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Washington’s humiliation at UN is sign of a washed-up superpower
Finian Cunningham (born 1963)
The humiliating condemnation of the US this week at the UN General Assembly over its Jerusalem policy revealed both Washington’s contempt for democracy and international law, and just how isolated America has become globally.

The overwhelming rejection of President Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital by 128 member nations at the UN is a signal event of how far US international standing has slumped.

Leader of the free world? More like a miscreant whose overbearing megalomaniacal ego is no longer tolerable to virtually everyone else.

Even close US allies among the NATO military alliance voted against Washington’s position. Britain, France, and Germany joined with other international powers, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, and Brazil, to repudiate Trump’s decision taken earlier this month to recognize Jerusalem.

n the end, only seven marginal states (no disrespect meant) voted with the US and Israel: Guatemala, Honduras, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, and Togo. Another 35 nations chose to abstain, including Canada and Australia, which would typically openly back America’s Mideast policies.

The outcome was in spite of shameless arm-twisting by the US ahead of the General Assembly vote, when President Trump threatened to cut off financial aid to nations going against American policy.

The day before the UN vote Thursday, Trump said: “They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes. Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot. We don’t care.”

In what has become a sulking mantra of Trump’s White House, he added: “We’re not going to be taken advantage of anymore.”
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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan コピーライトマーク Depo Photos / Global Look Press ‘Mr. Trump, you can’t buy Turkey’s democratic will’ – Erdogan on Jerusalem UN vote

Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan – another key NATO ally – denounced Washington’s attempt at bribery, saying the US was trying to “buy votes.” He called on all countries to not sell democratic rights for “petty dollars” and for them to uphold past UN resolutions designating the status of Jerusalem as a matter to be resolved through Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

Trump’s unilateral recognition on December 6 of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital overturned decades of international consensus, as well as Washington’s own stated policy of brokering a historic compromise between the Israelis and Palestinians.
The abrupt change in official US policy has provoked particular consternation among Arab and Muslim nations who together comprise nearly a quarter of the world’s population.

The General Assembly’s resolution this week is non-binding, meaning it has no mandatory legal power and therefore is largely symbolic. Nevertheless, the symbolism speaks volumes of changing times where the US has fallen spectacularly from grace in the eyes of the world.

The US declared truculently before the vote that it did not care and it would ignore the result come what may. Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu lavished praise on the US for its support and dismissed the UN resolution as “preposterous.”

Earlier in the week, on Monday, a draft resolution also rejecting Trump’s Jerusalem declaration was put to the UN Security Council and was approved by 14 sitting members. But American ambassador Nikki Haley cast her country’s veto to quash that resolution, which would have been legally binding.

Haley’s remarks to the General Assembly before Thursday’s vote highlighted Washington’s brazen contempt for democratic rights. In sinister tones, she warned that the US “was taking note of names” and reiterated Trump’s threats of taking retaliatory measures by cutting off financial aid. If looks could kill, Haley’s demeanor was armed and dangerous.

The American envoy also displayed a twisted logic that was as arrogant as it was flawed. She rebuked all nations for “attacking” the US “sovereign right” to nominate Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The fact is, it is the US which has attacked international consensus and UN resolutions regarding Jerusalem’s neutral status.

Haley also claimed the “will of the American people” was being assaulted by the UN. Her claim is not backed up by any polls. Indeed one recent poll conducted in November, just before Trump made his announcement, shows a big majority – 63 percent – of the American public are against any such move to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided Israeli capital.

So, if anything, it is Haley and the Trump administration that is snubbing the “will of the American people.”

For decades the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has galvanized world opinion more than any other issue. The preponderance of UN resolutions shows an international consensus in favor of recognizing Palestinian national rights. Yet, the United States this week slammed the UN for being biased against Israel.

What the US doesn’t seem to recognize is that the consensus at the UN is a reflection of international democracy. Washington’s disdain toward majority world opinion shows its underlying contempt for democratic principles and international law. The official American attitude is: if you don’t support our position, no matter how questionable that position, then your opinion is not valid.

