‘Qatar siege, intimidation & sanctions’ unacceptable for Iran – Rouhani
Iran has called the Saudi-led economic siege of Qatar unacceptable and has called for dialogue to solve the diplomatic crisis. As long as the Gulf stalemate continues, Tehran has promised to provide air, sea and land support to its “brother” country.

“Pressure, intimidation, and sanctions cannot be suitable solutions to possible disagreements among regional countries,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told Qatari Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani on Sunday in a telephone conversation, Mehr news agency reports.

Accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut ties with Doha on June 5. On June 22, Kuwait delivered a list of 13 demands that it said Qatar must fulfil within 10 days for the blockade to be lifted. Among the key points of the ultimatum is the demand to cut ties with Iran.

While the Qatari Foreign Ministry has yet to issue an official reply, the director of the government’s communications office, Sheikh Saif Al-Thani, called the Gulf States’ demands “unrealistic” and said they were aimed at limiting Qatar’s sovereignty.

Tehran, which has been helping Qatar deal with the blockade, promised to continue its support of a “brother” state by servicing Doha’s air, sea and land needs.

Calling the siege “not acceptable for Iran,” Rouhani said it is ready to undertake “necessary measures for peace settling in the region,” hoping that de-escalation would be achieved through dialogue.

In wake of the economic and diplomatic blockade, Iran began delivering over 1,100 tons of food products to Qatar daily through its Dayyer and Bolkheir Ports in the Persian Gulf. Some food products have also been delivered on board air cargo. In addition, Qatar has been using Iranian airspace to conduct its commercial flights.

During Sunday’s conversation, Rouhani stressed that Iran is further interested in developing economic ties with Qatar.

“A common goal for both sides can be to help Qatar’s economy and expand special relations between the private sectors of the two countries," the Iranian president said, according to Mehr News agency.

‘Productive step’: US urges Qatar & Gulf States to come to negotiating table
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has welcomed Qatar’s reaction to the list of demands put forward by the Gulf States in an ultimatum and called on “each of the countries” involved to sit down at the negotiating table to resolve the issue.

Tillerson said that the “series of requests presented by Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE” at least partly provides “a basis for ongoing dialogue leading to resolution.”
He urged the sides to continue negotiations by saying that it would be a “productive step,” adding that the US believes its allies are “stronger when they are working together.” Tillerson also reiterated that the common goal of the US, the Gulf States and Qatar is “stopping terrorism and countering extremism” and added that “each country involved has something to contribute to that effort.”

Tillerson also urged all sides to “lower” their rhetoric to ease tensions, and said that the US would stay in “close contact” with all parties and support Kuwait in its mediation efforts.

Qatar said Saturday that it was reviewing the list of demands, but underlined that it was only doing so “out of respect for our brothers in Kuwait,” who delivered the ultimatum.

At the same time, the director of Qatar’s government’s communications office, Sheikh Saif Al Thani, called the Gulf States’ demands “unrealistic” and said they were aimed at limiting Qatar’s sovereignty.

Russia Ready to Supply Food, Freshwater to Qatar If Needed
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russia is ready to supply food, freshwater and any other products to Qatar, if such need arises amid the ongoing diplomatic row between Qatar and other Arab countries, President of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin underscored.

"I think what the Qataris now really care about most is food. I think that if such issues arise, we will surely select partners from both the grain trade and many other products that Russia produces," Katyrin said in an interview with Sputnik on the sidelines of the Primakov Readings international summit, answering a question as to whether Russia was ready to supply food to Qatar amid the ongoing diplomatic row for the country.
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女性は元気、男性は元気でないとなると、女性のウワ○が増える?? これはとても困ったことです。


これからは、「それだけじゃないよ! セックスができなくなるらしいよ。今どんどん子供の生まれる数が減っているよ」と付け加えます。


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内部被曝で腎臓がやられる例があります 福島第一原発事故後 歯が欠けた骨折したという方は特にご注意を

原因不明の死者が平成28年は前年比3千人増加の記事に書きましたが、「糸球体疾患及び腎尿細管間質性疾患」 平成27年の4,489人から平成28年は4,976人へ487人の増加、死亡率 3.6人から4.0人へ1.11倍に増加しています。




@ 発熱、湿疹、関節痛など
A 腎臓の腫れによる腰痛
B 多尿、夜間頻尿







急性尿細管間質性腎炎は、薬剤の副作用やアレルギー性の薬物反応、感染症などによって起きる場合が多いとされ、一般に早期に原因を取り除けば腎機能は正常に回復するとされています。 こちらを参考にしています











