恐怖の王国サウジ 石油価格への影響は?

Kingdom of fear: Saudi Arabia on lockdown
Events in Saudi Arabia are unfolding at a blinding pace, with a radical shift taking place within the upper echelons of government. Last weekend, King Salman announced the set-up of a special anti-corruption force that wasted no time in rounding up more than a dozen government officials−both former and current−five members of the royal family, and several businessmen. Since then, the list has been growing, to more than 60 as of today.

Now there are reports about the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton being turned into a luxury prison for the detainees. There are rumors−which Riyadh has denied−that one of the targets of the purge, Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd, was killed while resisting arrest. There are also reports that the purge could fill the state coffers with as much as $800 billion in assets seized from those arrested−all members of the Saudi elite.

Speculation abounds and there is growing worry that the situation could spiral out of control. There is a constant flow of new information coming from Saudi Arabia, such as that one of the Arab world’s leading broadcasters, MBC, has been put under government control. Part of its management was removed and the owner detained. News is also emerging that even the former Saudi Energy Minister Ali al-Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s media face for decades, has been forcibly confined to his quarters.

There is talk that a travel ban has been issued for a number of government officials, including executives from Aramco. That’s on top of reports that Aramco board member Ibrahim al-Assaf, a former Finance Minister in the Kingdom, was also among those arrested.

Naturally, in oil industry circles this raises the question over the safety of Aramco’s IPO and, more than that, what will happen to oil prices if the instability intensifies. For now, the news is all bullish for prices. The purge is widely seen as a pre-emptive strike and power grab by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, head of the new anti-corruption agency and heir to the throne, as well as the champion of the Vision 2030 reform program.

The Crown Prince is also the driving force behind the Aramco IPO, which should provide the funds for the reform program. Now, for the IPO to be as successful as Prince Mohammed wants it to be, global oil prices need to be high, perhaps higher than they are now.

Any political instability in the Kingdom is naturally fueling bullish sentiment. Now there are reports that some royals fleeing prosecution from the new anti-corruption agency have been offered asylum in Yemen by the Houthi rebels that are backed by Saudi Arabia’s arch-enemy, Iran. This is nothing short of astounding, since Saudi Arabia has been at war with the Houthis for two years now, with Prince Mohammed at the spearhead of the conflict.Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia accused Iran of direct aggression, citing the missile attack the Houthis launched on Riyadh, which was intercepted by the Kingdom’s defense system.

It is difficult to predict where all this will lead. Some, like Dennis Gartman, warn that although the immediate impact of the latest Saudi events is positive for prices, it will turn negative in the longer run as this sort of instability is unsustainable. Others, such as Morgan Stanley’s commodity analysts, are revising upwards their oil price forecasts, encouraged by these same events. OPEC’s Vienna meeting, where the cartel will discuss the extension of the oil production cut it agreed almost a year ago, is less than a month away. There are voices suggesting that Saudi Arabia could make a U-turn on its support for the deal in light of the now higher prices resulting from its internal tumult and the spike in tensions with Iran.

In the meantime, the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh is fully booked until February, as per the hotel’s website, and all guests were asked to leave or had their reservations cancelled.

This article was originally published on Oilprice.com
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Monsanto’s monster-herbicide blamed for killing millions of crop acres

Agro-chemical giant Monsanto’s new version of an herbicide called dicamba is allegedly wiping out millions of acres of farmland across the US Midwest, according to farmers from 25 states litigating with the company and calling for stiffer rules.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the farmers have submitted more than 2,700 claims to state agricultural agencies that neighbors’ dicamba spraying destroyed 3.6 million acres of soybeans. About 900,000 acres of crops were reportedly damaged in Arkansas alone, more than in any other state. The herbicide is also blamed for destroying other crops, such as cantaloupe and pumpkins.

This week the sides gathered for a hearing in Little Rock, Arkansas. The proposed restrictions are subject to the approval of a subcommittee of state legislators.

Last month Monsanto sued the Arkansas State Plant Board following the decision to bar the new herbicide and propose tougher restrictions on similar weed killers ahead of the 2018 growing season. The company said its herbicide was being held to an unfair standard.

Monsanto has criticized some Arkansas state agriculture officials and scientists involved in researching and regulating dicamba. “What the plant board did is very unfortunate for growers in Arkansas,” said Scott Partridge, Monsanto’s head of strategy.

The chemical and related seed sales could generate as much as $350 million in annual profits for Monsanto, according to Jonas Oxgaard, an analyst from Bernstein. “It’s their big moneymaker,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

Around 25 million acres of dicamba-tolerant crops have been planted by US farmers this year. In October, companies agreed with the EPA on tighter controls for those products, including training farmers on how to manage the chemical and barring application on windy days.
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Just roll with it! Japanese PM Abe ‘falls into sand bunker’ while golfing with Trump

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Deaf baby hears her mother for the first time and her reaction is stunning


CAZ #AntiZionism‏ @_antizionism 10:53 - 2017年10月17日
An ISRAELI company has been training US law enforcement .This video is the result
Police Handcuff Third Grader With Disabilities
We're speechless.

