Indian Muslims Protest Against Terror Funding by Saudi Arabia
TEHRAN (FNA)- Thousands of Indian Muslims registered their protest in New Delhi against Saudi Arabia for its alleged connivance with terrorist outfits including ISIL. The protesters said the Saudi Arabia should stop funding Daesh, Al-Qaeda, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen and others or it will boomerang.

Protesters also demanded the restoration of Islamic heritage popularly known as Jannat-Ul-Baqi and Jannat-Ul-Maula at the site in Saudi Arabia. Jannat-Ul-Baqi is shrine of Fatima Zahra, the daughter and grandson of the Prophet of Islam, Sputnik reported.

​"We have gathered here in Jantar-Mantar in thousands for two days to send a message to Saudi government that the way the Saudi Arabia government are behaving is totally against Islam. ISIL is being funded by Saudi government which is creating havoc in Syria, Iran, Iraq and India. We have submitted a memorandum to the Saudi Arabian embassy in New Delhi and asked to stop unlawful support to terrorists," Z Ahmed Chamman, the general secretary of All India Shiite Sunni Front, said.

"People from all caste, community, and creed along with well-known scholars, poets, human rights activists joined the protest to mark the brutal crime of desecration of holy shrines at Madina Munawara, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," the front said.

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Iran remembers victims of passenger plane downed by US






記事を用意して待っていたら来ました。ど真ん中のストライクが! 民間航空機を撃ち落したり、モスクを爆撃して何百人も殺したり、しかし、核兵器の事故となれば犠牲者も環境に対する害も桁違いです。

Pentagon classifies nuke ops over possible safety failures – AP
The Pentagon is now hiding the safety records of its nuclear weapons, AP has reported, with experts quoting potential failures as the reason for such secrecy. The reports were previously publicly available.

The reason for the change as cited by the authorities is to avoid disclosing too much about US nuclear capabilities.

“We are comfortable with the secrecy… As long as nuclear weapons exist, the US will maintain a safe, secure and effective nuclear stockpile,” Navy Capt Greg Hicks, spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, as cited by AP.

Many experts, however, don’t see this as a viable reason for keeping the nuclearprogram under wraps.

Steven Aftergood, a government secrecy expert with the Federation of American Scientists, told AP the situation “smells bad” and the authorities are “acting like they have something to hide, and it’s not national security secrets.”

“I think the new policy fails to distinguish between protecting valid secrets and shielding incompetence. Clearly, nuclear weapons technology secrets should be protected. But negligence or misconduct in handling nuclear weapons should not be insulated from public accountability,” Aftergood added.

AP reported on US nuclear shortcomings twice before, in 2013 and 2014, when the data was still open to the public. Those reports detailed problems such as security lapses, leadership and training failures, and low morale.

This, in turn, led US top brass to look into the matter.

Following the review that appeared in 2014, then-US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel began an independent inquiry into the issues. However, the findings remain classified, according to AP.

The secrecy only became obvious when an Air Force personnel office published a June 14 notice on its website stating that the ‘grade,’ or final result, of a nuclear review couldn’t be mentioned in any unclassified personnel document.

The regulation came into effect in March, and is valid for the US Navy and Air Force, which both operate nuclear weapons.

The Pentagon took the step after a change in “an instruction,” which spokesman Hicks described as a document for “limited” circulation and not subject to release. AP’s request for a copy was denied.
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JCAST ヘルスケア  2017/5/22 17:30
首都圏でプール熱が流行の兆し 埼玉県など手洗い、うがいの徹底を呼びかけ

下野新聞 6月11日 朝刊
プール熱、流行の兆し 栃木県内 過去最多の2014年を上回るペース

日本経済新聞 2017/6/14 13:04
プール熱、過去10年で最多 手洗いなど予防呼び掛け

医療介護 CBニュース 2017年06月16日 14:30
首都圏でプール熱猛威、東京は過去10年最多  警報レベルの地域続出

上毛新聞  2017年6月17日(土) AM 06:00
プール熱流行の兆し 県内、最多年上回る 注意呼び掛け

河北新報 2017年07月03日月曜日
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Grenades, rocket launchers & plastic explosive charges stolen from Portuguese arsenal - report
The Portuguese military is investigating the theft of a massive arms cache at one of its bases. A Spanish news outlet revealed the extent of the heist, reporting that the thieves got their hands on grenade launchers and a vast quantity of explosives.

Grenades, grenade launchers, 9mm ammo, explosives, and other military equipment disappeared from a Portuguese military base in Tancos, some 100 kilometers northeast of Lisbon, last Wednesday.

The Portuguese Army disclosed that the robbery had taken place the next day, but did not share the details with the public. On Monday, Spanish news outlet, El Espanol released an alleged list of the military equipment stolen.
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季節のご挨拶 今年の夏は暑いそうです 




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‘Chemical show’: Moscow slams latest claim of toxic gas use in Syria
Western media are putting on a ‘chemical show’ fueled by carefully crafted messages that pin the blame on Damascus for the alleged use of chemical weapons, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has said in response to the rebels’ latest claims of toxic gas attacks by Syria’s government.

On Saturday, the Failaq Al-Rahman group, an Islamist Syrian rebel cell affiliated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) accused Damascus of discharging chlorine gas in two neighborhoods of the Eastern Ghouta region, where the rebels are engaging Syrian government forces.