@ 岡山の三田先生のところに年2回伺っています。昨年夏、私と長男のクレアチニンの値が値が急上昇しているということで間を空けて再度伺ったことがあります。再診では元に戻ってました。その時のお話しのなかで、私たちのような症状の人達は何人もいる、原因不明で繰り返している方の中には少しずつ値が悪くなっている方もいるようです。


A 同じ傾向が肝臓でもあるそうなのです。

B 食べ物や水に気を付けていても汚染物質に囲まれていることに変わりはありません。真綿で首を絞められているようなものなのでしょう。

C ご存じのとおり腎臓や肝臓は症状が出にくいとも言われています。日ごろから自分の数値を把握しておくことも大事かと思います。

D 1件は腕もう1件は足で細菌感染で入院したという話を耳にしました。熱が出て腫れて色が変わってだそうです。急激に症状が進んでいくのだそうです。

E それから腎臓のお話しは今はもうトレンドから外れているようで、今のトレンドは記憶障害などの中枢神経系に移っているようです。

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Japanese airline forces wheelchair user to crawl on board



いすみ鉄道 社長ブログ
車いすで飛行機に乗る時は  2017.06.29 Thursday 

huffingtonpost 2017/6/28
バニラエア「這って登らせるつもりなかった」 奄美空港で車椅子での搭乗を拒否した問題で

※ rhythmsift‏ @rhythmsift 氏の2017/6/28のツイート

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2017/5小選挙区別人口動態 東京町田ワーストワン復帰 外房がワースト3位進出