However, this week shows how much Washington’s moral authority has deteriorated. Even among allies and foes, there was a common position of rejecting Washington’s unilateralism. Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Arab Gulf states lined up with arch-enemies Iran and Syria to reject the US position on Jerusalem.

Nations that are large recipients of US development aid were not cowered by threats of financial punishment: Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan joined with poor African countries, Ethiopia, Kenya and Niger, among others, to repudiate Washington. Yemen, war-torn and famine-stricken, also cast its vote against the US.
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US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley addresses a UN Security Council meeting in New York. コピーライトマーク Brendan McDermid Washington isolated, so it’s resorting to threats – Ankara before UN General Assembly meeting

The overwhelming rejection by the General Assembly of American policy not only shows how out of line Washington is. It also shows an increasing number of states are willing to openly defy Washington’s bully tactics.

Ironically, President Trump earlier this week declared in his newly published National Security Strategy: “America is again leading the world.”

His signature on the portentous document testified: “Our founding principles have made the United States of America among the greatest forces for good in history… Around the world, nations and individuals admire what America stands for. We treat people equally and value and uphold the rule of law.”

Such lofty claims seem to be only true in the febrile imagination of American officialdom.
In reality, America’s virtuous pretensions are seen increasingly to be a ridiculous sham, flagrantly contradicted by its boorish, thuggish behavior.

There was a time perhaps when the US could command global leadership. That self-declared global authority was always over-rated, but there was a veneer of plausible appearance and credibility in Washington’s claims.

Now, Washington sounds like a pathetic, deluded narcissist, exposed by its own blatant contempt for the very principles it espouses to uphold: democratic rights, free speech, the rule of law.

This week at the UN General Assembly, the United States is no longer a world leader. It is more like a rogue state whose delusional greatness is belied by sordid acts of bribery, bullying, and intimidation. A tyrant whose time is over.

Most telling is that Washington’s threats of intimidation and “name taking” no longer have power. The threats are seen as just more bluffing and puffing by a washed-up superpower.
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アップルが集団訴訟に直面し 説明不足を謝罪し電池価格を引き下げ

毎日新聞2017年12月29日 11時31分(最終更新 12月29日 12時22分)アップル
旧機種の速度低下謝罪 電池交換費用引き下げへ

Apple apologizes for ‘misunderstanding’ over slowing down older iPhones
Following a strong backlash for conceding they reduced the processing speed of aging iPhones, Apple apologized to customers and lowered the price of the out-of-warranty battery replacements by $50.

The tech giant is currently facing nine lawsuits in relation to how the company handles the power management of its batteries in older iPhones.

In response, the company sent a letter to customers Thursday, attempting to clear up what it said were some “misunderstandings” about the issue.

“We’ve been hearing feedback from our customers about the way we handle performance for iPhones with older batteries and how we have communicated that process,” Apple said. “We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down. We apologize. There’s been a lot of misunderstanding about this issue.”

The company added they have never, and would never, do “anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product, or degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades.”

“Our goal has always been to create products that our customers love, and making iPhones last as long as possible is an important part of that,” the letter continued.

Apple went on to explain that the rechargeable batteries in older iPhones are “consumable components,” which become less effective through a “chemical aging process.” The company said the aging process, as well as the way the device is used, are the only reasons that the batteries ability to hold a charge diminishes.

“These are characteristics of battery chemistry, common to lithium-ion batteries across the industry,” the company said.

The multinational tech behemoth advised customers to replace their old batteries with new ones, promising to reduce the price of an out-of-warranty battery replacement for an iPhone 6 or later from $79 to $29 starting late January. The deal would be ongoing through December 2018, it added.

In addition, Apple said it would issue an iOS (operating system) update with a feature that will afford users the ability to see if the condition of their batteries are affecting the performance of their iPhones.

The backlash against the California-headquartered concern began when a Reddit user posted a report earlier this month, detailing how the performance of their old iPhone increased dramatically after the battery was replaced. The post quickly went viral and many followed suit, complaining about the same issue. Many others have speculated that Apple was engaging in planned obsolescence to boost sales of newer iPhone models.

