US Spy Arrested in Damascus
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian intelligence forces detained a US spy in Damascus, media sources reported on Thursday.

According to the Arabic-language al-Hadath news, the Syrian security apparatus arrested a US spy who had taken images and recorded footage of several military points near Damascus in disguise as a journalist and with a fake ID card. They also seized a number of weapons, cameras and computers during the arrest.

The spy who is originally a Syrian Arab confessed that he was hired via social media networks with a monthly salary of $20,000 and provided the US authorities with the demanded images and intelligence.

He also confessed to cooperation with certain terrorist groups in Ghouta of Damascus.

Russian and Arab media sources reported in June that the Russian anti-aircraft missile units have targeted a US reconnaissance plane over Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Social media activists in Tartus port city reported that the Russian anti-aircraft missile units opened fire at a US spying plane in the Mediterranean Sea.

As the Russian missile units started anti-air operation, unconfirmed reports said that the Russian missiles targeted a RQ 4 Global Hawk drone of the US army.

The Mirnov'vestiyeh daily reported that the US possibly planned to gather intel on the Russian anti-aircraft system in Tartus port and Humeimim base by using RQ 4 Global Hawk drone that is an expensive spying plan.
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北朝鮮がソウルと東京に核攻撃すれば 死者2百万人 負傷者8百万人の予想 米国研究機関

2 million may die if North Korea nukes Seoul and Tokyo – report
As tensions rise on the Korean Peninsula, a new report has estimated that, should North Korea deploy its nuclear arsenal on Seoul and Tokyo, the death toll could be up to 2.1 million, with around 8 million injured.

Over the past few months, the stand-off, with Pyongyang on one side, and the US and its allies on the other, has been escalating, with belligerent rhetoric and provocative military posturing on both sides. Amid these tensions, a study by 38 North – a site on North Korean affairs run by Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies – has revealed the potential consequences of a nuclear strike launched by the North on its neighbors.
The report’s author, Michael J. Zagurek Jr., notes that “history is replete with ‘rational actors’ grossly miscalculating, especially in crisis situations,” and that another nuclear or missile test might trigger a hostile reaction from the United States, prompting a nuclear strike from the North Korean regime.

Estimating that Pyongyang has a nuclear arsenal of 25 warheads, Zagurek calculated what would happen if leader Kim Jong-un decides to launch all of them at Seoul and Tokyo, since both Japan and South Korea are key US allies. Accounting for missile defense systems such as the THAAD, deployed in South Korea, and the Aegis Ashore ABM, due to be installed in Japan, he said that “not all 25 North Korean nuclear missile warheads will detonate on their targets.”

Zagurek gave estimates of the casualty rates from 20 percent, 50 percent and 80 percent of the missiles hitting their targets. According to the highest estimates, 2.1 million people would be killed and another 7.7 million wounded.

Japan is the only country to have had two atomic bombs detonate on its territory as an act of war. On August 6, 1945, an American B-29 bomber dropped the world’s first deployed nuclear weapon over Hiroshima, Japan, killing 80,000 and obliterating 90 percent of the city. This was followed three days later by another bomb dropped on Nagasaki, which killed another 40,000. Earlier that year, Tokyo was firebombed by American planes, leading to 100,000 civilian deaths.

However, as the report notes, population density in metropolitan Japan and South Korea is a lot higher than it was several decades ago. Also, the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had a strength of around 15-25 kilotons, while the device tested by North Korea in September had a likely strength of 108-205 kilotons.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is being aggravated by both North Korea and the US and its allies. Pyongyang has carried out a number of nuclear tests and missile launches, while the United States has continued to carry out joint exercises with South Korea and Japan while escalating its rhetoric against Pyongyang.

Russia and China have proposed a ‘double-freeze’ solution, in which the US ceases its drills with South Korea in exchange for the North suspending its weapons programs. The US, however, has not accepted the proposal, saying it has every right to carry out exercises with its allies.

Moscow and Beijing have repeatedly stated that the crisis can be resolved only through peaceful means.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin also pointed out that should someone decide to attack North Korea in “a disarming strike,” the aftermath of it would be uncertain as “no one knows for sure what is where.”

Washington earlier said that it would only talk to Pyongyang about bringing back Americans who are being detained in North Korea.