小選挙区 主要都市 出生率変化率 死亡率変化率 短期指数 長期指数 総合指数
東京23 町田市 0.94 1.06 -0.12 -0.25 -0.36
千葉1 中央区 0.90 1.04 -0.14 -0.22 -0.36
神奈川16 厚木市 0.93 1.05 -0.11 -0.21 -0.33
千葉11 茂原市 0.89 1.06 -0.17 -0.15 -0.32
神奈川13 大和市 0.91 1.04 -0.12 -0.20 -0.32
神奈川14 相模原市 0.95 1.06 -0.11 -0.21 -0.32
東京24 八王子市 0.93 1.06 -0.13 -0.17 -0.30
千葉9 佐倉市 0.91 1.01 -0.11 -0.19 -0.30
埼玉9 狭山市 0.97 1.05 -0.08 -0.21 -0.29
福島1 福島市 0.96 1.04 -0.08 -0.21 -0.29
千葉8 柏市 0.94 1.02 -0.08 -0.21 -0.29
千葉6 松戸市 0.92 1.05 -0.13 -0.15 -0.28
新潟2 柏崎市 0.91 1.03 -0.12 -0.16 -0.28
神奈川15 平塚市 0.96 1.07 -0.11 -0.17 -0.27
群馬2 伊勢崎市 0.95 1.09 -0.13 -0.13 -0.27
埼玉10 坂戸市 0.90 1.03 -0.13 -0.14 -0.27
神奈川5 戸塚区 0.95 1.00 -0.05 -0.21 -0.27
静岡5 富士市 0.94 1.07 -0.12 -0.14 -0.26
埼玉5 北区 0.96 1.08 -0.12 -0.14 -0.26
秋田2 大館市 0.99 1.07 -0.08 -0.18 -0.26
東京20 東村山市 0.97 1.05 -0.08 -0.17 -0.26
神奈川17 小田原市 0.98 1.06 -0.07 -0.18 -0.25
静岡1 葵区 0.95 1.03 -0.08 -0.17 -0.25
栃木2 鹿沼市 0.94 1.06 -0.12 -0.13 -0.25
山形2 米沢市 0.95 1.06 -0.11 -0.14 -0.25
神奈川11 横須賀市 0.94 1.00 -0.06 -0.19 -0.25
群馬5 渋川市 0.98 1.03 -0.06 -0.19 -0.25
新潟6 上越市 0.89 0.98 -0.08 -0.16 -0.25
東京25 青梅市 0.99 1.06 -0.07 -0.18 -0.24
茨城3 取手市 1.04 1.06 -0.01 -0.23 -0.24
神奈川4 鎌倉市 0.96 1.06 -0.10 -0.15 -0.24
静岡6 沼津市 0.95 1.02 -0.08 -0.16 -0.24
栃木1 宇都宮市 0.95 1.05 -0.10 -0.14 -0.24
秋田1 秋田市 0.92 1.03 -0.12 -0.12 -0.24
神奈川6 保土ケ谷区 1.02 1.06 -0.04 -0.20 -0.24
秋田3 横手市 0.94 1.04 -0.10 -0.13 -0.24
埼玉6 上尾市 0.97 1.05 -0.08 -0.15 -0.23
山形3 鶴岡市 0.94 1.03 -0.09 -0.15 -0.23
埼玉12 熊谷市 0.94 1.03 -0.09 -0.14 -0.23
静岡2 藤枝市 0.97 1.04 -0.08 -0.15 -0.23
栃木5 足利市 1.00 1.08 -0.08 -0.15 -0.23
群馬3 太田市 0.98 1.08 -0.10 -0.13 -0.23
埼玉8 所沢市 0.98 1.07 -0.09 -0.13 -0.23
埼玉11 深谷市 1.00 1.07 -0.07 -0.15 -0.22
埼玉7 川越市 0.94 1.00 -0.07 -0.15 -0.22
静岡7 西区 0.96 1.05 -0.08 -0.14 -0.22
群馬1 前橋市 0.95 1.03 -0.08 -0.14 -0.22
千葉10 成田市 0.97 1.03 -0.06 -0.16 -0.22
群馬4 高崎市 0.99 1.05 -0.07 -0.15 -0.22
福島3 須賀川市 0.95 1.03 -0.08 -0.13 -0.21
千葉2 八千代市 0.97 1.03 -0.06 -0.15 -0.21
福島2 郡山市 1.00 1.01 -0.01 -0.20 -0.21
埼玉1 見沼区 0.97 1.06 -0.09 -0.12 -0.21
神奈川1 磯子区 0.98 1.06 -0.08 -0.13 -0.21
東京21 日野市 0.96 1.03 -0.08 -0.13 -0.21
茨城6 つくば市 0.93 1.02 -0.09 -0.12 -0.20
神奈川2 港南区 1.00 1.05 -0.05 -0.15 -0.20
新潟3 新発田市 0.95 1.02 -0.08 -0.13 -0.20
新潟5 長岡市 0.98 1.01 -0.03 -0.17 -0.20
新潟1 中央区 0.97 1.03 -0.06 -0.14 -0.20
埼玉2 川口市 0.96 1.00 -0.04 -0.15 -0.20
神奈川8 青葉区 0.98 1.01 -0.03 -0.17 -0.19
栃木3 那須塩原市 0.93 1.04 -0.11 -0.08 -0.19
神奈川12 藤沢市 0.95 1.03 -0.08 -0.11 -0.19
千葉13 鎌ケ谷市 0.98 0.99 -0.00 -0.19 -0.19
福島5 いわき市 1.12 1.19 -0.07 -0.12 -0.19
茨城1 水戸市 0.96 1.01 -0.06 -0.13 -0.19
千葉4 船橋市 0.97 1.00 -0.03 -0.16 -0.19
埼玉3 越谷市 0.95 1.01 -0.06 -0.13 -0.19
神奈川9 多摩区 0.96 1.01 -0.05 -0.13 -0.18
茨城4 ひたちなか市 1.00 1.04 -0.04 -0.14 -0.18
茨城5 日立市 0.96 0.97 -0.01 -0.17 -0.18
山形1 山形市 0.97 1.03 -0.06 -0.12 -0.18
埼玉15 南区 0.93 0.96 -0.03 -0.15 -0.18
埼玉14 三郷市 0.94 1.00 -0.06 -0.12 -0.18
埼玉13 春日部市 0.99 1.04 -0.05 -0.13 -0.18
茨城2 神栖市 0.94 1.01 -0.06 -0.11 -0.18
神奈川18 宮前区 0.99 1.04 -0.06 -0.12 -0.18
千葉3 市原市 0.97 1.05 -0.07 -0.10 -0.18
千葉5 市川市 0.96 0.99 -0.02 -0.15 -0.17
東京13 足立区 0.96 1.06 -0.09 -0.08 -0.17
茨城7 古河市 1.00 1.05 -0.05 -0.11 -0.16
静岡4 清水区 1.00 1.07 -0.07 -0.10 -0.16
山梨2 笛吹市 0.99 1.04 -0.05 -0.11 -0.16
神奈川7 港北区 0.93 1.01 -0.07 -0.08 -0.16
東京19 西東京市 0.97 1.02 -0.05 -0.11 -0.15
静岡8 中区 0.96 1.00 -0.04 -0.12 -0.15
埼玉4 新座市 0.99 1.01 -0.02 -0.13 -0.15
新潟4 三条市 0.97 1.04 -0.06 -0.09 -0.15
東京9 練馬区 0.99 1.07 -0.07 -0.08 -0.15
東京18 府中市 0.98 1.05 -0.07 -0.07 -0.14
山梨3 甲斐市 0.97 1.00 -0.03 -0.10 -0.13
東京11 板橋区 0.93 1.02 -0.10 -0.03 -0.13
神奈川3 鶴見区 0.97 1.03 -0.07 -0.06 -0.13
千葉12 木更津市 1.00 1.02 -0.02 -0.11 -0.12
東京17 葛飾区 0.99 1.05 -0.06 -0.06 -0.12
東京22 調布市 1.00 1.05 -0.06 -0.06 -0.12
東京16 江戸川区 1.03 1.05 -0.02 -0.09 -0.11
福島4 会津若松市 1.01 0.99 0.02 -0.13 -0.11
静岡3 磐田市 1.01 1.04 -0.03 -0.07 -0.10
神奈川10 川崎区 0.96 1.02 -0.06 -0.04 -0.10
山梨1 甲府市 0.94 0.99 -0.04 -0.06 -0.10
栃木4 小山市 1.02 1.01 0.01 -0.10 -0.09
東京4 大田区 0.95 1.00 -0.05 -0.02 -0.08
千葉7 流山市 0.98 0.98 -0.00 -0.08 -0.08
東京15 江東区 0.96 1.03 -0.07 0.02 -0.05
東京6 世田谷区 0.98 1.02 -0.04 -0.00 -0.04
東京5 目黒区 0.96 1.02 -0.06 0.07 0.01
東京14 墨田区 0.96 1.03 -0.07 0.08 0.01
東京8 杉並区 0.96 0.98 -0.03 0.05 0.02
東京10 豊島区 1.01 1.00 0.00 0.04 0.04
東京7 中野区 0.94 1.04 -0.10 0.15 0.05
東京3 品川区 0.97 0.99 -0.02 0.11 0.09
東京12 北区 0.97 0.98 -0.01 0.11 0.11
東京1 新宿区 0.99 0.98 0.01 0.13 0.14
東京2 文京区 0.99 0.95 0.03 0.19 0.22