However, when Geekbench developer John Poole conducted several benchmark tests last week, he discovered that Apple was throttling the performance of older iPhones in order to preserve the life of the battery and avoid unexpected shutdowns as the power source degrades.

Poole found that the iOS 11.2 update, which was released in January, was retarding older iPhones.

Last week, Apple issued a statement to TechCrunch, admitting that the year-old update was the cause of the problem. However, the company said they only released the update in order to fix a bug that caused older phones to unexpectedly shut down when they were in cold conditions, had low battery charge, or as they aged over time.

Under these conditions, the old iPhones were hitting “peaks” of processing power, which made the devices shut down in order to protect their electronic components. Owners who experienced these shutdowns were unable to turn on their phones until they plugged them into a power source.

In their statement, Apple said that the iOS was released to “smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down.”

After the update was released, Apple told TechCrunch the update reduced the unexpected shutdowns on iPhone 6s by 80 percent and 70 percent on other iPhone 6 devices.

In an article linked in the apology letter, Apple explained the update’s “only intent is to prevent unexpected shutdowns so that the iPhone can still be used.”

The “power management” feature included in the update checks the device’s temperature, battery state of charge, and the battery’s impedance, and “dynamically manage the maximum performance of some system components, such as the CPU and GPU in order to prevent unexpected shutdowns.”

“As a result, the device workloads will self-balance, allowing a smoother distribution of system tasks, rather than larger, quick spikes of performance all at once,” Apple said. “In some cases, a user may not notice any differences in daily device performance. The level of perceived change depends on how much power management is required for a particular device.”
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核保有国 核施設所在国は放射能汚染を免れない





※ 毎日新聞12/28(木) 10:15配信
<米国>核実験による死者、従来の9倍 米大分析

福島発の放射能による米国の汚染はどれほどか 1

福島発の放射能による米国の汚染はどれほどか 2



米国の機関は日本の放射能汚染を厳しく見ている: ずくなしの冷や水
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1,000s join Israeli agriculture minister in mass prayer for rain in Jerusalem (VIDEO)
At least 2,500 people have turned up at a mass prayer at the Western Wall following calls by Israel's agriculture minister seeking divine intervention to end the drought plaguing the country for a fifth straight year.

Farmers, the president of Israel's Farmers Union as well as the country’s highest religious authorities, represented by chief rabbis David Lau and Yitzhak Yosef, were in attendance.

Israel's Agricultural Minister, Uri Ariel, who hails from the Ultra Orthodox Jewish Home party, stated last week that a prayer service would be performed “alongside the preparations for a year of drought and for the sake of rain,” as all other more conventional steps taken by the government have, so far, been futile.
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American shortsighted policies could lead to ISIS regrouping

US might turn against ‘Shia Axis in Syria’ in post-ISIS phase
American shortsighted policies could lead to ISIS regrouping, allowing the US to focus on countering Iran, Syrian Army, Hezbollah, even possibly the Russian military in Syria by proxy, says contributor to Al-Monitor, Ali Rizk.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) told RT that thousands of ISIS terrorists and their families were allowed to leave Raqqa shortly before the city was recaptured. Earlier, it was reported the deal with Islamic State was agreed with the knowledge of the US-led coalition. The deal allowed hundreds of ISIS militants to escape deeper into Syria, while others reportedly made their way to Turkey.

RT: Do you think it was the right decision to allow Islamic State fighters to leave Raqqa?

Ali Rizk: It wasn’t the correct decision. It might also have been a deliberate America-led decision. This isn’t the first time we hear stories of such an essence. The head of Russia’s General Staff [Valery Gerasimov] recently made statements in the same direction, saying the Americans were actually training or providing forms of assistance to ISIS. I think you have to put this within the framework of the aftermath of ISIS. We all know that ISIS is losing ground, it is basically on the verge of defeat in Syria, already defeated in Iraq. So, the fact that it is on the verge of defeat in Syria, I think what the Trump administration might be doing, is preparing for the post-ISIS phase. What I meant to say is putting together, maybe a new group, not ISIS, but a new group which “includes” former ISIS fighters to take on the Syrian Army and its allies, first and foremost Iran. Because the Trump administration and also Trump’s close ally Israel premier Benjamin Netanyahu, they have spoken of the necessity to counter the Iranian presence in Syria. I think that this latest piece of news is very closely linked to the Trump’s strategy and to Israeli strategy of escalating against Iran in Syria, also against Hezbollah and what they call the Shia axis in Syria.