“Beyond that, there will be no conversations with North Korea at this time,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders stated.
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都市 場所 上値 下値 平均値
函館市 渡島総合振興局 0.097 0.018 0.028
倶知安町 後志総合振興局 0.117 0.016 0.034
岩見沢市 空知総合振興局 0.101 0.025 0.039
旭川市 上川総合振興局 0.098 0.023 0.038
稚内市 宗谷総合振興局 0.107 0.021 0.036
網走市 オホーツク総合振興局 0.082 0.018 0.028
室蘭市 胆振総合振興局 0.108 0.017 0.025
帯広市 十勝総合振興局 0.076 0.02 0.033
釧路市 釧路総合振興局(釧路保健所) 0.062 0.027 0.038
札幌市 北海道原子力環境センター札幌分室 0.108 0.019 0.036
青森市 青森(県環境保健センター) 0.087 0.016 0.027
弘前市 弘前市役所 0.091 0.021 0.038
八戸市 八戸市庁 0.061 0.02 0.025
五所川原市 五所川原市役所 0.106 0.032 0.042
十和田市 十和田市役所 0.058 0.015 0.023
むつ市 むつ市役所川内庁舎 0.093 0.008 0.022
深浦町 深浦町役場 0.099 0.03 0.044
外ヶ浜町 外ヶ浜町役場 0.14 0.015 0.028
三戸町 アップルドーム 0.063 0.015 0.023
盛岡市 県環境保健研究センター 0.065 0.018 0.021
滝沢村 岩手県立大学 0.101 0.023 0.039
花巻市 花巻地区合同庁舎 0.102 0.023 0.031
奥州市 奥州地区合同庁舎 0.098 0.038 0.044
釜石市 釜石地区合同庁舎 0.089 0.037 0.044
久慈市 久慈地区合同庁舎 0.073 0.037 0.048
二戸市 二戸地区合同庁舎 0.071 0.018 0.026
大河原町 大河原合同庁舎 0.102 0.043 0.049
大崎市 大崎合同庁舎 0.122 0.031 0.04
栗原市 栗原合同庁舎 0.126 0.045 0.055
登米市 登米合同庁舎 0.1 0.034 0.04
石巻市 石巻合同庁舎 0.096 0.047 0.05
気仙沼市 気仙沼保健福祉事務所 0.079 0.033 0.038
仙台市 県環境放射線監視センター 0.099 0.034 0.04
秋田市 県健康環境センター 0.072 0.026 0.035
鹿角市 鹿角地域振興局 0.089 0.019 0.03
能代市 山本地域振興局 0.101 0.025 0.041
由利本荘市 由利地域振興局 0.106 0.025 0.039
大仙市 仙北地域振興局 0.1 0.021 0.038
湯沢市 雄勝地域振興局 0.118 0.017 0.037
山形市 県衛生研究所 0.084 0.035 0.045
村山市 県環境科学研究センター 0.132 0.017 0.048
新庄市 最上総合支庁 0.106 0.022 0.038
米沢市 置賜総合支庁 0.115 0.022 0.052
三川町 庄内総合支庁 0.118 0.032 0.049
小国町 小国町役場 0.137 0.026 0.05
福島市 紅葉山公園 0.198 0.091 0.13
福島県 県北保健福祉事務所 0.248 0.134 0.18
福島県 郡山合同庁舎 0.163 0.079 0.105
福島県 白河合同庁舎 0.112 0.049 0.077
福島県 会津若松合同庁舎 0.1 0.037 0.056
福島県 南会津合同庁舎 0.082 0.024 0.043
福島県 南相馬合同庁舎 0.133 0.067 0.085
いわき市 いわき市役所 0.113 0.079 0.092
福島市 福島市飯野支所 0.183 0.073 0.112
伊達市 伊達市霊山総合支所 0.191 0.101 0.127
福島県 福島県男女共生センター 0.164 0.07 0.106
田村市 田村市船引公民館 0.123 0.052 0.07
水戸市 旧県環境監視センター(石川局) 0.079 0.05 0.054
水戸市 茨城県庁 0.12 0.058 0.066
龍ケ崎市 龍ケ崎市役所 0.088 0.043 0.05
高萩市 高萩市総合福祉センター 0.096 0.05 0.057
北茨城市 北茨城市役所 0.114 0.068 0.081
鹿嶋市 鹿嶋市役所 0.083 0.044 0.05
守谷市 守谷市役所 0.12 0.07 0.083
筑西市 筑西市役所 0.093 0.058 0.062
大子町 大子町役場 0.101 0.046 0.052
土浦市 土浦市役所大町庁舎 0.084 0.053 0.06
宇都宮市 県保健環境センター 0.069 0.038 0.041
宇都宮市 子ども総合科学館 0.089 0.053 0.058
佐野市 県安蘇庁舎 0.086 0.031 0.036
日光市 県西環境森林事務所 0.131 0.065 0.086
小山市 県小山庁舎 0.088 0.046 0.052
真岡市 県東環境森林事務所 0.097 0.043 0.049
那須塩原市 那須塩原市役所本庁舎 0.161 0.082 0.1
那須町 那須町役場 0.162 0.066 0.086
那珂川町 馬頭図書館 0.115 0.045 0.056
前橋市 県衛生環境研究所 0.066 0.017 0.021
太田市 ぐんまこどもの国 0.102 0.046 0.053
富岡市 富岡市生涯学習センター 0.099 0.039 0.048
川場村 川場村武道館 0.096 0.024 0.045
草津町 総合保健福祉センター 0.106 0.019 0.04
熊谷市 熊谷地方庁舎 0.085 0.047 0.053
秩父市 秩父地方庁舎 0.079 0.035 0.047
加須市 環境科学国際センター 0.076 0.044 0.049
狭山市 狭山保健所 0.066 0.036 0.043
三郷市 三郷高校 0.128 0.079 0.088
さいたま市 埼玉県庁 0.068 0.036 0.046
市原市 県環境研究センター 0.072 0.025 0.028
柏市 市立田中小学校 0.109 0.061 0.068
印西市 市立船穂中学校 0.104 0.055 0.064
香取市 小見川市民センター 0.102 0.062 0.066
市川市 市立大柏小学校 0.096 0.046 0.055
館山市 県安房農業普及センター跡地 0.093 0.045 0.056
茂原市 県大気汚染常時監視測定局 0.07 0.037 0.041
新宿区 都健康安全研究センター(※2) 0.078 0.029 0.033
大田区 羽田空港内 0.075 0.031 0.038