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UAE crown prince ‘asked US to bomb Al Jazeera,’ leaked cable reveals
The crown prince of Abu Dhabi allegedly asked the US to bomb the offices of Al Jazeera prior to the invasion of Afghanistan, according to a diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks.

The document details a conversation between US diplomat Richard Haass and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed – referred to as ‘MBZ’ - in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The royal urged Haas to control media coverage of the war and “emphasized the importance of reining in the Doha-based Al-Jazeera network prior to any military action.”

The cable also details how the crown prince “laughingly recalled” a meeting between Qatari Emir Hamad Al-Thani and Shaykh Zayid, bin Zayed’s father, before the US invasion of Afghanistan.

“Hamad complained about a report he had received that MBZ had asked General Franks to bomb Al-Jazeera. According to MBZ, Zayid derisively responded: ‘Do you blame him?’” the leaked cable reads.

Now retired, US General Tommy Franks oversaw military operations across the Middle East as head of the US Central Command.

Al Jazeera has previously accused the US of targeting the station’s outlets.

In November 2001, Al Jazeera’s office in Kabul was destroyed by US bombers despite the news network telling Washington its location in the Afghan capital. There were no casualties in the incident.

At the time, chief editor Ibrahim Hilal said he believed the attack had been long-planned. US officials had criticized the outlets coverage of the war in Afghanistan, describing the reporting of the bombing campaign in particular as inflammatory propaganda.

"I still believe the decision to exclude our office from the coverage was taken weeks before the bombing," Hilal said. "But I don't think they would do that while we were the only office in Kabul."

In April 2003, a US missile struck Al Jazeera’s offices in Baghdad, killing one member of staff and injuring another. A spokesman for US Central Command said at the time that Al Jazeera “was not and never had been a target.”

