very sharp, very intact. He is fit for duty," Dr. Ronny Jackson told reporters after Trump did ‘‘exceedingly well’’ on a cognitive screening. "I think he will remain fit for duty for the remainder of this term and even for the remainder of another (four-year) term if he's elected."

The cognitive exam was Trump’s own idea. Jackson initially had “no intention” of including such a test in the US president’s first annual physical checkup since it’s not part of the routine procedure. However, Trump, according to Jackson, specifically asked to be screened for impairments such as Alzheimer’s.

The rest of Trump’s body is apparently doing fine, too. His "incredibly good" genes allow the 71-year-old president to stay in "excellent" health, Jackson said after the president's physical exam which took place Friday.

"He continues to enjoy the significant long-term cardiac and overall health benefits that come from a lifetime of abstinence from tobacco and alcohol," Jackson pointed out. That’s despite his fast food habit which was ridiculed in the wake of the publication of Michael Wolff's book 'Fire and Fury,' which claimed Trump enjoys occasional Big Mac dinners in bed.

'Fire and Fury' as well as Trump’s belligerent comments prompted many mainstream reporters to challenge Trump’s mental stability. American news networks have repeatedly raised the issue because of his aggressive Twitter posts, especially those taunting North Korea, seen in the US as a hostile nuclear-capable nation. Even Trump’s inner circle have questioned their boss’ mental state, according to the narrative in 'Fire and Fury.'
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Yahooニュース ホウドウキョク 2018/1/15(月) 8:39配信




福島第一原発事故後 茨城3区ではこんなことがあった


2011/3/12 昼過ぎ、子供が腕のだるさを訴える。
3/13 17時頃 喉の腫れ 、19:20頃 目がしみる。20時過ぎに降雨。 20:30頃 子供の目が赤くかゆみを訴える。
3/14 午前11時福島第一原発3号機爆発。
3/14 15:30頃 断水後の水道水が臭う、16時頃 何かの臭い。夜になって頭痛。




2017/12人口動態速報 日本の核のメッカで人口減が続いている

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10,000 Bodies Discovered in Several Mass Graves in Syria's Raqqa

10,000 Bodies Discovered in Several Mass Graves in Syria's Raqqa
TEHRAN (FNA)- A Syrian official said on Tuesday that several mass graves with 10,000 bodies, including one with 4,000, have been found in Raqqa city in Northeastern Syria.

The Arabic-language al-Watan daily quoted General Director of the Syrian Forensic Medicine Zaher Hajo as reporting that based on intelligence 10,000 bodies have been buried in mass graves in Raqqa.

He further told al-Watan that 4,000 bodies were buried in one single grave, adding that the discovered graves are located in the regions that are under the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said on Thursday that the humanitarian situation in Syria’s Raqqa was close to a disaster, though everyone was putting the best face on matters.

"The humanitarian situation in Raqqa is awful, but everyone is playing it cool. Our American colleagues leveled the city to the ground as they were fighting ISIL there, and currently the whole city is rigged with explosives, full of corpses of killed people, lacking water, electricity and any medical facilities. Nothing is going on, the city is not being restored, people cannot come back, living in awful unbelievable conditions in refugee camps," the diplomat stressed.

According to Nebenzya, the current state of affairs in Raqqa was "a humanitarian situation close to a humanitarian disaster."

He added that Western countries place emphasis on what was going on in the Syrian province of Idlib where the Syrian army was carrying out an operation against terrorists, and in Eastern Guta, a suburb of Damascus.

"They discuss what they are interested in," he noted.

A stronghold of the ISIL terrorist group, Raqqa was liberated in mid-October by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).
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Media: US Setting Up Large Secret Airbase in Syria to Protect Kurdish-Held Areas
TEHRAN (FNA)- Washington has established a secret airbase in Syria to protect the Kurdish forces who have occupied large areas of the Arab country, media reports said on Tuesday.

The Arabic-language Lebanese Addiyar newspaper revealed that the US airbase in Syria can host 100 fighter jets and is in good distance from al-Tanf military base in Southeastern Syria.

The daily disclosed that the airbase has been secretly built to protect one fourth of the Syrian territories occupied by the Kurds.

It added that the airbase is 3.5 times larger than Lebanon (nearly 35,000km).