足立区 舎人公園 0.074 0.028 0.034
八王子市 首都大学東京 0.087 0.023 0.033
調布市 調布飛行場 0.087 0.024 0.031
茅ヶ崎市 衛生研究所 0.089 0.035 0.039
横浜市 県立岸根高等学校 0.098 0.042 0.049
逗子市 県立逗葉高等学校 0.072 0.038 0.041
神奈川県 産業技術総合研究所 0.125 0.027 0.031
相模原市 相模川発電管理事務所 0.09 0.033 0.039
小田原市 県立小田原城北工業高等学校 0.068 0.015 0.017
新潟市 放射線監視センター新潟分室 0.135 0.037 0.049
村上市 村上地域振興局 0.135 0.035 0.067
新発田市 新発田地域振興局 0.144 0.039 0.065
阿賀町 新潟地域振興局津川庁舎 0.142 0.036 0.064
長岡市 長岡地域振興局 0.102 0.027 0.044
南魚沼市 南魚沼地域振興局健康福祉環境部 0.116 0.023 0.048
上越市 上越地域振興局健康福祉環境部 0.174 0.028 0.055
糸魚川市 糸魚川地域振興局 0.15 0.037 0.053
射水市 県環境科学センター 0.127 0.027 0.049
富山市 富山県庁 0.138 0.067 0.077
高岡市 高岡厚生センター 0.138 0.048 0.071
小矢部市 砺波厚生センター小矢部支所 0.157 0.053 0.072
砺波市 砺波総合庁舎 0.138 0.044 0.067
金沢市 県保健環境センター 0.118 0.036 0.05
輪島市 能登空港 0.12 0.015 0.03
羽咋市 余喜小学校 0.143 0.033 0.061
津幡町 県石川中央保健福祉センター 0.151 0.044 0.062
小松市 さわ池ふれあいパーク 0.172 0.035 0.052
福井市 原子力環境監視センター福井分析管理室 0.094 0.034 0.045
福井市 越廼ふるさと資料館 0.133 0.038 0.05
大野市 大野市役所 0.109 0.031 0.052
勝山市 勝山市役所 0.093 0.039 0.051
鯖江市 鯖江市役所 0.106 0.04 0.053
あわら市 あわら市役所 0.126 0.054 0.064
越前市 越前市役所 0.122 0.048 0.057
坂井市 三国総合支所 0.13 0.036 0.046
永平寺町 永平寺町役場 0.102 0.032 0.044
池田町 池田町役場 0.109 0.03 0.045
越前町 越前町役場 0.111 0.034 0.046
甲府市 県衛生環境研究所 0.07 0.039 0.045
北杜市 酪農試験場 0.106 0.025 0.038
南部町 大気常時監視南部測定局 0.086 0.034 0.038
富士吉田市 富士吉田合同庁舎 0.052 0.015 0.021
上野原市 上野原市役所 0.066 0.019 0.027
長野市 環境保全研究所 0.074 0.027 0.038
飯山市 飯山庁舎 0.091 0.027 0.043
軽井沢町 軽井沢町役場 0.09 0.019 0.033
松本市 松本合同庁舎 0.111 0.041 0.063
諏訪市 諏訪合同庁舎 0.108 0.036 0.05
飯田市 飯田合同庁舎 0.108 0.048 0.057
大町市 大町合同庁舎 0.121 0.043 0.073
岐阜市 防災交流センター 0.103 0.052 0.059
各務原市 保健環境研究所 0.095 0.058 0.062
大垣市 西濃総合庁舎 0.112 0.055 0.061
美濃市 中濃総合庁舎 0.117 0.052 0.061
郡上市 郡上総合庁舎 0.154 0.042 0.061
恵那市 恵那総合庁舎 0.14 0.07 0.077
下呂市 下呂総合庁舎 0.153 0.064 0.085
静岡市 県環境衛生科学研究所 0.055 0.024 0.028
浜松市 浜松総合庁舎 0.063 0.028 0.031
磐田市 中遠総合庁舎 0.071 0.033 0.036
藤枝市 藤枝総合庁舎 0.072 0.034 0.039
沼津市 東部総合庁舎 0.061 0.028 0.032
熱海市 熱海総合庁舎 0.083 0.026 0.03
伊豆市 沼津土木事務所修善寺支所 0.077 0.024 0.027
下田市 下田総合庁舎 0.067 0.034 0.037
名古屋市 環境調査センター 0.08 0.035 0.041
豊橋市 環境調査センター東三河支所 0.071 0.036 0.039
岡崎市 西三河県民事務所 0.104 0.074 0.078
一宮市 木曽川消防署大気測定局 0.098 0.048 0.054
設楽町 新城設楽建設事務所設楽支所 0.099 0.047 0.051
四日市市 県保健環境研究所 0.096 0.033 0.046
伊賀市 伊賀庁舎 0.112 0.061 0.066
伊勢市 伊勢庁舎 0.094 0.045 0.051
尾鷲市 広域防災拠点施設 0.153 0.078 0.083
大津市 県衛生科学センター 0.062 0.032 0.035
草津市 県草津保健所(南部合同庁舎) 0.09 0.062 0.067
長浜市 県木之本合同庁舎 0.099 0.035 0.052
高島市 南部消防署 0.101 0.015 0.033
大津市 大津北消防署 0.09 0.052 0.059
甲賀市 県甲賀保健所(甲賀合同庁舎) 0.116 0.057 0.073
東近江市 県東近江保健所 0.101 0.03 0.047
彦根市 県彦根保健所 0.091 0.034 0.047
長浜市 県長浜保健所(湖北合同庁舎) 0.085 0.032 0.04
京都市伏見区 保健環境研究所 0.077 0.036 0.04
宮津市 宮津総合庁舎 0.106 0.036 0.054
舞鶴市 中丹東保健所 0.095 0.028 0.041
綾部市 綾部総合庁舎 0.121 0.031 0.043
南丹市美山町 南丹土木事務所美山出張所 0.15 0.022 0.041
南丹市園部町 南丹保健所 0.111 0.042 0.056
京都市左京区 久多測定所 0.145 0.012 0.052
京都市上京区 京都府庁 0.124 0.044 0.057
京都市伏見区 保健環境研究所 0.1 0.049 0.055
木津川市 木津総合庁舎 0.106 0.046 0.051
大阪市 府立公衆衛生研究所 0.087 0.039 0.042
茨木市 茨木保健所 0.098 0.051 0.056
寝屋川市 寝屋川保健所 0.124 0.068 0.072
東大阪市 環境衛生検査センター 0.137 0.073 0.078
富田林市 富田林保健所 0.103 0.06 0.063
泉佐野市 市立佐野中学校 0.145 0.048 0.051
神戸市兵庫区 県健康生活科学研究所 0.078 0.034 0.037
尼崎市 尼崎総合庁舎 0.107 0.068 0.072