I believe this undermines the claim of the US that it is fighting terrorism and gives credit to the accusations that the US is using terrorism as a tool to achieve geopolitical objectives in the Middle East... [Terrorists] could regroup and maybe they could even adopt a different name this time because ISIS is a splinter of the Wahhabi forces of Al-Qaeda that were fighting, for example, in Afghanistan and later in Iraq and they were trained and financed and used by the US and Saudi Arabia. These members of ISIS could disband and regroup under another banner, this time it could be more appealing to the Western and American rhetoric of democracy, human right and establishing democratic Syria. - Dr. Jamal Wakeem, professor of history and international relations at Lebanese University in Beirut

RT: Could this deal allow ISIS to regroup and take back control of parts of Syria?

AR: Of course, we’ve become accustomed to shortsighted American policies. The best example is Afghanistan. We also [know] how the Americans during the Reagan administration provided all forms of assistance to what they called the mujahedin in Afghanistan and look what that led to, it led in the end to 9/11, it backfired against the Americans themselves. But I don’t think the Americans ever learned the lesson. Despite the fact that they have fallen time and again to terrorist attacks, they continue with these shortsighted policies. Yes, it could lead to ISIS regrouping, it could lead to all kinds of different havoc or chaos. But this is basically the result of these US policies that we’ve got used to. And I don’t see that the Americans will learn their lesson anytime soon, despite the fact that these mistakes are accumulating...

In the post-ISIS phase in Syria, we’ve entered a new stage whereby the US will focus efforts on countering Iran, on countering Syrian Army, Hezbollah, possibly countering by proxy the Russian military in Syria as well.
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‘We were on their tail, which means victory in dogfight’ – Russian pilot on coalition jets in Syria
Russian pilots always managed to get behind US-led coalition fighter jets they encountered in the skies over Syria, a Russian ace said after receiving a state award from President Putin at the Kremlin.

“When meeting our partners from the Western coalition in the air, we always found ourselves ‘on their tails’ as the pilots say, which means victory in a dogfight,” Russian Airspace Forces major, Maksim Makolin, said.

The so-called ‘lag pursuit’ when the nose of an attacking plane points at the tail of the opponent’s aircraft is considered the optimum location in an aerial fight. It allows the plane at the back a range of options, from increasing or maintaining range without overshooting to freely attacking, all the while remaining concealed in the blind spot behind the defending aircraft.

Makolin became one of the 14,000 Russian servicemen who received state decorations for their courage and professionalism during the two-year-long Russian campaign in Syria. “This order reflects a lot of hard work during missions in the Syrian air. I think I fully avenged the Hero of Russia lieutenant colonel Oleg Peshkov, and all the others who didn’t return from Syria,” the ace said.

Peshkov’s Su-24 bomber was downed by the Turkish Air Force on November 24, 2015. The pilot managed to eject from the burning plane, but was shot dead by machine-gun fire from the terrorists in Syria during his decent. Ankara said the Russian plane was attacked due to violating Turkish airspace, but Moscow denies the claim.

The Russian air campaign in support of anti-terrorist efforts by the Syrian authorities lasted from September 2015 to December 2017. Despite calling the fight against terrorism its priority task in Syria, the planes of the US-led coalition frequently attempted to prevent the Russian aviators from carrying out their missions and targeting specific militant targets in country, according to the Russian military.

The incidents in the air occurred despite a special de-confliction line established between Russian and US forces in Syria. However, the Defense Ministry said that the communications weren’t bringing the desired results due to the reluctance of the US to share its plans for air combat operations.