According to Addiyar, Washington has supplied the Kurds with 300 tanks, over 600 armored personnel carriers, anti-armored missiles and full personal equipment, weapons and ammunition and built a large base in Northern Syria to protect them against missile attacks.

The US-led coalition announced on Sunday it is helping to create a new Border Security Force to fight terrorists in Syria. The unit, stationed along the Syrian border with Iraq and Turkey, as well as along the Euphrates River Valley, is expected to be comprised of up to 30,000 people. SDF veterans will make half of the unit, while the other half are yet to be recruited.

Damascus, Moscow and Ankara have strongly blasted the US new decision to form a Border Security Force.

The United States' military support for the militia first began under the administration of US President Donald Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, which provided Kurds with weapons and training.

Washington also continues providing Kurdish fighters with more military hardware in Syria despite US President's promise to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan to halt arms shipment to the Kurdish fighters.

Ankara had said late November 2017 that Trump told Erdogan that he had issued instructions that weapons should not be provided to Kurdish fighters in Syria.

According to reports, the US plans to keep its troops in Syria long after the defeat of ISIL. Washington has been justifying its deployment of ground troops in Syria, which violates the embattled nation’s sovereignty, by citing the need to fight ISIL.
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Turkey-Backed Militants Launch Heavy Attacks on Kurds in Northern Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Ankara-backed militants targeted heavily the Kurdish fighters' positions in the town of Afrin in Aleppo province, a Kurdish media outlet reported on Tuesday, adding that Turkish reconnaissance planes have been patrolling over Afrin during the day.

The Kurdish-language Hawar news reported that the Turkey-affiliated militant groups' artillery units deployed on Mount Sheikh Barakat in Western Aleppo have targeted Afrin.

The militants' mortar units affiliated to the Turkish army pounded Kurdish forces' positions in Bani, Badr Khan and Baker hills in Jandariseh region and in the villages of Bafloun, Qastal Jandu, Qatma and Ma'araska, Hawar news added.

It further said that four spy planes of the Turkish army have also been carrying out reconnaissance operations over Kurdish fighters' positions in Afrin and its countryside.

Turkey's Anadolu news agency reported on Sunday that the Turkish forces deployed in Hatay province have increased attacks against the Kurds in Afrin.

The forces and militants affiliated to the Turkish army targeted the Kurds' positions in regions near Afrin with 40 artillery attacks.

Also, the Turkish forces stationed in Azaz region in Western Aleppo pounded the villages in Shara region in Afrin.

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Iran Arrests Leaders of Recent Riots in Isfahan
TEHRAN (FNA)- Four females who endeavored to provoke the recent economic protests into riots and received orders from the anti-revolutionary forces outside the country were arrested by security forces in the Central city of Isfahan.

The security and law enforcement police officials said that the four women had played a role in provoking the protestors during the recent riots in Isfahan and were detained.

They added that preliminary investigations disclosed that they had links with an online movement named 'My Stealthy Freedom' that was commenced in 2014 by Masih Alinejad, an Iran-born anti-revolutionary journalist and activist based in Britain and the US, as well as a the West-based Telegram channel, Sedaei Mardom (formerly known as Amad News), which released fake reports on continued protests in Tehran.

Tehran's Public and Revolution Courts Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi announced last week that hundreds of detainees arrested by the security forces during the recent riots have been released.

"After investigations, in addition to the 140 detainees who had been arrested during the riots and were freed in the past week, another 300 detainees were also freed, some on bail this week (since Saturday)," Dolatabadi said, referring to the fate of those who had been detained in Tehran.

Meantime, Iran's Judiciary Spokesman Gholam Hossein Mohseni Eje'i said only 55 suspects are still under detention in Tehran now.

He also told reporters in his weekly press conference in Tehran on Sunday that the number of individuals who are under detention in other cities and towns across the country stood at 455 until Saturday, adding that a number of them have been freed on Saturday and Sunday.

Late in December, a number of peaceful protests began in several areas across the country, with the participants calling on authorities to address their economic issues.

However, the economic protests in a number of Iranian towns turned into riots each comprised of a few hundred protesters after the peaceful gatherings were overshadowed when armed elements and vandals showed up among ordinary protesters and began to launch attacks on public property, police stations and religious sites.