Al Jazeera has more than 65 bureaus across the globe – including Doha, London and Washington DC – and broadcasts to more than 220 million households in over 100 countries.
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The Syrian leader inspected a single-seat, twin-engine and super-maneuverable Sukhoi SU-35 fighter jet as well as armored vehicles at Hmeimim base southeast of the provincial capital city of Latakia on Tuesday, and met with a number of Russian military commanders there, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported.

Chief of Russia's General Staff Valery Gerasimov accompanied Assad during the visit.

"The Syrian people will not forget the support of their Russian brothers," Assad wrote in the base visitors' book, AFP reported.

Russian Defense Ministry issues a statement noting that during the visit, Assad and Gerasimov had held talks at the base on "coordination between Syrian government forces and Russia's air force".

Hmeimim serves as Russia’s permanent air base inside Syria and is adjacent to the Bassel al-Assad International Airport, with which it shares some airfield facilities.

Earlier this year, Damascus and Moscow signed a treaty to lease the base to Russian military forces for 49 years, extendable for an additional 25 years.



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小選挙区 主要都市 出生率変化率 死亡率変化率 短期指数 長期指数 総合指数
茨城3 取手市 1.04 1.06 -0.01 -0.23 -0.24



   日本人 外国人
人口  59,660  4,549
出生    25    3
死亡    61    0






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Lavrov: Russia to respond 'in proportion' to US strike on Syria
Russia has said it will react "in proportion" to any US military actions against Syria on the pretense of preventing a chemical attack.

"We will react with dignity, in proportion to the real situation that may take place,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday during a press conference.

Lavrov added that he hoped the US would not use its intelligence assessments concerning the Syrian government's alleged intentions to further provoke the country.

"I expect that our partners in the region - American, European - will also have an open and comprehensible approach aimed at de-escalation through normalization of the humanitarian situation," he added.

Read More:

Russia cautions US against unilateral action in Syria in wake of new claims
Russia dismisses US warning on chemical attack by Syrian government
US protects Syria terrorists from aerial bombardment: Moscow

Earlier in the day, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov cautioned the US against any unilateral action in Syria.

He further added that Syrian army troops pose no threat to US forces, and that the US attacks on the Syrian armed forces are provocative in nature.

On Monday, US Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed that the US had “identified potential preparations” for an attack “that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children.”

Read More:

US official threatens Syria over ‘gas attack plan’
Trump ignored vital intel in bombing Syrian airbase: Hersh

He added that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian military would “pay a heavy price” if they went ahead with the alleged plan.

The Pentagon claims that it has seen activities linked with chemical weapons at Shayrat airfield in Homs province that was hit by American missiles in April.

Different foreign-backed terrorist groups have been wreaking havoc in Syria since 2011. Over the past few months, Syrian forces have made sweeping gains against Takfiri elements, who have lately increased their acts of violence across the country following a series of defeats on the ground.
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ドテルテは精神的ショックから立ち直れるか フィリッピンはイラクのミニ版の様相

シリアの次はフィリッピンか 米国のテロ退治を口実とした介入に書きましたが、マラウィでのテロの背後に何があるか、ドテルテも動揺したようです。5日間公衆の前に姿を現さなかったと伝えられています。フィリピンの治安当局・情報機関は極めて弱体。外国の情報機関に買収されている者も少なくないでしょう。

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has returned after a five-day break from public appearances to reassure soldiers and the media that the fight against Islamic State-affiliated fighters is drawing to a close, while the death toll has surpassed 300.

"The fighting is going on, but it's winding up," Duterte told soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division Command Post in Butuan City on Saturday. According to official government figures 225 militants, 59 soldiers and 26 civilians have been killed in the siege so far.

"It's difficult to fight those who are willing to die. They have corrupted the name of God in the form of religion to kill many innocent people, for nothing."

The president had not made any public appearances since last Sunday, with a spokesperson claiming he was suffering from fatigue, Reuters reports. Duterte did not appear during Philippines Independence Day celebrations on Monday.

When asked about his own health, Duterte downplayed the significance of the hiatus.

"Do not worry," he told reporters after addressing the soldiers. "My state of health is immaterial. There is the vice president who will take over."

When responding to media criticism of both the military’s intelligence gathering before the crisis and its operational effectiveness during the three weeks of fighting, Duterte defended his decision to declare martial law and suggested that, if needs be, he will do so again in the future.

ISIS-linked militia ‘decapitating, enslaving’ - Philippines army sweeps Marawi City
The Philippines military has uncovered five decapitated bodies of civilians among a total of 17 dead bodies found in Marawi City. The macabre find comes amid reports of widespread looting and sex slavery by Islamic State-affiliated Maute fighters.