In one of the latest episodes, a Russian Su-35S fighter jet was scrambled to chase away a rogue US F-22 fighter which, the Russian Defense Ministry said, performed “dangerous maneuvers” near Russian bombers about to hit an Islamic State (IS, former ISIS) base to the west of the Euphrates on November 23.

At the award ceremony at the Kremlin, which was attended by around 600 Russian servicemen, Putin said that the country’s military “has executed its task in Syria with flying colors.” The President also proposed a moment of silence for the Russian servicemen, who lost their lives during the Syrian campaign.

“We will always remember our comrades who fell while performing their combat duties. They died defending Russia… a young generation of officers and soldiers will be brought up on their example,” he said. According to calculations, released by Tass in October, 39 Russian servicemen were killed during the Syrian operation.

Russia got involved in Syria at the request of the country’s President Bashar Assad, playing a vital role in the defeat of IS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terror groups in the country. According to the Defense Ministry, around 60,000 militants were eliminated during the operation. In mid-December, Putin visited Russia’s Khmeimim Airbase in Syria to announce the withdrawal of the Russian troops from the country.
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unimpeded ISIS exodus from Raqqa

Fighters from US-backed SDF describe unimpeded ISIS exodus from Raqqa on their watch
The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have provided RT’s Ruptly video service with footage confirming reports of a hundreds-strong Islamic State convoy leaving its former stronghold, Raqqa, completely unimpeded.

RT’s Ruptly video news agency has spoken with SDF fighters in Syria, who confirmed for the first time that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants freely left Raqqa in what was previously described by a BBC investigative report as an IS “exodus.” The SDF fighters were on watch when they witnessed and filmed heavy trucks, buses and cars carrying IS militants from the liberated city.

“We saw them with our own eyes. I was on shift at the grain containers turnabout when IS were leaving. There were many of them, we were not afraid of them,” one SDF fighter told Ruptly in late November. He showed the footage featuring the convoy on his mobile phone, saying that he had recorded it and kept it.

“I saw IS, they left with locomotives and buses, they took their luggage and headed towards Rumelan,” another SDF fighter said. “They carried on till Deir [ez-Zor]. I don’t know where they headed to after that, whether to Abu-Kamal or to Mayadeen, they took that road."

He added there were about 1,000 injured IS fighters and about 2,000 who seemed unhurt.

In November, the BBC reported that a “secret deal” between the US and British-led coalition and the Kurdish forces allowed hundreds of IS terrorists to leave Raqqa peacefully in a long convoy comprised of up to 50 trucks, more than a dozen buses and around 100 other vehicles. Initially neither the coalition nor the Kurdish forces admitted their part in giving free passage to the terrorists. However, Col Ryan Dillon, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, later said the deal was never a secret, confirming Washington accepted the agreement.

The Syrian city of Raqqa, once the de facto IS capital, came under the control of the SDF on October 20, following four months of heavy fighting. What was left of the city was described as “hell on Earth” due to the scale of destruction.

The liberation also came at an extremely heavy price for civilians, with at least 1,800 casualties, according to Airwars, a journalist-led transparency project.
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PLO: Guatemala Faces Arab, Muslim Boycott after Jerusalem Announcement
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) said Wednesday that Guatemala could soon face a cardamom boycott from Arab and Muslim countries.

“We’ll be conducting an overall assessment of all our alliances, and will evaluate our relations based on mutual interests, with a clear eye as to who is genuinely supporting the cause of peace in Palestine and who is against our national interests,” Anees Sweidan, head of external relations at the PLO, told Arab News.

According to the PLO, Guatemala exports annually $300 million worth of cardamom to Arab and Muslim-majority countries.

The Guatemala Export Association sent a letter to the Foreign Ministry calling on the president to rescind his Jerusalem decision, according to the PLO.

The PLO has urged the Arab League to initiate an economic boycott against every country that moves its embassy to Jerusalem.

Former Guatemalan Vice President Edward Stein has warned of the negative repercussions of a boycott on some 45,000 cardamom farmers in his country.

Guatemala’s President Jimmy Morales has announced that the Central American country will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, becoming the first country to follow the lead of US President Donald Trump in ordering the change.