姫路市 姫路総合庁舎 0.148 0.063 0.07
豊岡市 豊岡総合庁舎 0.124 0.031 0.058
丹波市 柏原総合庁舎 0.137 0.047 0.07
洲本市 洲本総合庁舎 0.115 0.053 0.064
大和高田市 県高田土木事務所 0.087 0.044 0.048
宇陀市 県宇陀川浄化センター 0.133 0.044 0.053
下市町 県吉野保健所 0.096 0.055 0.058
奈良市 奈良土木事務所 0.098 0.058 0.061
和歌山市 県環境衛生研究センター 0.096 0.007 0.034
橋本市 伊都総合庁舎 0.12 0.042 0.047
田辺市 西牟婁総合庁舎 0.108 0.05 0.059
新宮市 東牟婁総合庁舎 0.105 0.066 0.071
湯梨浜町 県衛生環境研究所 0.105 0.035 0.062
琴浦町 きらりタウン赤碕 0.16 0.027 0.06
南部町 南部町法勝寺庁舎 0.136 0.033 0.055
日野町 日野振興センター 0.136 0.025 0.057
大山町 大山町大山支所 0.127 0.026 0.053
鳥取市 鳥取県庁 0.128 0.021 0.06
大田市 大田高校 0.147 0.027 0.034
江津市 江津市分庁舎 0.143 0.051 0.055
浜田市 浜田合同庁舎 0.138 0.046 0.053
邑南町 邑南町役場 0.138 0.028 0.049
奥出雲町 県仁多土木事務所 0.156 0.053 0.088
岡山市 県環境保健センター 0.084 0.042 0.047
笠岡市 笠岡小学校 0.123 0.068 0.076
新見市 備中県民局新見地域事務所 0.105 0.041 0.051
津山市 県食肉衛生検査所 0.104 0.048 0.056
和気町 備前県民局東備地域事務所 0.112 0.056 0.061
広島市 県健康福祉センター 0.095 0.036 0.047
廿日市 西部厚生環境事務所 0.111 0.064 0.07
東広島市 西部東厚生環境事務所 0.132 0.058 0.065
尾道市 東部厚生環境事務所 0.09 0.05 0.056
三次市 北部厚生環境事務所 0.153 0.057 0.092
山口市 県環境保健センター大歳庁舎 0.139 0.086 0.095
岩国市 岩国健康福祉センター 0.113 0.048 0.057
萩市 萩総合庁舎 0.141 0.064 0.072
下関市 西部高等産業技術学校 0.122 0.05 0.056
周防大島町 農林総合技術センター柑きつ振興センター 0.11 0.056 0.061
徳島市 徳島保健所 0.062 0.036 0.04
鳴門市 東部県土整備局鳴門庁舎 0.105 0.048 0.054
美波町 南部総合県民局美波庁舎 0.107 0.049 0.054
三好市 池田総合体育館 0.125 0.05 0.06
高松市 県環境保健研究センター 0.116 0.049 0.053
さぬき市 東讃保健福祉事務所 0.11 0.068 0.075
丸亀市 中讃保健福祉事務所 0.099 0.051 0.055
観音寺市 西讃保健福祉事務所 0.097 0.046 0.056
新居浜市 総合科学博物館 0.154 0.061 0.068
今治市 県立今治東中等教育学校 0.123 0.062 0.069
八幡浜市 市立武道館 0.095 0.036 0.053
宇和島市 県南予地方局宇和島庁舎 0.099 0.053 0.057
松山市 県産業技術研究所 0.141 0.07 0.078
高知市 県保健衛生総合庁舎 0.057 0.022 0.026
安芸市 安芸広域公園里のゾーン 0.083 0.033 0.042
本山町 中央東土木事務所本山事務所 0.098 0.03 0.036
佐川町 中央西福祉保健所 0.118 0.034 0.039
四万十市 中村高等技術学校 0.126 0.053 0.06
太宰府市 県保健環境研究所 0.074 0.031 0.037
福岡市博多区 福岡県庁 0.111 0.054 0.059
糸島市 糸島総合庁舎 0.092 0.04 0.043
久留米市 久留米総合庁舎 0.1 0.032 0.037
飯塚市 飯塚総合庁舎 0.085 0.035 0.04
北九州市八幡西区 八幡総合庁舎 0.129 0.056 0.06
行橋市 行橋総合庁舎 0.115 0.049 0.054
佐賀市 佐賀県環境センター 0.093 0.046 0.05
唐津市 玉島小学校 0.102 0.038 0.042
鳥栖市 鳥栖総合庁舎 0.08 0.03 0.035
多久市 産業技術学院 0.097 0.039 0.048
武雄市 武雄総合庁舎 0.084 0.05 0.055
嬉野市 佐賀県立塩田工業高等学校 0.083 0.036 0.041
大村市 長崎県環境保健研究センター 0.063 0.026 0.03
長崎市 長崎県西彼保健所 0.081 0.033 0.038
島原市 長崎県県南保健所 0.086 0.039 0.044
平戸市 長崎県県北保健所 0.091 0.037 0.043
松浦市 松浦市役所 0.107 0.04 0.044
壱岐市 長崎県壱岐保健所 0.094 0.05 0.057
宇土市 県保健環境科学研究所 0.062 0.025 0.028
荒尾市 荒尾市役所 0.089 0.031 0.034
熊本市 熊本県庁 0.089 0.032 0.037
八代市 八代市役所 0.115 0.047 0.052
水俣市 県環境センター 0.118 0.037 0.043
天草市 県天草保健所 0.123 0.041 0.05
大分市 県衛生環境研究センター 0.083 0.048 0.051
佐伯市 佐伯豊南高等学校 0.095 0.045 0.051
日田市 日田総合庁舎 0.093 0.034 0.038
国東市 国東高等学校 0.091 0.034 0.038
大分市 佐賀関小学校 0.094 0.034 0.044
宮崎市 県衛生環境研究所 0.07 0.024 0.029
延岡市 延岡保健所 0.1 0.048 0.054
小林市 小林保健所 0.097 0.044 0.05
都城市 都城保健所 0.087 0.038 0.042
鹿児島市 環境保健センター 0.084 0.043 0.047
南さつま市 南薩地域振興局 0.078 0.036 0.04
霧島市 姶良・伊佐地域振興局霧島庁舎 0.099 0.042 0.048
鹿屋市 大隅地域振興局 0.078 0.03 0.034
西之表市 熊毛支庁 0.075 0.027 0.031
奄美市 大島支庁 0.075 0.039 0.043
うるま市 原子力艦放射能調査施設 0.06 0.015 0.023
那覇市 沖縄県庁 0.087 0.041 0.044
名護市 北部福祉保健所 0.062 0.023 0.025
石垣市 八重山福祉保健所 0.054 0.014 0.015
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海外ニュースから 2017/10/4・5