The civilian death toll in the fighting stood at 27 before this latest discovery, which is the first such instance of the Islamist militants employing such extreme tactics against civilians. Authorities fear the civilian death toll may further rise.

"[It] may increase significantly once we are able to validate all this information," military spokesman Restituto Padilla said, as cited by Reuters.

"There have been a significant number [of dead bodies] that have been seen but again, we cannot include many of these," he said.

"Our combat environment is sensitive. First, there are trapped civilians that we have to protect. They also have hostages and third, there are many traps so we have to clear buildings slowly," he said.

Civilian hostages in the besieged city have also reportedly been forced into slavery by the militants, who have been holed up for almost six weeks in the battle against the country’s military.

"They are being forced to be sex slaves, forced to destroy the dignity of these women," military spokesman Jo-Ar Herrera told a news conference, citing the accounts of seven Marawi residents who had escaped or were rescued as part of the ongoing operation to retake the city.

Hostages have also been forced to loot abandoned homes, fight government forces and even serve as sex slaves for the Maute militants, Herrera said.

"So this is what is happening inside, this is very evident ... these are evil personalities," he added.

The militants are heavily armed and have staved off multiple government operations to retake the city with rocket-propelled grenades, sniper rifles and improvised explosive devices.

The city is under aerial and artillery bombardment from government forces, with only a brief eight-hour respite so that residents could observe Eid celebrations marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Maute, one of the brothers responsible for the insurgency, has reportedly attempted a hostage-swap using local Muslim leaders as intermediaries.

During joint police and military operations last month, Cayamora and Farhana Maute, father and mother of the infamous Maute brothers, were captured. Abdullah allegedly attempted a swap deal to return his parents in exchange for Father Teresito "Chito" Soganub, a captured Catholic priest.
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The newly published full version of a report on the FIFA 2018/2022 bidding process alleges the former UK PM tried to persuade South Korea to trade votes in a clear violation of FIFA ethics rules. The publication comes after the report was leaked to German media.

The investigation into corruption allegations and other wrongdoings by bidders to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups was carried out in 2014 by the former chairman of the FIFA Ethics Committee Investigatory Chamber, US prosecutor Michael Garcia.

Until now only a brief summary of an over 400-page document was available to the public. However, after its contents were allegedly leaked to German tabloid Bild, football’s governing body officially released the document in its entirety late Tuesday, "for the sake of transparency."

The report alleges that the fate of England’s 2018 FIFA bid was decided at the highest level of the British government, with former Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince William being personally implicated in breaching FIFA ethics code by colluding with officials from South Korea, which sought to host the tournament in 2022.

Cameron reportedly met with then-FIFA vice president Mong-Joon Chung not long before the December 2010 vote and “asked Mr. Chung to vote for England’s bid.” Chung allegedly promised to cast a vote for England on condition the English delegation returned the favor and backed South Korea as 2022 World Cup host.

The clandestine conversation is said to have taken place in Prince William’s room at a posh Swiss hotel, with the Duke of Cambridge himself reportedly having been present at the meeting.

Prince William is not the only British royal to be featured in the report. According to one of the most eyebrow-raising allegations cited there, the former president of the South American Football Confederation, Nicolas Leoz asked the English delegation if it was possible to be bestowed with an honorary knighthood.

Witnesses to discussions between the English delegation and Leoz’s representatives claim that at one of the meetings the latter hinted that "it would be nice if at some point Dr Leoz would get to meet the Queen.”
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※  yayoi‏ @yayoi12333 氏の2017/5/1のツイート

※  レイ‏ @3104rei228 氏の2017/6/20のツイート

※  yayoi‏ @yayoi12333 氏の2017/6/20のツイート

※  レイ‏ @3104rei228 氏の2017/6/21のツイート

※  レイ‏ @3104rei228 氏の2017/6/22のツイート



小選挙区 主要都市 出生率変化率 死亡率変化率 短期指数 長期指数 総合指数
東京23 町田市 0.94 1.06 -0.12 -0.25 -0.36
千葉1 中央区 0.90 1.04 -0.14 -0.22 -0.36
東京24 八王子市 0.93 1.06 -0.13 -0.17 -0.30
埼玉9 狭山市 0.97 1.05 -0.08 -0.21 -0.29
福島1 福島市 0.96 1.04 -0.08 -0.21 -0.29
千葉8 柏市 0.94 1.02 -0.08 -0.21 -0.29
千葉6 松戸市 0.92 1.05 -0.13 -0.15 -0.28
群馬2 伊勢崎市 0.95 1.09 -0.13 -0.13 -0.27
埼玉10 坂戸市 0.90 1.03 -0.13 -0.14 -0.27
静岡5 富士市 0.94 1.07 -0.12 -0.14 -0.26


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日本の暴力団が海外で警備業務を始めるようだ 民間軍事会社?