Guatemala was one of nine countries that voted with the United States and Israel when the UN general assembly overwhelmingly adopted a non-binding resolution denouncing Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

No other country has their embassy for Israel in Jerusalem, though the Czech Republic has said it is considering such a move.

US President announced early December that Washington would be recognizing Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s capital, stressing that the United States would relocate the embassy in the occupied lands from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds.

The move was hailed by Israel but condemned by the rest of the international community as one which undermines the peace talks.
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Boko Haram Forced Tens of Children into Suicide Bombings
TEHRAN (FNA)- UNICEF on Thursday warned of an alarming surge in the number of children being used in conflict zones around the world as parties to conflicts ignore international laws designed to protect the most vulnerable.

The UN body said in a statement that in Northern Nigeria and Cameroon, Boko Haram had forced at least 135 children to act as suicide bombers in 2017, almost five times the number in 2016, Anadolu Agency reported.

''In conflicts around the world, children have become frontline targets, used as human shields, killed, maimed and recruited to fight. Rape, forced marriage, abduction and enslavement have become standard tactics in conflicts from Iraq, Syria and Yemen, to Nigeria, South Sudan and Myanmar,'' the statement added.

Boko Haram has been blamed for more than 20,000 deaths during its eight-year insurgency, which has spilled over into neighbouring countries and created a vast humanitarian crisis with millions displaced and hungry.

Thousands have been killed and hundreds of thousands have been displaced as a result of eight years of Boko Haram militancy, which has also affected Nigeria’s neighbors, including Niger, Cameroon, and Chad.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has claimed the group has technically been defeated as a result of a massive operation that began in early 2015, but the latest attacks shows the group’s continued ability to stage hit-and-run raids.

However, civilians and security forces in Northern Nigeria are still targeted in sporadic attacks, while the government warned that the group can still attack civilians at soft targets such as mosques, markets, and camps for displaced people.

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Russia: Syrian Fighter Jet Targeted by Al-Nusra's US-Made Missile
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian defense ministry revealed on Thursday that the Syrian army's fighter jet was shot down by al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at or the Levant Liberation Board) militants in Hama province, using an American missile.

The Arabic-language al-Hadath news website quoted Alexander Ivanov, the spokesman of Russia's airbase at Humeimim, as saying that al-Nusra has used a US-made missile to bring down the Syrian fighter jet on Tuesday.

The al-Nusra's possession of US-made weapons indicates that Washington is supplying the terrorist group with different aid with the aim of preventing reestablishment of stability in Syria, he added.

A Syrian military jet was shot down by militants in Hama province, the Syrian state broadcaster confirmed, adding that a pilot was killed in the attack.

“The military aircraft crashed in the vicinity of Hama after it was shot down by terrorists; the pilot was killed,” the Syrian state-run SANA news agency quoted a source as saying. The plane, identified as a L-39 Albatros jet trainer, was shot down by terrorists' anti-aircraft machineguns, a source within the Syrian opposition told Al-Masdar news.

It was not immediately clear which militant group was responsible for the attack, but the so-called Free Idlib Army, an offshoot of the Free Syrian Army, claimed responsibility on social media and in a statement to Turkish Anadolu news agency. Reuters also reported that Al-Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, had also claimed responsibility.

A video later emerged, purportedly showing the aircraft pilot’s dead body lying in the back of a truck, with blood around his neck. The footage appears to show a body surrounded by a group of armed men, who are described in the Telegram channel Directorate 4 as members of Jeish al-Nukhba, a militant group based in Idlib and Hama.
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Britain Resumes Financial Support for Terrorists in Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian media sources revealed on Thursday that the British government has dropped its so-called ban on financial support for the Free Police in areas controlled by al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at or the Levant Liberation Board) in Northern Syria.

Aleppo “Free” police chief, Brigadier Adib Shalaf, was quoted as saying by Syria's al-Watan newspaper that Britain has resumed its financial aid "but not through official channels".

The British Foreign Office said earlier this month that it had stopped financing the Justice and Community Security project known as Ajax, which provides support for the Syrian Free Police, which is deployed in a number of Syrian areas.