US prepared to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely – Pentagon chiefs
Despite the $12.5 billion annual price tag for US involvement in Afghanistan, the US will continue its longest war indefinitely so that the Taliban don’t think they can “wait us out,” top Pentagon officials told Congress.

A bolstered offensive against the Taliban will drive the insurgents to a reconciliation that will end the war, US Defense Secretary James Mattis told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, testifying alongside Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford.

Previously, the Taliban had a timetable for the US leaving and it motivated them to fight, but they don’t have such a timetable anymore, Dunford said, explaining the new administration’s strategy to skeptical senators.

“We want them to have no hope of ever winning,” Mattis said.

Many lawmakers at the hearing seemed to have lost hope for the US ever winning the 16-year war, the longest in American history, as they repeatedly asked if it was even winnable.

“Yes,” Dunford replied.

“We’re at a stalemate,” Mattis acknowledged. “We’re not at a point where we can bring an effective political solution to the war.”

The US has concerns about Russia’s role in Afghanistan, Mattis told the senators, without elaborating what that role is and what exactly he was concerned about.

“I’m concerned that Russia is not operating in its own best interest,” the defense secretary said.
During his visit to Afghanistan last week, Mattis accused Russia of supporting the Taliban. At the Senate hearing, however, he said, “I can’t define that support, we’re still getting intel.”

Pakistan’s key intelligence ‘connected to terrorists' – US top general
The Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff has accused Pakistan’s main intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) directorate, of having ties with terrorists.
Joseph Dunford made the announcement while facing the Senate Armed Services Committee alongside with the US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Tuesday.

“I think it’s clear to me that the ISI has connections with terrorist groups,” Dunford told the Committee.

Mattis echoed Dunford’s stance on ISI, stating that the agency is pursuing its own agenda while Pakistan itself struggles to fight terrorism.

“They have lost probably more troops than any other single country in the fight against terrorism – at the same time we’ve seen havens left to the terrorists’ own devices. We’ve seen the government of Pakistan come down on terrorists, when the ISI appears to run its own policy,” Mattis said.

Yet, he noted that Trump’s administration will try to work with Pakistan in Afghanistan “one more time” before exploring options to curb the alleged support for terrorism from certain elements in the Pakistani government.

“We need to try one more time to make this strategy work with them, by, with and through the Pakistanis, and if our best efforts fail, the president is prepared to take whatever steps are necessary,” Mattis told House Armed Services Committee later Tuesday.

Iran compliant with nuclear deal, we should 'stay with' it – US Defense Secretary
The US should stay in the Iran nuclear deal, as Tehran has been found to be "compliant" with the agreement, Pentagon chief James Mattis said. President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to scrap what he has called the "worst deal ever negotiated.”

"I believe that they [Iran] fundamentally are [in compliance]. There have been certainly some areas where they were not temporarily in that regard, but overall our intelligence community believes that they have been compliant and the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] also says so," Mattis said during a House of Representatives hearing Tuesday.

"The point I would make is that if we can confirm that Iran is living by the agreement, if we can determine that this is in our best interest, then clearly we should stay with it," Mattis told the Senate Armed Services Committee. "I believe at this point in time, absent indications to the contrary, it is something that the president should consider staying with.”

Iran is "not in a material breach of the agreement," said General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “I believe that [the agreement] has delayed Iran's nuclear program."

Bad vibrations: Smart sex toys vulnerable to hackers, researchers find
Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in smart sex toys, including those made in the US, that allows hackers to easily take control of the devices from the street.
Walking through the streets of Berlin, Alex Lomas, a researcher from security group Pen Test Partners, said he was “genuinely surprised” to see an adult sex toy pop up on his phone.

Using a technique Lomas dubbed “screwdriving” - a play on “wardriving,” a term hackers use for locating Wi-Fi networks while driving - Lomas showed how hackers could “fairly accurately” locate a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled sex toy using triangulation.

“We went hunting…and found some devices in an exploitable state…in people,” Lomas wrote in a blog.

Al-Nusra leader gravely injured by airstrike, 12 commanders killed – Russian MoD
The leader of Al-Nusra has been critically injured in an airstrike carried out by the Russian Air Force, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, adding that at least 12 Al-Nusra field commanders had been killed in the same attack.

Abu Mohammad al-Julani, the Commander-in-chief of Tahrir al-Sham, a terrorist group formed after the collapse of the Al-Nusra terrorist organization, was targeted by the Russian airstrike, the ministry's spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said.

Julani “sustained shrapnel wounds and is in a critical condition after losing his arm, according to information from multiple independent sources,” Konashenkov added.

The airstrike killed at least 12 Al-Nusra field commanders and some 50 members of the group’s security detail, the ministry’s spokesman said, adding that Julani’s aide was also killed in the Russian strike.

On October 3, Russian intelligence “uncovered the time and place of the Al-Nusra leadership meeting” led by Juliani, the statement said. After getting confirmation of the terrorists’ arrival and the start of the meeting, Su-34 fighter-bombers and Su-35 fighters were deployed to strike the location.

More than a dozen militants were also injured in the airstrike, the ministry added.

Abu Mohammad al-Julani, leader of Al-Nusra Front, has fallen into a coma following a Russian surgical strike on the terrorist group’s top commanders in Syria’s Idlib province, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry.
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希望に満ちたサウジ国王のモスクワ訪問だが何も変わらないだろう アルジャジーラ

Al Jazeera News2017/10/5
Saudi's king in Moscow: An unexpected rapprochement
Old foes Saudi and Russia disagree on Syria, but a historic visit by the Gulf monarch may reset relations.

Moscow, Russia - Saudi Arabia's foreign ministry hailed this week's visit of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to Moscow as "historic".

Diplomats rarely mean what they say, and the word is a bit of a cliche in their lexicon.

But this time, it may be true.

Riyadh and Moscow have been at odds for decades. The two oil superpowers produce almost half of the world's crude - and fiercely compete for market shares. Moscow's efforts that propped up Syrian President Bashar Assad's government have pitted Russia against Saudis and other Sunni Arab states.

Yet, in the past year, an unexpected rapprochement between the two nations has been in the making amid Moscow's deteriorating ties with the US, and US President Donald Trump's unpredictable policy shifts.

"Our main hope is that the visit will give a new, powerful impetus to the development of bilateral ties, because the potential of our ties is much richer than the de-facto situation," Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said Friday.

A deal on Syria?