Japan’s Yakuza wants to go legit with ‘private army’ business
The Japanese underworld is planning to branch out and provide bodyguards and security personnel for legitimate businesses in Southeast Asia, Japan's Flash Magazine reported citing the leader of a yakuza group.

In an interview, Yoshinori Oda, the head of the Ninkyo Dantai Yamaguchi-gumi gang talked about plans to set up a private military company (PMC). He claimed that “outside of Japan, PMCs already exist in the United States and Europe.”

“Since we cannot enter the US, we will establish a branch office in Southeast Asia and establish a contract with that office separately. Upon receiving a request for bodyguard or security services for Japanese nationals, we will be dispatched,” said Oda.

The gang was formed in April by a group of defectors from the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi, a spinoff of Japan’s major crime syndicate Yamaguchi-gumi.

Japanese companies and organizations doing business in some parts of Southeast Asia have been concerned about the safety of their staff. Last year seven members of the Japan International Cooperation Agency were killed in an attack by Islamic militants on a restaurant in Bangladesh.

Ten Japanese engineers were among more than 40 people killed when an Al-Qaeda-linked group seized a natural gas plant in Algeria in 2013.

According to Jake Adelstein, a crime journalist, and expert on Japan’s underworld, the members of the Ninkyo Dantai Yamaguchi-gumi seem to be preparing for their new business venture.

“The police arrested a number of the group last week with a consignment of pistols, which suggests they may have been a little overzealous in their groundwork,” he told the South China Morning Post.

“Clearly the group is also looking for a business that none of the other groups are doing because they are being squeezed in Japan so tightly by the police thanks to all the new laws designed to do just that,” said Adelstein.

Japan's police have been cracking down on members of the yakuza factions whose criminal activities include fraud, racketeering, gambling and prostitution, drugs, and weapons sales.

Yakuza, also known as gokudo, are members of organized crime syndicates originating in Japan. Members of yakuza gangs traditionally cut their family ties and transfer their loyalty to the gang boss.

At the moment, there are thought to be more than 58,000 active yakuza members in Japan which together form the largest organized crime group in the world.

なんという慧眼! 時代を読む目がすごい。トルコでヨーロッパで、東南アジアでニーズは高まっているが、言葉が話せないといけないからまずは語学研修が必要だ。

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ロンドン グレンフェルタワー火災の犠牲者は500人とも

London's Grenfell Tower blaze killed 500 residents: Local resident
British media have censored the death of hundreds of people who have lost their lives in the Grenfell Tower fire in west London, a local resident has said.

The more than 500 people unaccounted from Grenfell Tower fire are dead, Nadia, whose family name was not given, told Press TV.

London Police Commander Stuart Cundy told reporters on Saturday that 58 people are feared dead in the fire.

According to reports, however, the building was home to about 600 people.

Nadia told Press TV's correspondent in London, Camilia Shambayati, that only 76 out of some 600 people who were living in the building where she grew up, had been accounted for and more than 500 residents were still missing.

Nadia has identified herself on social media as DJ Isla where she has a large following.

"Where are the missing people? Where is the list of the 500, 600 people living in that building," she asked.

"Where is everyone," she further asked, adding, "Little kids are asking: 'Where are my friends?'"

She insisted that the missing residents had all died and the UK media, particularly BBC, had censored the news.

"Everyone has died and no one is telling them," she said, adding that, "the news can't pick it up" referring to the alleged media blackout of the fatalities.

On Wednesday June 14, a massive fire erupted at London’s Grenfell Tower.

The building is a 24-story, 67-meter high tower block with 120 separate apartments in North Kensington, west London.

The cause of the fire, where many of the residents were Muslims, is not yet known and the deadly incident is under investigation.