The statement produced on behalf of the FSA is nothing more than a "testament" of the official disinformation campaign which has already been launched against the government of Syria, Maria Zakharova said in her Facebook post Monday night.

While the rebel group claimed that more than 30 people suffered suffocation, the Syrian military immediately denied the accusations, calling them “false and baseless.”

“The General Command refuted these claims part and parcel, affirming that it never used chemical weapons before and will never use them as it doesn’t even possess them,” Sana reported.

“The chemical show is gaining momentum. The report on ‘Toxic gas attacks in Eastern Ghouta’ is another testament that the media campaign against Damascus has been launched," Zakharova wrote.

Incorporating an English copy of the FSA press release on the chemical attack, the vigilant spokeswoman pointed out the meticulously crafted wording of the document.

"I want to emphasize the impeccable English language[in the release], which could be seen in such international documents as the UN Security Council’s resolutions and others,” Zakharova wrote.

The Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman emphasized that the language in the document follows “all canons of the Western press-services,” and was apparently drafted intentionally with a purpose of fueling the anti-Assad campaign.

“This is not conversational English… It is the language used in international legal communications. These are the phrases that will then be offered by our Western colleagues... for example, in a draft Security Council statement condemning ‘chemical attacks by the regime against civilians,’” Zakharova said.

Calling the rebels’ press release “only a prelude,” Zakharova warned of further provocations and a continuation of a disinformation campaign.

Over the weekend, Zakharova warned that “many fakes” may soon hit news outlets alleging chemical weapons use by Damascus. In her post Sunday, Zakharova questioned the validity of videos of the chlorine gas attack.

Moscow’s warnings of chemical attack news fabrications follows the White House announcement last week which claimed that “potential preparations” for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad government were underway.

“If Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price,” the White House said.

In addition to Washington, the newly elected French President, Emanuel Macron, said France too could unilaterally strike Syria if chemical weapons are used there.

“If it is proven that chemical weapons are used on the ground and we can trace their provenance,” France may conduct unilateral strikes “to destroy the stocks of identified chemical weapons,” Macron said last month.

On Monday, Syrian deputy foreign minister Fayssal Mikdad told reporters that Washington should think twice before launching another strike.

“We will not be surprised if the US would commit new attacks on Syria, but the US must accurately account the reactions of Syria and its allies,” the official said, according to Sana.

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この夏は体調管理に特に注意 病院は患者を待っている








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米ロの核戦争になれば誰も生き残れない プーチン


‘Nobody would survive’: Putin to Oliver Stone on ‘hot war’ between Russia & US
No country on earth would survive should the world’s most powerful nuclear states unleash their atomic weapons, Vladimir Putin has said. His remarks form part of a series of interviews with American film director Oliver Stone.

The question of whether the human race would survive a potential global nuclear war has tormented the minds of generations, and indeed Stone, who wondered if the Russian president believes the US might emerge victorious if such a conflict were to break out.

“In a hot war is the US dominant?” the American director asked the Russian president.

“I don’t think anyone would survive such a conflict,” Putin replied in a short Showtime teaser, a precursor to a documentary titled 'The Putin Interviews' that will be aired next week.










READ MORE: Putin to Oliver Stone: I suggested Russia joining NATO to Clinton, he ‘didn’t mind’




READ MORE: ‘It's very important we hear what Putin has to say’ – Oliver Stone

(意訳:Japanese fugitive)

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Iraqi FM Warns Kurds against Provoking Neighbors

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari warned the Kurdish authorities and people against any unwise action that might enrage the neighboring states.

“Iraq is no longer as it was before. Kurds today enjoy their full rights," Jaafari was quoted by Asharq al-Awsat as saying.

He added that Kurds are found in the three authorities, sovereign ministries and the parliament – not only Kurds but all groups.

Al-Jaafari stressed that when dealing with the Kurdish issue, it should be taken into consideration that Iraq is host to the Kurdish community while neighboring countries also host similar populations and any unwise action would provoke Turkey, Iran, Syria and Russia.

His remarks came as the Iranian officials and politicians have always underlined the necessity for respecting Iraq's unity and territorial integrity.

Head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran's State Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati stressed in May that his country has focused all its efforts on foiling plots to weaken and disintegrate the regional states.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran aims to prevent the regional countries' weakening and disintegration and it can play an important role in line with international peace and stability," Velayati said in a meeting with German Deputy Foreign Minister Markus Ederer in Tehran.

He underlined that Iran has always stood against enemy plots in the region and fought against terrorism to strengthen global peace and stability.

Velayati, meantime, voiced regret that certain countries aren’t interested in resolving regional problems and rather seek to further complicate them.
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Just two weeks after popular French fitness blogger Rebecca Burger was killed when a whipped cream dispenser exploded, a similar incident has left a French mom injured.

The unnamed mother in the small town of Trémery, in the east of the country, was reportedly injured when a whipped cream dispenser exploded while she was making dessert at her four-year-old daughter’s birthday party.

The woman suffered an injury to her leg as a result of the explosion. "I shook the bottle and then it just exploded," the victim told local radio, as cited by The Local.

"At the time, I did not understand what was going on and did not feel anything. It was only when I saw the blood I realized.”

"It was terrible, the lid was gone and the cannister was lodged in the ceiling. When I saw the 15cm hole that it made, I thought if I had been hit it in the head, I would have been finished," she added.
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