Saudis no longer demand Assad's immediate removal from power and do not lambast Russia's military operation that has entered its third year on Saturday.

Damascus now claims that 92 percent of Syria's territory has been "liberated" from its foes - and Russian air strikes and unrelenting political backing played a major role. Observers in Moscow claim the king's visit has to do with a region-wide reassessment of political sympathies.

"Three years ago, Washington's actions mattered the most," Anatoly Tsiganok, a Moscow-based defence analyst, told Al Jazeera. "Now, the situation has changed cardinally, that is why now Middle Eastern nations pay attention to Russia."

A Kremlin adviser claims that King Salman's visit is related to the losses pro-Saudi opposition groups suffered in the Syrian war.

"In Syria, Saudi Arabia has suffered a defeat, without doubt, and now there is a threat that the pro-Saudi forces in Syria, mostly the al-Nusra Front, will simply face massive purges," Sergei Markov, head of the Institute of Political Research, a Moscow-based think-tank, told Al Jazeera.

"The most important task for the king would be to make sure that all pro-Saudi forces are not destroyed and integrated in post-war Syria," he said.

King Salman may further soften his stance on four "de-escalation zones" in Syria that have been announced by Russia, Turkey and Iran.

In turn, Moscow toned down its criticism of Riyadh's military operation in Yemen.

Oil prices and overcoming sanctions

In mid-2014, oil price collapsed from above $100 a barrel.

Russia and Saudi Arabia predictably panicked, and tried to work out an oil output reduction that would boost the price. But they failed to iron out an action plan, and Russia even pledged to increase production.

Meanwhile, American shale crude flooded the markets, and long-term perspectives for "traditional" hydrocarbon producers started to look gloomy.

Last December, Moscow and Riyadh convinced OPEC and 11 non-OPEC nations to reduce their oil exports by 1.8 million barrels per day.

COUNTING THE COST: The oil market's rebalancing act (25:01)

By late September, oil prices rose to $60 a barrel because compliance with the deal "was exceptionally good," Moscow-based oil analyst Sergey Khestanov told Al Jazeera.

"It is very likely that similar accords could be maintained in the future just because they benefitted all the participants," he said.

Russia's Energy Minister Alexander Novak repeatedly praised Aramco's interest in various energy projects and even production of liquefied natural gas in the Arctic.

"Our cooperation with Saudi Arabia has been at a top-flight level," Novak said in July.
Arms and atoms

King Salman is also expected to sign a $3.5bn arms deal in Moscow.

Saudi Arabia has long been looking to expand the list of its suppliers beyond the US. Russia, the world's second-largest exporter of arms, is ready to sign in.

Although no details on the arms deal have been available, military expert Tsiganok claims that Riyadh is eager to obtain Russia's ballistic missiles and air defence systems.

"The systems showed their huge capability in Syria," he said.

Russia may also help Saudi Arabia realise its civilian nuclear ambitions.

Riyadh wants to become the second nation in the Middle East after Iran to build nuclear power stations - and is ready to spend $80bn on 16 of them.

Rosatom, Russia's state-run nuclear monopoly that helped Tehran complete the Bushehr power station, is trying to ink a deal - but it will have to compete with rivals from France, South Africa and China.

An old rivalry

The dawn of Saudi-Russian ties looked promising. Communist Russia was the first state to recognise Saudi Arabia's independence back in 1926.

But Riyadh was quick to condemn red Moscow's attempts to import the Communist ideology to the region. The Soviet Union threw its political weight behind socialists in South Yemen and backed nationalist governments in Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

King Khalid lambasted the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and Riyadh's decision to boost oil output in the 1980s ruined Soviet economy.

A handful of Saudi nationals fought in the separatist war in Chechnya, and Moscow accused Saudi Muslim leaders of trying to disseminate their austere version of Islam in the mostly-Muslim regions of southern Russia.

One of Russia's leading experts on the Middle East is sceptical about any breakthroughs King Salman's visit could bring about.

"We've been waiting for these breakthroughs since the late 1960s," Alexey Malashenko, a senior Middle East expert with the Moscow-based Institute for the Dialogue of Civilizations told Al Jazeera.

He said that Saudis won't sacrifice their traditionally close alliance with the US for the sake of closer ties with Moscow - and Russia is not going to risk its reliance on Iran.

"This is a typical visit with hopes," he said. "This is good, but it won't change anything."

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どうやって、目をそらすことができますか?  地中海難民危機




以下の記事は、地中海で活動する英国人ライフガード Austin Wainwright が彼の活動と心中について始めて語ったものとされています。ショッキングな内容も含みますが、管理人は彼の述べたことは事実だと判断しています。以下は日本語訳です。
































Translated by EVITA

‘How can you look away?’ British lifeguard describes true horror of Mediterranean migrant crisis
British lifeguard Austin Wainwright has been on the front line of the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. Speaking out for the first time, he describes for RT the human tragedy of Europe’s neglect unfolding at sea and its emotional toll.

It is getting dark now, and still no news. The rescue vessel rolls with the swell and although we are upwind of the body, the smell reaches us every now and then.

We cannot risk being further away for fear of losing it in the dwindling light, and eventually we decide to attach a chemical light stick to the ankle.

We have been sitting in the Mediterranean, 17 nautical miles from Tripoli and Sabratha, for almost six hours now, ever since we came across the floating body while on a search for the remains of a sunken rubber boat. This poor soul did not come from that boat; the body has been in the water for around four days and marine life has not left it alone.

Sole and Nicolas, the lifeguards I am working with, tenderly attach the light stick as I manoeuvre the RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) delicately.

We feel sick. Not so much due to the smell or sight of this person, but because of the apathy coming from Europe.

This is the second migrant crisis I have experienced, the first being with the Spanish Red Cross in the Canary Islands (2006-2008). I arrived here thinking it would be the same, thinking I knew what was happening. I have been very much humbled.

We sit in silence waiting again for MRCC Rome (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) to confirm we can recover the body. We feel that support would have been far quicker if it were a European body. The smell washes over us again; a smell that I still remember vividly months later.

To pick up one single body may seem pointless. More than 2,500 people have drowned this year while fleeing poverty, persecution and violence in Africa and the Middle East.