The original protesters soon left the streets upon calls by the authorities so security forces could deal with the rioters and sporadic violence, which continued in some towns and cities for several days.

Millions of people took to the streets in nationwide rallies to reiterate support for the Islamic establishment and condemn the unrests, following scattered riots in some parts of the country.
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Kabul can't support army without US money more than 6 months – Afghan president
Without American assistance, Kabul can't fight the many militant groups active in the country after 16 years of US involvement. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says the national army won't last longer than six months on its own.

American taxpayers, who contribute around 90 percent of Afghanistan’s defense budget, are bankrolling a war against terrorists in the county, which the government would not be able to continue without the US funding, Ghani told CBS News on Sunday.

“We will not be able to support our army for six months without US support and US capabilities… Because we don’t have the money,” Ghani said.

Saying that at least “21 international terrorist groups” are operating in his country, Ghani warned that “terrorists can strike at any time.”

“Dozens of suicide bombers are being sent. There are factories producing suicide bombers. We are under siege,” Ghani told the ‘60 Minutes’ program.

In August, US President Donald Trump announced a new Afghanistan strategy and pledged continued American support for the Afghan military. Trump also said that the US contingent in Afghanistan would be expanded. There are about 14,000 US troops in Afghanistan at present, including the 3,000 sent in September, following Trump’s announcement.

This continues the 16-year incursion that has seen over 2,000 US servicemen lose their lives and over $700 billion spent on military assistance, lined with repeated promises of a soon-to-come victory from three successive US presidential administrations.

Last week US military officials told the Wall Street Journal that the Pentagon hopes to increase the American military presence in Afghanistan in time for spring, by deploying an estimated 1,000 new combat advisers to Afghanistan. The Pentagon is also reportedly sending additional unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as helicopters and ground vehicles. With the new arsenal, the US hopes it can finally defeat the Taliban and other insurgent groups in Afghanistan.
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Syrian rebels urge US to ‘turn words into action’ & resume military aid
The Free Syrian Army is seeking the resumption of a suspended CIA military aid program, urging Donald Trump to “turn words into action” and confront what it claims is Iran’s expanding “hegemony” in the region, Reuters reports.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA), an alliance of anti-government insurgent groupings, is trying to persuade the US to revive the defunct CIA program which provided cash, weapons and instructors to “moderate” rebels, a high-ranking rebel official told the news agency.

Mustafa Sejari, a senior FSA official, said President Trump’s decision to suspend the CIA program is only benefiting Iran’s efforts to tighten its grip on the region.

Syrian rebels “endorse President Trump’s statements about the need to confront Iranian hegemony in the region,” but now “it is time to turn words into action,” Sejari said. He claimed that Iranian-backed militias “are expanding without serious resistance.”

The FSA, whose fighters have allegedly been complicit in war crimes and shown an inclination to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) ideology in the past, “asked for the resumption of aid” and “explained the dangers of leaving moderate FSA forces without support.”

Last July, the Trump administration reportedly ended the clandestine CIA program launched back in 2013 during Barack Obama’s presidency. The program, codenamed Timber Sycamore, had served as the backbone of Washington’s strategy to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad, but proved a comprehensive failure.

Besides the CIA program, other US train-and-equip strategies to bolster rebel groups in Syria have also been notoriously underwhelming. In 2015, General Lloyd Austin, CENTCOM commander at the time, told Congress that only four or five US-trained fighters had gone to Syria out of the 5,000 the Pentagon had been counting on.

Earlier that year, then Defense Secretary Ash Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee that less than 1 percent of the 7,000-strong volunteer group had made it through the US military’s vetting process.

“As of July 3, [2015] we are currently training about 60 fighters,” Carter said. “I can look out at your faces and you have the same reaction I do, which is that that's an awfully small number.”

Moscow has consistently warned against arming the so-called moderate rebel factions in Syria, pointing out that weapons supplied to them often fall into the hands of jihadist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) and IS.