The British decision came against the backdrop of information published by the British network “BBC” which accused the free police to deal with the militant factions, in addition to accusing it of human rights violations, and financial corruption.

“The Free police have been getting support from Adam Smith International since early 2014, and Britain is not the only one to support,” Schlaff said. “There are other countries supporting the project, the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany and Denmark.”

The Free Police in Idlib, Aleppo, Western and Southern Aleppo, and the northern suburbs of Aleppo have 3,300 police and officers, most of them dissident police who have been trained in Turkey and cooperate with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorist group.
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Turkish Daily: Ankara Seeks to Occupy Large Areas of Syrian Territories
TEHRAN (FNA)- Ankara's military operations will be conducted in regions beyond Afrin in Aleppo province with the participation of 35,000 forces, a Turkish daily revealed on Thursday, adding that the country wants to occupy vast areas in Syria.

The Turkish-language Yeni Safak newspaper disclosed that the imminent military operations against Kurds in Northern Syria will not be limited to Afrin in Northern Aleppo and will extend to Deir Balout and Sam'an castle in the West to the towns of Zoufiyan, Davir and Fila in the East.

It added that 35,000 forces, including 20,000 army soldiers and 15,000 Ankara-affiliated militants, will participate in the operations.

According to the report, Russia is trying to persuade the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to deliver control of Afrin and Tal Rafat to the Syrian government with the aim of keeping Turkey away from the region but the Kurds are insisting on the battle against Turks.

The SDF announced earlier this week that its forces are well-prepared to face the Turkish army and its affiliated military groups after the Turkish forces threatened to attack the town of Afrin in Northwestern Aleppo, a media outlet reported.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat daily quoted Head of the Democratic Unity Joint Party Ayesha Hasou as saying that the entire residents in the town of Afrin are at the highest level of preparedness to defend their town against possible attack by the Turkish troops and their affiliated militants.

Hasou further told the paper that ever since the escalation of crisis in Syria, Afrin has been under siege in three directions and from the side of Turkey, has been under repeated air attacks and different threats.

"Afrin will be turned into Turkish invaders' graveyard similar to Kobani and Raqqa that became the graveyards of ISIL," she underlined.

Lattakia: Al-Nusra Front's Grad Missiles Destroyed by Russian Air Defense System in Air
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Grad missiles fired by the Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at or the Levant Liberation Board) were blown up by the air defense systems deployed in the Russians' airbase in Humeimim.

The Arabic-language Moraseloun news website reported on Wednesday that the Russian forces stationed in Humeimim airbase intercepted the Grad missiles, using the Pantsir defense shield. The missiles were fired against the villages near Jabalah region in Lattakia province.

The missiles were fired by the terrorists from Badama region in Southwestern Idlib and were destroyed over Jabalah airspace.

The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria announced earlier this month that the country's forces deployed in Humeimim Airbase in Lattakia province will take part in military operations against the Al-Nusra Front in Idlib province.

"Our international partners are committed to root out the Al-Nusra terrorist organization, in the meantime, the Russia Air Force is committed to take part in the campaign against the Al-Nusra with its forces in Humeimim airbase," The Russian Center said.

The center said that Washington is insisting on regime change in Syria, adding, "The US officials' recent remarks over their intention to remain in Syria have increased our worries."

Diplomat Slams Russian Base Shelling as Provocation
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed that attack against Russian base in Syria might be a staged provocation aimed at derailing the Syrian National Dialogue Congress.

Zakharova told reporters at a press briefing on Thursday that Missile attack against Humaymim base by terrorists could be a staged provocation aimed at derailing the Syrian National Dialogue Congress to be held in Sochi, TASS reported.

"We see yesterday’s attempt to attack the Russian military at the Humaymim base as another link in the chain of ongoing and, perhaps, staged provocations involving terrorists and extremists from the Syrian opposition aimed at disrupting the positive trends in the development of the situation in Syria and, in particular, at creating obstacles to convening and holding the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi on January 29-30," she said.
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