Their main point of departure is Libya - a country torn apart by war and with a Central Government that only manages to control a fraction of the country. The rest is run by warlords and militias who have various, shifting alliances.

The EU recognizes the GNA (Government of National Accord) in Tripoli as the official ruling entity, supplying the Libyan Coast Guard (LCG) with money, training and patrol vessels in an effort to curb migrants and refugees leaving its northern shore.

Recently the LCG announced it would handle all search and rescue missions up to 70 nautical miles from its coast. It is one thing to say this – and another to be competent enough to do it.

What is clear to all NGOs is that this would cause more loss of life. Those who are ‘rescued’ by the LCG will be taken back to Libya where they are kept in squalid camps, detained, beaten, raped and killed.

Since I have been volunteering here the LCG has become more and more hostile, and we have on two occasions had warning shots fired over us. The third time our vessel was held at gunpoint and almost forced to Tripoli.

All of these instances occurred in international waters, and while working on search and rescue operations coordinated by MRCC Rome. When we requested support from Rome and FRONTEX (the European Coastguard Coalition) our calls fell on deaf ears. We went from being under their coordination to being alone.

Refugees and migrants returned by the LCG face a fate worse than death in makeshift detention centers. Time and again they tell us they would rather die at sea than return to “The Country of the Devil.”

On every rescue we are told about the treatment they received in Libya. Women are raped systematically, so much so that there are cases where those brought aboard the rescue vessels run by our NGO, Proactiva Open Arms, are unable even to sit down.

Sexual and other violence does not end with the women. It is used to coerce family members in the countries of origin to pay ransoms. This also involves beatings and other unspeakable acts.

One man from Ghana told me how he witnessed his best friend's legs doused in petrol and set alight as his Libyan captors held a phone to his head so that his family would hear him scream. Others tell of being sold as slaves, forced to work until they either escape or are allowed to leave. In some cases we are told of people being returned by the LCG and sold directly back to smugglers and slavers.

How is it that the EU and Italy can justify cooperation with these countries?

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson recently visited Libya, shaking hands with the very people overseeing these detention centers and praising them for their work.

How can the public look away?

A friend told me the answer is simple. It is easier to blame migrants for our countries’ problems than to admit the truth. If we admit the truth about Africa then we admit our own way of life is fragile. We wouldn’t sleep at night. Ignorance is bliss, they say.

It is dark now and finally we get the all clear from MRCC Rome to pick up the body. The recovery takes a long time because it has been in the water for so long. Some may argue it is futile. Why not leave him there?

To us he is still a person with a family, he deserves better and we will not let the EU sweep this one under the rug. When we finally step aboard our main ship from the RHIBS we are tired.

The other volunteers hug us as tears of frustration sting our eyes.

The next morning another body is found. No one wants to do this again but we have to. It is why we are here.

As I suit up, a refugee rescued alive the previous morning looks at me and seeing my face asks “are you going for another body?”

I choke and can’t speak, so I nod my head. Silently he mouths “thank you.”

- Austin Wainwright is a third generation British lifeguard with a decade of experience in migration crises

- The chief mate and RHIB driver has completed eight missions for Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms

- Proactiva is one of the only NGOs remaining in the Med after rescuing more than 35,000 people in international waters over the last two years


RT2017/10/4 https://on.rt.com/8p14
Britain has blood on its hands in Libya, not the time for Johnson jokes - political activist

In many ways, what Boris Johnson is doing is very much like Donald Trump. He is saying outrageous things, grabbing the limelight to himself, political activist and social justice campaigner George Barda told RT.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson suggested Libya could become the next Dubai, but it has to clear away the “dead bodies” first. The comment was made at a Conservative Party Conference fringe event this week, prompting fresh calls for him to be sacked.

Johnson was also accused of being remarkably undiplomatic after a video emerged of him reciting a colonial poem on his visit to Myanmar earlier this year.
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全国人口動態統計概数 2017/5分

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2017/10/4 クラスノダールのセキュリティ関係会議に73カ国が参加


U.S. government representatives to attend Annual Meeting of the Special Services and Law Enforcement Entities
October 4 – 5, U.S. government representatives from Embassy Moscow and officials from Washington, D.C. will attend the 16th Annual Meeting of the Special Services and Law Enforcement Entities held in Krasnodar, Russia and hosted by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). The meeting will focus on international law enforcement cooperation and counterterrorism, as well as planning and preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. According to the FSB, 116 delegations from 74 countries will participate in the conference. The U.S. Mission considers these types of meetings important for coordination of efforts to combat global security threats and to ensure the safety of Americans abroad.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov addresses the press in Krasnodar on Wednesday, October 4, at the 16th Meeting of Heads of Special Services, Security Agencies and Law- Enforcement Organizations.


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ISIS wants to create ‘new global terrorist network’ – Russia’s FSB chief
The leftovers of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) could try to form a new terrorist network after its eventual defeat in the Middle East, Federal Security Service (FSB) Director Aleksandr Bortnikov warns.

The terrorists have been “almost defeated while attempting to build their caliphate in Iraq and Syria,” he noted.

Yet, "the leaders of IS and other international terrorist groups have defined their global strategic objective as the creation of a new, worldwide terrorist network,” Bortnikov stated at a meeting of security services and law enforcement agencies from Russia and 73 other countries in the Russian city of Krasnodar.

This expansion can be seen through attacks hitting not only war-torn states, such as Iraq and Syria, but also Spain, Turkey, Russia, Sweden, Finland and the UK, he noted.

The terrorists must “demonstrate to their current and potential future sponsors and sympathisers” that they still have the ability to take further action.

Terrorists have been rapidly losing ground in Iraq and Syria over the past months. Now, Bortnikov noted, “militants are purposefully spread out beyond the Middle East, concentrating in unstable regions with the aim of creating new hotspots of tension and armed conflict.”

The most important of these regions was Afghanistan, Bortnikov explained, where IS has already got a foothold in certain areas and may try to spread its influence into India, China, Iran and Central Asia.

Additionally, other terrorist strongholds are emerging in Yemen, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Bortnikov also revealed that the terrorists pose a threat not only in the real world, but online as well. Besides spreading propaganda and finding new recruits, they are also forming new “cyber-divisions” which can be deployed to attack key infrastructure. This kind of threat, the FSB chief warned, requires worldwide co-operation.

