イランが中国に対テロ作戦の訓練で2チームを派遣 中国はテロと麻薬密輸での侵略の怖さを分かっていないのではないか

Iran Sends 2 Teams to China for Anti-Terrorism Training
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Interior Minister Hossein Zolfaqari announced that the country has dispatched two teams to China to be trained to confront terrorism and counterfeit identification documents.

Zolfaqari said that the teams left Iran for China last week in line with implementation of a cooperation agreement between Iran's interior ministry and China's ministry of public security.

He added that Iran has also sent three other teams to China over the past six months to become familiar with the structure of the country's police and the ministry of public security, as well as ways to fight cyber crimes and drug trafficking.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are two origins of producing and trafficking of various types of narcotic in the region.

The anti-drug squads of the Iranian Law Enforcement Police have intensified their countrywide campaign against drug-trafficking through staging long-term systematic operations since 2010.

The Iranian anti-narcotic police have always staged periodic, but short-term, operations against drug traffickers and dealers, but the latest reports - which among others indicate an improved and systematic dissemination of information - reveal that the world's most forefront and dedicated anti-narcotic force (as UN drug-campaign assessments put it) has embarked on a long-term countrywide plan to crack down on the drug trade since 7 years ago.

イラク、シリアのテロリストの中には中国語をしゃべるトルキスタン人が多数いるとされています。中国は、事態を甘く見ていたのか、これまでISISの掃討に理解を示しながらも、資本を投下したアフリカへの兵力派遣ほどには熱意をもって取り組んできませんでした。中国軍兵士がシリアに派遣されたという情報は比較的新しいものです。ISISの中では暗号代わりに中国語が使われる例もあったとされます。ISISに加わっていた中国人テロリストもイラク、シリア政府軍に押しまくられて帰国するしかなくなった者もいるでしょう。帰国した後におとなしくするか? そんなことは期待できません。



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クリス・バスビーがロナルド・レーガン乗組員の訴訟戦略主任 これは手ごわいぞ

The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry
The trials and tribulations of Chris Busby. Update Video 18th June 2017

In this video Shaun McGee (aka arclight2011) interviews Prof. C.Busby to discuss the USS Ronald Reagan radiation court case (where he is the main strategist for this court case), the new child mortality findings concerning Fracking in Pennsylvania, updates on the British Nuclear Veterans appeal in the UK courts and the Re-justification of EURATOM petition on health grounds. Also, we discuss some other issues with media and activism. We also celebrate Libbe Halevy`s 6th year producing the weekly Nuclear Hotseat Podcast series.

This is a frank and honest discussion with Chris where we also discuss media and security attacks on activists, fear and concern with anti nuclear activists in challenging health effects of radiation to the public and some of Chris`s perceptions of how he is dealing with Ad Hominem attacks by the authorities.


余計なことですが、冒頭に掲げられたバスビーの写真はひげを伸ばしていてしゃれた帽子をかぶっています。でも、胸の下あたりが汚れているのは作業の跡かな? 私と同じ食べこぼしかと見間違えた。
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US 'not concerned' about potential clashes between Assad regime forces, SDF

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region − The United States has called it a “mistake” for anyone to violate the crossing of the demarcation line that separates US-led international coalition backed partners from Bashar al-Assad loyalist forces supported by Russia, while denying that coalition partnered forces have clashed with Assad regime allies.

"Well, right now, it's a mistake if somebody does it. So it's not a warning to anybody," US Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Friday.

Mattis was asked whether Assad has been warned not to cross the demarcation line which runs roughly along the Euphrates.

"This is the demarcation line, and we've said that we will operate on one side, the Russians on the other. And we're still taking ISIS down," said Mattis. “Nothing has changed."

The Syrian Democratic Forces are the US-led Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS's primary local ground partners in Syria. An official SDF statement on December 23 said they were shelled by forces loyal to Assad on the east bank [coalition side] of the Euphrates River.

"Amid fierce battles against [ISIS] in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor, the regime and its militias tried to block the progress of the fighters by shelling," read the statement reporting "heavy weapons" shelling occurred on the east bank of the Euphrates in the Deir ez-Zor suburb of Al-Basira, according the SDF, was recently liberated.

In this area the coalition has said the line runs "roughly along the Euphrates."

Mattis denied that US-backed forces have engaged "Assad forces" crossing the demarcation line.

"It hasn't come up," said Mattis. "They're not even trying it. So I'm not concerned..."

Responding generally to a Rudaw English query on December 23, the Coalition said they have "made it clear to all parties publically and through the de-confliction line that any demonstrated hostile intent and actions of pro-regime forces toward Coalition and partner forces in Syria conducting legitimate counter-ISIS operations will not be tolerated.

Although the coalition vets Syrians of diverse backgrounds for membership in the SDF umbrella, the backbone of the force is the Kurdish-led People's Protection Units (YPG).

"The fight is still ongoing in Syria..." wrote US Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk in a yearly update letter to coalition partners on Friday.” SDF units are engaged in operations to remove ISIS from the Euphrates River Valley, and we anticipate these operations will continue over the first quarter of 2018."

McGurk and Mattis have both announced that "more diplomats" and contractors will be working in Syria for the "initial restoration of services."

The US has acknowledged the presence of about 2,000 US military members Syria.

While committed to the "defeat of ISIS," Mattis also separated the ISIS conflict that arose in 2014 from the Syrian civil war that began in 2011.

"Assad’s record in this civil war is pretty well known – set the conditions, in many ways, for the disarray that allowed ISIS to rise," he said.

Despite a failure to find a peaceful end to the Syrian civil war through the United Nations in Geneva or Turkey-Russia-Iran brokered talks in Astana, the US remains committed to the UN process.

"[T]his is why the diplomats in Geneva have got to get this thing resolved," Mattis urged.
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Syrian Helicopters Drop Thousands of Leaflets Calling on Residents to Expel Terrorists from Idlib
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian military helicopters dropped thousands of leaflets over Idlib province, calling on residents to expel the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at or the Levant Liberation Board) from the province.

The leaflets stated that people are suffering in Idlib because of Al-Nusra’s ongoing presence inside their areas, the AMN reported.

Furthermore, the leaflets gave examples of how the Syrian Army was able to restore schools, electricity and water in areas that were liberated from the Al-Nusra.

Recently, the Syrian Army and their allies launched a massive offensive in Southeastern Idlib that targeted the territory controlled by Al-Nusra and its allies.

Thus far, the Syrian Army has been able to capture a large chunk of territory, including the important town of Abu Dali.

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