Rights groups allege that some rebel factions might have committed war crimes against civilians. In May 2016, Amnesty International said armed groups surrounding the Sheikh Maqsoud district near Aleppo “have repeatedly carried out indiscriminate attacks that have struck civilian homes, streets, markets and mosques, killing and injuring civilians and displaying a shameful disregard for human life.”
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Japan public broadcaster falsely reports N. Korean missile launch
Japanese media outlet NHK has apologized for issuing a false report of a North Korean missile launch Tuesday evening local time.
An apology was issued on the Japanese language version of NHK’s website and later shared on its social media platforms.

"Around 6:55pm earlier we reported on the NHK's news site and NHK's news disaster prevention application ‘Pattern of North Korean missile launch’ but this was incorrectly issued. J alert has not appeared. I must sincerely apologize,” the news outlet wrote.

The incident comes just four days after a public warning was issued to residents in Hawaii to “seek immediate shelter” from an alleged incoming ballistic missile which had been launched.

That alert was issued in error by the Hawaii Civil Defense, which apologized profusely and sparked debate online about US President Donald Trump’s rhetoric regarding his country’s nuclear capabilities and the threat posed by the North Korean regime.
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Erdogan demands NATO take stand on US-backed Syrian Border Force in Syria
Ankara expects NATO to take an official stance on the creation of a ‘terrorist army’ along the Turkish border in Syria, President Erdogan said. He was referring to the planned 30,000-strong US-backed mostly Kurdish force.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the US-led defense block, of which Turkey has been a part for decades, must clarify its stance on the planned Afrin-based border force as envisioned by Washington. The force would be created from the Kurd-dominated YPG, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization and an extension of the Turkey-based Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militant group.

“I would like to call upon NATO,” Erdogan told on Tuesday members of the ruling party in the Turkish parliament. “You have to take actions against the ones who threaten the border security of your Allies.”

General Hulusi Akar, who is in the Belgian capital to meet NATO top brass, earlier said Ankara will not allow the YPG to receive support from other members of the organization.

“We cannot and will not allow support and arming of the YPG terrorist group under the name of an operational partner. We hope this mistake will be corrected in the shortest time,” the general said as cited by the state-run Anadolu agency.

While Ankara was the most vocal critic of the border force plan, other nations involved in the Syrian conflict expressed their negative attitude to it as well. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the plan indicated that the US was planning to partition Syria.

“In fact, that means separation of a huge territory along the border with Turkey and Iraq,” Lavrov said on Monday. “The actions we currently see indicate that the United States does not want to keep the territorial integrity of Syria.”

Criticism of the plan also came from Iran, with the Foreign Ministry warning that it may incite more violence.

“The US announcement of a new border force in Syria is an obvious interference in the internal affairs of this country,” ministerial spokesman Bahram Qasemi was cited as saying on Tuesday by state news agency IRNA. The official said the US must withdraw its troops from Syria.

The Pentagon currently has an estimated 2,000 troops on the ground in Syria. The American soldiers were involved in the YPG operation to capture the city of Raqqa from the jihadist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) last year. Despite the defeat of the Islamists, the US said it had no intention to withdraw the troops, which were deployed without an invitation from Damascus or mandate from the UN Security Council.

The US claims the military presence in Syria is needed to ensure a political transition in the country, but Moscow says it almost amounts to an illegal occupation of part of a sovereign nation. There are suspicions in the Russian government that the US anti-IS campaign was simply used to establish a military foothold in Syria with regime change as an end-game for Washington.
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神奈川県7都市の2017年出生死亡比率 1年目にして推計値を大幅に下回る











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US Thinking About “Low-Yield” Nuclear Warfare - This Should Outrage the World

US Thinking About “Low-Yield” Nuclear Warfare - This Should Outrage the World
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Pentagon regime intends to create a new 30,000 man occupying force in northern Syria, along the border between Syria and Turkey. The force is expected to predominantly be American, Kurdish, but also include some Arab fighters - read terror proxies.

According to Spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon, the inaugural class of border fighters have already been trained. There is no timeline on getting to 30,000, though in the past the US has struggled mightily to achieve large numbers in such training efforts. Unsurprisingly, since this whole scheme boils down to training and arming a heavily Kurdish force, guarding what is ultimately Kurdish YPG territory, Turkey is furious, saying the entire enterprise is unacceptable. But post-ISIL Syria is also furious, because it doesn’t need to have such a force along its border with Turkey.