“Considering that many computer attacks are of an international nature, the effectiveness of countering them is largely determined by the organization and co-operation of national security agents reacting to computer incidents,” said the official.

To counter the evolving global threat, the official proposed to “expand practical co-operation in reacting to computer incidents and to consider forming an international legal framework for banning the development of malicious software.”

The respective software may come in the form of malware, spyware, viruses and other programs that can be used to damage or infiltrate computer systems.

Bortnikov’s remarks come after a number of serious global cyberattacks on computer systems.

In May, over 250,000 computer systems from 150 countries around the world, including Russia, the United States, the UK, India, Brazil and Japan, were infected with the WannaCry ransomware. A month later the WannaCry was followed by a similar, but smaller attack using the Petya ransomware, which is said to have affected more than 20,000 people around the world.
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ISIS attacked Syrian positions from US-controlled area, used sophisticated data – Moscow

A series of recent Islamic State attacks against Syrian forces used sophisticated intelligence and originated from a US-controlled area near al-Tanf on the Syria-Jordan border, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

“We have repeatedly pointed out that the major obstacle to the complete elimination of IS (Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria lies not in the fighting capability of the terrorists but [in the fact] that American colleagues are supporting them and are ‘flirting’ with them,” the Russian Defense Ministry's spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said in a statement.

He went on to say that the successful advances of the Syrian Army, supported by the Russian Air Force, as well as the “rapid liberation” of the Euphrates Valley from Islamic State are “apparently at odds with the plans of US colleagues.”

The ministry’s spokesman then said that the recent well-coordinated actions of the terrorists indicate that they possess intelligence data that can only be obtained as a result of air reconnaissance. He noted that all the terrorist attacks originated from the same US-controlled area.

The extremists attempted to carry out an attack against the Syrian governmental forces, which was “coordinated in time and place,” in the Syrian Homs province on September 28, Konashenkov said.

He drew attention to the fact that a large terrorist unit “successfully bypassed” all the Syrian Army’s hidden outposts in the area. That, the official noted, could have been done only if the extremists had precise coordinates of each governmental forces’ position obtained through air reconnaissance data, which were analyzed by some specialists in advance.

The major-general said that, on the same day, the jihadists also attacked the Syrian Army positions along the highway linking the Syrian cities of Palmyra and Deir ez-Zor, which plays a crucial role in supplying the governmental forces in the Euphrates Valley.

The Syrian Army had to “make significant efforts” to repel these attacks, but the terrorists were eventually driven back.

All those attacks “have only one thing in common: all of them originated from a 50-kilometer zone surrounding the city of al-Tanf on the Syria-Jordan border,” Konashenkov said, adding that it is precisely the same area, where the US military mission’s base is located.

In response to the Russian ministry’s statement, the Pentagon vehemently denied that the US-led coalition in Syria has any links to Islamic State, calling such suggestions “baseless” and “unhelpful.”

"Coalition forces remain focused on the defeat of ISIS [Islamic State]. Any suggestion that US forces or our coalition partners work with terrorist groups is baseless and unhelpful to the operation to defeat ISIS," the US Department of Defense spokesman, Adrian Rankine-Galloway, told Sputnik on Wednesday.

In his statement, Konashenkov doubted that all those incidents could be described as just “mere coincidences” by saying that, “if the US side considers such operations as “’unforeseen’ contingencies, the Russian Air Forces in Syria are ready to eliminate” them in an area they control.

It is not the first time, when the Russian officials suspected the US-led coalition of having links to some radical groups in Syria and the Al Nusra Front, a local Al Qaeda branch, in particular.

In early September, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the situation around Al Nusra in Syria remains “highly ambiguous” as it was repeatedly spared in the operations conducted by the US-led coalition and its allies.

On September 20, the Russian Defense Ministry said it obtained data indicating that an offensive launched by Al Nusra terrorists and their allies seeking particularly to capture a unit of the Russian military police was orchestrated by the US security services.

Just four days later, the ministry released aerial images, which they said showed US Army Special Forces equipment in an ISIS-held area to the north of the city of Deir ez-Zor. The US, however, denied having any links to the jihadists.

On October 3, Lavrov once again raised the issue of the US-led coalition’s alleged links to the extremist groups as he criticized the US for playing dangerous games by inspiring “terrorists to attack strategic locations” held by the Syrian governmental forces or staging “fatal provocations against our [Russian] military personnel.”
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バスビー博士 大阪市内のフィルター分析結果


バズビー博士による二次測定結果 人工濃縮ウラン235発生源は大阪市此花区近辺!







アクチニウム系列 ウラン235の崩壊系列











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US, Kurds Fail to Collude with ISIL to Seize Control over Strategic Region in Eastern Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- Washington and Kurds have failed to reach an agreement with ISIL terrorists on earning control over a key region in Eastern Deir Ezzur, a Syrian media outlet disclosed on Wednesday.

The Arabic-language al-Watan daily quoted Sheikh Mohammad Amlah al-Daham, the leader of al-Akidat tribe, as saying that the US and Kurdish forces entered talks with the ISIL to let them capture the town of al-Basireh following the Syrian Army troops' advances towards the town of al-Mayadeen in Southeastern Deir Ezzur.

He told al-Watan that the Kurdish forces demanded the ISIL to retreat from al-Basireh region and join the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Hasaka province.

Al-Daham further told the paper that a large number of ISIL terrorists deployed in al-Basireh accepted the Kurd's offer and joined the SDF, but, a number of them refused and stayed in the region to continue battle, pushing the initial agreement into failure.

Reports said earlier this month that almost 500 ISIL joined the Kurdish forces in the town of al-Shaddadi in Southern Hasaka.

Al-Daham said on Friday that almost 500 ISIL gunmen that had fled the battlefields joined the SDF in the town of al-Shaddadi in Southern Hasaka amid the Syrian Army troops' rapid advances in Deir Ezzur.

Al-Daham said that the SDF in cooperation with Washington were to take control over Syria's oil and other resources, adding, "We, Syrian tribe-men, do not believe in the SDF and the US as they just want to hoist SDF's flag in the country."
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