Bassem‏ @BBassem7 10月16日
Dealing with the Middle East


ポロシェンコとエルドアンの共同記者会見 エルドアンがあくびしたり眠気と戦っています。


役人だけ? これでは眠くなりますね。

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Exodus of Rohingya to Bangladesh Reaches 380,000

TEHRAN (FNA)- Nearly 270,000 Rohingya refugees - mostly women and children - have crossed the border to Bangladesh in recent days, fleeing a security sweep by Myanmar forces who have been torching villages, while government forces beheaded and burned alive Rohingya Muslim civilians. [VIDEO]

この青年の眼差しには本当に圧倒されます。尊敬に値します。年齢から言って、担いでいる男女は両親か祖父母でしょうか。とても小柄でやせています。体重は40キロあるかないか。35キロ前後かもしれません。青年も60キロ前後でしょうか。いずれにせよ、自分の体重以上、70キロ以上の重量を肩に抱え、160キロ近くを歩き続ける。しかも裸足・・・・・ とても信じられない偉業としか言いようがありません。おそらくそれが事実であろうことは、この青年の前を見つめる眼が示しています。このような眼をいまだかつて日本では観たことがありません。周囲にいる人たちも、とても素晴らしい顔貌です。

ケベックのハンティングロッジの立木に落雷、フェースブックの動画、落雷は -8.45頃。



The mayor of the Danish city of Roskilde was woken up by music imitating the Islamic call to prayer. The local anti-Muslim activists who played it outside the mayor’s home said the act was to oppose the building of a mosque in the city.

A Missouri resident’s gym schedule may have helped him to dodge death, after an SUV tore through the roof of his house while he was attending a workout session.
The incident happened in Walnut Park West, St Louis, when a vehicle hit an embankment in a residential area and was launched onto the roof of a nearby dwelling, reported the St Louis Post Dispatch.

<左:シリアの元国会議員アサド支持 従兄弟がテロリストに殺害された> <中央 番組ホスト> <右:スンニ派のイスラミストリーダー>

Two Lebanese television guests engaged in a violent brawl last weekend as a debate raged about the Islamic State decapitation of one of their cousins.
Bashar Assad supporter and former Syrian MP Ahmad Shalash appeared on political talk show ‘Bel Moubashar’ with Sunni Islamist leader Bilal Daqmaq but the two quickly came to blows.
Rawad Daher, host of the show began the debate segment by extending his condolences to Shalash and his family for their tragic and gruesome loss.
He then asked Daqmaq, a staunch critic of the Assad regime, if he wished to follow suit, which is when the trouble began.
"I extend my condolences to the Syrian people for anyone killed..." replied Daqmaq before Shalash cuts him off by saying, "Brother, he asked you a straight question: Are you extending me condolences or not?”
“It’s none of your business,” Daqmaq rebuffed, as cited by Memri TV who translated the exchange.
The tense exchange quickly descended into a brawl with curses, insults, fists and glasses of water flying. Video of the fight was uploaded to the official OTV YouTube channel on Monday.
Shalash grabs Daqmaq in a clinch before punching him in the face and dragging him to the ground.
Daher was soaked with a glass of water for trying to break up the fist fight and a TV screen was smashed in the wrestling match.
Duqmaq stormed off the set but Shalash stayed on the show and used the opportunity to deride the absent sheikh.

Drone video shows devastation of liberated Mosul



2010 04 14 WikiLeaks が公開した " Collateral Murder " を確認してみた


A pilot has captured incredible footage of contrails billowing from the engines of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner at an altitude of 33,000ft.
Lou Boyer was piloting a Boeing 747 flight from Tokyo to Alaska when he saw the contrails – or ‘chemtrails’ depending on your appetite for conspiracy theories – over eastern Russia.

Hemze Hamza‏ @Sergermed_ 23:16 - 2017年6月27日
Sniper battle inside Raqqa city. Thank god the ISIS terrorist missed

Hemze Hamza‏ @Sergermed_ 18 時間18 時間前
Kurdish women know no fear. Your average human being would be scared for life after being so close to death but she kept laughing.

次は英国 英国は事故が多いですね。

Dramatic images show devastating London tower block blaze (PHOTOS)


英国で "Liar Liar GE2017" 大ヒット中
嘘つきでは、日本はイギリスに負けないぞ! 彼を信じちゃいけないよ!
[ロンドン 30日 ロイター] - メイ英首相を「うそつき」呼ばわりする歌が、総選挙を来月8日に控えた英国で大ヒットしている。
「Liar liar GE2017」と題したこの曲を歌っているのはロンドンに拠点をおくバンド「キャプテンSKA」。メイ首相の政策モットーを揶揄(やゆ)し、売上チャートの上位に躍り出ている。

Highway horror: CCTV shows utter chaos from runaway truck smash (VIDEO)





CCTV: Truck slams into residential building in NW China, 5 dead



World’s best young photojournalists vie for Andrei Stenin prize (PHOTOS)
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健康管理支援? 誰が信用する?


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Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed




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デスラーさんが40度の熱を出したのは、2017/11/05 の夜です。その後いかがでしょう。




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インフルエンザの注射打ってきた!宮崎はもう学級閉鎖になったトコもあるらしい。マスク、ますますハズせない( ̄∇ ̄)
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実は、11月2,3,4日と また東京におりました。








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