Turkish officials have already summoned a US charge d’affaires in Ankara to protest the effort, and are being increasingly public about their opposition to the idea. Recent history suggests Turkey’s opposition to US actions in Syria will have no impact on them, however. Having repeatedly threatened such an offensive in the past, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that a Turkish invasion of the Afrin District of northern Syria, held by Kurdish YPG forces, will be launched in the coming days.

In other words, there needs to be a global front against the latest US move at the United Nations instead, where member states can talk directly to the US and force it to change course.

Turkey, a UN member state, considers the YPG to be terrorists on par with ISIL, which has meant US support for the Kurdish group has caused a lot of tensions between the two sides. With US support for a new Kurdish border force, Turkey may believe chasing them out of Afrin needs to be done sooner, rather than later. And in a world that is dominated by the rule of jungle, the US takes any action that it likes to give Turkey the needed excuse to embark on military action in the territories of another sovereign state without its endorsement or, at least, its content.

It gets worse when we hear that new details continue to emerge on the Pentagon draft proposal on changes to American nuclear policy. This policy would see a focus on acquiring new types of nuclear weapons for the region, with an eye toward more usable ones for limited nuclear wars in the Middle East and beyond.

This is something some in the US military brass have been pushing for years, with an eye toward the acquisition of “low-yield” nuclear weapons that the War Party could readily use in situations where they would currently be unthinkable – Syria, Syria-Turkey border, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, North Korea, and suchlike.

This is now said to include not just the acquisition of these new nuclear arms for more limited and frequent nuclear wars, but also revisions of nuclear policy that would dramatically relax restrictions on such strikes. With the US spending preposterously large amounts of money on nuclear arms, some bureaucrats are galled at the fact that they get essentially no use out of them. In making smaller, more easily used nuclear arms, however, the US may ultimately end up normalizing nuclear warfare in the Middle East, something that would have huge implications for Iran, Russia, and Syria.

The US could find many pretexts to normalize its “low-yield” nuclear warfare. For instance, it can fault Iran for not preventing alleged weapons transfers to Syria, Yemen and Iraq, hence taking the world’s focus off the harm done to civilians overall in any given nuclear attack. This could also rapidly disintegrate into a collection of warring statelets throughout the region, making it difficult for the UN to ever end such conflicts, let alone reunite after a US nuclear attack. This heavily faults the latest US decision to build a strong occupying force along the Syrian-Turkish border which we now know what they will be for: illegal airstrikes and even limited but frequent nuclear strikes.

Those expecting the US to leave Syria, however, should take a minute to consider this: the US still hasn’t left Germany and Japan. In fact, there are quite a few places the US hasn’t left, and while certainly most of them don’t pose a threat to American soldiers, they reveal a pattern about the US staying, rather than leaving Syria.

Surely one could say that the US has a military presence in Syria now. They even have bases and troops on the ground but we should include the warplanes in the sky as well. The US military arguably has more presence in Syria than it does in Germany or Japan. To take this idea further, it would also be rational to say the US has a military presence wherever it uses unmanned aerial vehicles to strike targets throughout the region.

All the countries that have some sort of American military presence - from military attachés to the troops involved in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan - essentially results in highlighting pretty much this dangerous situation. Considering a sizable US military presence, existence of illegal bases in Syria, and the fact that the Pentagon regime is thinking about conducting “low-yield” and frequent nuclear strikes in Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and even North Korea, we are all advised to fasten our seatbelts, it’s going to be a nuclear ride by a country ruled by a Racist President known as agent orange!
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2017/12人口動態速報 日本の核のメッカで人口減が続いている

常陸太田市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数増、出生死亡比率改善
日立市 前年同月比 出生数減、死亡数増、出生死亡比率悪化
筑西市 前年同月比 出生数減、死亡数増、出生死亡比率大幅悪化
守谷市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数増、出生死亡比率大幅悪化
浦安市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数同、出生死亡比率大幅改善
大和市 前年同月比 出生数減、死亡数増、出生死亡比率大幅悪化
柏市 前年同月比 出生数減、死亡数増、出生死亡比率悪化
仙台市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数増、出生死亡比率悪化
高萩市 前年同月比 出生数減、死亡数減、出生死亡比率悪化