DJ Isla 氏の発言はYouTubeでも見られます。
Grenfell Tower Tragedy: DJ ISLA makes it on to 'Sky News' as new spokes person for victims

DJ Isla challenges the narrative on Grenfell Tower

Real Grenfell Tower death toll ‘covered up to prevent riots’ – Labour MP

The true number of people killed in the Grenfell Tower disaster may have been covered up because the government feared an outbreak of riots, Labour MP David Lammy claims.

His comments come as residents of the tower block wrote to UK Prime Minister Theresa May to demand justice and make sure the investigation into the blaze leaves “no stone unturned.”

Lammy, the MP for Tottenham, questioned the official figure of 79 people who are presumed dead. Police have now formally identified 18 victims of the fire and 61 people missing. It is feared the number could rise dramatically.

He admitted he had “no idea” if the number was being covered up but was “sympathetic” to the theory.

“What people say is that if you put the numbers out early, there could be civil unrest,” he told BBC Newsnight.

Asked if he thought the death toll had not been released because of the potential for civil unrest, he said: “The truth is the media cycle is now beginning to move on to other things, that’s the truth.

“And so what people say is that in two weeks, three weeks’ time, if you start to reveal the numbers, things have moved on.”

Lammy added that there was a “gap” between what residents said they had seen and what the official figures showed.

“In one flat alone, people say there were up to 40 people gathering, because they gathered in the flat, it was Ramadan.”

Lammy has called on May and the Metropolitan Police to seize all relevant documents to prevent the possibility of organizations avoiding responsibility.

“When you have tragedies of this kind that could have been prevented, we know from Hillsborough and other affairs in our national life that governments, local authorities, big corporations, companies, the contractors – they cover their backs. That’s why I raised issues around the documentation.”
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人口動態統計月報(概数)(平成28年12月分) 死因簡単分類別死亡率から


1 「老衰」と「乳幼児突然死症候群」を除く原因不明「その他の症状,徴候及び異常臨床所見・異常検査所見で他に分類されないもの」 平成27年の18,140人から平成28年は21,226人へ 3,086人の増加。死亡率 14.5人から17.0人へ1.17倍に増加。

2 「アルツハイマー病」 平成27年の10,544人から平成28年には 11,961人へ 1,417人の増加、死亡率 8.4人から9.6人へ1.14倍に増加

3 「糸球体疾患及び腎尿細管間質性疾患」 平成27年の4,489人から平成28年は4,976人へ487人の増加、死亡率 3.6人から4.0人へ1.11倍に増加。

年齢階層別死亡率 原因不明(老衰、乳幼児突然死症候群を除く)


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Title:Global transport of Fukushima-derived radionuclides from Japan to Asia, North America and Europe. Estimated doses and expected health effects
Authors:Evangeliou, Nikolaos; Stohl, Andreas; Balkanski, Yves
Publication:19th EGU General Assembly, EGU2017, proceedings from the conference held 23-28 April, 2017 in Vienna, Austria., p.6605
Publication Date:04/2017
Bibliographic Code:2017EGUGA..19.6605E

The earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that occurred offshore of Japan resulted in a serious accident at the nuclear facility of Fukushima. A large number of fission products were released and transported worldwide. We estimate that around 23% of the released 137Cs remained into Japan, while 76% deposited in the oceans. Around 163 TBq deposited over North America, among which 95 TBq over USA, 40 TBq over Canada and 5 TBq over Greenland). About 14 TBq deposited over Europe (mostly in the European part of Russia, Sweden and Norway) and 47 TBq over Asia (mostly in the Asian part of Russia, Philippines and South Korea), while traces were observed over Africa, Oceania and Antarctica. Since the radioactive plume followed a northward direction before its arrival to USA and then to Europe, a significant amount of about 69 TBq deposited in the Arctic, as well. An attempt to assess exposure of the population and the environment showed that the effective dose from gamma irradiation during the first 3 months was estimated between 1-5 mSv in Fukushima and the neighbouring prefectures. In the rest of Japan, the respective doses were found to be less than 0.5 mSv, whereas in the rest of the world it was less than 0.1 mSv. Such doses are equivalent with the obtained dose from a simple X-ray; for the highly contaminated regions, they are close to the dose limit for exposure due to radon inhalation (10 mSv). The calculated dose rates from radiocesium exposure on reference organisms ranged from 0.03 to 0.18 μGy h-1, which are 2 orders of magnitude below the screening dose limit (10 μGy h-1) that could result in obvious effects on the population. However, monitoring data have shown that much higher dose rates were committed to organisms raising ecological risk for small mammals and reptiles in terms of cytogenetic damage and reproduction.

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