いわき市 前年同月比 出生数減、死亡数増、出生死亡比率悪化
我孫子市 前年同月比 出生数同、死亡数増、出生死亡比率悪化
松戸市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数増、出生死亡比率大幅改善
市川市 前年同月比 出生数微増、死亡数減、出生死亡比率改善
厚木市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数増、出生死亡比率改善
川崎市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数微減、出生死亡比率改善
横浜市 前年同月比 出生数減、死亡数増、出生死亡比率悪化

郡山市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数増、出生死亡比率悪化
福島市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数減、出生死亡比率大幅改善

横須賀市 前年同月比 出生数減、死亡数増、出生死亡比率悪化、人口減続く


市原市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数減、出生死亡比率大幅改善
千葉市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数増、出生死亡比率わずかに改善
水戸市 前年同月比 出生数減、死亡数減、出生死亡比率わずかに改善


流山市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数増、出生死亡比率わずかに改善
船橋市 前年同月比 出生数減、死亡数減、出生死亡比率悪化
鎌ヶ谷市 前年同月比 出生数増、死亡数増、出生死亡比率わずかに改善

小田原市 前年同月比 出生数微増、死亡数増、出生死亡比率悪化
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米加がロシア中国抜きで北朝鮮問題サミット 20カ国が参加

US, Canada host world summit on N. Korea… but Russia & China will only be briefed on results
Canada and the US are hosting a meeting on the Korean peninsula deadlock, gathering diplomats from 20 nations. Moscow and Beijing, however, are not invited, and will only be “briefed” on the outcome, Russia’s FM Lavrov said.

The meeting, held January 15-17, seeks to achieve the goal of a “secure, prosperous and denuclearized Korean peninsula,” according to its organizers.

“The Vancouver group of foreign ministers from across the globe will meet to demonstrate solidarity in opposition to North Korea’s dangerous and illegal actions,”reads the statement on the event issued by the Canadian government.

There are 18 countries in the “Vancouver group” besides the US and Canada, including Denmark, Greece, Norway, New Zealand and others. The two major players – China and Russia – who are the immediate neighbors of North Korea and are definitely not keen on the prospect of a nuclear conflict on their borders, were not invited to the gathering for some reason. The choice of participating countries, a large part of which are at the periphery of the Korean standoff, has reportedly raised eyebrows even among diplomats of one of the closest US allies – Japan.

Moscow and Beijing officials, however, were “welcomed” to attend the end of the meeting – basically just to check out its results. The proposal was turned down and criticized by both Russia and China.

“We and the Chinese have not been invited, but we’ve been told ‘The meeting will be today in the evening, the main meeting on [January] 16, come alongside with the Chinese on 16 in the evening, we’ll tell you what we’ve agreed upon,’” Lavrov told a press conference on Monday.“It’s obviously unacceptable.”

The result of such a gathering would be rather negligible for untangling the North Korean issue, the Russian diplomat said.

“With all due respect towards those who came up with such an initiative, I don’t expect anything productive. Hopefully, nothing counterproductive will happen. It’ll be a great result already, while it’s hardly believable,” Lavrov said.

A similar attitude towards the Vancouver event has been expressed by Beijing, which warned the US and Canada against perpetuating “Cold War” thinking. The meeting without the major mediators in the North Korean crisis “will only create divisions within the international community and harm joint efforts to appropriately resolve the Korean peninsula nuclear issue,” said China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang.

Russia and China have repeatedly urged all the parties involved in the Korean crisis to abstain from hostile moves and engage in meaningful dialogue instead. Moscow and Beijing put forward a “double freeze” plan, which envisaged Pyongyang suspending its nuclear and missile programs in exchange for the US and its allies halting military exercises in the region. The initiative, however, was rebuffed by Washington.

The Vancouver meeting, conceived last year, has been preceded by the major breakthrough in relations between the two Koreas, who resumed direct talks earlier in January.

Pyongyang and Seoul held their first official talks in more than two years last week, agreeing on the participation of North Korean athletes in the South Korean Olympics.

The officials of the two countries have also discussed the prospects for reunification of families, separated by the decades old conflict. The two Koreas have agreed on establishing contact between the militaries of the two countries in order to prevent any potential military incidents.
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薪の山 猫が隠れています

※ bo @jackiemopsy氏の2018/1/15のツイートから
Find the cat in this pic:
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